Over-The-Top Visualizations and Letting Go – Love

16 thoughts on “Over-The-Top Visualizations and Letting Go – Love”

  1. Dear Nina,

    I loved reading this post. Actually, this is my 2nd time reading this post.

    ” From not seeing each other for months, we jumped into couple mode immediately, with him talking about our future in the way that matched my fantasies exactly.”

    This is what I am aiming for. I am amazed at how just by expecting an “I love you”–you received it.

    Would a constructed scene of me introducing my husband to friends/colleagues be a good scene? Another scene I wrote about was when I saw him come visit my classroom. I am a teacher and the thought of my students referring to me as “Mrs A” is an indicator of marriage.

    I am trying to find a way to visualize this and let go like you do! Do you have any tips/recommended constructed scenes for a healthy marriage?

    Also, there are videos of him talking about things he is passionate about and he smiles/laughs in these videos too–so I should probably watch them more often.



    1. Any scene that makes you feel good is a good way to go 😀 However, always feel that it can manifest in that scene or an even better scene 😀
      You don’t have to think, “I want him or someone better” but do think, “It will manifest like I visualize or an even better way.” That’s what I recommend.
      You can also tell your students to refer to you that way if it makes you happy.
      It is important to know what you feel is a healthy marriage. I would describe it as a marriage with a great deal of love because then, that evokes tolerance, happiness and other positive things. Just knowing you’re with the person you love and love being with brings all the good things. Suddenly, you want to make life easy for each other. How about this – you visualize that you two are happy together no matter what you do together and you’re always in a good mood when you are together which makes you want to continue being with each other? You can visualize you with either of your parents, visiting them, and you’re in a good mood. You can see him picking you up after a parent-teacher meeting, and you’re happy to see each other, as usual. You can imagine that whenever you ask him for help, he is happy to help you. But for that, he has to be a person you truly want to see every day and wake up next to every morning. Or, how about you two being in a good mood even when running errands? He is happy to help you with food shopping or he is happy to cook? Or, genuinely wishing each other a good evening when either of you goes out with friends? You can remember how it was when you were planning your wedding which showed you just how deep your connection truly runs when you agreed on what you wanted it to look and feel like?
      For everything you visualize, you have to feel good about it. If you feel that he is an amazing person and love him for every quality he has, you are going to attract him even faster. If I have loving feelings for someone, I find it easy to see us together. I find it natural to feel physical contact. I generally live in the conviction of being “with” everything I love and when I don’t feel good about something, I start to remove myself from it because I gravitate towards happiness. This conviction also helps.


      1. Thank you for the examples. I haven’t been consistent–the goal is to do this as often as possible because in the past when I did I could feel the heart energy. However, recently I have not been able to create the rush of emotions that feels like heart energy.


  2. I can say I have totally managed to let go of him.
    I do know he is the one for me and no one else can match the connection that I felt from him. I still send heart energy, visualize our relationship and write affirmations and it does NOT bother me if he comes back or not.
    By doing this I feel empowered. I have not drained my energy thinking negative and feeling low about myself. I certainly respect myself even more and understand better that happiness lies within ourselves.

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  3. I did contact him and surprisingly he let me converse a bit although he was stern with his decision of not getting back. I have since then relied on meditation, sending heart energy and visualizing. I need to have patience but since I haven’t been with anyone for a long time 6 years its quiet challenging. I don’t know what else to do before letting go of him again.


  4. I contacted him yet again due my desperation as I know for a long time I won’t be contacting him. I felt the need to live in the reality of conversing with him. I will focus back on my fantasy as I want that to be my reality even though it may take time.


  5. Hi Ninan
    I am finding myself visualizing more and more now. Am I over doing it? I just feel good to be visualizing stuff. I have no idea when will I be able to let go of my desire. Please help…


  6. I think its working for me and happy about following this. I was surprised when I was with a group of friends and I was just trying to remember some old random song in my mind but couldn’t think of it. Just after few minutes one of the girls starts singing that song!

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    1. Your vibration is so high!! I love these synchronicities. And natural visualization is really good. In my opinion, that is your higher self/God/Universe/Source is directly showing you what might happen or even better. At least this is what it proved in my case. 🙂

      Love and Light to you.

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      1. Lightline your reply makes me feel better.
        I feel so good visualizing and writing about it. I do have distractions when some other guy is trying to talk to me I get doubts in my mind ask myself what exactly I want. I have other distractions when I think about him and desperately hoping he contacts me. I can’t explain but I have a inner peace and solid feeling that this will work for me. It’s easy for us. Lets see what happens… My only other concern is if it is ok to get someone love you by doing all this. Its my nature that I want him I don’t know how strong he is about what he wants. I wish God would make it simpler for all of us without having to fight with our mind heart energy. May be its helping us understand ourselves better. I don’t know.


    2. Perfect practice example 😀 One of my friends practiced by manifesting seeing specific people in town and she would run into them immediately!


    1. This is awesome, N!! So happy for you. And BELIEVE he wants to meet you.

      About your question, imo, if you still want him then he wants you too. Rumi said ” What you seek is seeking you”. Then our friend shared a quote by Abraham that says ” We have not seen a person who adores someone doesn’t adore them back” Something like this. So, yes everything is possible.

      And sooner or later, you’d realize that “love” is something that lets you be kind to the person and everyone else around. Specially the person. One day, if you really love someone, will get to the point where you’d say “I want him to be happy. You will see the smiling face and you will start smiling ear to ear.”

      Your “NEEDS” will kick in time to time, and might make you remember the current reality but that will change as you will change your inner thought. 🙂

      Whenever feel happy, good, enlightened, high vibrations… send him the heart energy. IT really works!!

      Love & Light

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  7. Lightline Can’t agree more to everything you said about love. Its is so true in my case too. I want that person to be happy whatever he/she is doing. If this is love, I am happy I can totally feel it 🙂
    Even though he got back to me it feels very normal to me. I don’t feel extra special but do know this is what I wanted. I could not send heart energy as I was questioning my ordinary feeling but I will change my thoughts. I believe that thoughts become things!


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