Manifesting, Signs or Manifesting Signs?

32 thoughts on “Manifesting, Signs or Manifesting Signs?”

  1. I do this too. Since I’ve only come across LOA two months back, I used to initially try out manifesting exercises to see if it works. Then I thought of some songs/ bird / butterflies and such as signs. So, I would ask the universe to show to them to me if my MAIN Desire is on it’s way or being manifested. At times they would appear and at times they wouldn’t [maybe too much attachment]. Then there have been times when I have felt low about it all and they’ve appeared. So I wonder, am i manifesting just those signs as things or is the universe in fact sending them to me as genuine signs for the bigger thing, my actual desire. What do you think?


    1. I think you could manifest your desires but if you’re not sure that you’re doing so right now, you’re probably also feeling that they’re “on their way.” Try and feel having them right now and feeling gratitude for it. Signs are to be noticed along the way, reminding you that you’re on the right track and when you see them, you know and you become happy and grateful for living your dreams.
      Just for fun, my signs of choice are birds, specific songs and a ladybug. Yesterday, I even saw a plastic crow hanging off a balcony on the first floor of a building. It was beyond weird but a great sign!


  2. Thanks! That’s a better way to think about it. I guess I have trouble with the ‘as if I have it’ feeling, which I know is the most crucial and yet difficult part of it all. working on that. 🙂

    After reading your post I had thought of a yellow bird, knowing that they are difficult or impossible to find where I live, I was completely open to seeing pictures. Today I saw the exact yellow bird I visualised on pinterest.

    Also, I thought of a ladybug too.. that too is a rare sight, but I did see a ladyPUG image on buzzfeed, I guess the universe has a sense of humour. 🙂


    1. Simply ask the Universe to show you [insert chosen sign] as proof that you’re attracting your desire to you but the key is to focus on having the desire already and simply NOTICE signs along the way instead of actively looking for them. Practice the feeling of having it and whenever you notice your chosen sign, you know you are attracting what you want. Fully immerse yourself in the feeling of having your desire already and feeling gratitude for it and then, noticing your chosen sign will make you even happier whenever it appears.


    1. Excellent question? And how do you pretend like you have something or someone when you don’t or they are not there?


      1. It’s not actually about pretending they’re there – it’s about you feeling your desire is yours already and knowing it’s meant to happen. Law of Attraction responds to your own feelings and they create so now, you can feel the way you would feel if your chosen person was already with you. Feel that way now! Then, feeling that way will take you towards specific actions – maybe you’ll make room in your closet for their clothes, you’ll feel like you want to set two places at your dinner table, you’ll feel what you would do if they were with you right now and you should be happy about it. The conviction that your desire is yours already is where it starts. Then, keeping focus on it IF you truly want it will lead you to the rest. If you’re actively looking around for proof or signs, you don’t believe you have it already…but I know you can. You can do this.


    2. It would mean that your desire is on its way, since you’re focused on it but signs keep appearing in addition. I read the article and it’s excellent. Ultimately, it all comes down to focus on your desire. When your focus is clear, everything else aligns.


  3. Hi Nina, I’m so glad that JCE clicked on this article because it caused me to re-read it. It’s funny because I’ve been manifesting a lot signs lately (mine also happens to be a number i designated a long time ago) however it’s been 3 weeks since I’ve heard from him now.

    When you say that if we’re not comfortable with our desired reality and try to postpone them it made me think.
    One thing I am sure of is that my heart is in this and that I love this man. If anything I want this to happen NOW. So how or why would I be subconsciously be delaying this?


    1. Hi C,

      If I may give my input if it helps:

      I reached that point recently of being ready for this thing to finally happen NOW. Like I’m tired of going round and round and feeling like I’m not getting anywhere.
      And I asked myself the same thing, “Am I really ready for this to happen?” Or are my feelings in alignment with this desire? Am I contradicting the Universe by sending it mixed messages with all my insecurities? And so on.

      That’s when I started playing with the idea of giving up, and grieving just to see what would happen. Let me tell you, that started the ball rolling and it hasn’t stopped the last 2 months! I just plain and simply decided I’ve had enough of this s**t and it’s time for some serious changes. Which means it’s time to change my approach.

      This experience or journey is very individual or unique. But if you open yourself up to allowing answers to flow into your experience, then the Universe or your higher self will open doors for you that will get the momentum going in the right direction. It typically starts out small, but it’s enough to shift your energy into a new direction that will allow for more to come in. It may be a blog post, a book you find, an LOA coach that offers a program.

      This process will start building from one thing to the next, and to the next and before you know it you’re really on a journey towards manifestation. I think most of us get really impatient and want this thing already. But clearly there is resistance that needs to be addressed and cleared. Once that’s cleared, manifestation is actually quite smooth, it’s fast actually. I’m starting to realize all that now.

      I know this post I had mentioned a few days ago is a really in depth read, but this has been eye opening for me. Listen to what he says, read his words. This 2 hour video is worth every moment listening to it. I don’t know if it will resonate with you personally. But my goodness did it help me. It solidified that I’m on the right track.

      Anyways, don’t give up. Keep going and be open to finding answers. Not only that, start being open to trying new thoughts. I did and it really surprised me where it led.


      1. Thank you JCE,

        I know what you mean, and the one thing I know for sure is that right now my feelings are not in alignment with what I want. I’m nervous, not relaxed and just in general not in the place i’ve been before when positive things happen. I’m just trying to figure out what is really causing this.

        I’ve also, like you, felt changes in those instants where I either give up, or get scared that my guy is really slipping away… something clicks and motivates me to change my thinking. The challenge has been sustaining those manifestations.

        I saw your link last time and didn’t realize there was a video… made it through the first half hour so far… its very interesting. Thank you again :).


    2. Hi C

      I have an idea.

      When you start to feel nervous, not relaxed, feel like giving up or get scared (as you mentioned below) pull out a writing pad and paper and write this “Thank you that XXX loves me!” or anything like this – then pay attention if you hear your conscious mind start to say things such as “He doesn’t” “I dont believe it” etc. I think you will be able to find what it is if you get quite enough to hear it and you’ll be able to find out what is really causing it.


      1. Actually try and tune in to what you are FEELING as you write the affirmations or whatever you choose to do.
        That will indicate what’s really going on.


    3. Hi C

      Did you try that thing I said? About writing XXX loves me when not feeling good? Did you come up with anything.

      Did you ever end up trying pono on any of the things you think it might be? It might take more than 4 goes, it might take manyyyyy…

      Maybe you could try pono on DISAPPOINTMENT. ❤


      1. I have been… And writing at night too. I’m still doing it though because I know you have to keep it up

        Thank you gretta, and best of luck in your new job :))


  4. JCE,

    Yep! Momentum of keeping your vibration high is key, not going up and down, not being able to recall how long its been since contact, not reacting, not being impatient, declaring its yours and basically getting on with your life. You gotta put all your faith and trust in the Universe and bring yourself into alignment. I personally dont do any work or much at all. I just say “it’s mine, thanks!” and visualize every now and again cause It feels good.

    Nina, JCE & All

    So you know how I worked on the belief “I am not enough” and “I am not good enough!” and how that has been driving my life and obviously lack of money etc etc…Well….

    I have more good news. I was asked to trial for an organic cafe. As you know I didn’t want to go back into hospitality but there are a few places in my city that I would for and the place I had a trial at today is one of them. They are organic and grow all their own produce for the cafe and the cafe is vintage style, ultra cool and always packed!

    So a half hour before going to the trial *I DECLARED THAT THE JOB WAS MINE* *AND IT WAS MINE NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENED AT THE TRIAL* *NO MATTER HOW MANY MISTAKES I MADE OR DIDN’T MAKE* I was going to get the job and be offered it before I left the premises.

    I broke one of the poached eggs that he asked me to cook for him just to see if I could poach eggs. I slightly over salted the Risotto and a few other minor mistakes. He didn’t mind at all. Then he asked me to come back on Friday for 4 hours and I said is that to see if you still want me to work here? And he said No, you have the job!

    This guy could easily employ someone with more experience and qualifications and I know he had other trials coming in after me and until Friday but he offered me the job after my short trial and guess what? HES PAYING ME AT A CHEF RATE!! I’m not qualified!! WhooHooo!!!

    So basically. I said the job was mine no matter what happened, no matter what mistakes I make and I was going to be offered the job before I left the cafe and all of it happened!!

    🙂 Weeeeeee

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    1. OMG Gretta, this is incredible! Wow you are on such a roll. Keep that beautiful momentum going and I’m so excited for how your life is going to continue to unfold. You are such an inspiration to all of us. Thank you for sharing this all with us. 🙂


  5. Thank you Nina 😊 🌸 so much for this beautiful blog. You guys are all like family to me. Reading your posts and having you advice me the best way…, I really appreciate it and love you all ❤

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  6. Hi Nina! Great post, as always! 🙂

    I’d like to share something that’s happening with me about signs and hope to receive some thoughts from you about it.

    So, I already told you in another comment that my relationship with my ex girlfriend has a specific number, it’s the date of our first kiss, it’s really significant for both of us. Since the breakup (5 months ago) I’ve been seeing this number in several situations. At the beginning this made me very sad, because it was reminding me of her absence. But reading all your posts so far, I was able to “reprogram” my feelings not to turn into negative when I see that number. So I’m doing my best to think that everytime I see it, it means something positive, like “she’s thinking about me, she misses me, she’s wondering what am I doing right now, this is the Universe telling me to keep up the manifestation process, etc.” It was a bit hard at first but now I think I got the hang of it, because I’m even able to smile, I mean, when I see the number now I automatically think like “the Universe is with me, reminding me to trust it”.

    At first I just saw this number on clocks, like when checking the hour, there it was, the exact number on the “minutes”.

    But from around two weeks to now, this frequency has really inreased. I see it everywhere, I mean EVERYWHERE! almost everytime, sometimes in a 5 minute interval. It’s not just on clocks. I see it in the number of “likes” of random pics; in the time when something was posted or commented, like, “posted/commented xx minutes/hours ago” – OMG RIGHT NOW, as I’m writing this very comment, I just looked at the clock on my pc, there was the number!!! Nina, I’m serious, it just happened!

    The thing is, I’m not “trying” to manifest signs, at least not consciously. When this happens I’m really distracted, really “not expecting”. The only thing I did was give a positive meaning for it because I was feeling truly down everytime it happened. But I didn’t think like “Universe, I want to receive this number as a sign or proof of my manifestation” – I think this could be a trap beacuse, as you said in the post, one could just keep manifesting only the signs. I don’t want this, so I’m a little afraid that this could be happening with me. I like seeing the number and I learnt to enjoy it everytime it appears. I think this gives me little boosts of trust. But I don’t go like “what’s the next time it will show up to me?”

    So, Nina, my fear is to be fooling myself, thinking that this could be a sign, when actually this could be just my mind making me look for the number everywhere, everytime. What I really want is that when I see the number it’s beacuse she’s really thinking about me, missing me, remembering something great we did together, how our relationship is awesome, how our love is strong and beautiful, etc.

    Sometimes I manifest the name of her mother, like, I hear someone saying it. I see her car model everywhere. Tonight I manifested a friend of hers (that became kind of friend of mine too). I posted on Facebook a post of a party that I was going to and he contacted me asking me if I was really going. I said yes and he said he was going as well to hang out with me.

    Well, Nina, sorry for the lengthy comment. Could you give me some light about this situation? Do you think these are all signs? If yes, what kind of signs? Can things and people related to our desire be manifested as signs (her mothers name, her car model, her friend)?

    I appreciate any light and suggestions you can give me. Thank you so much! 😀 😀 😀


  7. Hello,

    Thank you for the article. I would like some clarification please:
    You state that:

    “It isn’t in the interest of the Universe to keep any of us waiting – it wants to give us what we desire now. However, for as long as we’re not 100% comfortable with our desired realities and try to postpone them, we will perpetuate this state. “

    I am relatively new to the LOA, however I do believe in it fully as there is nothing too great to be done by God if only we believe that it ca and has been done! I have been trying to manifest a loving, happy and lasting marriage with my ex in a way that makes everyone involved happies and more satisfied (since he is currently married to someone else).

    I realize that it is a complicated situation, and I truly and deeply want to have what I want without hurting anyone in the process and I recognize that for that to happen it might take some time for things to align…although I am also sure that if its meant to be things can transform overnight. I do truly believe that this relationship is mine and that it is on its way to me. I have asked to see a sign if that is true (a pink butterfly) and I saw three on the same day. But then I was afraid that I was just manifesting a sign and not my goal itself.

    Also as you mentioned if we keep pushing things back they will be held back from us. And although I do believe that what I want is already mine (the order has been placed) does thinking that “it’s on its way” create more of that “it’s on its way” rather than allowing me to have it now?

    In short, is there anything I can be doing better or differently to get what I want faster? That being said, please know that I realize that this is something that I want and not need. I will not die without him or any guy for that matter, but I have to admit although I could be happy there will always be a part of me that is lonely…I am human after all.

    Thank you in advance for you guidance.



    1. “It’s happening right now!” is the letting go mantra I have devised, as explained in some of my past articles and my books. When you say that it’s happening right now, after you think about what it would be like to have it, you are supposed to use that to allow yourself to stop thinking about the “how” part, let go and let it happen. It’s a mantra used to allow yourself to believe.


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