If Your Dream Scares You…

What is there to do if your deepest desire scares you a little?

Occasionally, we may experience fear at the thought of actually receiving and having to live our dreams. The idea of an entire life changing, a comfort zone disappearing, new habits forming, new circumstances appearing, new people attracted and what was once a desire suddenly existing in one’s reality every single day is enough to make a head spin.

If your desire scares you, good! That means it excites you, makes you curious, challenges you and will change your life. Ultimately, isn’t that what you want?

If you didn’t wish to change your life, you wouldn’t have desired anything new. You would have simply stayed within your comfort zone because you love it, not because you’re used to it. Your desires exist for good reasons therefore you should want to experience them fully.

My desires can scare me a little yet overcoming my fears has become my comfort zone. I take the energy of slight fear wrapped around a new life situation and I unwrap it with loving energy. One step at a time, I remove the tie around the reality that could show me love and bring me magic if I allow it to while forgetting the conventions, ignoring limited ideas and breaking all boundaries.

If I deeply desire to experience any reality, who are you to tell me I shouldn’t? Everyone has at least one person in their lives quick to express disapproval of more than just their choices – many see others disapprove of something they truly love. Happiness is irreplaceable when it stems from the heart, which makes it real. This is why reality is created rapidly when using heart energy to manifest it – there is nothing more real to us than everything we love.

The minute you know you love something or someone, truly love it as clearly as knowing you’re alive, the only option you know is living that reality, knowing that it belongs to you already. When we know that love is true, the object of our love is already a part of us. However, if we allow ourselves to ignore it (and I don’t understand how anyone could ever ignore something they love so powerfully), we will be the ones hurting ourselves – not those who refused to accept what we desire. Often, the fear of disapproval from the rest of the world lurks around our desires, causing many to retract and give up on their dreams fearing what others might say. Then, they choose to stay put.

Why choose what you already know? If everything were that great, why would you be attracting a different reality in the first place? Not to mention all those bitter regrets that will soon catch up with you, destroying that last iota of happiness in life. Is that a club you wish to join?

A comfortable life is not a positive life. Comfort coming from approval may disappear at any moment – then, what are you going to do? Change yourself every time the world decides you should?

When it comes from love, from true feelings, comfort is secondary. It is not something one even considers because they can only be happy and by extension, comfortable, with what their heart desires. Nothing less.

Think about it.

If your dream scares you, feel lucky! This means your life will change and if you never wished for it to, you wouldn’t be reading this right now. In my experience, it also means you will receive even more magic than you expect to receive. Attracting a new, positive change into your life still leads to a significant improvement, one you have to live with every day – an idea that exists to be embraced.

The choice is yours.


  1. What another fantastic read. I suppose it is just hard sometimes letting go of what others think but this article gas helped me to become more clear about what I want! Thank you Nina!

    Liked by 1 person

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