A Personal Approach in Getting an Ex Back

This morning, I was asked what I would do in case of wanting to reconcile with an ex boyfriend. The person who asked the question specifically asked me what I would do if it were my life. I felt very flattered that they valued my potential to inspire them and I was challenged in a positive way, as reconciling with exes was a business I never really wanted to be in.

To be perfectly honest, I only wished to reconcile with an ex once in my life (only because I wasn’t interested in anyone else at the time, until meeting someone new a month later). This story had become my template for breakups, whether they were made official by myself or by the other side. I just believe that every end always means there’s someone better out there and I found them every time because I was open to meeting them. I truly believed that every breakup happened to me for a reason but in reality, this was just a mask for the notion that I never cared about anyone that much. Most of my exes were momentary fascinations I had consciously manifested short-term relationships with.

I decided to look at it from the end result – a basic LoA technique, looking at the world from the point of desire already manifested. I got an ex back – what does that make me? What do I look like? How happy am I? How do I feel? How has accomplishing this made me feel?

What I could automatically see was looking and feeling like a movie star. If getting an ex back is such a difficult task to accomplish, according to many, then why not feel better than ever and make it happen easily? Seeing myself as someone who had just done this, I felt invincible. I felt like a goddess. I felt so good in this imagined scenario that I immediately visualized mutual friends inquiring about the news, everyone asking how it happened and being so surprised, as if the world had transformed around all of them.

Soon, I dove into a spontaneous visualization of the flow of events. I listened to my heart and mind, believing that all the steps taken towards accomplishing this goal had truly come from the essential parts of my personality.

So, what specific steps did I take?

1. Meditation.

I believe in meditation, I love it and no matter how much I practice it, I always want more. In this scenario, I could see meditation helping me make peace with the mistakes coming from both parties that ultimately lead to a breakup (and keep in mind, it is never only one side’s fault). I already believe that continuous feelings of anger towards an ex pose a question of whether or not one really wants them back. How is it possible to love someone who does nothing but cause annoyance? Then, I remembered. When people seem to push our buttons, this is still a question of our peace, our happiness and our stability while they were just the utility that brought those aspects to our attention. If someone pushes my buttons, it means they have touched an unsettled aspect of my mind, heart and soul, leaving it up to myself to fix if I want to improve myself and my life. A scattered mind, which can happen after a breakup, cannot be of benefit in getting an ex back. In this case, meditation is a personally recommended way to focus on the love for two phenomena – oneself and the Universe.

Developing the feelings of trust in our abilities, trust in the Universe, trust in our powers and trust in our thoughts allows us to feel love for the infinite possibilities we can create in our lives.

2. Never surrender to loss.

Feelings of loss create more of the same, just like any feelings. We are all connected to each other, especially those we choose to gift our thoughts and feelings to.

However, I understand that the words your ex has uttered to you may have been hurtful and therefore, caused you to feel that you may have lost them.

You may be offended at your ex thinking or once saying that the breakup was your fault. Don’t be because simply by knowing that it is never only one person’s fault, you are already ahead of most people when it comes to understanding relationships. Their insecurities prevent them from admitting they have done something wrong but that’s their problem to deal with. By focusing on their thoughts, you are deflecting your focus from examining yourself while most likely fearing what you might find. Change this pattern of behavior today – we change our lives and the lives of others with love, not mind control.

All the while, you are forgetting that what we give is what we get. When your ex told you that it was your fault, they have projected the energy onto themselves of things gone wrong being their fault. This doesn’t necessarily refer to relationships alone; it usually means your ex already blames himself (or herself) for many things gone wrong in their lives. Everything is connected and issues translate from one aspect to another.

3. Locate your personal values. 

What are your main values in life?

To those who have adopted novelty as being one, wait for your ex to start feeling new to you. In this case, the period of communication cut off after a breakup will be both a blessing to you as well as your most reliable tool. After taking some time in absence from your ex’s life, they will feel new to you while at the same time, your absence will make you missed in their lives.

Novelty can also be translated to yourself. Do you wish to be a new and improved version of yourself the second time around? Are you doing it only because you feel your ex will like it or do you truly want to improve for you? If it’s for you, as it should be, become that person now. Since this new person is the one both you and your chosen person love, you can see how looking back from the end result will ensure that the new you receives the love you want.

If having security is something you seek and value, embrace your love for it and create security within yourself. Make your home your haven. Place all the security you want to feel in it – your home is a sacred place with nothing but happiness in it. Turn your home into your perfect world of love in which there is only happiness and the reminder of how much you love the world. You have been blessed with such a wonderful home and you feel immense gratitude for it every single day.

I cannot stress the value of the perfect home too much, especially to those who see it as an extension of themselves. Everyone wants the perfect home and a mission to create one will lift your energy more than you can imagine. To those valuing security, a home you need only yourself in is going to take you straight to heaven. Over the years, I advised even the most couple-oriented people to start enjoying their own company in their home and sooner than I thought, they started to cherish it so much that even I was baffled. This comes naturally to all of us. You could be next.

When locating our personal values, we are able to express them on our own, without anyone’s help. Then, not only do we feel complete but others are lining up hoping to be the ones to complete us.

4. Be aware that everyone is equally valuable. 

You may be idealizing your ex right now, thinking he or she is better than anyone else in the world. However, nobody is. The only measure we have to go by is being drawn to and by love. We are drawn to those who emit love and happiness and we draw specific individuals to ourselves by feeling love for them. This is why it’s difficult to attract an ex one still holds a grudge toward.

The men I drew into my life rapidly were those I thought to be amazing. Not better but amazing! I was attracted to their minds, hearts, points of view, sense of humor and charisma. I was drawn to the “it” factors they possessed which made them different from others. The factor of amazing was caused by the love I felt for the individuals they chose to be instead of things such as personal validation factor, their social status or their level of financial wealth.

But what makes a person amazing?

That is different from one case to another.

What drew you to your ex in the beginning? Was it their kindness? Was it the attention they were giving you? Was it their ability to speak their mind, their confidence or how much they cared about you?

Was it the surprises they were throwing you?

Was it excitement?

Surrendering to those feelings will automatically make you remember what kind of person you were when you started your relationship. If you wish to create this exact reality again, you have it easy! You already have everything you need to focus on, fill with love and see everything unfold.

However, if you only wish to use these feelings and memories as a starting point, you may. Just remember that being allowed into one’s heart and soul will show you they are a complex person who wants love, just like everyone else. Everything you are feeling, they feel, too. We have all been hurt at one time or another therefore your ex isn’t superhuman by any means. Relax about them as much as you are relaxed about everyone else. You can attract them back just as easily.

5. Feel love for the millions of options you are offered in life, whether or not you wish to take them. 

Here’s a little abundance mindset exercise I created.

Take three of your exes or those that meant a lot to you. With each, remember the time you felt the happiest. With one at a time, remember this feeling and you will notice that you have relaxed automatically. Reliving these experiences brings you great happiness.

Now, imagine all three of these situations happening on the same day! You probably can’t without feeling a little suffocation for all these people coming at you all at once. You wouldn’t have time to deal with all of them; you would, however, think they were lovely and caring which would only prompt an even greater snowball of love and attention from them. This shows you how much we actually receive when someone gives us their feelings and just by changing your mindset and sending feelings of love towards the ex you want to see return, you will change the energy between you and open the path for the two of you to come together once again.

We communicate with each other through our feelings, whether or not we utter actual words to each other or see each other face to face. Communicate to the Universe that you are grateful. Once you realize there are many things in the world that could make you happy right now, you will release the attachment from what you now see as the ultimate and only happiness.

6. “I always receive even more than I asked for. Thank you.”

When I realized that feeling massive amounts of love for something or someone combined with relaxation, detachment and trust brings even greater results than I ever imagined, I turned this into my own personal mantra. Just thinking of it makes me smile and whether or not it was consciously manifested, this happened to me more times than I can count. I would definitely use this in getting an ex back, as I would remember that sending such a significant amount of love towards anyone and anything ensures magic happening all around.

Right now, you may want an ex back and in love with you. But what if he also asked you to marry him? What if she told you she loved you and wanted to live with you?

You may want your ex to be completely devoted to you, in love like never before. Anything can happen when you trust – what you wanted plus some amazing surprises.

7. Beware of the reality created. 

Every aspect of our reality is something we have created ourselves. When it comes to manifesting exes back, fears may come up. The only thing you must remember is that any kind of fear equals creation.

If you fear that your ex can’t love you back, you are creating that reality. If you fear other suitors coming their way, that’s also something you might be creating. You have to trust the Universe and know that your dream goal is yours already. If I should manifest an ex back, I would only accept the option of us being madly in love and only wanting to be with each other. I would think of us as soul mates, caught up in this amazing love we never want to let go of.

When one’s heart opens, they don’t even think about how things will manifest. All they see is how happy living their dream makes them. And since feelings of love create so much faster and more powerfully than any other, this dream comes to life.

I truly hope that those of you who wish to manifest getting back together with an ex will find inspiration here.


Thank you for your tip!



Published by Nina Grdic

Life coach, writer, lifelong traveler, music lover and confidence/positivity/Law of Attraction expert.

427 thoughts on “A Personal Approach in Getting an Ex Back

  1. Hi jeanie,

    Thank u… , my ex had also blocked me from every social netwrk services.. dat time ws wonderful coz at dat time u can concentrate on ur own feelings… u can create ur own reality.. by writing.. by imagination..

    I used to read nina’s page wenever i feel negative.. i used to write affirmations like.. i m lucky to have luv of my life with me. He is very caring .

    He loves me.. he is eager to meet me… n everything.. like buying gifts..for him.. i do. I used to write him a letters .. n i have given him all d gifts i have purchased for him n letters to .. now i m waiting for my father to give consent on our relation.. n m sure he will also agree.

    Wenever u ask anything with universe u have to be happy n calm.. n u have to trust on urself dat u will get watever u want.
    Luv n light 2 u…

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    1. Thank you for the response Kshama πŸ™‚ I really needed to hear that πŸ™‚ it gives me hope that everything will be okay. I believe that a lot of us find ourselves stuck because we pay a lot of attention onto our current reality forgetting to receive what we asked for. Nina is always emphasising on this. All the best with your rekindled love. So happy for you. Love is a beautiful feeling πŸ™‚

      Lots of love and grattitude

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  2. Hi jeanie..

    Jst keep gud feelings…. rewrite the positive affirmations… n most imp have trust.
    See i dnt say… i have not got d negative feelings i too get… i cried a lot.. but d main thing.. i come to know is dat ask d universe wat u want… n den apart seeing d reality jst go out n be happy from inside… do wat u want to do.. do wat makes u happy from inside.. write d affirmations like “he is missing u” ,n jst be happy from inside. Luv urself.

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  3. Hi nina

    Need ur help…i want 2 do an immidiate manifestation regarding my fathers agreement on our marriage wat should i add on , on my process …. lightline.. nina… any 1 who can help me.


    1. I would have – visualized my marriage and my father smiling ear to ear while we are toching his feet, I am telling my babe how happy my father is.

      I would start shopping for my wedding- why? because of course it’s around the corner.

      While you plan to do but your feelings are of fear – see if you are fearful of this wedding for some reason? may be ur future? may be your boy? May be what it feels like getting married? etc etc. The moment you will finish answering all your fears – you will start hearing wedding bells.

      Love and Light


    2. Just imagine it like you did your relationship – focus on what you WANT your life to look like. How will you feel once your father approves? Imagine having that now πŸ˜€ And express gratitude that you got the approval xx


  4. Hi ladies, would like to give you an update on my situation;

    Like many of you, I found this blog in an attempt to manifest my ex back. I read everything and followed Nina’s great advice and really started to feel better. But, I realized I would always fall back into the trap of pining for and desperately wanted my ex back. I was fed up with myself and so tired of being sad and doing affirmations and heart energy JUST to get someone back who did not want me.

    So what did I do? I let go. I let go like every LOA blog will tell you. I stopped pining for my ex and started dating someone new. At first, it was hard, as I missed my ex and the new man felt foreign to me. Then one night, after an amazing date, something snapped and suddenly I wasn’t pining for my ex anymore.

    During my darkest times, I prayed and asked the Lord to bring me happiness and love; I asked for my ex back but if that wasn’t meant to be, bring me someone better. And that’s what happened.

    I know many of you probably don’t want to hear this, as you want your ex back. And I totally understand and know exactly that emptiness you feel. But in order for the LOA to work, you need to let go and truly be happy and grateful now. That’s what I did and I am so grateful for our breakup. That sounds strange but if we had never broken up, I would have never found this new man. I once thought my ex was my soulmate and now I literally laugh at that thought. The LOA worked exactly as it should; as soon as I let go, as soon as I decided to take control of my life and make myself happy by going out with friends, working out, trying new things and dating, everything fell into place.

    I hope this will help some of you. Love and light! ❀

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    1. This is beautiful AA. I’m so excited for you. Everything happened as it should for you. It’s an awesome reminder of the importance of letting go. Something that often times feels impossible. But it isn’t. And the relief that comes with it is so amazing.

      Wishing you the best and keep us posted as things progress!

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      1. Thank you JCE! Things are progressing so amazingly..it almost feels like a dream.

        We have been dating for 5 months now and I’ve been having such a strong urge to tell him I love him. In my past relationships, the guys always told me first. I love him and wanted to express it, but was overthinking and too scared. So, what did I do? I used LOA!

        I asked the God/the Universe “I want XX to tell me he loves me first.” We were attending a wedding together, so then I asked, “I want XX to tell me he loves me tonight at the wedding.” And that’s EXACTLY what happened. I wouldn’t have believed it if it didn’t happen to me. Not only did the Universe bring me exactly what I asked for, it gave it to me in the most magical, romantic way. I’m still on cloud nine.

        The LOA is all about happiness and love, all things you can find within yourself, not just with other people.

        Wishing you all the best ❀

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      2. I like that you talk to God and the Universe. I always tell anyone who asks God for help to pray and use LoA in that way.


  5. I am also in a bargaining stagr of wanting my ex back. He dumped me because it was actually my fault. My guilt is eating me alive and I want to patch things up but we know when people reject you and you cannot do anything about it, it is a recipe for self-disaster.

    I want to let go as well. It is hard but I am trying this method and with a heavy heart, I accept he will not come back but still try to resonate that energy that will make him forgive and choose me again.


    1. Hi Nika πŸ™‚ Before letting go, forgive yourself πŸ™‚ Then, you will be able to start a new, happy manifestation xx


  6. Wow this is so timely. My ex left me several months ago and blocked me on social media as well. But I recently found out he is with someone else now. I am not one of those women who will compete and chase. I used to chase when I was younger. However I take responsibility for causing the break up because there were some insecurities that came into play. I did a pros and cons about him and the pros outweigh the cons. I have had at least one man give me his number since the break up, but I wasn’t interested. I felt like there was a real connection between my him and I. It was four blissful months. So now I am focusing on me. I’ve been diligently looking for a job, studying the law of attraction, and engaging in my spiritual development. Thank you for this wonderful blog. Any tips?


  7. Hi Nerdygirl

    I have been doing the same things as you – looking for job engaging in spiritual development and trust me it works. I would say – just continue doing focusing on your own well being and detach yourself from the current situation and anything related to him. Of course do send heart energy/loving thoughts.


  8. Hi Nina,

    My ex broke up with me 6 months because he said he doesn’t want a girlfriend and he doesn’t want to get married. I accepted this and understand where he is coming from. The breakup was amicable and there was no hate or blaming the other person. We have ran into each other a lot of times since the breakup and we would talk and flir with each other, and it’s obvious that we still have feelings for each other. We have a huge amount for respect and appreciation for each other so I don’t think there is an issue there. I’m attracting him back, but not a relationship.

    I know we’re gonna get back together, I feel it in my gut and heart. I don’t need signs that it’s going to happen,but every time we run into each other and have that “I don’t want to have a girlfriend and I don’t want to get married” conversation, I’m wondering how can I shift and if it’s possible. How can I shift this especially when you’re dealing with another person’s free will?



    1. Hello! I see that you believe for the most part but when it comes to belief that you two want the same things, all you have to do is imagine that you both want the same things and believe that it’s going to happen. Don’t worry about how he will come around – the “how” is the only part we must ignore but if you believe and love yourself and him, his feelings will change because he will respond to your loving energy. People respond to each other’s energy, even when unaware of it!


      1. Thanks Nina!

        I know the how is not our job, it’s the Universe’s job, but how does it work when he’s so stubborn. I know that he feels the same way, misses me, thinks about me, and every time we see each other he tells me so. I’m trying to ignore the how and keep on telling myself that anything is possible, but sometimes I just can’t ignore the present circumstance. I keep on wondering when is it going to happen. The blasted when and how! Detachment is not easy. :p

        Going off topic here, but other day I thought I smelled his perfume, but I thought it was because someone was wearing the same perfume. And then the next day I thought I smelled his apartment (his apartment has a certain smell), and then the following day after that, I’m suddenly reminded of the smell of his hand soap. Does this mean anything or it’s all in my head and I’m going crazy? This LOA is making me bonkers! LOL


      2. These scents are a good sign. Believe that something good is about to happen and as you perceive the two of you having a positive relationship, it will change to better.


  9. Hey Nina I’ve been talking to you on and off for a year now and I’ve been following this blog for a year also. Now if you’ve forgotten me and my ex broken up back in May 2016. Since then I’ve moved on. August I met someone new and we hit it off quickly. Not in a sexual way but in a romantic way. He made me feel special. However even when I was with him I still thought about me ex and still wished I was with him. Long story short. Me the guy I was dating broke up a month ago and I’m currently pregnant with my first child. We decided to co parent and work things out but I know in my heart a relationship with him isn’t going to work but I am excited about becoming a mother. I know it isn’t going to be easy. Life isn’t easy so I am preparing myself anyway I can to bring this healthy baby into this world and give it all the love and support it need. Now few weeks ago my ex who broke up with me back in May contacted me and basically ask to speak to me because he would love to hear from me and it’s been awhile. I recently learned that he is dating someone new. A female he was friends with while we were dating. He told me at the time she had a boyfriend and she wasn’t interested in him. Now they are dating. It kinda bothered me and hurt me a little that’s when I knew at the moment I may still have some feelings for him. I hate my self for it because how will I truly truly know if we will ever be together. I’ve been having thoughts and feelings of us rekindling our love and I have been seeing a tart card reader who had confirmed that he does missed me and that there is a chance of us getting back together if he puts down his ego. In his mind he thinks he was right and doesn’t feel bad. What should I do. Should I keep manifesting or should I throw in the towel and keep focusing on me. Oh and he knows I’m expecting also because he snooped on one of my social media pages and said he “put two and two together” whatever that means.

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    1. Hi! First of all, congrats on the baby! It is a blessing and things can work better than you think, especially if you approach parenthood with positivity and are grateful for a good co-parent and friend in your ex who helps make parenthood a great experience πŸ˜€
      What you perceive is what happens so decide that you are back with your ex and just believe πŸ˜€ You already know that he has feelings for you so let that help you believe!


      1. Hi c..
        M very happy… i have got my love back.. n now my father has also accepted my relation.. now m manifesting my career n m sure i’ll achieve dat too… we are planning for our marriage by 2019..

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      1. hii nina.. m back..

        kshama here..
        need ur help once again…..i dnt know y… in every love story dere is so much up and downs… why not everything goes alright… feeling really puzzled .. nina need ur help once again… m nt getting wat to manifest and how to manifest/// 😦 everyone is ready for marriage now accept my luv .. he want to marry after 2years where as my father has put condition … he wants me to marry within dis year… coz according to my father m already late,, and according to my babiee let everything settle first financially, n both are correct in their point of view n coz of both of dem.. i m nt getting wat to do.. even i also want to marry now .. 😦 bt i want everything should settle also regarding financial stability.


      2. Hi! The problem is in the expectation of these obstacles because you are used to your father thinking a specific way. However, you must focus on the end result and once again lovingly think about the end result then letting it go to manifest. Imagine your life with the two of you happily married, financially stable and everyone approving of it. Imagine a life in which you two are respected as a couple by your families and your relationship is smooth sailing. Then, believe that it will happen and allow it to. Feel love for yourself, your relationship and your families. Be grateful for your ideal reality, as if it were real already. You can do this! xx


  10. Hi,

    I recently manifested contact with my ex. We broke off 2 years ago. However, he has a girlfriend now. I still have feelings for him even though I dated other guys on and off. As much as I’m happy to hear from him, the contact has left me confused. Also, the fact that he’s in a relationship now makes me want to ignore him completely. Please give me some advice on how to attract him back to me.


    1. Hello Adele, and welcome to our community πŸ™‚ The problem is that you are currently engaging in both negative and positive feelings about him and your relationship which makes it difficult to attract it once again.
      You need something to keep your mind away from the current reality so think about the time when you two were happy and only engage in those thoughts. Just remember it, be happy about it as if it were your current reality, be grateful for it and you will recreate it. What you give attention to is what will continue in your life so only think about what you want. If you look back on the time you two were happy, you will recreate it.
      When thoughts of your current reality come up, just ignore them and give them zero attention. Only think about what you would love to happen, as if it were your reality, and be grateful for it. Then, allow it to happen without thinking about how it might come together – just be sure that it’s yours.
      Lots of love!


    1. Hello! And, yes πŸ™‚ LoA means that your life is shaped according to your beliefs so if you decide that the two of you are now back together and that everything worked out the way you wanted it to, if you imagine it happily and are sure that it will happen, it will. We attract what we believe so always practice self love in order to effortlessly believe that you deserve everything you want, always imagine what you WANT to happen and then, it will.


  11. Hi,

    My boyfriend and I broke up a month ago and we have a scheduled trip in August. I really miss him, he has blocked me from social media. I really want him to go with me on this trip. What can I do?


    1. Hi Brenda! In order to make LoA work, you must focus on what you want and be sure that it’s a done deal, that it’s meant to happen. If you can see the two of you on that trip, visualize what it would be like and be happy and grateful for it, remaining certain that it’s going to happen, you can attract it.
      It’s important to see what you want as if it were yours already. If you can imagine it and feel good about yourself and the other person, you can make it happen.
      You can do this!


    1. i mean LOA will bring him back ? as long as i let go and love myself more .
      even he ghosetd me and blocked me and he is living in another country


      1. The current circumstances don’t matter at all – you can change anything with your belief πŸ™‚


  12. Hi nina,
    After long tym m back… coz of ur posts m living my happy lyf .. with my bf very soon he will be my hubby.. m very happy…..
    But i dnt know y.. except my job n marriage date all things seems to be fine.
    Actually i feel lyk i m stuck with dese too niether able to concentrate on my job nor my bf is ready to marriage coz of his promotions . Not getting wat to do… nina , last year i have done manifestation n i was successful i dnt know y… m nt being able to manifest dese days i try every tym .. bt not being able to do so… need ur help once again.


  13. I have been with my ex for almost 5 years in an on and off relationship. We got engaged last October.
    The thing is everything was perfect, until the day I started to visualize him with another girl in our place and then broke up and I desapeared and stuff. After couple weeks, I got mad at him for some reason and hΓ© broke up with me un the most awful way, even his family got involved. And then i found out that hΓ© cheated on me and now i dont know if this happened really because of me or not..and what should i do to bring him back .help


    1. Hello Sun! Clearly, something was a little off in your relationship but this is not your fault. Even if we don’t always know the exact reason things happened, we find out someday. The only thing that matters is what you want now and whether or not you want him back – if you do, you must begin to believe that your relationship can be what you want it to be, even if you don’t know how that is going to happen. Don’t worry about the “how” part – just believe that you can attract what you want, even when it’s difficult. If this is really what you want, the belief will pay off.
      Love and light!


  14. Hello, good evening.
    I am new to practising Loa and my ex/sons father who might be back with his 1st wife or new family is experienced in mediation and I believe in LAO himself. If he has granted he doesn’t want me back and another woman how can I start practising my manifestations. He hasn’t seen my son for a year and one month, he is 2.5. I reacted horribly with crazy threats etc to him lying and going bank to his 1st wife. He used to tell me I’m his soul mates he adores me even broke down saying he will marry me when I found out about his first sons mother back in the picture


    1. Dear Miss A,

      For now, it is most important that you practice self-love and self-respect, and then revisit the idea of this manifestation. It is important to first depend on yourself for self-love and security, not on him.

      You can do this!!


  15. As an anxious overthinking person I have been using the LOA for a few years now with great success. I love your website, the way you write your posts I can connect with your words. I am currently trying to manifest a specific person back and after some time finally feeling like I am in a really happy place. My question is, there are a few guys floating around in my life. Would it be true in saying that I should not shut these guys out of my life and that this is the path I need to follow? I feel that shutting these guys down is again recognizing that my specific person is not in my life. I am at a crossroad and need some direction. Thank you


    1. Dear Steff,

      These other guys are a sign of a high vibration – when you feel good, several people catch on. Now that you have attracted them, take it a step further and imagine that you have attracted your specific person!

      Love and light!


  16. Hi Nina,

    I have attracted a relationship a year ago and things happened three months back which caused us to break up. I have been trying to attract him back using LOA.

    Somehow I am not sure if I am doing it right. Visualising, positive thinking, getting myself in tune to be happy and believing that I have already gotten him back are all I have been doing. I even put a time frame to it and results were not seen. It ended up me having the urge to text him that night and I just slept on the thoughts. The following day, I decided to text him and that conversation ended with me telling him how am I doing. I am not too sure if I should have done it in the first place.

    Was it something that I did not do?

    Thank you for your advice.


  17. Hi Nina!! I loved reading this and have a few questions for you. What about the other person’s free will? We can’t force them to be with us, we can only influence. This isn’t the same as manifesting a car or money. The other person’s feelings and desires are involved too, correct? Also, in Abraham Hicks videos, she says we need to be a vibrational match to that specific person. Do you agree with this? Should we instead say I want to manifest ____ or someone better? Thanks!!

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    1. Hi! If you say “or someone better” and mean it, that helps you let go and attract what will make you the happiest. And their free will, when YOU feel love, allows them to choose to be with you when you feel so good about yourself that they can’t help but feel good about you πŸ™‚ You have to manifest from your own point of view – be as amazing as you want them to see you. Believe that you are!


      1. Thanks for your response! Okay, so I have done this and actually attracted quite a few admirers. One in particular intrigues me a little but not to the point where I’d choose him over my ex. So, how do I know who to choose? Is it 100% possible to manifest my ex being attracted to me again? What if this is who the universe/God wants me to be with and I ended up waiting for my ex? I’ve also read quite a few of your posts since posting my original question. In several, you said the guys you dated were momentary fascinations and you chose when to end the relationship and you wouldn’t have changed your mind. What if one of those guys attempted to manifest being with you; what do you think the outcome would be? Sorry for all the questions. I am just very intrigued by the idea of manifesting, especially with a specific person.


      2. It is the person and the energy most certain that what they want belongs to them who ends up attracting others. So you have to be sure beyond any doubt that what you want is yours if you want to have it. Or, you could say you want to be with one of those people, whichever one is best, and see what happens. It all depends on what you want and what you want is the one who makes you happy, no matter who they are.


  18. Hi Nina
    it may be I am the only guy here but I read what you said and it vibrated in my soul- I had attracted my lady ( everything hair/eye colour,body shape,personality etc…Linda was IT… However she is EXTREMELY jealous and wer have split many times in 2 years . I proposed 4 nov 2017 and she said yes …however we split jan 4…she gave the ring back and I am devastated …can I use LOA to bring her back-Greg


    1. Hi Greg, I hope you got my previous message today. You can attract her back by visualizing it the same way you visualized being with a woman of her specific characteristics just before she appeared. Think about what you would love to happen!


  19. Hi, I wanted to give you a quick update. He finally started reaching out to me and we’ve talked on the phone for several hours. He also sent me a huge bouquet of flowers on valentine’s day!!! What a nice surprise. He’s talking about getting back together and taking me to dinner once he moves to my city in May! Thanks for your posts – they are so helpful


    1. Hi Blossom,
      am happy to read this, as I was following your posts and reading about your results gives me hope!

      Could you tell me how you’ve done that? Feeling like your ex is already back?
      Did you contact him first and then sometime he started reaching out to you or did you wait until he contacted you?
      I am in a similar situation, but I’m not sure if I should reach out for him or just wait until he makes a move… and if I should wait, how long should I wait…

      Nina, maybe you have time to read my questions, too?

      Thank you, Blossom and Nina.


      1. Hi! So I actually reached out to him around the new year. He had deleted all our photos off social media and I was hurting a lot. Honestly, I reached out due to insecurity and I felt like I needed to know whether he was coming back or not. He was respectful but distant and very formal. He wasn’t willing to give it another chance and said at best, maybe we can get lunch when he moves. At that point, I let go and knew I needed to change. I didn’t know if he’d come back but I knew I wanted myself back. I focused all my energy on my new career and stopped checking up on him. I said yes to every invitation from friends and started traveling on the weekends. I truly thought that conversation might be the end. Then, towards the end of January, he messaged me for my birthday. We started talking on the phone for hours on end once or twice a week after that. We still aren’t back together (he’s training for the military and can’t have his phone for 6 weeks) I don’t know what’s going to happen but I know I am happy and secure. I feel like that’s the most important thing. Also, I believe Nina has a post that says something along the lines of ‘stop thinking it’s hard and believe that it’s easy’ It’s seriously the best advice. Don’t worry so much about acting as if, living in the end, visualizing, etc etc. I think it’s more beneficial to drop the tension and focus on yourself and your happiness. The rest will come to you. God/the universe knows your heart and your desires. I don’t think there’s a rule as to who has to contact first. If you feel ready, go for it but I’d advise not to do it if you’re coming from a place of neediness. My best advice is to focus on making your life the best it can possibly be and see what comes to you πŸ™‚ I hope this helped!

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      2. Hi Blossom! Thanks for your reply, I really like reading your story and I hope everything will work out.
        I started seeing it from another point of view. I always saw the situation from the perspective like “I wanna have him”, “I need him”, “Hopefully he likes/misses me too.” etc. … but what if we don’t have to think like this? What if the special person wants actually the same, but can’t show us, as we doubt too much about ourself, that the other person can’t act different than doubting about us too? What if we just have to allow this person to love us, as we are worth it and enough, than just hoping and begging to be loved by this person? I hope you understand what I mean.
        Please keep us updated πŸ™‚

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      3. Definitely believe that the person you love loves you back! And then, they will. And you will just observe it happen.


      4. Hello! You will achieve what you want if you just engage in positive feelings and doing what makes you feel good – if you feel good with the idea of contacting someone, do it. But you can’t do it for any reason other than sharing good feelings and expect nothing in return – this is how you will prevent yourself from worrying about it.


  20. Hi nina!

    I need some guidance. Last year was a tough year for me, my father passed away December 2016 but I met my ex boyfriend shortly after. He made me very happy and we had a really good time. Around October he started the police academy and was super stressed. At the same time is when my dads death really hit me. I was taking it out on my boyfriend. He ended up breaking up with me at the end of November after a really bad fight. I was extremely upset that he would do this right before my dads one year. I was begging him back for the weeks after. He was not giving in. The breakup was bad. January 2018 I promised myself to be more positive. I read the secret and started practicing the law of attraction and saw things more positive. All of December I would drunk call him and I honestly got to the point I really hated myself. January turned that all around for me. 2 weeks ago I thought I should reach out. I left him a voicemail (I should of waited for him to call me) I told him how good ive been feeling and that even though we ended bad I was happy he came into my life . I expected no reply. The next night he showed up at my house! he had been drinking but I wasn’t home. He cried to my mom about me and how he hurt me. When I got home I listened to him but didn’t know what to believe because he is still in the academy for 2 more months and he never said he wanted us to work things out. He did say that we could continue to talk. It was somewhat awkward though. a few days later I asked him if he really saw us as friends and he said we can be friends for now and then see where it goes. I took that as okay if I ask him to go out with a group of people he would be down. last Saturday I asked what he was doing and he said he didn’t know so I invited him out. He ended up going out with his brother and then just stopped answering me. we haven’t talked since and I know I cant text him anymore . I love this guy so much. I know we are meant to be together. He had told me he isn’t talking to anyone right now. I could hear that he is kind of llost with his life right now. I don’t know what to do I just want him to show he loves me like he was telling my mom that night.


    1. Hi Sabrina. You should put more thought into what you want the relationship to be and how you want to feel in it, and then visualize it as if it were your reality right now. In your case, it is also very important that you believe in both him and yourself, AND your relationship!


  21. Hi Nina. I hope that you are well. I just took a hard knock from life. I was mugged and assaulted and got injured and I was forced to resign from work due to discrimination. I also was not allowed to complete off my 2 subjects at university this semester. My world is falling apart and I’m sinking into depression. Please assist.


    1. Hi Netta. I am so sorry to hear about these troubles but they are possible to resolve. In my observation and experience, things get worse before they permanently get better so losing your job and your experience at the university have happened so that you could find something even better. However, your positive thoughts are going to dictate the amount of time in which things will get better so make sure to remain aware of the fact that you are only meant to find something better than this and that things are going to work out in an even better way than they would have had this not happened. I am sorry to hear about the circumstances of your injury but use it to simply remain grateful for your safety and health from now on, and life will only continue to improve in that aspect as well. I know it was unpleasant but even things like that bring lessons and a positive outcome in a completely unexpected area of life. A long time ago, my old apartment was burglarised, some cash was stolen and I received double the amount of money back in damages, plus as a result the police finally apprehended the burglar who had been operating for months earlier and he was convicted. However, before that happened, I hadn’t been too happy in life and I was complaining about everything for a few months so this all played out in an unpleasant way. It was a wake-up call to change my thought at that moment and by simply knowing that you are invincible and that no one can hurt you unless you let them, all of this will have worked out to a positive and unexpected outcome very soon. ❀


      1. Hi Nina

        Thank you so much for your kind words and for your advice as well. I really appreciate it. I forgot to add that I’m in a new relationship with a man that loves me sincerely and exclusively. I am very grateful for that, however, we have financial problems. He is not as ambitious and driven as I am and is currently not making enough money per month and I’m currently at home, unemployed and healing after the assault and robbery. We plan on getting married this year. How would you suggest I remedy the financial situation using the law of attraction, on his behalf as well . I feel powerless right now. Please assist!


      2. Dear Netta, let me start with this – instead of thinking about how many money worries you currently have, you should start to think what kind of financial situation would make you feel good. You see, I visualize myself abundant because I enjoy it! I LIKE seeing myself abundant and I bet you don’t like thinking about your money troubles. So redirecting your thoughts to the two of you being in a situation you like would do the trick.
        How much money would you like the two of you to have per month? Or, how comfortable do you want to feel? Do you want to be wealthy or just have enough for what you want? What kind of work does he want to find and what would he love to do to make money, and what would you? And if you visualize what would truly make you HAPPY to have, you will attract it fast. You will attract financial security if you become secure in the fact that you are meant to be wealthy, that you have asked for it and therefore must receive it. If you start to believe in him as well as yourself and believe that you are about to become abundant, you will. A new chapter is waiting for you.


  22. Hello Nina,

    What should i do, when the man i want to be With completely ignores me,doesnt seem very interested in me, doesnt reply to my messages etc?
    At First he was very flirtY but now he ignores me, totally:( ;(


  23. Ok Nina first of all I loved this blog. I have recently lost the love of my life and she has moved on with in a month. This guy is who she always contacts when ever she breaks up with someone and even tho they have never been boyfriend or girlfriend until now she says he’s the one? I know it something that will not last I am still heart broken. I know you say I have to send out love and just let it happen but I am not totally sure how to do that?
    Looking for advice,



    1. Hi Alan! Sorry it took me a while to get back to you but here I am. You have to bring yourself to a place where you simply dare to see her back with you and believe it’s going to happen. Positive energy starts with trusting that things are going to work out for your benefit simply because you have decided what you want your life to be and believe that it is possible. It all starts with trusting the Universe instead of fearing what might happen or worrying about where she is now – you must focus on yourself instead of her and trust that your reality is about to become what you want it to be.
      For further information (as this topic has plenty of elements to discuss), please email me if you should consider my coaching services.


  24. I am so glad I stumbled upon this post. My situation is that I’ve been with my first love (same-sex couple) from age 19-23. She recently broke up with me due to my insecurities, depression, neediness, and it was a lot for her to bear and feel responsible for. She is dating someone new so quick after the breakup and her reasoning is “I have been over our relationship the last year and we tried but it just wasn’t working out” so now I have this fear that this new girl is going to fulfill everything for her that I didn’t. I know I have to get rid of this fear, but I don’t know how. I want my love back.


    1. Hi Mia! I am sorry you experienced this but life is not about what we experience – it is about what we believe and whether or not we are going to maintain that belief and produce positive circumstances from now on πŸ™‚ First of all, it will help you to accept that you had not been happy in a relationship either because you have not been happy with yourself (these two things go hand in hand) and that this experience motivated you to find your happiness again. Then, believe that the Universe will give you your relationship, the love you want, and trust that it’s a done deal. In the meantime, reconnect with your inner joy and think about everything in life you love doing, then dedicate your time to enjoying it again. Use this time to believe and find your own joy again because the better you feel, the sooner you will be happy and the sooner you will attract. You can do this!!


  25. hii ..Nina,
    i am struggling for getting my love back..as i came to LOA i started using that for getting him back.we had 7 year on/off relationship and then we had breakup in sep 2017..he was ignoring me because his family doesn’t want me to be with him..after came to LOA i realize that this situation is i created through my thoughts i always had fear of losing him or if his says no , if we separated etc etc that exact things were happen but as i started reading about LOA i do meditation,visualization and affirmation daily..including whispering technique,sending unconditional love but from few days i was feeling resistance..feeling very sad nervous and negative .. y am not getting any result if am doing all things. and yesterday suddenly i heard from someone that he has gf am not totally sure about it and i am not going to cross check it on social site or by asking to his frnd.but still i feel something low.i know i can do anything..its possible to remove that third party..but still sometime i feel very low,lack y loa is not working for me..where i am going wrong??i really want him back what should i do in this type of situation..how can improve myself..he lives in another city for study


    1. Hello dear. I see that you are feeling negative because you are not seeing the results you want in the current reality. However, in order to see results, you must believe unconditionally, UNTIL you see results. Belief comes first, knowing that the current reality is irrelevant and you are getting what you want, and results come second. Stay strong and visualize things the way you want them to be as if they are so right now! Happily imagine having your desire and you will attract it soon!


  26. Hi Nina,

    Hope you are doing well.
    I started to date a guy who was actually my instructor at Muay Thai (Thaiboxing) for 1.5 months.
    We had some dates together and every time I felt very good to be close to him. Since I had bad experience in my former relationship i was also very cold to him (building walls around me). We even have talked about it and he said he is here if i need him. So like 3 weeks ago we ended up sleeping together which was very nice (but also here i was somehow very cold and I didnt really show him i’ve enjoyed it, even if i very much did) and after this we have been texting for 3 more days. So the one day I’ve asked him if he want to go to a show with me and he just replied in a very cold way: I have already plans for this weekend, sorry. I gave him some attitude but nothing came back. I let him be and thought ok maybe he is busy (working a lot and in the afternoon teaching Thaiboxing). So one week later i only asked him how is he doing and hope he is well but no reply. So I got very mad and i wrote him on the same day in the afternoon a goodbye msg but even here nothing came back.
    I dont want to say he have used me, because he gave me a lot of attention and I dont know if i could just not handle it right the way that he deserved it.
    I dont feel anything bad against him, I have even forgive myself and him as well. But I would really love to have a second chance because I feel this is the guy that I really can give me truly love and I believe in a second chance.

    Do you think this is possible?

    Thanks & all the best


    1. Hi Vicky πŸ™‚ Anything is possible if you believe it and can forgive – both yourself and him. It is important to start over instead of trying to fix the current situation. Just imagine your relationship the way you want it to be without thinking about the past.


  27. Hi Nina, I’m not sure if you remember me. My love and I had kind of gotten back together and things were going really well. However, a few months passed and we still hadn’t seen each other in person. I was getting SO anxious for May 31st to get here and we hadn’t talked about what we were really. I saw he went out for his friend’s birthday and was adding a BUNCH of girls on his social media. To say I was hurt is an understatement. I lost it and I know – it’s absolutely my fault. I called and said if he didn’t want to make this work, I was done and moving on. Well he didn’t put up much of a fight and said it was a good idea for us to just move on. So I unfriended him off everything. I can’t believe I was so insecure and let it get the best of me. Now, he still moves to my city in a month and I’m back to working on myself. It has actually been great for my mental health because I am no longer seeing what he’s up to. However, I still can’t get him off my mind. I really felt he was the one. Is this even fixable at this point 😦 I feel like I may have permanently ruined it. Thanks Nina


    1. Hi Blossom! I remember your story and even though you worried about what your reaction might have meant, I am proud of you from walking away from a situation that didn’t serve you. You held onto your self-respect. However, if you still care about him and want to get back together, first it is important to forgive both yourself and him for what has happened. When it comes to love, anything that happened before love manifests is simply not important, and you can accept that all of this happened because neither of you felt 100% at the time so you needed a break but it provided valuable lessons, as any frustration we manifest always does and if we use it right, it can help us become better people.
      Now, I would suggest that you approach it like this – what if you started over? Started dating and let the relationship grow and develop? Could you see yourself dating him, starting over, forgetting about the past and building a new relationship instead of focusing on the old one? It would serve you so well!


      1. Thanks for replying so fast! I could see us being married and being happy, which I’ve never felt with anyone else. However, I’m also questioning… If it’s this difficult, is it really meant to be or is this situation merely a reflection of myself? Should I work on myself a lot over the next month or two and reach out this summer once he’s moved? If I forgive, and send love, can I fix it?


      2. This situation is only a reflection of your thoughts. As soon as they change, so will the situation!


  28. Hi Nina,

    I’m going to try to keep this as short as possible. My boyfriend of 7 years (and living together for 1 year) broke up with me at the beginning of April. I have been devastated ever since and crying every day. We had such an incredible relationship for the first 3 years and then I was triggered by sexual abuse from my stepfather that occurred for me when I was 17 by my stepfather. I hadn’t told anyone about it until 7 years later. Through this, I believe the issues first happened when my heart closed for my boyfriend and to be honest, I kept questioning the relationship because I didn’t feel love anymore. I know this came from from the abuse and me having to live in the same house after me telling about the abuse for 3 years. We finally lived together, but the girl I was before I confided about the abuse was gone. I worked hard to get her back, but it was hard. Closer to the end of 2017, he started to hang around a pretty married girl. This kept triggering anxious thoughts and insecurities in me. I couldn’t shake this feeling. There were a couple of instances where they were alone in a room together and she was hiding (although I confronted both and that’s when he said they were talking about us and how he was questioning the relationship and not ready to propose). Another instance happened (a few days later) where she was off work and I came home early and they were on the couch talking (probably about us). Now that we’ve broke up, she keeps hanging around him. This is not who he used to be and I am still in love with the old him. I want to make a new relationship with him, better than ever where we fully trust and love each other. I can’t seem to get the two of them out of my head. Do you have any suggestions? What can I do to a. get them out of my head or at least her b. attract a better, newer, more fulfilling relationship with him once again?


    1. Hi Chantal, and thank you for your honesty. The trust issues you are facing must be difficult but they can be solved. It is important to know that your boyfriend is his own person even though you feared that he would hurt you because someone else has in the past. I believe your fear of getting hurt didn’t help you but it is important to address because for as long as we hold onto a fear that comes from us alone, we project it onto other people until we start to believe that it is real.
      Your boyfriend is not your stepfather. And that is great because you fell in love with him for a good reason.
      I also believe that your heart closes when you share this painful experience but experiences should not have a lifetime hold over us or our feelings of hurt. We should always know we are stronger than our experiences and that they can’t keep hurting us forever. We are always stronger! And our manifestation potential is limitless.
      Start thinking about what would make you happy to have and you will soon follow that drive to be happy. One positive thought leads to another and soon, they become addictive! Start with one and others will follow. Imagine that you two are back together now – what would you like your relationship to be this time? How do you want it to look? What do you want to do in it? How do you want to be loved? This is what makes us happy to imagine.


      1. Thank you so much for answering, Nina. What do you suggest I do when I get in a situation where I am triggered (ex. when I get upset packing my things from the house that we shared, seeing this girl’s (well her husbands) car at our house? It upsets me so much and I keep trying to just let it go. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


      2. First, you decide what YOU want. And then, when you see her car, imagine seeing your own car. Visualize what you would want. Replace what is with what you want to see.


  29. Hi Nina,

    It’s been a long time, I spent half a day combing through the comments since I last left off in 2016. I’m sure you would have forgotten me, but I hope you are doing great. Back then my ex left me, like most other commenters, we hope he/she would return to us. However I manifested for a loving relationship instead, whether with her or not. And in early 2017 I got into a relationship with a lovely lady (girl A), my current girlfriend. To give a brief background, I had been pretty close with girl A and B back in late 2016, in different ways. I chose girl A. However as a year and half went by, I came to realize I do have feelings for girl B. I do love girl A but secretly deep down in me I am hoping to be with girl B. Many of you here would have lambasted me because of this, I know it. But I am really confused right now, and I know it is not fair to girl A. Yet I don’t want to walk down the path, only to regret my choice for B. It is a sticky situation, and I would like to hear from everyone here.

    I hope for the best for everyone!



  30. Hi Nina,
    Here is my story. After separating from my ex husband in February of 2016 I met an amazing man in May/June of 2016. We went on one date and were inseparable after that date. We moved in together in February of 2017. It was amazing. We truly felt it was not fair how in love we were. Life got a bit complicated as life usually does, just with jobs, his child (who I love dearly) and all the things that come with raising kids and having a very busy schedule. But we endured and kept moving forward to accomplish goals, etc. We started drifting, but I still felt that love – and still feel that love inside of me for him. I honestly thought it was the chaos of things that surrounded us that contributed to us breaking up. I also realize I have insecurities and things I have never healed or dealt with from previous relationships and life experiences that drove him away. Deep in my heart I love this man more than anything. I love our little family unit. I regret taking things for granted while I had them, because they were amazing and I couldn’t see that. Things were not perfect, nothing is. But the connection we shared and the love we both felt that made us say it was not fair how good it was is still there for me. I feel he still loves me too. He told me that I will always have a piece of his heart. I know he wants space right now. Room to breathe. I need to work on me. But I feel he and I are meant to be together. I have used the LOA before in my life. I know it works. Can you give me any advice. Because I truly love this man and believe he is for me and I am for him.


    1. You can start over today and believe that you two being back together is a done deal! Visualize how you want your relationship to be from now on and believe it’s the only result that can come of this, the only scenario meant to happen and that could possibly happen. The past doesn’t matter – all that matters is what you believe today and you will receive that. You can do it!
      Thank you so much for sharing your story. I love your honesty.


    2. Hi Nina,

      I wanted to provide an update. In the past couple weeks my ex and I have started talking more and more. We have also had dinner on a few occasions, and I have even hung out with him and his family. We are at a place of taking things really slow and seeing where they go. I am having a hard time with this concept of taking thing slow because my feelings are so strong for him. I know he will be comfortable with me and desire me. I just need to let him come to me, let him warm to me and let this progress naturally. I need to let go of my fear and anxiety about the situation as that will only cause a divide. Do you have any advice? Things are progressing. How do I stay the course?

      Thank you!


      1. Hi!! I would focus on visualizing what your relationship would be like in your ideal scenario. Visualizing this way will help create positive feelings that will take your focus off the current reality and allow you to attract even more happiness!


  31. Hi there this K and my ex and I broke up 3 weeks ago, he is with some one else now after being in a long term relationship with me… I am unable to have a period of no contact with him as we both travel together everyday and attend the same campus. I have this buzzing and gut instinct that we belong together and that we will reunite… Last week we even kissed each other so passionately and I have never felt our connection this intense before, however soon after he began to pull away fro me again, saying he still wants me in his life and went back to his rebound. I know that he does not actually love the rebound girl and that he is simply trying to heal from the wounds of our relationship but even though I believe that we will reunite, it still hurts to see him with someone else. Since the break-up I have been implementing visualization techniques and meditation where I envision us being together eternally and something in me keeps telling not to give up on this love, I have also learnt to forgive myself for the mistakes that I have made in the relationship and I forgive him too as i believe my love for him and for us extends far beyond the current circumstances. Nina, please can you tell me what i can do better in manifesting the relationship I want with my ex, even though he has a rebound and that I see him and interact with him on a daily basis.

    -Yours Truly


    1. Hi! First of all, you are doing well with your visualizations and forgiveness as well as your belief that he loves you which led to the kiss. Now, it is important that you decide what you want your relationship to be, back together and happier than ever, and that you are convinced that this is about to happen and happening as we speak! Visualize your dream scenarios as if they’re real right now and you will soon start to realize how insignificant the current reality is πŸ˜€ You won’t be bothered by it soon!


  32. hi, can we still attract back our ex even though we are the one who cheated. They saying that he don’t want to have anything to do with us anymore and shut us off completely. He also saying that their love for us also faded away. Please advice. Thanks.


    1. Hello dear. You can. The important thing is to accept and respect the ex the way you want them to respect us. Have understanding and love for the ex, forgive yourself for your choice and be the person you want the ex to see every day. Nurture the belief that you two being back together is a done deal. And don’t stop believing until it manifests! Believe in the Universe’s miracles and you will see them come into your life! Let the Universe do it while you enjoy believing in your end result. You can make this miracle happen!!


  33. Hello Nina!

    What happens when i see my ex randomly more often in public? (Public transport) .
    We broke up some years ago , we have no contact now, we live far away from each other, and i try to manifest him back. And more recently i see him or his look alike on my commute to work, on buses, on trains, but these are very far from his home! And i panic every time because i dont want him to see me, im not perfectly looking, i look like a mess etc.
    Is it a sign? For me it says, he is here, but he isnt with me. What does it mean? Should i take it as a good sign?:/

    Thank you


    1. Hi! I would say this means that the though of him evokes worry in you instead of excitement. When we are SURE, when we BELIEVE that we belong with someone (because we have been nurturing the thoughts of us together for a while and our minds and hearts accepted this belief as a result), we get excited about imagining ourselves with them because we are sure in our love for each other. We believe in that love. However, you dread seeing him which makes me wonder if you believe in yourself, your beauty, heart energy and magic enough to believe in the inevitability of your relationship. We have to know that we deserve it first, and that we have all the magic within ourselves to manifest this relationship and make the person we love happy and fulfilled. But we first have to love ourselves and believe in ourselves, and then we can believe in those things, too. Try and take a look at your particular fears that come up when you think of him. They will tell you where specifically you might be lacking the belief in yourself.


  34. Hello Nina

    I am divorced and still in love with my ex-husband. I want to manifest him back in my life. I want to get remarried to him. We got divorced due to interference of in-laws, change of city( I could not find a job where he moved) my mother being unwell. It led to lot of arguements. It been 2 and a half years.

    I miss him a lot. We do not speak or contact each other in this time. How do I rekindle my love and marriage with him, Please guide.

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    1. Hello my dear! Sorry for the delay in answering – I am now able to set up a new coaching business after moving countries myself, finally, and have been busy with administrative stuff before I can actually begin operating.
      Firstly, I would like you to define and decide what your ideal living situation would be before you start visualizing – what your marriage with him is like in your dream scenario, what you do – together and separately (how do you feel coming home from work etc.), where you live, how much you see your families and what kind of support you give each other while dealing with them. When we think about our dream scenarios, visualization comes easy and we simply drift into seeing and imagining our new life. Think about the scenarios that would make you the happiest! You will enjoy those thoughts and will start thinking them often, with visualizations naturally coming from them. Know that the Universe has the power to make all of that happen. As you know that and let yourself think about your dream scenarios with him and your life, your reality will begin to change. Some people worry about how it will happen and that’s a mistake. Don’t do that. Give into seeing your dream scenarios from your own point of view. Think about the things that would make you happy. Those amazing feelings you’re experiencing as you’re imagining yourself living your dream life will start to change your physical reality. πŸ˜ƒ


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