When We Think We Know How…

You probably have a specific idea of how a relationship is supposed to happen and what one should do when pursuing their love interest. Texting, calling and asking to see you on a daily basis, asking you to meet their friends, declaring the things those in love tend to declare, asking you to be exclusive, expressing harmless jealousy for your friends of the opposite sex… Sound familiar? You probably also create new ones along the way – after a date, you may feel that, if your potential partner is serious about you, they will take the next step as you envisioned it. In case they don’t, you’ll feel that your desire of being in a relationship with them isn’t manifesting and you’re doing something wrong.

Are you guilty of this way of thinking?

Now, when your desired relationship doesn’t take the path you’ve envisioned, you may start to lose hope that the Law of Attraction is working. You may begin to think your relationship will never happen.

Have you ever done this?

In order to manifest a relationship fast, you must only feel love for it, yourself, your significant other and focus on your ideal reality as you want it to be.

Resistance tends to happen with the question of how. “How will this happen?” “How can I manifest a relationship with this person if they have said this?” “How long will it take?” However, any kind of resistance towards receiving the relationship you want with any specific person means you are either not accepting them fully or are not emotionally strong enough to have a relationship with them right now. Emotional strength and stability are essential to being in a successful relationship and if you find yourself being upset at everything right now, you must work on your emotional strength.

Being continuously upset with the person you have chosen is ultimately a sign of strongly engaging in resistance.

Look at it this way – if someone wanted a relationship with you yet they were perpetually upset with you and even pointing out everything you were doing wrong, thinking they knew better about what makes you happy, would you want to be with them? Even if they didn’t say anything to you but you could see it in their face, feel them judging you, would you want to be with them?

The answer is no. And you know it. You’ve probably been there at one point or another. You know what I’m talking about.

The way to resolve this is accepting and loving the person you want to be in a relationship with for everything they are which is easier than you think. It starts with accepting yourselfWhen you love who you are, you are capable of loving others the same way. What we feel for others is what we feel for ourselves.

Today (and this has been true for years at this point), I don’t care if I haven’t spoken to someone in a week, a day or ever. If I want someone in my life, they are coming into it. I attract everyone with thoughts and feelings of love. Friends are attracted with love. Significant others are attracted with love. A dream career is attracted with love. Ideal physical appearance is attracted with love (I’ve done this, too, without watching my diet or working out). Favorable events and circumstances with those you love are attracted with love. Money and dream homes are attracted with love.

When actions of love are combined with related thoughts and feelings, my power is endless. When one attracts with love, attachment falls away naturally. Every single one of my moments experiencing what I call the Highest Energy State showed me this and manifested miracles into my life.

Heart energy is one of my strongest allies in manifesting anything and everything. I’ve had days, even weeks in the past, when my energy was low and I wasn’t even motivated to tap into my heart energy but as soon as it would come about spontaneously, it was such a gift that I wished I’d been living it every second. Motivation for becoming an expert in sending heart energy happened when I decided that every single day of my life would be exciting and interesting, even those recovery days off; every single day would be as happy as those when I was bursting with heart energy… And those days always brought miracles beyond my comprehension. That’s the way I want to feel every single day.

If I’m experiencing any kind of resistance, to me it is a sign that I haven’t put enough heart energy into my desire. When manifesting a specific person, I couldn’t quite see myself with them yet if I had any resistance. Usually, this resistance meant I didn’t truly wish to be with the person long-term and would give up on them shortly after the honeymoon period of the relationship ran its course. (Of course, these were my personal examples – many who experience resistance with a specific person break through it, manifest the relationships and see it last.) This or any kind of resistance was always connected to my past but also, my “paranoid” thoughts. In the past, I had an uncanny talent of assuming the worst about a boyfriend, all due to the fear of getting bored. I feared ending up in an ordinary relationship – the most powerful form of resistance on my end.

Since all feelings and manifestations of circumstances come from within, every fear of boredom truly meant I wasn’t as interested in myself as I wanted to be. In order to attract an amazing person, one must feel that they deserve one and therefore think of themselves as an amazing person who deserves another of the sort.

Being the person you consider impressive can start with doing what makes you feel good. Personally, I pride myself on my way of thinking, my patience, confidence, the friendship I offer, my honesty, talents, respect for everyone around me, love for animals, a continuous desire to be an even better person and helping others. I donate to charity, advise, empower and help whomever I can. I send heart energy to others on a daily basis. These factors make me feel good about myself. Thinking of everything I am exceptional at, feeling happiness and love for it automatically makes me happy to be deserving of living my dream life, whatever that may entail.

Many have asked me how exactly heart energy helps their relationships. Few think to use it when things are good and in a way, I understand. As long as things are good and you are grateful for this, they will continue to be good and get even better; however, if one doesn’t feel deserving of their life being so good and thinks that happiness doesn’t last, it won’t for them. Then, things go sour and that is when one usually wants back the happiness they thought they didn’t deserve. Reading it now, do you see any point to this way of thinking?

Why not just create happiness and keep it? Who are you not to deserve this in life? Everyone does and so do you.

However, if you wonder how heart energy could possibly fix things for you, here’s an example of how sending heart energy once went in my life.

I’d gotten into a bitter argument with someone I was seeing. Arguments are far from my nature and I tried to moderate this one as much as I was willing to. Then, what started to bother me was my behavior, not his. I cared about how I behaved and handled my affairs in life…so I apologized. I felt that I hadn’t really done anything wrong but I apologized because I cared about how I communicated (and finally learned what it means to truly care about someone, for better or worse). After I apologized, I decided things were going to be fine and we would experience a reboot of our special connection. So, I took care of my own happiness. I pampered myself – I had an amazing bubble bath, made an extravagant meal for myself, visited the hairdresser and enjoyed the compliments I was getting for it, went out with my friends and drowned in the music I loved. I reminded myself of how happy I was and how much I deserved to live the life I wished. I was grateful for my happiness with him and him making the next move. I visualized our happiness, sent heart energy and forgave both of us for our argument. I knew it would all happen.

Three days later, it was as if he’d turned into a different person. He was telling me how much he’d been thinking about me, what he’d been up to, singing me praises. Our argument had not only become the past but it seemed as if he never even remembered it happening. Things were great until I allowed my energy to drop again and focus on his character traits which I disliked. I was doing this because ultimately, I didn’t want to truly be in a relationship with him (again, that was me while you may want to be with the person you feel resistance for). While I did, things were going great but then, I began to look for an excuse to get out. At any point, the Universe may ask us if this person truly is who we want to be with and if an honest change of heart happens, we are allowed to say no at any time; however, if one gives up while they truly, deeply wish to be with a specific person, they are setting themselves up for continuously receiving less than they deserve in life. In this specific case, I was manifesting separate events, not a relationship… And it was great manifesting practice.

Now, truthfully, is there a good reason why you shouldn’t receive the relationship you wish to receive? No. Never. The only one standing in your own way is you.

Regardless of how far we progress in discussing different topics on this blog, manifesting love continues to be one of my favorites. Sometimes, I think manifesting love is what we live for – nothing can make us happier than the moments spent wrapped in the embrace of the person we love, looking into their eyes, knowing they feel the same.

Nothing feels better than fearlessly opening ourselves up to love, receiving magic in return and allowing ourselves to share our significant other’s world while letting them into ours.

Published by Nina Grdic

Life coach, writer, lifelong traveler, music lover and confidence/positivity/Law of Attraction expert.

13 thoughts on “When We Think We Know How…

  1. How do we keep our energy high and the positive vibration and thoughts, when what we see is something we don’t want to see.
    Ex: I opened my facebook and I saw something that I was avoiding to see ( I pic of the person I want to attract with a possible date. I know that in some point I attracted the situation where I was going to see that). Well, the thing happened and the first feeling was not that good. Minutes later, I was pretending that wasn’t bodering me. But I it was. So, I figured out that I don’t know yet how to “clean” this and let it go this situation and feel it was fine.

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    1. Dear Sam, this is also a form of resistance. You don’t believe 100% that you two are in a relationship yet and you resisted this particular possible event so much that you manifested it, as you saw. When you put emotion into anything, you have the power to manifest it. I believe you’re still focusing on your current reality, which you simply have to accept, be grateful for and focus on your desired reality in order to change your vibration and manifest your dream.
      Dr. Wayne Dyer said, “Keep reminding yourself: I get what I think about, whether I want it or not.” And he was right.
      Osho said, “Get out of your head and get into your heart. Think less, feel more.” Great advice, especially considering that many try to use their minds even when they should just fill themselves with heart energy.

      My favorite way of dealing with resistance is to say “I am loving away the resistance. I am grateful it appeared because it helped me discover what I fear. This is nothing and I already have what I want. Thank you.” That simple line makes me feel better and then, I am able to have a clear mind and a clear perspective. When resistance comes up, all you have to do is reaffirm that you still want what you had asked for and be grateful for it. When you do this, your heart energy explodes!
      Another way of dealing with resistance (and I wanna write an article about this) is to put yourself in the other person’s shoes. Imagine if the other person was the one manifesting you back and let’s say you know it. However, you feel that you need to take a little bit of time before you get back together. What would attract you in the other person’s behavior and their attitude towards you? You would appreciate that they allowed you what you need. You would wanna see that they can have fun without you, which is a very attractive quality. You would wanna see that happy spark in them and wonder where it came from. And once you did get back together, would anything else really matter? Probably not. Being accepting of your current situation makes you feel relaxed and then, turns the situation around immediately.

      In truth, resistance is easy to deal with when you become convinced that your desire is yours. You know what I mean – you did this the first time you manifested a relationship with your special someone. When you KNOW it’s yours, resistance falls away and the events start happening in your favor immediately. This is an even better way of dealing with resistance. Just focus on your dream and beyond the one time of shortly saying that you are loving away the resistance, keep the focus on your dream. Expect that your dream is coming!
      Regardless, I want to show you three more articles I believe will help you see that resistance is easy to deal with and can be easily overcome:
      Also, the article you recently read, Stop Sabotaging Yourself and Start Believing, keep that one close and read it at least twice a day. If you’re willing, even more than that. Read it until you memorize it 🙂 When you adopt the text in it as true for yourself, you will raise your vibration quickly.


      1. Focus on current reality is exactly what I’m doing.
        I’m afraid of checking any social media and see what I don’t wanna see. And I know I’m putting too much energy in these feelings and I ended up attracting this.
        I’m Gonna read the articles you sent and reflect about all you said.
        All you said is right. I need to stop struggling and believe in it!
        Thanks for being so so helpful!!

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  2. Hi. Thank you for all your wonderful posts. I require some assistance. I was with an amazing person for the last few years. We had an amazing relationship and marraige plans were in the pipe line.

    Then suddenly my significant other’s family started to dislike me and spoke badly of me to others. We remained together for a while, but the pressure became too much as we had to be separated when his family was around. It was like having a secret relationship.

    Eventually my special person decided to end things as feelings towards me have changed. He said he did not love me anymore and wanted to move on with someone else. I was devastated. I feel this is the love of my life.

    I have been trying to remain positive for months now but my thoughts of what he said keeps getting the better of me.

    Will i be able to get him back? How will we be able to get around the family issues in this case?


    1. Dear Cammi,
      You are very welcome 🙂 You are able to get him back and manifest having a good relationship with his family. With the Law of Attraction, you are able to do anything.
      Now, the first problem here is that your confidence was damaged by their words and his actions hurt you. Therefore, the first step is to accept that you have had this experience, forgive yourself for it and then, forgive your ex and his family for it. I know this sounds a little crazy right now but believe me, forgiveness was personally an issue for me but once I mastered it, I gained a new understanding of myself and others. Accepting that your experience was what it was is the first step to changing it. Think very hard about why all this upset you (as stupid as it sounds right now but it’s an important thing to do, you’ll see), why his reaction upset you, why his family’s opinion did, too. Face these answers. Then, you can start working on forgiving yourself and all of them for this happening.
      The next thing is, you have to learn to love yourself again. This experience has nothing to do with who you are – our reactions and actions are the result of our history and OUR experiences therefore their reaction had much more to do with them than it did with you. You have to accept that you are an amazing person who deserves to have everything. Your self confidence needs a reboot and you need to start believing you are an amazing person again. When it comes to the Law of Attraction, we create by focusing on ourselves – our feelings, our self confidence, our happiness… Because what we receive is what we feel worthy and deserving of. Do you see what I mean?
      Then, visualizing your desired reality, you two in love and his family approving of it, happy that you’re together and you two being back on track with the wedding plans, that will become easier to see once you’ve reminded yourself that you deserve it. It doesn’t matter how this manifests at all because only focusing on that result and knowing it’s yours will bring it to life. Know it unconditionally because when you’re focused on your desire, when you KNOW it’s yours, things happen so fast, you can hardly believe it. Focusing on BEING with him and getting along with his family, knowing that this is yours and feeling happy and grateful for it as well as feeling gratitude for everything else in life will bring about your desired reality. Don’t worry about the getting him back part or how you will get around the family issue because that’s a question of “how” which thankfully is the Universe’s job, not ours 🙂
      I know you can do this.


  3. Hi Nina,

    your posts are a great read and extremely helpful.

    I read somewhere that when manifesting it helps to give a sort of deadline to the desire, like a birthday or months, What are your thoughts on that?

    And can you tell me how EXACTLY to tap into one’s heart energy and use it?

    My boyfriend and I were on the verge of getting engaged, he wanted to make it a long term relationship, our feelings for each other did not and i believe still have not changed. We ended the relationship only because his job and financial situation wasn’t sound and his parents believed that he should focus on his job stability. I still believe we are meant to be, our souls mirror each other. Having said that, at times i do feel my vibration to be low and just tell myself and the Universe to IGNORE my thoughts of doubt and negativity during that time because I really dont believe them or mean them.


    1. Hello! First of all, thank you so much 🙂

      I honestly don’t think about time, I have to say. A desire are yours the second you ask for it, as it already exists in a parallel reality. By maintaining a vibrational alignment with it (feeling that you have it already, feeling gratitude and positive emotion for it), you simply cross into the reality in which it was already created. If I think about it, time can only be good if it motivates you to give POSITIVE emotion to your desire and help you maintain the feeling of knowing that you have it already but never to put pressure on you. This is why a time deadline is delicate to dabble in.

      When it comes to heart energy, I learned the most from this website and these specific articles:



      Send it to both your love and your ideal relationship 🙂 Fill yourself with heart energy and send it out!

      It is good that you communicate with the Universe but you will also do your part by changing the way you look at things and becoming positive and happy about living your dreams 🙂 Visualize and feel the love for your ideal relationship. You can do this 🙂


  4. Thank you. 🙂

    I have read the posts on that website before [they help keep a positive feeling], but couldn’t really understand the heart energy bit too clearly. I think meditation is key and for someone who is new to it, practice.

    look forward to more of your posts [ to keep me focused on the HOWs of manifesting my specific someone].

    Thanks, once again.

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    1. You’re welcome 🙂 I would definitely recommend practicing it using these two articles to start with as well as meditation – I meditate and love it!


  5. Hi Nina,

    What do you think is the difference between manifesting seperate events vs. relationship we want? I think that is the mistake I made in past too, but I’m trying to figure out what would be the difference in my technique or what I should change?

    Thank you,


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