My Own Private Synchronicities

Recently, I read two articles describing the most common synchronicity one tends to experience when in the flow, aligned with one’s desires on the way to manifesting them. These common signs such as number patterns (1111, 222 or 333, usually on the clock), flowing easily through traffic, predicting the songs to start playing on the radio or having someone cross your mind and hearing from them almost instantly indicate that one is in the perfect flow, their energy clear and receptive.

When I’m in the flow, I experience the following.

1. Predicting the songs to come on the radio, music video channels or hearing songs related to my desire everywhere I go. 

My entire life, I’ve had a deep connection with music and I relate it to everything I’m going through – I believe this is the case for many individuals. When I attach a specific song to a desire I have, I hear it several times a day! I could find myself shopping and hear it playing in the store, then hear it playing when I meet my friends for a drink that same night. In the meantime, I could hear it on the radio in my car. I could have a video music channel on at home and the video for the song would play. Sometimes, it seems never-ending, and it is always followed by my desires manifesting fast.

2. Experiencing chills or goosebumps for no apparent reason.

For years, I didn’t understand this sign or why it happened; at times, experiencing this level of positive emotion made me feel conflicted. Sometimes, we have to accept that we do deserve everything we desire. Now, experiencing this sign makes me happy and grateful, with my heart open fully to the love and magic I have attracted into my life.

3. Flowing through traffic even when it’s clogged all around me. 

I could drive up to a line of cars seemingly refusing to move and suddenly, it clears away. My lane could clear while others remain busy. This happens frequently and over time, I learned that it was a sign.

4. Even stronger intuition. 

My favorite part of this is consisted of feeling my desire manifesting one step at a time as well as seeing people as clearly and accurately as I do. My intuition also manifests in the way that, when I am presented with an opportunity, I immediately know what kind of interest it will hold for me and for how long. My strong intuition allows me to know myself, what I genuinely desire and why. At the same time, it shows me I can change my reality any way I wish but never allows me to escape my deepest desires, knowing that unless I live them, I will never be truly happy.

5. Positive attention.

When others are vying to help me, do things for me and are throwing many compliments my way, I accept that I deserve them and feel grateful for them while my positivity continues to affect everyone around me. Happiness spreads fast and the desire to give it to others ensure receiving even more of it in return. Those who see themselves in a positive light provide the same to others.


  1. Interesting and fun post.
    I was just wondering the other day what to make of synchronicities, since some days there are more than on the other days. And I mainly have one desire that I am awaiting and associate with signs and synchronicities. So does that mean either way it’s on it’s way, or should there be more consistency in them?

    Also, I would love to know the techniques you apply for manifestation since it’s a way of life for you, and for a long time from the sound of it.

    I think when one has a big desire and is new to LOA they need that desire to appear or manifest for them to get relaxed and truly believe that everything and anything, no matter how. If it may seem is possible. I await that day, no doubt it will come soon.


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    1. Even the smallest signs indicate that your desire is on its way 🙂 Maintain focus on your desire instead of the signs. I think you are focusing on your desire for the most part so keep it up! Signs will keep appearing but they don’t necessarily have to appear ALL the time. I don’t hear the song I associate with what I want three times a day every single day either but it happens. When any of the signs appear, that’s the Universe telling you that your desire is on its way so feel happy and grateful for it. All that matters is how you feel about having your desire in your life already. If you feel happy and grateful, if it feels REAL and you know it’s yours already, everything is great.
      What you’re saying about being new to LoA, I suggest practicing with absolutely anything. One of my friends I taught about LoA personally practiced by manifesting her favorite chocolate or running into specific people in town. This allows you to relax and see that it’s working and LoA works on the exact same principle for anything. You have to be relaxed and feel grateful for having your desire, knowing it’s yours already and then, you can receive it.
      Thank you for the inspiration you’ve just given me – I use different manifestation techniques as they feel natural to me but my next article will be about the different ones I use for different things I want 🙂 I’ve just decided. It’ll be a bit of an overview of different techniques.


  2. I used to initially have a hard time with the idea of believing that i have my desire because it is the return of a specific person. But lately I am quite at peace with it and feel relaxed most of the times. Trying too hard and applying everything one learns was causing maybe too much focus on the desire, which in turn was reminding me of the ‘i haven’t received it yet’ bit = to vibrational roller coaster. So I kind of let go of most of it and now I’ve just left it to the universe, and just continue with some affirmations and visualisation every now and then.

    For this at peace feeling I would like to thank you, because your stories are real and feel real, they speak to me and I wake up everyday and check your page and the secret success stories page as a motivational thing. So thank you, thank you, thank you. 🙂

    Really looking forward to your next post.

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    1. You described all of that very well, I must say. It sounds like you’re doing great. You are MOST welcome, I am so happy to hear all this! 🙂


  3. What does one do when it feels like the synchronicities were nothing more than just that and that the desire might not appear.
    When ones specific person or bf does not contact on an opportune day, does it still seem like there is a possibility to manifest back the relationship? I feel extremely low about the whole thing. I was confident about contact and lived like it happened, then why didn’t it? I don’t want to lose hope but I just feel in a hopeless place today and don’t know what to do.


    1. Don’t worry, my dear 🙂 Everything is OK but you’re just a little too attached to your desire and therefore preventing it from coming to you instantly. You were manifesting a specific event because you saw it as an opportune moment but that means you’re trying to decide HOW your desire manifests which is not our job. It’s happening, you just have to be receptive to it which means being grateful for having your desire in your life already. Only focus on that and never worry about how or when it’ll happen because that only shows you feel that you don’t have it yet. Working on your belief is key here. You have to convince yourself that this is yours. You can do this!


  4. If we only manifest desires that are in alignment vibrationally with our vibration, and if it is a person who is low in vibration or unhappy, does that contradict or work against our desire causing it to not manifest? What should i do? just stop thinking about it happening?


    1. No, don’t worry about that. You are manifesting a RELATIONSHIP with this person – that’s your desire and a vibration to match but never worry about how EXACTLY. We don’t need to know that yet most people get hung up that exact aspect. You should only be grateful for having your relationship now and enjoy that feeling. LOVE it! 😀 Love your relationship 😀 Create a world in which you are living it every day and love it. Then, when you only love it, you will manifest it into your life in the fastest way possible.


  5. I realise that I was in a relationship with this person because I had been using LOA unknowingly the first time around.

    Getting him back after something that left us both very sad because the break up was due to parental pressure, it just makes it seem uncertain sometime.

    Strange thing is, hope is the reason why one tries and applies LOA at the same time hope can be the cause of a lot of anxiety and fear.

    You are right though, I might be too attached to my desire, because I know he’s the one for me.

    Thank you for your help. Means a lot.


    1. Happy to help 🙂 Don’t look at it as “getting him back” or think about what had caused the break-up. Only think of it as being together, in your ideal relationship. The rest you can ignore and it’ll disappear.


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