The Illness of Settling

6 thoughts on “The Illness of Settling”

  1. Hello! Omg, your posts are are getting better each day!!

    I have a question: Can we attract some specific event? Like I’m going to travel with the specific person that I’m attracting a relationship with and I would like something significant to happen. Is that okay or I’m getting on the Universe’s way??

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    1. I think so and at the end of your manifestation add “or better”. By adding that key phrase you give the universe back its freedom to create that event or better. If it’s better you wouldn’t miss your original intention, right?

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      1. I agree with you, it only adds more possibilities for greatness 🙂 And your original intention is still present.


    2. That’s OK, you can manifest specific events but also pay attention to the intentions behind them. If you are attracting an event just so you would manifest a relationship from it, that would mean getting in the way of the Universe’s plan. However, if you only are attracting this trip because it would make you happy, go for it! And thank you so much for your lovely words 😀


      1. Tks!!
        Yeah, the trip is already happened next weekend, I would like to something happened during the trip. So, I can ask, let go, and let the Universe gives it to me or something better?
        I think I understood. 🙂


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