My Personal Manifestation Techniques in Review

When discussing manifestation techniques, props, vision boards, lists and other helpful tools, I assign some of them to specific desires without carrying them over into others; in other words, I often use different channels for different manifestations. This happens because having a relationship feels different to having a job, having money feels different to being the person I desire to be and taking a holiday feels different to career success yet they all take part in allowing me to feel like myself. (They’re all an expression of me, holding many similarities by default – story for another time.)

Now, allow me to share specific manifestation techniques for specific types of desires I find myself using.

1. Love/relationship manifestation channels

My love and/or relationship manifestations tend to be boosted by lists and the choosing of a specific person. Only twice in life can I think of a time I created a list without a specific person in mind; I simply get a rush from manifesting a specific person and being happy with them. However, choosing a specific person, especially when I wanted short-term relationships in life, always ensured instant knowing of how long the relationship would last according to my ability to develop feelings for them as well as their ability to make me happy. I always know how long they’re going to hold my interest.

After choosing a specific person, I create a list of our relationship. I write out details about our couple style, our involvement and the feelings I experience being in a relationship with them. I talk about how my chosen man makes me feel and what our life together is consisted of. I write out how I make him feel. I write about how happy we are together and everything both he and I contribute to the relationship. I also include other aspects of our lives on the list – my friends asking me about my relationship, meeting each other’s families, coworkers etc., simply spreading positive energy everywhere we go together and everything else I wish to experience. The writing makes it real, evoking the feelings of already living my relationship – one of the practices causing instant manifestation.

My relationship list makes me happy. Every time I look at it, I feel that I already have it. I feel immense gratitude for it. Another important aspect of my relationship list is that it feels natural to me and since anything I desire feels absolutely natural, I can add whatever I want to the list and I know it’s coming to me. If you choose to create a relationship list, start by adding the positive things you are used to experiencing whenever you’re in a relationship with anyone. In life, my friends and I always ask each other about our relationships therefore adding this practice to the list automatically gives me the feeling of having it now.

There are two other channels I use when it comes to manifesting a relationship – a vision board, usually on my phone, and a playlist of songs (or, one song) I associate with our relationship. My phone allows a live photo mosaic wallpaper, in which I place a picture of the man I’ve chosen, a photo of myself, a picture of a couple which reminds me of us and usually two or three LoA or love quotes reminding me of our relationship. When I listen to the song(s) reminding me of the relationship, I feel that we are a couple now. All these utilities ensure effortless visualizations which then occur all the time, showing just how natural the relationship feels to me. In turn, these feelings ensure automatic detachment from the process and with that, fast manifestation.

The final channel I use is sending heart energy to my chosen man as well as our relationship. By sending loving energy to someone, you can attract them into your life instantly. This technique also ensures effortless detachment from the process. After sending heart energy to and then speaking to the person in question, they share many positive thoughts and feelings they have for me. Heart energy evokes loving feelings but unless you truly love whatever or whoever you send heart energy to, your goal will be difficult to achieve. Love goes both ways.

You have to be ready to be happy with your specific person and know that you are the one who was meant to make them the happiest they’ve ever been.

2. Career manifestation channels

I am an independent Communications professional and writer, teaching and advising mostly at universities and collaborating with individuals and institutions, internationally. My primary desire when it came to building my career was finding my niche, as I wanted to hone my expertise. I wanted my expertise to be something I loved doing and would constantly wish to improve upon in order to provide quality to the world.

First order of business was achieving the feeling of wish fulfilled and being that respected, recognized Communications expert and writer. I had to decide on my presentation, my ideal duties and why I was important as well as what exactly I contributed.

When manifesting your professional self, I strongly suggest assuming the awareness of being irreplaceable in your job. Since I was already an expert in my mind, I never needed to seek out work, as it would be demanded of me by those wishing for my contribution to their institutions. This tactic worked once I got used to the idea that it was possible. Manifesting jobs out of nowhere isn’t always the most natural thing for one to achieve but as I was getting used to the feeling of being accomplished and recognized, my belief in the idea grew. Soon, I was able to let it go – I just decided to believe and it worked. As I was thinking about the types of people and institutions I wanted to work with, believing that my contribution was valuable, they began to appear in my life. Relevant assignments kept coming up, one after another, and I enjoyed and was challenged by each and every one. I was grateful for others knowing me already and wanting to work with me as I provided them quality.

Once I started doing this consciously, I became a communications representative for foreign clients to a company located in another country. After becoming unsatisfied on the job, as it was not what I wanted after all, I walked away. Then, I was referred to the dean of a university and began doing what I had always wished to do – teaching and advising both students and the staff, with my work improving theirs as well as their personal lives. This took great courage, as bringing entirely new content to a university required my thoughts about it to be in order.

In this case, I didn’t use vision boards – I simply went by feeling. I could feel myself contributing positively to the lives of others while showing them how to keep a positive mindset which would allow them to make all their dreams come true. As I was achieving success, my heart became open to even more success, loving everything about the work I do. I also became open to receiving adequate financial compensation, manifesting the exact amount I had envisioned for my work.

Working on one’s awareness is crucial in any case but here, I couldn’t achieve anything with vision boards. They simply didn’t feel right. Instead, I focused on my office wardrobe choices and started thinking about how exactly they represented me. I started adding looks to my professional self which made this particular desire feel real – that was the channel I used in this case.

When it comes to manifesting, listen to yourself. Only choose the manifestation tools you love. They can vary from one desire to another and that’s allowed – you simply have to love them and use them to make your desire feel real.

Which specific props or manifestation tools feel real when it comes to your desires?


  1. This is another amazing post. Thank you!

    Can you tell me more about heart energy? I have read about it on the other applying the law of attraction website suggested by you, but I find it a bit vague in terms of technique and how one can sense that it is working or one has tapped into the heart energy.

    What I am using to manifest my desire [ first timer], is a list of the kind of person I want, gratitude – gratitude list, as well as giving thanks or being grateful for already having my specific person. Using Affirmations in the present tense of having and being with the person, all the obstacles disappearing. Visualisation with meditation [ every now and then]. Sending what I imagine is heart energy and good wishes to the person in mind and I keep noticing the signs and reminders along the way. I don’t look at his picture or any social media activity because that pushes me back to a lower vibration. It’s funny, I thank the universe for showing me only that which I want to see before I access my social media accounts.

    Gratitude and Affirmations are a daily practice.

    I hope to share my manifestation success with you soon, since the Universe knows my birthday is coming up [on the visualisation list].


    1. Thank you so much! 😀
      Before learning from this website, I’d only ever found one source that dealt with heart energy but I learned the essence of it from these two articles myself:
      They both explain the technique in a simple way. When you make a point of practicing heart energy regularly, even just for a few minutes a day, you will feel it working and even touching someone or something, anything. When you send it, feel the gratitude for your heart energy touching whatever or whomever you wish that moment. You can even say the words.
      What I’ve learned about heart energy from using it intentionally (about a year and a half now and with amazing results) is that one almost literally puts themselves in in another person’s intentions, thoughts and desires when sending it. When I send it, I imagine it as a ray of sun traveling from my heart to whoever or whatever I send it to. Once you start practicing it, you will automatically become filled with love and gratitude. Immersing yourself into those feelings will automatically allow you to expand your heart energy further. Try it and you will feel the energy field around your heart. You will actually feel sending that energy out to someone. It’s an absolutely incredible feeling! However, you have to allow your heart energy to expand and know that it is touching whomever or whatever you are directing it towards. Know that it is working and you will feel it working.
      Heart energy is actually very natural for us to practice. Take a few minutes for it today and you’ll see what I mean 😀 You can do this!


  2. How long has it usually taken you to manifest relationships with specific people? And what about when there was history, like the guy telling you he likes you, but doesn’t love you?


    1. It takes as long as it takes for you to shift into the awareness of being with your specific person. Whether it’ll be days, weeks or months is up to you 🙂 It doesn’t matter what your history or current situation is – what you focus on is what’ll persist. When you create and focus on a new reality for you two while feeling love and gratitude for it and for your person, that is what will happen. You can do this!


  3. I’m thinking I should just give this a shot, a concentrated thought once a day and then just immerse myself in work and other things. Until i am vibrationally there and not dwelling or feeling a lack. What would be your suggestion? I have always felt gratitude and love for the person, without any effort because i truly feel grateful and care. Having said that I am not doing the visualisation bit these past few days because of feeling low due to a personal set back [ which you explained the causes of].

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    1. You’re on the right track. Give yourself time to feel good about having this relationship in your life. As soon as it feels natural, as if you already have it, it’ll appear because you will stop feeling like you want or need it. Also, when we take away the time factor, it’s a sign that we know it’s happening. Then, it all manifests immediately anyway but for that, you simply have to relax and feel good, which is what your intention is anyway. You’ll do great 🙂


  4. So, keeping in mind what you mentioned above; about how nothing of my past experience with a specific person, will affect the outcome of my intention of manifestation. .. I’m having a difficult time accepting that. What about his free will? He ended our dating relationship, because he thought I was “too much” & stated that I’d “be happier with someone else”. Is it even possible to reverse that belief of his with the formula you mentioned?



    1. Yes, it is. When you only send loving thoughts to someone, they respond with love 🙂 You might be talking about free will simply because you don’t believe he could want to be with you again – first, you have to believe you’re enough. Manifesting is all about how YOU feel about yourself and whatever it is you’re manifesting into your life; it’s necessary to feel only love for both. You can do this 🙂


      1. Thank you for your reply. 🙂

        So from the time I read your post, I began to follow the advice for attracting a specific person into my reality. Some things I noticed were interesting… whenever I found myself holding onto the desire & outcome I’d let it go – then within 30 mins or so something external would remind me of him. For example, I’d see a vehicle that looked exactly like his, a Words With Friends play of my opponent would be his name, I’d see someone who looked like him, etc.

        But then I had a feeling to check FB, 6 days after I started with the manifestation work. To my surprise, I saw he got back together with his ex-girlfriend. Doesn’t feel like a coincidence to me… I’d appreciate your insight. 🙂

        Thanks so much!

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      2. Dear Carin,
        What was your energy like when you were thinking abt him? Did you feel already having him in your life or were you focusing and “trying” to bring him back? Feeling that you already have him regardless of how the world looks externally is essential. Were you completely sure this relationship is yours already? If you are, you will continue to be. How do you feel now – do you still feel like you have him or were you bothered to see the relationship on FB? If it bothered you, that shows negative feelings not only for him but also for your relationship with him – you feel that you don’t have it yet. If you still want him, you have to be happy you are together and only put those feelings out into the Universe. When you convince yourself that this is yours and can be happy about it while genuinely wanting to live this reality, you’ll have it.


      3. Having just reread your comment, you mentioned some disbelief in his love for you because of what he’d said in the past. These beliefs must be resolved, too – be grateful that you’re happy together and love each other 🙂


  5. I’ve read the book of Manifesting Love by Elizabeth and also most of the articles on her website. I got some questions which I could not find the answers on many blogs. Then I found your blog is really practical and very encouraging, inspired. So thank you for your kindness and sharing!

    As I’m learning tapping into the heart energy more efficacious, I have two questions here. Hope to receive your perspectives and learn more from your experiences. (Please forgive my writing. English is not my first language 🙂 )

    1. I love your article “Are you on a higher frequency than your ex?” It really solved my question and made things logical. As we can send heart energy to a specific person we want to manifest, even though heart energy is like a ray of light or stream, can heart energy be sent to anywhere without limitation? Even to a person who doesn’t live in the same country as me?

    2. I am a little confused by the techniques in your article “My Personal Manifestation Techniques in Review”. You mentioned “After sending heart energy to and then speaking to the person in question, they share many positive thoughts and feelings they have for me. “ Would you please explain the process further? And Do you mean literally speaking TO the person?

    Thank you and looking forward to reading your book, if you publish~

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    1. Dear Fiona,

      Thank you so much for your kind words 🙂 I’m thrilled that you’re finding my blog so helpful. You asked some great questions so let’s get to them.

      1. Heart energy can indeed be sent anywhere and to anyone, as we are all connected, regardless of where in the world we live. You can see the same people every day and never connect with them yet have a deep connection with others regardless of where they are. You may never feel connected to your coworkers but feel completely connected to a friend who lives abroad and whom you choose to talk to rather than the people around you. See what I mean? We choose the people we wish to be connected to. Physical distance is irrelevant and it can change any day. When you feel nothing but love towards someone, you draw them to you rapidly.

      2. This example happened with the man I was seeing at the time but had gotten into an argument with. I decided that everything was OK between us and I kept my vibration high by pampering myself and having fun. I believed that things were better than ever instead of focusing on our fight and I sent him plenty of heart energy. Then, things magically changed – he was reaching out to me, showering me with compliments, telling me how happy he was with me and how much he’d been thinking about me. This occurrence showed me that when you send heart energy to another person while knowing that your desired manifestation with them is yours, you create positive, loving feelings for yourself in their mind.

      I am working on a book so thank you for your encouragement for it 🙂 And your English is great!


  6. Thank you Nina! I am so grateful to you for responding to my questions and the effort you put in. I feel so much empowered!

    May I clarify the technique further and raise one more question?

    1. After sending heart energy to the specific man, we can speak our words and they will automatically be sent along with our heart energy, even without speaking to him IN person?

    2. Are there always signs or ideas appearing for us to pay attention then to take actions? As we are manifesting to the specific man, is it possible that this person will contact us? Or we must take actions, such as call or text this person? Or there’re so many unpredictable possibilities?

    Thank you again!!


    1. You’re most welcome 🙂 To answer,

      1. Heart energy affects others fast but when you send it, don’t focus on getting specific results right away. Just send it because you love the person and your ideal relationship, allowing your vibration to raise effortlessly. The more love and conviction in your own success you feel, the faster it’ll happen but don’t think about that. Just send the love because that makes you happy and raises your vibration 🙂

      2. You take action if you feel that you want to but you don’t have to – there are no rules as to who will take action first. Let that part go completely, let energy move and let it all happen 🙂 If an idea for taking actions comes to you and you feel pure love for it while wanting to do it just because it makes you happy, without having specific expectations that very moment, go for it. You don’t have to think about this at all because when you REALLY want to take action, you will without thinking about it.


  7. I remember you’ve ever mentioned that it’s fine to have visualization and to send heart energy synchronously. When I read that, I was so happy because that’s how I do. And I so appreciate your kindness and sincere feedback! It’s my fortune to have a mentor like you. 🙂 🙂

    I created three different scenarios for my visualizations which were about having loving, happy, and committed relationship with my specific person as we’re living in the reality. I sent heart energy and love to him during the visualization, then I wrapped my love energy and the whole scenario within my pink light, let it float along with my gratitude to the Universe before I finished the visualization. I usually feel love fulfilling my heart and know that the reality is mine already while I’m having my visualization. My issue is “how to keep the positive feeling and belief after the visualization in order to maintain the high vibration of myself all the time?”

    In Elizabeth’s book, she mentioned “When you feel your desire in your heart, as if it is a part of you, you reach a state of oneness that can cause instant manifestation. When this happens, it’s more important than ever to keep your heart energy expanded. There is a natural tendency to want to stop and let go, but this only blocks you from receiving a specific person. You want to allow the heart energy to continue to flow through you, to surround you, and to focus it on the person and relationship you want.”

    According to her, I was wondering when I let my pink light floating to the Universe, do you consider it as “a natural tendency to want to stop and let go?” and will the way I finished my visualization block me from receiving a specific person?

    Thank you! Nina 🙂


  8. (I’m sorry! I modified the content a little. This is my revised version.)

    I remember you’ve ever mentioned that it’s fine to have visualization and to send heart energy synchronously. When I read that, I was so happy because that’s how I do. And I so appreciate your kindness and sincere feedback! It’s my fortune to have a mentor like you. 🙂 🙂

    I created three different scenarios for my visualizations which were about having loving, happy, and committed relationship with my specific person as we’re living in the reality. I sent heart energy and love to him during the visualization, then I wrapped my love energy and the whole scenario within my pink light, let it float along with my gratitude to the Universe before I finished the visualization. I usually feel love fulfilling my heart and know that my dream life is mine already while I’m having my visualization. My issue is “how to keep the positive feeling and belief after the visualization in order to maintain the high vibration of myself all the time?”

    In Elizabeth’s book, she mentioned “When you feel your desire in your heart, as if it is a part of you, you reach a state of oneness that can cause instant manifestation. When this happens, it’s more important than ever to keep your heart energy expanded. There is a natural tendency to want to stop and let go, but this only blocks you from receiving a specific person. You want to allow the heart energy to continue to flow through you, to surround you, and to focus it on the person and relationship you want.”

    According to her, I was wondering when I let my pink light floating to the Universe, do you consider it as “a natural tendency to want to stop and let go?” and will the way I finished my visualization block me from receiving a specific person?

    Thank you! Nina 🙂


    1. The more love you feel when you visualize, the faster your happy feeling of having your desire will become part of you (and be with you non-stop). Heart energy changes our awareness and touches our desires with love, so if you continue to visualize and feel love, you’ll soon truly believe that your desire is yours. In the mean time, you have to be happy. Feeling happy by doing whatever makes you happy in life attracts your desires to you fast.
      The passage of the book says to stay in that happy state for as long as you can and even when you don’t visualize, be happy that you have your desired relationship already. When you know you have your desire, you naturally let go. Your pink light is a positive visualization because it makes you happy and the only thing I suggest is that when you let go, when you’re done visualizing, stay confident that your desire is yours and it will be so 🙂 Truly convince yourself that your desire is yours already. Then, you will receive it.


      1. The day after I had my visualization which was again a happy and loving relationship with my specific another, I received your reply! The feeling to be loved by the Universe, him and you Nina even made me to have more positive feeling.

        I was planning to say thank you right away, but to be honest, an hour later, for momentarily my mind dragged me into his vanish without calling me to communicate as he promised me, the scene we were together the last day and even the negative words my close friends commented about him after his vanish. When I was aware my feeling and my mind, I shifted my attention. I started to listen to the playlist containing love songs, re-read your reply and your articles. By doing those, I felt a little better. The next day I met a friend of mine who has just started a new relationship which I could relate and found so many similarities of mine. I was very happy for my friend, but I also felt sentimental thinking about my own situation. For the whole day, my friend talked about her new love and texted to her new love non-stop. The more she described their interaction, the more I was reminded how my specific person and I used to be in the same loving relationship too. Since this friend didn’t know my story, I could only hide my complicated feeling and tired to send heart energy to my specific person while this friend kept talking about her new relationship.

        I’ve ever manifested him back once, but at that time, I just simply repeated my affirmation to want him back every day. I had no knowledge the whole process and the essence of LOA, including love and love yourself, nor to know how important to manifest the whole ideal relationship and to send heart energy. My intuition to my specific person was he was a decent man and serious about our relationship. No matter how my close friends commented him with bad words and thought I should move on since we haven’t contacted for over four months, I decided to believe him, myself and the Universe. After reading your articles, I figure perhaps the Universe is giving me lessons, teaching me to love unconditionally and want me to confirm if this is really the dream relationship I want. Am I too silly? (haha…. That’s fine with me.)

        I will keep reading your posts, which are as the loving messages sending from the Universe to me, especially when I feel a little down. Thank you!!!

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    1. We manifest what we find possible to have. You saw it possible to get him back but not so much to keep him in a happy relationship. You will get your dream relationship with him once you truly start believing that it’s yours, possible to have and that it’s making you happy. Do you see what I mean? 🙂

      Don’t worry, the Universe isn’t trying to teach you lessons 😉 It’s only showing you what your limiting beliefs are and that in order to have your dream life, you genuinely have to feel good about it.


      1. Dear Nina,

        Thank you for your encouraging me 🙂 When I attracted him back in Feb., we both were so happy we got back together. I was very grateful the Universe gave what I asked. Everything was smooth that I truly believed we would build our amazing relationship since we’re love at the first sight and very connected to each other. But in March, some unexpected incidents came one after the other that caused emotional disturbance for both sides. What I don’t quite get is, if I’ve ever attracted him back, didn’t it mean I believed that it’s mine? Then why is the Universe showing me what my limiting beliefs are?

        I also learned that we’re not the vibrational match at that point. According to the book “Law of Attraction” written by Michael J. Losier, he mentioned there’re only two vibrations, positive and negative. But I found some of the articles in other blogs support different theory that there’re many different levels of vibration. While I was confusing how did we know what level of vibration will match our desire, your article “Are you on a higher frequency than your ex?” somehow resolved. Please correct me if I’m wrong. So in order to have vibrational match, is the best way to raise my vibration high and also to send him heart energy in helping him to raise his too, no matter what level we were?

        Please forgive me to keep asking the questions. Not only I love to learn your perspectives, but I’m also aware my life has been changing little by little after I discovered your blog and applied the techniques. Though this is my second time to attract him back, my previous manifestation experience doesn’t help. So this time, I want the relationship to last and be happier than ever. Thank you again!!



      2. Your limiting beliefs come from your subconscious mind, are usually based on your past as well as your beliefs and there’s a difference between believing you can “get” a relationship and “stay” in a happy relationship for as long as you want to.
        Whenever I believed I couldn’t be happy in long relationships, all my relationships were short. I got them all effortlessly but knew I would get bored and then did.
        You are now creating a different relationship and you only need to fill your desire with love. Make a strong conscious decision that it’s yours already, love it, love yourself and let it come to you. Don’t worry about the vibrations anymore – all the theory you’ve read about them basically tells you that you need to give love and positivity to your desire so it can come into your reality. Heart energy lets you feel love, gain confidence and attract your desire so just enjoy sending it. We receive what we expect to receive and when you feel love for your desire, you’ll know in your heart that it’s yours already.


      3. Understood! I so agree what you said about my pass. I really admire your strength to be in charge in your relationship.

        When I first started to apply LOA, I felt very hopeful and knew the Universe would give what I asked for. But during the past week, my positive feeling turned unsteady, sometimes I felt right, was happily sending heart energy, and almost wanted to let go cause I believed everything was on good track, but sometimes I just simply couldn’t FEEL the power or love. Especially when I saw one of his female clients who posted a photo taken with him on her FB, what a complicated feeling I suddenly had though I knew one photo couldn’t tell anything. I do wish him happy and living a good life, but it seems hard for me not to feel by seeing info on FB.

        I want to pass through the stage. Do you have any good advice to the above mentioned situation? Nina, thank you. 🙂

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      4. In the moments you can’t feel it, think about something, anything else that makes you feel love – a friend, your pet, your sibling, your hobby, the music you love, whatever or whoever makes you feel love. If you feel a lack of love and start to wonder why, you will come across even more false but seemingly negative appearances like that photo.
        Most importantly, never beat yourself up over your negative thoughts – simply fail to react to them. Let them pass. Attach love to all your positive thoughts. Feeling the love will change your awareness.


      5. Thank you for the immediate reply.

        During the past month, I applied the techniques of LOA every single day with a pleasure, happy, and loving feeling toward my ideal relationship and my specific other. Last week after seeing the photo, I really need to take a few days pause, in order to feel love for myself as you told me to do so, also to feel my love for him again. I hope it would be okay to take a pause. Dear Nina, may I have your suggestion?

        1.Will you suggest not to look at his and his friends’ FB anymore?

        2.I knew you’re not only an expert of LOA, but also understand well about the relationship. There’re moments I still wonder what cuased him to vanish. Do you think the reasons matter? Guess vanishing is worst than a break-up to me, cause from time to time, I still carry thoughts of wondering the reasons, being without him or of missing him.


      6. A pause is a way of letting go and it’s always good. LoA is not supposed to be work but a way of life therefore you can let go when it makes you happy to do so.
        I would definitely suggest that you ignore Facebook until you achieve the internal feeling of having your relationship already regardless of the external “reality.” That reality is fluid and you can turn it around any day. When you know so deeply that nothing can derail you, things will immediately change to better (in addition to the fact that most things you can see on Facebook can easily be misunderstood and interpreted in almost any context you can think of).
        When it comes to your thoughts of why he left, only think of them in the context of WHY you are wondering and feeling that way in terms of what kind of a girlfriend you think you are. Maybe you are thinking about these things because you’d like to be a better girlfriend than you consider yourself to be. Maybe you’d like to be a better person or you simply need to accept that you already are good enough. In fact, you should always know you’re good enough no matter what – your own confidence is key to your happy relationship. Once you start to love yourself for who you are even more than you do now, you will find all your answers. None of this is ever about the other person – your questions are always about you, in relationships or anything else. The biggest secret that some people fail to discover or accept is that your relationship is an expression of yourself and any problem in it can be solved by healing yourself and your problems first. When you feel good about yourself and simply own your amazing personality, you’ll see that the need for another person vanishes – you can actually love them for who they are, distinguish what’s important from what isn’t, have a relaxed relationship, be happy living your life and appreciating theirs, as well as your life together.
        You can do this!


      7. Dear Nina,

        There have been many times I received your reply right after my visualization. The coincidences made me feel so charged up! Thank you soooo much for patiently resolving my problems, technically and mentally. You are always on my gratitude list.

        After taking a pause for a week, I started to pick up two days ago. This time I felt I could be more relax, especially when I sent heart energy. But I was also aware a little part of me is trying to protect myself. Because if I dive into the feeling of being with him and having what I want, will I become “too illusional” that might put myself in the difficult situation to move on at a certain point? Even though I knew it’s also a resistance.

        Your big fan 🙂 – Fiona


      8. You’re so welcome and thank you again 🙂 You will never become delusional when giving love to your ideal reality – love gives clarity 🙂
        Love is the ultimate clarity.


      9. Dear Nina,

        This morning when I woke up, I naturally felt my dream relationship is mine already. It supposed to be good right? Okay, here is my situation. I usually sent heart energy and felt happy during my visualization. But when I was back to live with my daily life, from time to time there’re still moments I felt numb or was consciously aware I was emotionally influenced by the outer appearances, especially things between me and my specific man who vanished (if you still remember…) I understand we have to be happy now in order to manifest love. With my situation, would I still achieve my dream if my emotion was on and off occasionally and didn’t stay 24/7 happy? And do you have any trick? I really want to stay on the light side and not to be pulled by the darkness. Thank you!! Looking forward to hearing you.



      10. You don’t have to be happy 24/7. Nobody is perfectly happy every single second and you don’t have to worry about doing things perfectly. You just have to feel love for your desire and redirect from negative thoughts. You have to remember that your desire is yours already and that you can already be happy about having it in your life.
        My trick is to not give emotion, energy or any type of feelings to my negative thoughts but to understand them if and when they appear. Then, they disappear.
        My latest article deals with the topic as well, I hope you find additional inspiration in it 🙂


      11. Thank you for your trick, Nina. I’ve read your last article and keep reading your other articles. So agree what you wrote about “over-the-top visualization.” I also enjoy this kind of visualization a lot, just it needs creativity and takes me a period of time to get into the scenario. I’m so curious how do you find inspiration?

        Looking forward to reading your new works. -Fiona

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      12. For the over-the-top visualizations, I choose any scenario that would have nothing to do with the present circumstances or my long-term desires, at least not with the person in question or on a job in question. For example, you’re manifesting a relationship but how do you find the idea of being married to him? This simple question can cause a rush of feelings. You would then let it go, as you don’t want to be married yet but every time you’d think of this crazy scenario that you don’t need to happen, you’d produce so much emotion for it.
        Since it wouldn’t be anything I felt like I needed, it would manifest rapidly, as need blocks us from receiving. I would use my imagination. I haven’t mentioned all of them but I would sometimes give so much energy to those visualizations that they would manifest. They would also manifest fast because as I was just playing, I would let them go completely and very soon, they’d be right in my face!


      13. Dear Nina,

        After two phases of applying the LOA techniques, I went on a wonderful and joyful trip in Paris. (What I meant about “phase” was 21 days.) This trip was never in my plan, but it surprisingly happened! I sent a postcard to my specific person in Paris and the moment I sent it out, I decided to let go. From time to time, I still sent him heart energy when I felt amazing and happy during the trip, but I didn’t visualize, nor repeat my affirmation as I used to do.

        Few days ago I came back to my home country. What will you suggest me to do in order to keep my desire manifesting?

        Sometimes I still had negative thoughts, when this happened, I wonder “will those thoughts interrupt the manifestation” or “ If those thoughts counteract all the techniques I had applied, should I start over to apply the techniques of LOA as another phase?”

        Btw, just read your new post. It pointed out the confidence issues which occurred to me after he vanished. So, thank you!



      14. Hey Fiona! I’m so happy you had a great vacation! I suggest that you only work on your conviction in the relationship with gratitude as if you’ve received it already. Also, keep sending heart energy and knowing you’re amazing and that you deserve this. You’ll feel differently soon.


      15. Hi Nina,

        May I raise another question?

        I’ve been orgainizeing and deleting some LOA blogs that I saved as bookmarks before. I was aware a post answering a reader’s question and talking about the visualization ( which was quite opposite from the techinques I learned from you or even Elizabeth Daniels.

        What I learned was to visualize as vivid as possible and to feel like we’re living the experience as if it was as real as we are now. We are so encouraged to feel and think everything positively, including with the specific person. In that post, it seemed discourage people to do that. In my visualiztion, I even create our wedding party as a sanario which really makes me feel so happy, be loved and think possitive as our family members and good friends all give blessings to us in the scene.

        Could you kindly help to clarify or do you have any opinion? I am a big fan of you and take your advice a lot. Your perspective will be very important to me. Thank you!! 🙂

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      16. Dear Fiona,
        This article actually says a lot of the same things but I must clarify and elaborate on one of them.
        The author of this reply says to think about your desire as if you have it already instead of it being something that you want. Think about your desire as if you already have it and feel gratitude for having it already because wanting produces more wanting and having produces the having. You can achieve the feeling of having with visualization and other tools, whichever of them you prefer.
        The quote they mention says the same, as you will receive your desire once you feel that you have it and no longer feel the need for it. That’s what this means – feeling the need to have your desire only produces more of the need and feeling that you have it already will bring it into your reality.
        This author also says, appreciating everything you have now and you will receive even more. That’s correct, as resisting your reality as it is now would prevent bringing even bigger and better things into it. Instead, you have to be grateful and confident. The author explained that anywhere there’s need, there will be more need. Remove the need, just love everything you have and want to receive as if you already have it and then, you will have it. The author also says that when you know you have it, you are excited and if you feel that you don’t have it, you can easily be frustrated, so be excited now! Believe that you have it.
        At the end, the author says to experience the feeling of having your desire, experience the experience, if you will. Then, they say not to focus on the thing itself, like a person. However, the truth is that you focus on the experience of your relationship WITH this person and that is how you attract them. You said you read Elizabeth Daniels’ blog – she defined it perfectly when she said that your desire is not the person but a relationship with the specific person. That’s how I did it all my life – I would just love the feeling of being a specific guy’s girlfriend (I would always choose a specific guy), think about how it feels to be HIS girlfriend and immerse myself in the love for my relationship with him. I gave so much love to every one of those relationships, filling them with heart energy before I even knew what heart energy was (I learned about it from three authors, Elizabeth being one of them – before that, I thought I was just loving the relationship, without realizing that the heart had its own energy field, as silly as that sounds now) and I would find myself in the relationship in no time. Many times, I would make the moves towards the guy and other times, he did. It didn’t matter to me who did it – I was open to anything and that’s how it happened. Being open to absolutely any way of manifestation means you have zero resistance towards the relationship – this is why I would have them so fast. However, you don’t have to think how it’s all going to happen for you – just believe it’s going to be magical.
        I only wanted any specific relationship for as long as I loved it and once I stopped, I didn’t want it anymore and would never look back.
        Few people know or realize all of this. Many believe you can’t create a relationship with a specific person but those who believe it can do it.


      17. Also, your newlywed scenario is great. Just think about how it feels to be married to the love of your life. And thank you for saying you’re a big fan 🙂 It means a lot.


  9. Hi Nina,

    I’ve written here before about my on and off situation with a man for years. For the past three years of trying to manifest a relationship with him, he’s lived on the other side of the country.

    One of the things I’ve struggled with is him being far away. A part of me thinks it would be exciting and fun to move where he is at, and another part of me really would prefer him to move back here because I love being close to my family. I think it kind of creates a mixed intention because I don’t know which I would prefer.

    What are your thoughts on this? And how do I overcome this considering I really want a relationship with him overall?

    Thank you,


    1. I think your general awareness has been on your separation and “trying” to manifest a relationship with him. You must start feeling that you have the relationship and feeling love for it 🙂 Your dilemma over where you want to live perpetuates your awareness of being apart and allows you to stay in your comfort zone. This will change once you know in your heart where you want to live and I suggest a way of getting there fast. Ask the Universe for you two to live together in a city you’ll both love and trust that the solution is yours already. Be grateful for it. Then, visualize you two in your home and feel love for it. Allowing the Universe to give you your perfect living location will make you feel great because you’ll just love and believe. Let me know how it goes!


  10. Hi Nina, you mentioned that you make a list of your relationship, your couple style, your feelings, how you make him feel etc. can you share your list? I’m looking for ideas of what to put. Thank you!


    1. Hi! Happy New Year! 😀 Let me give you some examples because I had different lists for different relationships and then got rid of each list after breaking up.
      Today, I would write something like, “I am accepting him exactly for who he is and love him for it. Our love is strong, ecstatic and effortless which is why we choose to stay together. I bring excitement into our relationship every day just by being myself. I am confident and attractive every day. He is romantic with me. We are each other’s rock and always support each other while genuinely expressing ourselves at all times. Being together is easy and enjoyable for both of us. I make him happy every day. Our conversations create great understanding between us. To each other, we are beyond everything wanted and needed from a partner. I am entirely comfortable with him and myself every day.”
      Some of those things are self-explanatory and others are a matter of preference. The point of the list is to create your own feeling of being in that specific relationship. Your feelings of being in that relationship will create it in your life. You also have to believe that it’s yours. Replace every negative thought with a positive one which reflects what you want. Feel deserving of that love. Practice positive focus – if you’re determined to have it, you will.


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