Until We Get There…

For two days, I thought about the practice of attracting those who mirror us, allowing our deepest issues to finally surface and be dealt with – an opportunity we take or miss every time. I began to wonder why I occasionally look for a specific personality aspect in a man yet his execution of that aspect might make me question my initial desire. I wondered if I still even remember how to be in a happy relationship, the kind of relationship I desire. Given the space to create a new professional opportunity at the beginning of the week, I needed a nudge but was thrilled once it was finalized (of course). I felt partially disconnected, alien. I wondered what had happened to my confidence.

These thoughts somehow failed to scare me – I simply observed them and attempted to figure out why they appeared. I thanked the Universe for allowing me to sink into the awareness I’d been chasing as a result and simply listened to my body, mind and heart trying to help me. I knew that a period of silent contemplation might come as a result of my awareness changing, especially during the present time. My life is changing rapidly – I have been manifesting new professional as well as personal circumstances and I already know everything that I am soon going to be enjoying but also, be dealing with. Wheels are in motion already, my life and awareness are rearranging accordingly and I have decided to eliminate some unsatisfying views as a result.

I knew that the sooner I dealt with it, the sooner I would step into a new awareness and stay there.

Those who truly want to manifest their desires indeed do so. They choose to sink into their own ability to manifest. They look for (and, find) ways while others look for excuses.

The other day, one of my closest friends and I found a Law of Attraction tip online. This tip stated that one should be like a postage stamp when it comes to manifesting any desire – sticking to it until arrival. I’ve thought about it since and realized how many energy stages are involved in this idea.

When asking the Universe to receive one’s desire, an ecstatic feeling may follow. Knowing our desire is created and belongs to us the minute we ask for it can cause a rush of feelings, butterflies, tingles and pure love. Eventually, that seemingly continuous rush will fade, even if just for moments; if one’s conclusion states their desire is still alive inside them, even when the rush is over, their awareness stills into the feeling of living it. This particular energy state ensures letting go effortlessly in order to receive the said desire.

Knowing one’s desire belongs to them already is an energy state difficult to describe. One exists in this state as easily as they exist in any place they are used to. They simply do; one simply is. One is as easily as they are in their own home – they love it and are grateful for it but feel ecstatic about it in between the moments of stillness and habit. They appreciate it while knowing it’s there. If they should fail to appreciate it, they may lose it.

Sticking like a postage stamp ensures that the feeling of being there is reached and eased into. The persistence to reach that point is consisted of sticking to one’s conscious conviction of their desire being a meant-to-be manifestation in their lives.

This postage stamp idea provided easier focus for me. A great reminder of my intention, it reminded me that focus is obtained easier than expected when it is nurtured with love. Then, letting go is effortless and automatic; so is the manifestation of one’s desire.


  1. Hi Nina,

    You’ve given me your thoughts before and your advice really helped turn my situation around. My specific person went from not wanting to be in a relationship, to writing me a long letter explaining what had been going on in his life and asking for forgiveness and for me to give him a chance in just a few days of allowing myself to be happy.

    Now, he’s reverted back to not wanting a relationship.

    For a while after that, I became discouraged and sad, and even went out on a few dates because I wanted to let him go if that was what made him happy. Every man that I met, I talked to with an open-mind, but my desire to be with my specific person only strengthened after each date. I found myself appreciating the men for their time and grateful that they provided me the option to once again, choose to be with my specific person.

    At first, I thought I was being selfish by trying to attract him if being with me was something he clearly didn’t want so I eased up on it. Long story short, a few days ago he’d heard through his family that I wasn’t feeling well and he came running into my office to see if I was alright.

    I just knew at that moment, I wanted to have him in my life for sure.

    I know it’s within me because it’s how I attracted him and how I’ve turned it around before. What are your thoughts on how it can it become a lasting change despite everything that has happened between us?

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    1. Hi again Patricia!

      I remember your story – I was very impressed at how quickly you turned your situation around.

      Now, let’s examine your feelings after every time you attract him back into your life.

      While you’re attracting him, you seem to be happy and able to let it go, knowing he’ll be back. Getting him back easily has become natural to you but keeping him is another story. Prior to his every return, you KNOW he’ll be back and that feels natural to you but why doesn’t being in a loving, happy and committed relationship with him feel as natural? This is something that you don’t see yourself having entirely.

      I assume this is the case because you’ve broken up in the past. After every reconciliation, a part of you still expects a break-up and repetition of problems but just like you allow yourself to be happy knowing he’ll be back every time, you can allow yourself the same knowing you two are in the relationship of your dreams/a happy and committed relationship/another label you wish to put on it. Decide how you feel in this relationship and then be happy about that. Decide it like you have decided that you were back together and felt happy about it. Applying the exact same principle to any Law of Attraction task works – it doesn’t matter what exactly you are manifesting.

      I believe that since you also said that NOW you know you want him for sure, you have occasionally had second thoughts. Maybe after attracting him back so easily, you weren’t sure if he was what you wanted anymore. Maybe in part, you wanted the experience of getting him back more than you actually wanted to stay with him? Ultimately, if you are completely sure now, allow yourself to be happy about being in your dream relationship with him. You can have it just as easily as anything else.

      I know you can do this 🙂


      1. As always, thank you so much Nina! Your guidance always brings me so much confidence and comfort. I just know I’ll be updating you with good news soon!

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      2. My pleasure 🙂 Your words inspired me, too – I love that we can all share positivity on this blog! 😀 And I agree, you will be bringing some great news soon!


      3. Hi Nina!

        As expected, my specific person is back. This time, I’m finding it easy to choose to be happy knowing that I already have our dream relationship, because I finally know that I truly love and respect the person that he is, and choose to be with him and have a happy, committed relationship with him over all other possible outcomes. From reading your posts, I’ve learned that I share some of your traits, in that, I value my freedom and there have been instances when I have known when a person isn’t the one– and that has always been the case up until now. This time, however, my specific person is the person I see myself sharing and building a life with. Seeing that this is a different experience for me entirely, do you have any advice/co-creation techniques on how to make this a smooth, effortless transition into our dream relationship?

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      4. Dear Patricia,

        I understand what you’re saying and I agree – we share certain traits. The awareness of being the woman who is effortlessly capable of keeping up her dream relationship is something I had to sharpen as well.

        I found my answers with the help of my favorite relationship expert, Brandon Martin. I discovered his website a year and a half ago, it is full of articles, I signed up for his newsletter, got his book and learned or simply realized everything I needed to from it. His theories are in accordance with LoA, psychology, human nature… My mind was blown! He even teaches heart energy 🙂 Read a couple of articles and see if you like it. Here it is, http://yintegrity.com/

        I also suggest to, in as great detail as possible, write out or think about what your relationship is, how you feel in it, how he makes you feel etc. This dream relationship will be easy to create and it will be easy for you to step into the awareness of being in it if you define it as clearly as possible. I always write it out and you can only think about it if you want to but once we decide what exactly we want our relationship to be and create it, it feels real and then, it becomes real. I write it all down because once I do, I let it go effortlessly and if and when I reread it, I automatically FEEL having it right then. It’s a great technique.

        Let me know how this goes, whichever method(s) you choose to try!


  2. Hi Patrica, congrats on getting your specific person back so quickly! Can I just ask how do you do it? Like details please!


    1. Hi Claire,

      Practices that worked for me:
      It helped for me to focus, as Nina had advised me before, on letting myself be happy now. What I have also found that helps is that when I have any negative thoughts that are not in line with what I have decided to have, I calmly let those thoughts pass rather than emotionally react, or give any energy to those thoughts, so as to keep my vibration high. Whether or not I give energy to a thought is something that I can feel. I remind myself that I have my dream relationship with him no matter what it appears to be and am grateful for it. When visualizing, I kept seeing my EXACT visualizations manifest in others’ lives, and I realized it was because I was visualizing the scenario as if I was watching it happen. So, I got that. 😂 For me, it’s important to visualize myself within a scenario and then it happens. Lastly, I read in one of Nina’s posts that (paraphrased) it has nothing to do with the specific person you are attracting, and everything to do with you. Once I realized that, everything made sense for me. I realized that all of my previous relationships fell apart because somewhere along the way it was me who had some element of fear or doubt about a man, or I simply couldn’t FEEL I could be happy with him or that he would be happy with me for life. What I believe keeps this man in my life is that I truly feel sincere love and gratitude for the person that he is, as well as the person that I am with him, and know he is the one for life. When I think about that and I as I write that, I can feel my energy lifting, indicating to me that it is something I truly know, feel and believe. I’ll call him my guy- I noticed that my guy responds to me according to how I feel internally about myself, him and our relationship.

      Details on some of my larger manifestions within our relationship:
      When we met, I knew I would marry this man, and the feeling was so strong that it scared me because I was in a 2 year relationship at the time and it just didn’t even make sense for me to have that feeling. I eventually forgot about the feeling I had. I worked with my guy at the same company with hardly any contact for the next 1.5 years (as my long-term relationship fell apart).

      About six months after my breakup, my guy began to approach me. I didn’t think much of it, and eventually he kissed me in the middle of a conversation one day.
      (The key here I think was that I had a really strong emotion when I met him and I let it go without another thought about it. Since I wasn’t actively putting energy into manifestations or anything in the way of LoA- and most importantly, hadn’t discovered Nina’s blog 😄- this manifestion took a year and a half, so don’t let the time discourage you. I’ve seen things around pretty quickly when I’m actually focused.)

      The second my guy kissed me, it scared me. Since we worked together, I worried about if our jobs would be impacted. I was so scarred from my previous relationship and being hurt again that I immediately wanted my distance from him. He asked me to be his girlfriend about 10 times that day. I kept thinking in my mind that I didn’t know him well enough to trust him yet, so I refused.

      He respected my decision and was still very kind and attentive to me over the next few months but kept his distance. At work, we were all being assigned to new offices, and my guy and I still had almost no interaction at work. Since I felt that he was really kind, I wanted to get to know him and I decided we would have offices next door to one another. The email came out with the offices we were assigned to and it turned out I didn’t get the office next door to him. I thought, what is there to lose, looked at the email, and expressed gratitude in my mind for having my decision anyway and closed the email just as another coworker walked into my office to ask me if I would be willing to trade offices with him. Guess which office he was assigned to? The one right next to my guy.

      After a bit more interaction, I still wasn’t sure if I wanted to be with my guy, or sure if his kindness towards me was real. We work in pairs at my job and never having worked on a project together, I decided that we would work well together and often so I could get to know him. I made that decision on a Friday and went home for the weekend. I came into work that following Monday, happy and excited about my decision. My guy and I, along with two others, were laid off that day. I was beyond upset.

      Circumstances being what they were, I refocused my LoA energy on having my dream job. Three weeks later, I was sitting across the table from my current boss on the ‘4th and final round of interviews, if he decided to hire me,’ he said. I reminded myself that if this was my dream job, he would hire me. At the close of my interview, my boss said, “I want to bring you on board, but there’s one more thing I want to mention. I am actually hiring a team of two and I want you to be one of them. Out of all the other people I’ve talked to, there’s one more person that stands out that I want to bring on board with you. This person would be your partner.” Then, he asked me if I knew my guy.

      Since then, I have attracted him back into relationship mode just by making the decision to, and using some of the practices I described earlier to get my feelings up. You don’t need to worry about being perfect at it, just on how you feel, that’s the way you communicate what your desires are. I I’ve noticed that as long as I truly feel love for my guy, myself and our dream relationship, he contacts me on his own, comes into my life and asks me to be his girlfriend. Once I feel scared or nervous about opening my heart to him, that’s when he will retreat. All of this happens without any sort of relationship talks between us. So, it really is all within us. Take comfort in that!

      I have never tried writing down the details of a relationship manifestion before because up until now, I didn’t see myself being happy for life with anyone besides my guy. I just wrote out the details our relationship a few days ago and will update once I see how that works out!

      Nearly a year ago, I manifested both my dream job as well as my guy as my partner just as I decided. I’ve practiced and been aware of various methods of LoA for a long time, but I resonate most with Nina’s guidance on this blog, and have made the most progress following her. Just calmly make a decision about your specific person, be relaxed, happy and excited about it, never be concerned about how it will happen. I know this post is lengthy and probably more than you wanted to read, but I wanted to give you and other followers details about my situation so that you know that no matter what it looks like, you already have your specific person, desire, anything! I hope this helps! ☺️

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      1. Dear Patricia, I wanted to thank you for this comment and sharing the story. I absolutely love all of it and omg, that visualization part made me laugh 😀 Your story is so inspiring and I admire your amazing results. Your points are also perfectly made, thank you for taking the time to share this!


  3. Hi Patricia, thank you so much for such a detailed answer this is exactly what I wanted. I also want to thank you Nina for providing the blog space for Patricia to share her story. Your story is so amazing and I love how you kept you faith when it was the darkest just before dawn. I am still absorbing your story so I am sure I will be back here again.it will be such a beautiful story to tell at your wedding! I love how you just knew it was the guy you would marry even though you were in a relationship with someone else!


  4. Hi Patricia, can I just ask you if I just focus on my internal feelings and not take any action externally will he just magically find his way to me?
    From what I read it is all about what goes on internally? Is that correct?


    1. Hi Clare,

      What has worked for me is that I make the decision to have a dream relationship with my guy and I know that I already have it. Internally, that makes me feel good, relaxed and happy. The action I do take is that I completely go about my life, trusting that the universe will do all the work of bringing me my dream relationship. I live my life to the fullest. When he comes to my mind, I think of him lovingly and let it go. When I am with him, we have fun, we laugh, we share stories about what has been happening in our lives. It flows and we both are completely ourselves. I never look for when or how it will happen or take any action to try and force it to happen right now. I actually get excited about watching the universe will pull off my desire. I know that the time it takes to happen is because the universe is orchestrating a ‘how’ that is much more magical than I could ever come up with on my own. Hope that helps! ☺️

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  5. Hi Nina, which book of Brandon martin’s did you buy? I saw his website aNd he has several products. Also, it’s a little confusing how much they cost?


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