Obstacles or Desires – Which Do You Choose?

Do you ever experience trouble sticking to a decision you made, wanting to manifest your goal but simply becoming discouraged along the way?

It all starts from one’s belief that they can indeed manifest their desires. If one knows the magnitude of their power and knows exactly what they want, they’re there already. Those who know that they can manifest anything only have to choose what exactly makes them happy while those who perceive obstacles simply don’t believe that the Law of Attraction is working for them. Even if they believe in the Law of Attraction, they don’t believe in their own power. They never feel that their desires belong to them already and instead of feeling love for having an amazing life, they are upset about not having what they want.

Sticking to a decision is easy when one knows their desired reality belongs to them already. That’s all there is to it. Allowing yourself to be derailed from knowing that you have what you desire already, focusing on how difficult it is to feel good and achieve any goal not only shows you don’t believe it’s yours but also, that you never believed you had it in the first place.

Achieve focus on your desired reality and feel love for it. Everyone has to do this part for themselves.


Getting clear on a specific goal is one thing but being willing to do whatever it takes to achieve it is another. This doesn’t mean one must invite obstacles into their manifestation – it simply means being relaxed about that manifestation and its possible ways of coming to life. A true attitude of willingness to do anything in order to manifest one’s desire is not even thinking about the option of not manifesting it.

Energy is difficult to describe but I try every day; at the same time, it’s a fantastic writing challenge.

I fear that many attempts to figure out one’s personal energy and actions made towards achieving their desires makes their thought process even more complicated. Like attracts like and for as long as one continues to try and find the solution, they’ll keep looking for it.

The purpose of energy clearing is to feel good, not invite even more need for energy clearing. Waiting to start feeling the way you want to feel will only invite more waiting.

Clear your thoughts and relax completely but continue to focus on your goal. The only thing I recommend is focusing on your goal, being grateful for it and feeling as if you’re living it already. Work on self-confidence and the knowing you can manifest anything you desire into your life. Once you have achieved this, you won’t need anything else. You’ll simply be happy already, being sure of what to do whenever an opportunity presents itself and more often than not, without having to do anything yourself – when you’re that happy and completely grateful for your amazing life, opportunities fall into your lap.

The time one puts into figuring out the ways to manifest successfully is the time spent swerving from their end goal. When one takes searching for their answers too far, over-analyzing their current circumstances instead of focusing on their dream ones, this is where they end up. They move into the in-between and start living there. They know that they haven’t reached their goals quite yet while at the same time, feel the progress already being made without knowing how to take it further.

My suggestion – drop the issues of the mind. Expand your heart energy instead, feel unconditional love for your desire and keep focus on it. Focusing on “resolving issues” creates the need to resolve them. Too many are caught up in their need to “resolve” instead of the gratitude for living their dreams.

There are two options – feeling love for your desired reality or being blocked by the fear of having to live without it. Which do you choose? If you already spend your time thinking about what you might be doing wrong, why not use that time to focus on your goal instead?


  1. Your posts are the highlight of my day . I just find them so empowering and put me in such a good mood. Do you really believe the law of attraction is that simply and on average what is the time in which we should begin to see success?

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    1. Dear Clare,
      Thank you so much, first of all. And yes, it really is that simple but I do understand that relaxing and trusting sometimes takes practice, or at least with some specific things one wishes to manifest. The results depend on how quickly your manifestation feels natural to you, on how much positive emotion you put into it and whether or not you are able to let go of your desires in order to see them manifest. I will be posting an article today that talks about all these things. When it comes to your current circumstances, make a list of everything and everyone you have in your life right now that you feel truly grateful for, as well as the things you like about yourself. Go over that list at least once a day and add to it. The goal is to feel it – when you become aware of how much you already have, you’ll end up having even more! Be grateful for where you are today and tomorrow will be ever better 🙂

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      1. Hi Nina, thanks for your response. I really apreciate. I look forward to your next article!
        How do you know when you have reached the point where your faith is 100%?


      2. That’s when you KNOW your manifestation is yours, that it’s happening. You don’t need any other confirmation. You’ve experienced this knowing in your life, I’m sure, and for various things – we all have. Just knowing that something is happening and then seeing it happen is an amazing experience.


  2. Hi Nina,

    Thanks for another great response.
    I suppose I felt it was mine for a while and then gave up or didn’t maintain the feeling. I suppose when you know you dont doubt and your relaxed and on a high vibration?!


      1. Thanks nina so I live like my beautiful boyfriend are back together And then He will appear before I know it!

        Thanks again for your reply!


  3. Hey Nina,

    Thanks again for sharing. I’m wondering how it is that one can truly focus on their goal. I wonder how easy it can be to fully relax and focus on the goal at the same time. To relax and love life and FEEL as if I am living my dream. Any advice is greatly appreciated!


    1. It’s all about having the confidence in your own manifesting abilities…and we all have endless manifesting abilities 🙂 You have to decide it’s yours regardless of the external factors because you deserve it. Practice believing it’s yours and very soon, you will see that there’s no reason for it to NOT be yours. Make a detailed list of what your life looks like now that you’ve manifested what you wanted and read it often, until your subconscious mind absorbs it. I do that. There’s a recent article on using lists in manifesting for extra help.


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