Crossing Between Parallel Realities – Can You Feel the Shift?

With the Law of Attraction, we are able to shift between realities, manifest our desires and even change our memories of the past. We are able to choose and step inside the realities we wish to experience but if we pay close attention, we can feel ourselves to be on an actual way to a new reality.

I love shifting between realities. Feeling this shift gives me a unique rush of emotion, sights, sounds, taste and touch.

Several times, I’ve manifested individuals into my life without physically meeting them first. Seeing them on Facebook, briefly in passing or even on television, my decisions to experience them would lead to contact, conversation, friendships or even relationships. Then, I decided to explore what happens on the way to manifesting a specific person. I became attuned to the process.

Deciding I loved the process of bringing any specific person into my life, I asked the Universe to allow me to feel this change as it was occurring. I felt it through energy exchange, physical sensations and various visible (or invisible) signs.

Once, I felt the heart energy of a specific person I was manifesting. We hadn’t physically come into contact yet but I felt their heart energy touching me. While manifesting them, I changed the idea of what I wanted our relationship to be several times, making it impossible for them to come into my life fast. Undecided, I chose to accept my feelings, knowing they would appear once I finally decided what I wanted from them exactly. However, having sent so much heart energy towards them in the process ensured that they began sending it back to me and I began to wonder if they were aware of it. One can imagine a new friend, a new lover, a new collaborate or a new interesting individual they wish to have without putting a face to them but knowing how they would feel once the meeting would occur. I wondered if this person was aware we were attracting each other into our lives and I wondered who I was to them. Were they looking to find someone who understood them and began to respond to my heart energy/attracting me? Were they looking for someone to inspire them? A new friend? Or were they simply feeling like they were about to meet someone new, without thinking too much about who it would be but knowing the experience would be fascinating? Were they just expecting to meet new people or were they thinking about the specific traits in people they wanted to meet? Were they looking to fall in love?

Another time, one of my close friends manifested our entire friendship. We’d met several times and I had no idea we would end up as close as we are today. However, he wanted us to be friends and spoke to me as if we already were, a tactic I had used in the past but rarely saw others do the same. I loved his warm energy and sharp sense of humor, both of which caused me to want to discover more about him. All of this intrigued me and reminded me that individuals sometimes meet for various purposes and even different initial intentions but the stronger energy attached to a goal will decide on their specific relationship. One could argue I gained even more than I had asked for – a new friend. We met while looking for different things but one liked the other’s positive energy attached to the idea of becoming friends.

Case three, I wished to manifest a relationship with a specific person and asked to feel the shift in realities. Suddenly, I would feel myself used to receiving messages from him; this thrilling feeling resulted in talking to each other constantly. The change occurred within two days. When manifesting seeing him on a specific night, I could feel his presence in the room already. Then, I had a spontaneous visualization of him walking in the street nearby only to find out he had taken that specific way towards our place of meeting. Unable to explain these feelings, I chose to take them as signs that my desire was manifesting because I only accepted receiving my desire and nothing less. My determination was all I needed to rely on. I felt as if the two realities briefly overlapped but as soon as I began to feel an absence of loving feelings on my end, I knew I desired a different reality. Taking this specific leap was just as emotional but had already taught me I wished to feel a connection in a relationship stronger than I did with this specific person.

In another situation of manifesting a relationship with a specific person, I became so relaxed and so trusting about having my desire already that I let go completely. Every single step of the way made me happy and in retrospect, there were so few but with each and every one, I was receiving even more magic than I had asked for. I had completely forgotten about ego, pride and control. I finally understood what it was all about. The experiences of crossing between realities in this case were entirely effortless because I had opened my heart to them and this specific person fully. I loved preparing every single corner of my physical reality for the arrival of this manifestation. I knew it was mine and every day spent manifesting it was filled with love. From then on, I decided to create everything in this particular way. Today, every step of creation is absolutely electric in my experience.

Every possible reality you wish to live already exists – this concept alone is almost enough to make me feel secure in anything I wish to manifest. One’s infinite ability to create and manifest every single dream they have is a thought that evokes endless happiness in my life. Personally, I needed to embrace the process of figuring out what I wish to experience – a concept I judged myself by. In the past, I judged myself for not knowing what I wanted at times which never helped me figure it out faster. I judged myself for changing my mind at times as well as experiencing occasional paranoid thoughts, thinking that I needed to resolve everything at once. All I needed to do was embrace and love my desired goal, whatever that may be.

I began finding excitement in seeing how things would unfold instead of trying to control them. I began to love the “how,” an aspect of creation which causes much concern among many. All I knew was that no matter what happened, I already had my perfect reality; it already belonged to me, I loved it and was awaiting its arrival.

Positive signs mean that your desire is on its way – a lack of signs or what you may have perceived as “bad” signs in the past mean nothing. They are to be ignored and they never mean that your desire is out of reach. The perception of any circumstance or event is entirely up to you and what you wish to create is entirely in your hands.

I always choose to listen to myself rather than the world and I am grateful to have all the ability I need to create instead of having to rely on the ideas of the world for wisdom and advice. I choose the perception I have of myself and reality aligns. I choose it with love and manifest more love in return therefore loving every step of the way ensures for an exciting creation process.

Published by Nina Grdic

Life coach, writer, lifelong traveler, music lover and confidence/positivity/Law of Attraction expert.

51 thoughts on “Crossing Between Parallel Realities – Can You Feel the Shift?

  1. Hi. I really enjoy reading your blog and the posts seem to always come at the perfect time!

    I am a bit analytical in nature and when manifesting, I often find my mind drifting between feeling the happiness and confidence in having what I have chosen and becoming discouraged because of events that have happened in the past.

    In my case, I manifested a specific person into my life several months after I ended a long-term relationship. At first, he pursued a committed relationship with me. However, I began to question whether I was ready to have another relationship. Even though I communicated none of this, suddenly he began distancing and telling me he wasn’t ready for a relationship. In the past year, we have both gotten much closer and still drift back-and-forth between wanting something serious.

    I, however, have recently decided that I would like to experience us having a committed relationship together, and he has not. When manifesting a shift, I get discouraged when I remember the things he said in the past about not being ready for a relationship. What advice, if any, do you have for me? Is this something possible to shift?

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    1. Dear Patricia,
      This is absolutely possible to overcome because anything is possible πŸ™‚ Take comfort in the thought. However, it takes a little focus and allowing yourself to feel happiness for already having your desired outcome and nothing less because what you wish to receive is what you deserve. You simply have to put your thoughts into already having your desired reality. You must feel now the way you would feel if it were your life already.
      I would suggest, practice getting used to the feeling of already having your desired reality now and feel happy, grateful and blessed that this is already yours. Allow yourself to feel happy. Knowing that your desired reality is yours combined with happiness will draw it to you fast. In order to successfully accomplish this, you must believe that your desire is yours already and the desires drawn to us rapidly are only those that are followed with love and nothing else. Fear, doubt and questioning all show resistance and when we experience them, we are attracting circumstances different than what we wish to experience. Then, when you spend time with him, let it all go. Don’t have any specific expectations for specific moments because that would mean trying to control the outcome. Don’t think about when your serious relationship will manifest because you know it’s on its way.
      Believe me, when you know that something is yours, the feeling you’re experiencing is loving, light and just relaxed. It’s the best way to go through life πŸ™‚


  2. Bok Nina. Tek nakon Ε‘to sam pročitao tvoj blog skuΕΎio sam da si Hrvatica, pa pretpostavljam da znaΕ‘ hrvatski πŸ™‚ Postoji li način da te privatno kontaktiram da te malo zamorim svojim ‘problemom’ i da mi udijeliΕ‘ pokoji savjet?

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    1. Hey Claudia! I want to thank you for your question since this is one of my favorite examples πŸ˜€ I literally said to myself but to the Universe that I would love to feel every single step of my manifestation, from the internal to the external, to better understand the process. I love LOA and I thought it would be absolutely magical to feel the how while letting the Universe take care of it. I know it might sound a little complicated but in reality, it wasn’t.
      All of the feelings and the visualizations started coming to me spontaneously about two days after I asked. This is even cooler due to the fact that right now, as I am writing this to you, I am sitting in the same room I was in when I felt that shift πŸ˜€ I had asked for it and two days later, I was just able to see everything. I had asked and let go, without worry. I just trusted that, since I asked, I had to receive my desire.
      I guess you could say that what I was receiving were signs. Feelings and knowing that your desire is manifesting is the ultimate sign.
      I suggest to you that you ask out loud if you want to feel the same thing. If you say it out loud, even when alone in the room, it will feel real to you. Also, if you say it out loud, it will feel even more real to you than your thoughts and if negative ones come up, you will go back to the time you asked out loud and know that this is what you must receive. You’ll see what I mean πŸ™‚ You can do this!


  3. Thanks Nina, I’ve been sending heart energy to my specific person for a couple of days now and while I habent received any sign or result just yet, I feel better. My question about heart energy and manifesting a relationship in general…. How do you know for sure that they are receiving the energy as a romantic relationship vs just a friend relationship?


    1. You get what you give. If I’m sending heart energy, am grateful that it’s touching the person and drawing them to me, I know it’s working. I also feel even more love in general and feel happier πŸ˜€ Just like anything LoA related, you have to trust that it’s working, drawing the person and the relationship to you and be grateful for it. Keep going, feel love and you will receive even more love in return. As you feel an increasing amount of love in general, as your heart energy expands, your happiness and the belief that it’s all working out will continue to increase.


      1. Hi Nina,

        Not sure if you had answered this and I’m not understanding? My question is how do I know or what should I focus on to ensure that I’m attracting this person to be in love with me and want to be in a committed relationship with me vs just loving me as a friend?

        What can I visualize and focus on to ensure that he feels motivated to reach out to me and ask me out, make the moves towards a committed relationship?


      2. I’ll explain it better πŸ™‚ When you send heart energy, you can also say the following to the Universe: “Thank you that my heart energy is touching [his name] right now and drawing him to me.” You can say it once or twice while you are sending heart energy.
        You just focus on him and your relationship, which is what you desire, and believe it’s yours, just like you have to believe it’s yours already in order to receive it with LoA.
        Same with visualization – you visualize what you desire, which is a relationship with him and him being an amazing boyfriend to you while you are so happy being his girlfriend πŸ™‚ Keep the friendship idea and doubts out of your mind. Only visualize what you want to receive.
        While you’re sending heart energy, be convinced it’s attracting your desires – him and the relationship. ONLY what you want.
        If you fear you will stay friends, you are still unsure that you can have the relationship. However, you have to believe that the relationship is yours before you can manifest it into your reality. Decide it’s yours and rely on your decision. Trust that your heart energy is touching him and the relationship, drawing it all to you.
        If you keep looking for the proof that it’s working, it also means you are unsure that you CAN manifest it. You have to believe that you can. As you keep sending heart energy and believe that it’s working, you’ll continue to feel better and believe it until one day, you will KNOW that it’s yours πŸ™‚ Keep it up and you’ll get there.


  4. Dear Nina! πŸ™‚

    What do you think abut time traveling? Can we go back to the past, and relieve something again exactly that way, or go back to change something in the past which will change the present ? What do you think about it ? πŸ™‚


    1. I don’t actually know how exactly time exists, if it’s as we measure it or not, because so many inexplicable things happen all at the same time which makes me believe there’s more to “time” than we know. However, I do believe that LoA can basically alter the perception of an event that we believe has been and gone – you may remember it one way today but if you suddenly start to look at it differently, the entire event can seem different once a new perception of it is born.


    1. You can and believe me, when you ask for an answer, you know it when you receive it. When you see something that is your answer, you just know. Or, you could ask for a specific sign or indicator to appear if the answer is “yes” or “no,” you can choose the sign that stands for either of those and ask the Universe to deliver it to you in accordance with the answer to your question πŸ™‚


    1. You can ask the Universe for anything you want and if your desire makes you happy, you can manifest rapidly.


    1. That’s not necessary, just useful. Letting go means knowing that what you want is yours without worrying about how it will manifest but just being sure that it is.

      If you can forget about it, even better, because you will manifest it even faster.


    1. It’s enough to say it to yourself but you can say it out loud if you want. Writing is something I recommend and use because it helps us focus.


  5. Hi, Nina. 1st of all I just want to say that I’m so happy to have found your website. Its been so helpful. I’m seeing someone who has another relationship that he leaped into when I couldn’t confirm right away that I wanted to be with him. We still see each other & talk everyday but I still don’t have all of him. And at times he makes me feel bad for wanting more of his time and attention when I know that he’s the one. I know that I’ve manifested him myself because everything is checked off of my list. I’ve even used your exercise of using my heart energy to him & I’ve gotten quicker responses from him due to that, so thank you. I’ve been using parallel reality for the manifestation of my goal for us to be together. And its been working. 2 nights ago I had a dream so real that he said that it was over with her that I had to wake up and look at my phone to see if it was true. My question is how do I stay on task of envisioning my parallel reality and push out the thoughts of our current situation? My mind keeps going back to the current and its been a real struggle because when I’m in that moment I feel so good and full with love & than the doubt enters to the current and the feelings leaves. Any advice would be helpful. Thank you in advance.

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    1. Hello and thank you! πŸ™‚ What you are asking is all about consciously switching back to the thoughts of your desired reality instead of giving attention to the current. You can consciously choose your feelings at any time so always stick to your decisions of attracting what you want and your thoughts will catch up.
      Love and light!


  6. Hi Nina,
    I really enjoy your blog, because it gives me so much more confidence on my path with the law of attraction.

    My love manifested out of my vortex before I even knew that something like this exists… even the way we met. It felt so natural and magical.
    With my fears and old patterns things messed up, but the love inside my chest was so strong, pulling me, I could not give up on my desire for this relationship.
    In the past months we grew already in a beautiful friendship and it makes me so happy and grateful. When I read your blog I felt that wonderful feeling of knowing, the clearity that gave me peace and confidence. But it dropped of again, And I don’t know why it is so hard to feel it again.
    I know I have to clean up my vibration, bring consistency between these ups and downs. And I know it is all part of the process, but when I have a day of downs I catch myself by fearing I could never become a vibrational match to my desire.

    Beside this I was able to manifest a friendship with someone so easily, fast and effortless, that should give me enough evidence and proof of my own power. I drew people and events in my life, which make me so happy everyday.

    How can I find back my clarity? How do I know, that everything else will be fine soon, too? How do I know, that I never left my path, that I am closer than weeks ago? How can I feel it again?

    I am thankful for every advice. β™₯


    1. After I worte this text, I asked the universe to help me to get more calm and confindent – and it worked. My beliefs changed a lot and it already feels so much easier to focus again, whenever a negative thought comes into my mind.
      Everyday I remind myself, I already asked, and whatever I asked for, already is. It is a fact I accepted. The state of being what I want to be becomes more natural with every day. Whatever happens is only part of what the universe is orchestrating. There is no pressure, because time is irrelevant to my desires. I love to sink into this warm and calm feeling inside my heart and to express my love from there.

      Last week I brought a cute notebook I found by chance to write down all the wonderful manifestations I had in the last months during my progress. It had a banderole wrapping around the cover and when I put it off at home, I saw the title of this notebook: Creative perception of the beauty of life.

      I am really curious now about what I am able to allow into my life in the next months and what the new year will bring to me. β™₯

      You have a wonderful blog, Nina, and your articles help so many people. Whenever I can I share the same confidence and faith with others in my life.

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  7. Hi there
    I am new tothis concept of parallel realities and trying to apply LOA to my life. Im going through a rough period of life where my 10 year old relationship has ended, the guys moved on, am still friends with him but he doesnt wanna come back. I have moved countries so i can be infront of him. I hve been practicing “act as if already”, 17 second rule and trying all the positive things to manifest him back in my life,i do behve and feel like im engaged to him and we r living together;i act like he is on the phone call with me/i prefer not to meet my friends as most talk about the reality that hes not with me and i shd move on. I would rather be alone at the moment and manifest him as hes with me then be around anyone who tells me not..i havealot of faith that we will end up together no matterwhat. He is in the planning to get married to this new person he met few months ago. Ofcourse i wish to live mylife withthis person hve a family. Can I use parallel reality concept and get back together with him?can this be done faster,its been 4 months i left my country and living infront of him,doing a crappy job to survive,living om basics? I have let go of worries and insecurities and trusting the universe to deliver it.reading your blog has given me more confidence then before. Pls respond will be good motivation for me to continue and i will get some clarity if im on right path nd whats missing. Im trying to be always happy and doing things but its tough as its after 10 years we are separated. Your reply is appreciated.


    1. Hi! Anything can be done immediately, if you visualize it as real right now and don’t think about the current reality at all! That is truly all there is to it. LoA is very simple πŸ™‚


  8. hey nina
    my girl just broke up with me, and i know exactly craftily why. prior to the break up, all that was going through my mind was jealousy and insecurity. i just couldn’t get it out of my head that i was going to lose my girl. and sad to say she’l just broke up with me today because of the way my thoughts were.
    HOWEVER, i’ve read your post over and over multiple times in the past, and just as i thought i was losing hope i stumbled across it again, and the hope of getting her back is greater than ever right now.
    i like how you said you don’t let the way others see the world define you, and that’s what’s getting me through this right now. so many people don’t understand the concept of infinite possibilities and that there’s infinite versions of reality where me and my girl are still together right now.
    i just wanna say thank you for getting me through this. the break up is fresh, but this happened to me before, so getting her back shouldn’t be as hard this time.
    thanks again, you’re great yoπŸ™πŸ½


  9. I’m sorry, but does the idea that no person you are choosing to experience actually being real, because it is a different version of them, not freak anyone out? The idea that you are the only one here in your existence? I began to look into manifesting a specific person, and then encountered all of this parallel reality stuff after knowing about the law of attraction for almost 11 years.

    If we are not really interacting with anyone and it’s all an illusion, what does that mean about the soul or even the concept of sharing any experience with any being?

    I see people get so excited about the possibilities of manifestation if all possibilities already exist, but how on earth anyone can still be in good mental health while having this knowledge is beyond me. I started to feel very disassociated from my surroundings when I started contemplating this and just wanted to go back to sleep. Nobody seems to get this aspect of it, so if anyone has anything helpful to share, I would be very grateful.


    1. Manifesting being with a specific person has to be backed by your conviction that the relationship between the two of you is happening even if you can’t see it. You must stick to that knowing until you see the manifestation and if you feel like it’s unnatural to feel that way, you are aware of NOT having.
      When you put all your senses into visualizing, you feel that it’s real because you can touch it, hear it… It doesn’t feel like make believe. Maybe you aren’t visualizing in the way that feels real?


    2. I had a similar experience to this when I read an article on everyone being yourself pushed out. It genuinely made me feel disillusioned and, truthfully, quite down and even depressed. I realised however that the exact science behind this kind of stuff isn’t known to anyone. Some believe that everyone is yourself being projected out whilst others believe in infinite parallel realities that we shift into and between. We can choose to believe whatever feels comfortable to us. Personally I believe that everyone is real and existing just as we are, feeling and being just as we do. But I believe that each of us gives off an energy into the universe which can be subconsciously read by everyone else. When we visualise, vision board or say affirmations and intentions we are channeling, clarifying and strengthening the energy we give off. This allows us to attract what we want and experience what we want.

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  10. Hello! I really enjoyed your blog and I am currently in the process of researching how I can begin to manifest a dramatic shift to a parallel reality where I am 4 years younger, different appearance, different family members and completely different childhood and life. I understand that I have to let go, trust and focus on my desired reality but how does one ignore their current reality? I have things going on in my life right not that bring up a lot of emotion, kid of force me to acknowledge the people and situations that are happening, (btw I am not running away from this reality, but choosing something different as I am seriously bored and looking to try something new) and bring me back to the vibration of this reality. How do I manage to, throughout the day, focus on my dream life that is dramatically different from the one I open my eyes to?

    It’s funny, even as I’m writing this I feel as if the answer is to just accept and feel peace here, while focusing on the emotions and experience of being “over there” and I can kind of feel it coming over me. Maybe I’ve answered my own question? LOL πŸ™‚


  11. Are there parallel realities where we incarnate as completely different people with different parents? For any random person I can think of is there a reality where I close relationship with them?


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