The Meaning of Expectation and Receiving

19 thoughts on “The Meaning of Expectation and Receiving”

  1. Hi Nina,

    I absolutely love your blog. I always look forward to your new posts. Your are inspiring and your words are full of positiveness and love for life:)
    Your blog helped to understand many aspects of the law of attraction better, but I still have a few questions.
    I would be very thankful if you could answer them. I apologise if you already answered them somwhere in your blog.

    You mentioned that we can attract anything and everyone into our lives. You describe how you attracted specific persons, but also the end to the relationship. Doesn’t the law of attraction work for everyone? If I want to attract someone, who ended our relationship in the past, or a friend I fell out with but who is still hurt… does that not contradict with their wish to not have me actively in their life?

    I seem to be able to attract people and things easily to me in person, but how can I do this when the person is not even in the same country? I really tried to follow your advice and send heart energy, but I haven’t heard anything from that person yet. Maybe I did something wrong or they refuse to receive it?

    Thank for your help and loads of love;)


    1. Dear Amie,
      Thank you so much 🙂 I’m thrilled that you’re enjoying the blog and I am happy to answer your qs.
      When I ended my relationships, my desire to do so was as strong as when I wanted to manifest them. I achieved my goals easily for that reason and every man responded accordingly – whether or not they made peace with it, I was out of the relationship, which was my goal. Everyone’s job is to think about what they desire and consider possible to achieve and I did because I had my happiness in mind. I also wanted every breakup to be for the best for me. What the men who used to be in my life felt and wanted for their life was up to them. Every one of them eventually accepted the break-up which shows you that LoA does work for everyone – accepting it was what they all eventually considered the only possibility.
      I manifested people I’d never met prior and I’d manifested those who lived in different countries. You just have to decide that this relationship is yours, love it and trust the Universe to figure out the way, as it always knows an even more magical way of manifesting than we can imagine. Know that as soon as you ask for something, it’s yours and simply on its way. Look forward to it! Dare to 🙂 Just feel love, relax and trust 🙂
      If you keep looking for it, that shows you don’t believe it’s yours. Instead, imagine how amazing it’ll be when you two are talking all the time and how happy this relationship is making you 🙂


      1. Thank you so much for your words;) I know I still have some resistance and I think it might be because some things remain unclear for me and I am still looking for answers.

        For example you said eventually they all accepted the break-up. But if the law of attraction works for them as well, why could they not attract you back?
        Indeed this outcome would make me very happy, but I just don’t want to disrespect their desires and happiness. Do you have any tips how to overcome this block and maybe my disbelief?

        Have an amazing day 🙂

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      2. A few tried but never believed they could and two probably never tried – those breakups were less than pleasant altogether. When you make it clear that you deem someone insufficient, they sometimes feel better simply separating themselves from you, as you do from them. The ones who wanted to but did it wrong approached it from the point of not having the relationship and wanting it back instead of having it already in their minds.
        I suggest you decide that you make your specific person happier than they ever knew they could be and believe that they’re about to realize it. When you decide something THAT strongly, you will see it through. Imagine having this – doesn’t the thought of it make you happy? Enjoy that happiness! And believe it’s on the way to you. If you can make a positive decision out of any dilemma, you will be very successful 🙂


  2. Hi Nina,

    I’ve been having a tough time. I’m trying to focus on other things, but I’m constantly holding back tears. I just miss him and am so disappointed that he chose to behave this way after our weekend together. I’m also sad that I can’t go over my relationship list anymore without feeling sad. This is usually what happens after we see each other and I have hard time accepting how he’s behaving. I have wondered over and over what I did wrong…. Maybe he was just testing to see if he still felt an attraction to me and he didn’t, maybe he saw something he didn’t like, maybe he’s also talking to other girls and realized he’s more interested in someone else. It’s affected me enough that I’ve had headaches the past week. I’m just so hurt that the one time I reached out to him since, he didn’t really engage. Other than that he hasn’t texted in two weeks. I don’t think that’s very nice, and the way a guy would treat someone he cares about after they’ve been intimate.

    I try to focus on other things, but I miss him. I find myself going to his facebook page not because I’m trying to see if there is anyone else, but just because im curious what he’s been up to, and to feel any connection with him.

    What is your recommendation when the hurt is dominating your feelings? Especially because it’s fresh. I know you told me not to have specific expectations for my trip. But don’t you agree that it’s hurtful for a guy to do that? I mean, I was hoping for some progress towards a relationship or at least more connection?


    1. You must let go and find something to do that makes you happy because feeling this way about your desire makes it difficult to manifest.
      You were hoping but you have to KNOW the relationship is yours. Thinking that he should have behaved a specific way is trying to control the process which always leads to even more of trying to control the process. This is why nothing is happening. You have to let go or believe and let go but in any case, you must let go to manifest. You can – just find something else to do that makes you happy right now 🙂 Book a massage or a spa day! 😀 I was thinking about doing that tomorrow 😀

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      1. I think the reason I’ve been worried about letting go is because I know my belief is not there. What happens if you let go in that case?


      2. Even in that case, people have manifested. Sometimes, one could think “It’s not working” and let go, only to see it finally manifest!
        Your desire manifests when you’re happy in life just as it is. If you could let go entirely and just be happy in your life, you would manifest. Feeling good is enough to do so, no matter what you are thinking about. Therefore, you don’t have to feel good AND think about your desire to manifest but just feel good.
        I advocate belief because it makes it easy to let go but if you can let go now, do it!


      3. Thanks Nina,

        I’m taking your advice and committing to it for at least some time. I think not letting go has been what’s causing my headaches and stress. I need to do this for myself too 🙂

        I’ll never be able to fully express how much I appreciate your support and your dedication to this blog. You are truly amazing!

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      4. Sounds great, you are going to start feeling relaxed and amazing! 🙂
        You’re so sweet, thank you SO much 🙂 xxxx


  3. Hi Nina,

    I’m seriously loving your blog!! I recommended it to a few of my friends and they like it too!

    I have read many times that we should be constantly visualizing and using loa techniques in order to manifest. Sometimes this feels forced so I visualize when I feel like it. Thinking about being with my guy makes me really happy. I don’t know what’s the correct way to do this but I do feel happy and relaxed knowing that he is mine and the universe is bringing him.

    Occasionally, I find myself asking how long does it take for one’s physical reality to change. How can I stop such thoughts? Before I used to set a specific date by which I wanted things to happen but I realized that’s creating resistance.

    Also, I used to stalk my guy on social media but I stopped a few months ago. I’m so much happier now. I used to worry about the different girls that liked his stuff or wonder why he would be hanging out with some girl. It was so bad that I kept giving those girls energy and I would see them all the time. When I stopped looking, I felt relaxed and told myself that these girls don’t matter.

    Sometimes, I think about how it will happen because we aren’t talking anymore and I wonder how will he remember the girl he blocked. I have really worked via meditation to stop these thoughts. I don’t have these thoughts unless someone asks me about my dating life and then I get worried. I don’t want to feel this way when someone asks me this. Any suggestions?

    I’m sorry for asking so many questions but I love your advice and it resonates with me! Thank you!!!


    1. Thank you SO much! 😀 I love your progress and yes, visualizing only when it feels good is the right way to go.
      If negative thoughts are coming up when someone asks you about the relationship, there is still a small part of you that doesn’t believe you got this OR you don’t know how to deal with questions, fearing if you’re doing things correctly (also going back to a small part of you not believing). However, that you know so when people ask, you can still believe that everything is all good, since you have to believe it to see it anyway 🙂
      Tell them your love life is all good, that you’re happy and excited for things to come 🙂 A good response as you continue to work on your belief can make a difference in your mood. You always have to believe that what you desire belongs to you already so it is important that you trust the Universe and then, let go to manifest 🙂


  4. Hi Nina,

    I LOVE this post! Quick question, I heard many times not just from your blog about preparing for ones love through action. So making space for this person etc. But what about for someone like me who still has a significant other in the picture. I can’t make space for my specific person, or set out an extra dinner place and so on.

    What would you suggest for “action” needed for someone in my position?

    Thank you! 🙂


    1. Just focus on your ideal reality and forget about the current. I only suggest that type of action in the current reality IF you enjoy it, not as a must.


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