Fantasizing or Dreaming?

6 thoughts on “Fantasizing or Dreaming?”

  1. Thank you!
    I realise now that this is something I applied the first time around when I got my specific person. It was so easy.

    But the second attempt to ‘get back’ needs constant reminding and the feeling is just neutral at this point. Because at first I was quite high with the feeling of having it, then due to lack of contact when he had the chance I had a slump. Now I’ve left it to the universe. I don’t think or visualise much, just keep busy and happy with my work and other things.

    Leaving it to – meant to be.

    That should work, right?


    1. Yes, you’ve basically let it go but still, feel grateful whenever your relationship comes to mind, feel happy about it when you spontaneously think of it and you can even apply the exact same details you did the first time. Feeling neutral is one thing but still, be happy about the relationship 🙂 You don’t have to feel ecstatic, just happy and grateful for it when the moments come spontaneously instead of “trying” to visualize it, especially since letting go feels so good to you right now. Does that make sense?


  2. I feel that thinking about my desire is now not giving me happiness but reminds me of the ‘lack’. Which is why I do show gratitude for it when I think of it but I have at the same time left it to the universe and hope to recieve it without constantly thinking of it.

    Having said that, when I am feeling happy or thrilled in general, I take it as an opportunity to say my affirmations and show gratitude.

    Hope this works too?


    1. Yes, that sounds great 🙂 Also know that your desire is yours already. Instead of hoping, KNOW. And then let it go again 🙂 Do anything else that makes you happy, enjoy life and it’ll happen 🙂 You can do this!


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