A Love Manifestation in Someone Else’s Life

19 thoughts on “A Love Manifestation in Someone Else’s Life”

  1. I read your blog entry over and over again. It keeps me on track! You have helped me enormously. For that I thank both you and the Universe.
    love and light. ♡

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  2. Hi Nina,

    I’m working on an intention in my life right now, and I was wondering if it was ok to ask for your help?

    I have this man that has been in my life for several years now, I would like for us to be in a committed and happy relationship with each other, as quickly as possible (because I have been praying for this for many years).

    Please let me know.

    Thank you,


    1. Hello! 🙂 You can absolutely ask for advice and are capable of achieving your goal. I see the following – you are praying to receive your relationship but you have to start feeling love for already having your relationship in your life so that you stop needing it. For as long as you need it, you will continue to feel the absence of it. However, when you start feeling love and gratitude for having it already, your awareness will change and when you feel that you have it despite any external circumstances, you will.
      You have to be brave enough to believe that the relationship is yours already. You also have to focus on yourself instead of him – feel good about yourself and your relationship, be happy, feel and send out love. Love the feeling of being his girlfriend and imagine the relationship just as you want it to be. Feel that you are worthy of having the relationship of your dreams with him 🙂
      Allow your love for having your relationship already to bring the relationship to you. Try it – you will almost immediately start to feel differently. You have to immerse yourself in this feeling and the love around it. Send out heart energy to him and your perfect relationship with him. Once you allow yourself to feel happy about having your relationship already, everything will change for the better 🙂


  3. Thank you Nina. I meant if you could help me the way you helped your friend in this post at the end. Where you believed the guy would contact her within the hour and he did. If you could help to strengthen my manifestation by giving that extra confidence. That my guy and I be in a happy and committed relationship with each other.

    I read before that Neville Goddard had success manifesting in other peoples lives. I was wondering if you could help me.

    I hope its ok to ask something like that.


    1. I can send you that good energy 🙂 That’s all there is to it – I’d decided he was going to message her and he did. You do your part by working on your certainty that the relationship is yours.


      1. Hi Nina,

        Just reading your old posts and I saw this one. Can you decide that my guy will contact me within a week and that we will spend this New Year’s Eve together as a committed and happy couple ? Just like you did for your friend ?

        By the way, do you officially offer your services anywhere? Like as a LOA Consultant?

        Thank you in advance,


      2. Hey! 🙂 I remember this and I already have! However, you have to keep in mind the following – when I decided so and told my friend that I did, she relied on that and started to believe it was all possible so it came to her fast. Hearing that I was so confident abt it made her feel the same so we kind of did it together which was powerful. At the same time, she did everything to stay confident and positive. Are you ready to believe in order to allow the same manifestation into your life?
        I have held seminars in LoA as a part of my work engagements in the past. I work independently so I could teach it when there was interest. One of those was at a university which was great 🙂 Right now, I am finishing my book on manifesting and self-confidence and then I might set up online coaching but until then, you can always write!


  4. Hi Nina, so the week passed by and I didn’t really hear from him. I sent him a note on thxgiving wishing him many blessings. He returned the wish, but that was the last I heard or got from him. I’m trying to not focus on things not happening, but I’m still trying to manifest us back together by the holidays. Also, I think I found Brandon Martins book that you were talking about, I bought it and there was some interesting insights. I then went and was reading some of his articles on how to get an ex back and that was where I got confused. It feels like sometimes his advice is to be your authentic self and confident, and in other parts he’s saying to be hard to get and mysterious. What are your thoughts on this? Do you think we should be aloof and mysterious? Being that my guy and I don’t communicate much right now it does not seem easily possible to be mysterious?


    1. Dear C, happy belated Thanksgiving! I saw your comments now, I had some family time yesterday myself.
      I read Relationship Goddess and it was fantastic! Brandon’s advice goes hand in hand with LoA because it’s all about FEELING differently, the way you want and the starting point being the knowing that what you want is coming to you. It also has some excellent psychology advice on behaviors and distinguishing between the natural reactions of men and women.
      When he talks about being your authentic self, he talks about never thinking you’re not good enough for someone or that you shouldn’t act naturally because you think they would dislike you that way.
      After that, he makes a distinction between positive feelings, negative feelings and behaviors. He says that negative behaviors come from fear and one’s thinking they won’t get what they want. On the other hand, he says that when things are going well, they will continue to if you stay relaxed instead of “trying” to keep this good energy. That energy is kept by relaxation which brings us into the next question you had.
      The only place he mentions being aloof in deals with how you feel about factors like WHEN, how, planning when and where it’s all going to happen etc.. People who are aloof are that way because they are sure things are going to work out for them! Women tend to worry about the future but he says that if you believe it is all going to work out for you, you will naturally become aloof because you’re just going to want to enjoy life. Or, if you become relaxed now, you will see how much there is to enjoy about life now.
      What you have is a different situation. You are trying to manifest him back for the holidays but the only trying there is to do is positive thinking and believing you will have what you want. That type of thinking takes a lot of confidence and a relaxed attitude, a conviction that you have what you want and that it’ll come to you. Instead, you are looking to get things going as soon as possible which only perpetuates the feeling of NOT having your relationship. All you need to do is visualize, feel good, send heart energy (even Brandon teaches it) and believe. However, doing because you want to get things started shows that you don’t have it because it’s all in your awareness and the energy you emit.
      When it comes to his getting-ex-back explanations, he basically says that a relationship ends when good things are lost so they have to be brought back. He is right – I agree with him looking at every single breakup I ever had. However, if you want to get back together, you have to start feeling good again without him, just like you have to see yourself having your desire and feel good about it before you actually receive it. You have to be happy with your life in order to attract your desire back into it. In this case, the mystery he mentions is the fact that you can be happy without him whereas no guy will be interested if he thinks you can only be happy if you have him. That means giving away your personal sense of value, in my opinion, as well as being ungrateful for your life. For as long as you need your desire, you will continue to need it but when you stop needing it and are convinced it’s yours, it’ll appear – just like an ex. When he says a woman should be unpredictable, he means doing what she wants in life, enjoying it as she pleases and not as she thinks she “should” act which is what many women do.
      All in all, he says that the women who give into the pressures of the world and act as people tell them they should out of the fear that they will be alone forever are UNATTRACTIVE and tense around men. In LoA, is any tense energy “attractive” or beneficial? No! It’s all about love and relaxation.
      He also says that people want those who love them instead of conditioning things from them. Too many women are focused on having to get married as soon as possible but without love, there is no sustainable marriage. Love is always the point and that is what he teaches. Every advice he gives comes down to making decisions that come from feeling love for yourself. Just like LoA is about YOU, not the other person, so are relationships in the sense that one has to be emotionally balanced (and in my opinion, mature) to have a good relationship. However, that as well as self-respect is OUR job, not our partner’s – a partner only responds to one’s self-perception. When a woman feels good about herself, she feels great about her life, which she values, and a man wants to be a part of it. This is indeed rare for a man to find.
      One of my closest friends also read Relationship Goddess, Brandon’s articles and said herself, “I do need to be emotionally balanced. I am still an amazing person but I need to discover why I react overly emotionally and where in my past is this coming from. How do I feel about myself? Who do I want to be so that I feel good about myself?” She found all the answers as well as a man who was everything she wanted and today, they live together. She was brave and she faced herself. Everyone should do the same – you’re still an amazing person, you just need to start to feel great about yourself 🙂
      What Brandon ends up doing many times is explain the LoA process of a man in a relationship or getting back into the relationship. What confuses people is that they fail to see the difference between love and need. We don’t really NEED a relationship but should be in one with someone we truly love who will then enjoy it with us.
      My personal belief is that honest people are mysterious. Today, everyone pretends and I see how people react when they find a genuine person who feels good about themselves. They think it’s completely different when it should actually be normal. If you can be who you are and feel good about every aspect of yourself, you will have that confidence. You only need to think about who you want to be.
      You have to feel good about yourself, him AND your relationship. We have relationships that we feel poorly about when we feel that way about ourselves.


      1. Thank you so much for a wonderful response Nina, and Happy Thxgiving to you too 🙂

        I had a rough couple of days. I’ve just seen pictures where it looks like he is going on with his life and even some girls that I questioned might be more than friends.

        I understand and completely agree with everything you mentioned above, because I know that the times that I’ve been really happy in my life, that is how i felt. I felt relaxed, not worried, and overall confident. There was no tension, and its true, everything seemed to fall in place better. My challenge has been getting back there. It seems to only be getting harder as more time passes. I really miss my guy, he is so far away now, that my challenge is believing that I can be in a happy relationship with my guy.

        I look at the external factors like the fact that he is across the country, hardly communicates with me (maybe 3 times in past 7 months) and the more time that passes its harder and harder. I wish I had your belief Nina and ability to visualize because I do believe in the LOA and everything you say. I just can’t see it anymore? I’ve been alone and ok for so long that i just figure this is how things will continue. I told God & the universe that I wanted to feel the shift, but I think that my visualization abilities are not there. I had read in Neville’s books that sometimes he would get help from his friend Abdullah, and sometimes he would also help other people to help the things they wanted manifest, which is why I had requested some help from you, but I worry that my disbelief is stronger and cancels out whatever you have tried to do to help, because I just can’t see it.

        does this mean I don’t really want this relationship anymore… I’ve considered this but I really don’t think that is the case. I think that time and external situations, the things this man has said, have just shaken my faith to a point where I don’t know if I can fully recover it. I know I can let go, and not worry about things, but without the belief that I can have my relationship with this guy, I worry that I’ll let him forget about me forever. It’s hard Nina. I wish so badly to have your manifestation ability, and confidence in myself. And I wish so badly to feel good in a committed, warm, romantic and loving relationship with my specific person.


      2. You know what I think is the only problem? I think you tried too hard to see it. If you stop trying for one day and let a spontaneous visualization to come to you, you’ll believe that you can see it again 🙂
        Today, make a list of what you appreciate about yourself and your life now without putting him on the list and be happy about that. A spontaneous visualization will come to you.
        This exercise will also help your self-confidence. You must have that for yourself and for life. You deserve to be happy 🙂
        I simply choose the beliefs I want to have and also choose which to reject and I tell the Universe all of that. I know that anyone can do that but you must start to feel deserving od a happy LIFE, whether or not you want this guy. A happy life will then invite even more happiness.
        I am glad you purchased Relationship Goddess, that book is so amazing 😀 It is beneficial in reminding a woman that happiness and femininity are basically the essence of her and all she has to do is enjoy it 🙂 Think about how easy life is actually supposed to be 🙂 I had purchased at the time I wanted to learn more abt how to be happy in relationships, as vague as that may sound.


    1. I always like to visualize everyone in this community writing a comment and stating their successful manifestation and I love every time that happens 😀 However, you also must believe. If everyone around you believed but you didn’t, you wouldn’t manifest. I know that you can do it so you can use that knowing to believe it in yourself 🙂 xx


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