Paradigm Shifting Made Personal

6 thoughts on “Paradigm Shifting Made Personal”

  1. Hi Nina, what a great post as always. There are times when I have avery strong feeling my paradigm was shifting but it was almost like I became impatient and couldn’t maintain my good feeling or the momentum as such so things reverted back to way they were! I just feel that of I kept the momentum going my manifestation would have occurred! How do you remain steadfast and patient to the end result without getting sidetracked or discouraged?


    1. Dear Clare,
      That’s one of the key ideas – making a decision, knowing it’s on its way and allowing yourself to receive it. Feeling impatient means being aware that you don’t have it yet. I would suggest repetition of affirmations related to your desire until having it feels natural to you 🙂 Then, you won’t need it anymore because you will feel as if you have it already and it’ll be yours once you stop looking for ways “how” to get it.
      I think you meant to say that several times, you truly felt like you had it. Know that you have it and feel grateful for it at all times 🙂


  2. Hi, Nina thanks for always replying and you always out it so well. So I just need to relax and not need it and then it will appear out if nowhere!


    1. Happy to, Clare 🙂 And yes, that pretty much is it 🙂 Relaxing in terms of our desires comes when we know we have them while that knowing only comes from deciding that we do. It feels great to relax – then, happiness is all that’s left to feel.


  3. Thanks again Nina, I really appreciate you making the Loa so clear and simple for me! I can’t wait to e-mail you to let you know he is back by my side. In the meantime I will relax and be happy and enjoy myself!


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