Manifesting Weight Loss – State of the Wish Fulfilled and Vibration Combined

11 thoughts on “Manifesting Weight Loss – State of the Wish Fulfilled and Vibration Combined”

  1. Dear Nina! 🙂
    can we use the law of attraction to change other things about our body aswell, like height (be taller or shorter), body shape, hair, and eye color etc ?

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    1. I have used it for hair and body shape. It all depends on what you believe you can create.
      I did something with eye color, too, unintentionally. My eyes are hazel but they used to be darker. I remember thinking once how nice it would be to see the real hazel color in them, both green and brown. I completely forgot about it and now, they are actually hazel. My current hair color of dirty gold makes them look even more so 🙂
      I say, one can think about the eye color they would like to have but be happy with what they have now. It can be easy to be detached from a desire such as a different eye color.
      I have also been aware that a person’s height changes throughout their life. They say we can shrink and grow throughout life. If everything is energy and we are all particles of moving energy, nothing about us has to remain. Maybe increasing one’s height by much would be difficult for them to believe but what if one could believe that they can grow by just a little, see results and then, keep doing it little by little?
      What do you think?


      1. I agree with you, it all depends on what we believe we can create 🙂
        i read a lot of stories at the Secret website and there are amazing stories about people growing 4-5 inches or more, or one girl said she changed the shape of her nose, or one woman wanted curly hair and she got it 🙂
        so i think we can change everything about our body, but we have to feel and see that we now have it, and it is easy to lose hope when in the mirror all you see is what you dont like. But if we can see our body as we want it to look like, we can create it. 🙂

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    1. Every time I had an idea of an ideal weight or body shape, it took shortly, weeks at most, but it was because I was fully focused on it and happy about it.

      Once, I held onto the idea of ideal weight for a long time but once I let it go, it took a month.

      I had different ideas of the body shape I wanted to have at different times so every time I wanted to change it, I did within a few weeks. I would say a little under two months was the longest period.

      If you have an idea for an ideal body shape that you feel would take even a few months, be OK with that. It’s good for the body to take it slow. I once dropped a significant amount of weight because I was ill and bed-ridden for over two weeks and as fast as that was, there are easier ways 🙂


  2. Well its good to hear that 🙂 I was afraid you would say it took you years, or almost a year. But Its very inspiring that you manifested it within weeks.
    And by changing the body shape, is it possible, that for example, I am a pearl, and I want to be hourglass, or I am hourglass, and want to be slender, or I want longer legs, or shorter legs, or bigger boobs, can I manifest these things?


    1. I would say weeks, maybe two months, is enough. You can change these things about yourself but believe and let your figure change. You might get an idea of starting a workout regimen or a food regimen, or not – consider whether or not the ideas you start to have could help you. Start from visualizing the body you want to have and only feel good about it. Feel as if you have that body now!


      1. Choose your perfect height, visualize how you feel now that you have it and be grateful for it, as if you’ve received it already 🙂


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