Intuition or Paranoia?

19 thoughts on “Intuition or Paranoia?”

  1. Once, a friend of mine said something about intuition and paranoia. Like: “paranoia is like voices in your head, talking and talking… Intuition is a feeling from the heart.
    So, when the voices are talking too much, sit down, relax and meditate until all the voices shut up”

    Good post! I’m glad you are posting more often now!


  2. Thank you for the time you put into this blog 🙂 I am so grateful you open your heart and share your experiences with us all. It is very uplifting and inspiring! Thank you!!

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  3. Hey there,

    Thanks again for sharing! I have really grown since practicing love and the law of attraction, but I know I have some blocks. I have been trying to manifest several things into my life, including a happy and healthy relationship with my ex. We broke up a year ago but had a falling out 3 months ago. It was mostly my fault and I am afraid I pushed any chance of reconciliation away. She has not responded to any attempts of reaching out. I feel I have to wait for her to even talk to me. Basically, I am having trouble believing that she would ever love me again or that circumstances would change in order for us to be together. Sometimes I can visualize us together and happy, but more often than not those visualizations aren’t believable to me and actually make me a little sad and anxious. I know I want a beautiful relationship with her, but I have a lot of doubt it could happen. What advice could you give me to help me BELIEVE but I am already in that relationship? How can I get past the difficulty I have visualizing it to be true?

    Thanks so much!

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    1. Dear AJ,
      From your comment, I see plenty of blocks you are holding in your awareness – “I know I have some blocks,” “I have been trying to manifest,” “I am afraid I pushed any chance of reconciliation away, “I feel I have to wait,” “I am having trouble believing,” “those visualizations aren’t believable to me and actually make me a little sad and anxious” and “I have a lot of doubt it could happen.”
      Your entire belief system needs a shift and your confidence a reboot because as long as you are feeling this way, as long as you are aware of all this, it will continue. And as thoughts become things, feeling this way about yourself will bring more of the same while if you suddenly ask the Universe for your ideal relationship and know that it’s on its way, things will start to align. I know that you’re aware of all this in theory. Now, I would also advise asking the Universe to put you in a state of mind in which you are feeling good and are ready to manifest your relationship. (This is a trick I use.) Then, relax. Generally relax from the thinking you’ve been doing around this subject and very soon, you will start to feel differently. Know that once you relax, things will start to align.
      It only takes a moment for life to start turning around. Also, start feeling love for the Universe that loves all of us and wants to give us what we desire and love. Start feeling love for yourself. You must do this. We create from our own feelings and until YOU love you, you won’t believe that your special person can love you, too.
      All creation comes from within therefore you being sure that your relationship is on its way simply because you asked for it will start to lead you in the right direction. You only need to believe and you are the only one who can make this change in your awareness.
      Three things I would start with are finding what you like about yourself, making peace with the past (and the present) and being grateful for everything you already have in your life. Make a list of all the qualities you have that you are grateful for and feel good about yourself! There’s plenty about you that’s worthy. Also, accept everything that’s happened with your ex, the good and the bad, without posing any judgment on yourself because after you get back together, none of it is going to matter anymore. It never does and once you make peace with the present, you can manifest your dreams. Don’t beat yourself up over the past anymore – it’s gone and there is nothing you need to feel bad about. Then, feel your gratitude for everything you already have in your life, including your new, dream relationship with your ex as if you already have it.
      If your mind starts to wander, just lovingly bring your focus back to having your dream relationship. Feel compassion for your mind, LOVE it no matter what it tries to say to you and soon, it’ll begin to work with you. Feelings of love create effortlessly. Continue expanding your heart energy and everything will happen for you. Practice visualization during the night before you’re about to fall asleep – this is when our bodies are relaxed and you are unlikely to feel any resistance when just relaxing into the images of your dream relationship. That’s why this time of the night is excellent manifestation time.
      I know you can do this.


      1. Beautifully written, thank you! I can actually feel your support 😉 Life is amazing and it feels great to tell you that I love reading your blog. Thanks for personally taking the time to help me out. I knew as I wrote my question that I was just naming all my blocks and doubts. I think I find it hardest to just take that leap of faith. But I know from experience that when I engulf myself and my thoughts in love, every moment is awesome. I will be putting everything you suggested into practice 🙂

        Thanks again, girl!

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  4. Hi Nina,

    I clicked on this article last night from your new article and I was immediately drawn to your response to AJ. Especially the part where you said “I would also advise asking the Universe to put you in a state of mind in which you are feeling good and are ready to manifest your relationship. (This is a trick I use.) Then, relax. Generally relax from the thinking you’ve been doing around this subject and very soon, you will start to feel differently.”

    I tried this last night but I don’t think I’m there yet. As I mentioned to you in email, I think I’ve gotten stuck in a rut. Unfortunately, I can’t even think about my desire anymore and feel happy.

    I think my biggest challenge right now is relaxing like you mention letting go. Do you think your trick will still work for me?


    1. Yes, because this is an intentional action, this type of letting go – it means that you will consciously think about other things that make you happy instead of your desire, currently makes you unhappy.


      1. Thank you Nina. I know I’ve asked this before, but what do you do if when you’re trying to affirm that you have what you’ve asked for, you feel a little sad?


      2. If you’re experiencing this, I recommend acknowledging why it makes you sad in terms of observing your own life. Is the thought of relationships making you said because you think they never work for you, for example? Then you must start to think well of them first – they’re fun, they’re loving, they’re fulfilling etc.. After that, you can attract something better.


  5. Hi Nina,

    I’ve really been struggling the past few weeks as you know. I’ve been reading this post because what you say here sounds so simple, but the truth is that makes me more confused as to why I haven’t manifested my reality.

    Last year, I mentioned before that when i went to visit him where he lives, the things he said to me really hurt me. He was dating someone else at that point, and I left feeling very defeated… similar to how I feel now.

    I couldn’t get the energy to focus on him for a long time. I couldn’t do the LOA for a long time, and I just coasted in my life. The truth is that I was ok, but I wasn’t great either. I didn’t give up on him, but I couldn’t pray about him for a long time almost 5 months. During that time, i would ask God from time to time, but I couldn’t feel good about the situation .. sort of the way that I do now.

    My question is that if I can’t feel love for this situation anymore, and this means that I maybe don’t want it as much as I think I do… then why do i feel so horrible when I’m not in alignment with him, and I feel so great when we are?

    Yesterday, I was driving and I was behind a landscaping truck that had an advertisement on the back with a phone #, and a big “CALL [his name]” The phone number was even very similar to his. I couldn’t help but feel that this was a sign, but because I haven’t been feeling great, I still didn’t feel it was a good idea to reach out to him. Later, I decided to send him a text. There’s a few hour time difference and its later where he lives, but I figured i might still hear from him. i just said hello and asked a question about his son. He didn’t respond until what was 1am his time… this made me feel really bad because I was like what could he be doing on a wednesday night that would keep him up that late?

    Anyhow when he responded it was super short, he just answered the question and never asked how I was or engaged in conversation etc. We haven’t spoken at all in a few weeks so you would think he would have checked to see how I was, etc

    I just don’t know what to do anymore Nina. I can’t do this anymore and feel happy, I don’t really feel happy either way..I just feel ok, frustrated and anxious a lot of the time but definitely don’t feel like myself anymore.

    I’m meditating daily… trying to focus on keeping my thoughts positive and its all so hard.


  6. Hi C,

    I just posted almost the exact same thing under the “big mistake” blog entry. You are not alone in how you feel. I have been feeling the same way lately. I wake up and go through the motions but life seems so dull for me right now.

    Why is it the one you want the most is so resistant?

    Hang in there. We are all here for support.


  7. Bea,

    I am laughing right now because we both wrote to each other at almost the exact same time. My post to you was at 7:01pm (timestamp on blog), and yours to me is at 7:02pm. That is so synchronistic…

    I just wish that I could feel really happy and excited about life again, obviously I also wish for that to include a relationship with my guy.. but its hard to figure out how to feel either right now.

    Here for you too Bea 🙂 And everyone else here. We are all good souls, that somewhere lost faith either in ourselves, or the potential to live an amazing life.



  8. To those who are struggling, read this comment Lightline posted in response to one of the readers. I believe it holds the answer to your dilemma:

    “The thing is you never wanted it to happen this way. But still be grateful that your thoughts were answered.
    In my case, I used to visualize my guy in a hall full of the same girl (I used to feel uncomfortable for), and imagining that my guys is looking at only me with love, with magic in his eyes like I am the one. When I came out of that visualization, I did feel that reality is something else… but it didn’t matter. I stole the feeling that I felt when he was looking at me even when that girl was there, and used that whenever I wanted that. I felt like a winner. and IT HAPPENED. Uni couldn’t replicate many girls in reality but the hall was certainly full of many beautiful girls and he looked at me like I was the one… he still does because I always visualize that love in his eyes.
    Your thoughts become your reality.
    It’s awesome!”


    1. Nina,

      Yesterday, when I read Lightline’s post, i immediately clicked with it too. Picturing him looking at me with love was much easier than what I had been trying and it made me feel better too.

      Thanks Nina & Lightline 🙂

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      1. Hi everyone,

        I can also resonate with everyone’s “low”. I went through it almost 2 weeks ago. And what I decided to do was grieve the loss of it all. I mean really from a space of giving up. And I mean honestly giving up. Like crying my buns off and accepting the fact that it will never happen and I need to move on with my life and imagine a future without him. I grieved like someone died, and I know how that feels unfortunately.

        After doing this for maybe 5 or 6 days, I felt radically lighter and I moved energy big time! This helped me somehow get a grip on what I really want in my life, at it’s core. I want to be happy with me, I want my life to have more meaning, I want to make more time for hobbies and learn to sew really good. I want to feel fulfilled and I want a life that has more fun moments and things to look forward to. And you know what? I want to feel all these things without him or anyone else for that matter!!!

        Now I can say I’m really learning to accept myself just the way that I am. I’m loving me in a whole new way. Then I went back to this blog post that really breaks down what to do:

        All of these things I didn’t want to hear. Because it all comes back to me, not him. And now I’m paying attention to what she’s saying. Try giving these guys up for a few weeks or 30 days. See what happens. 🙂


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