Law of Attraction and Free Individuals

7 thoughts on “Law of Attraction and Free Individuals”

  1. Even though I am yet to receive my main desire, the one I have concentrated and desired consistently for months, I have realised one thing… I am receiving a lot in the professional front. Lots of opportunities and work, more than I can manage in fact. And I think it’s the LOA which has caused it. Actually, I know it is. Because I do repeatedly affirm and expect abundance. It was also an area where I had initially some self doubt and had caused me unhappiness by thinking about my self worth in that aspect during the time I parted ways with my someone. But I quickly overcame that because I knew that if I wanted to get more I totally could and that it was a non issue. I was open to any opportunities and had sworn to say yes just to prove a point. Opportunities soon came my way, and here I am.

    So I wonder if all this has any relation to what I truly desire, a mended happy relationship with my specific someone? Steps and signs?

    Material and other manifestations just seem easier to me. Maybe easier to believe?

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    1. Material manifestations are definitely easier for you to believe in, therefore you receive them effortlessly. However, the only thing you need to know here is that the LoA works on the exact same principle no matter what you are manifesting so you can apply the exact same principle to manifesting a relationship with a specific person. Work on your belief that you can receive this relationship just as easily 🙂 And, you will.
      I understand why you feel that material possessions are easier to attract but a relationship can be just as easy. You are attracting a relationship with a specific person because you want the two of you to be happy together and that is wonderful 🙂 As long as you are attracting it for the right reasons, such as love and happiness, you will realize that this is already yours and then, you’ll attract it. If you continue to feel resistance towards the relationship, ask yourself why you are attracting it and want it in your life. Do you truly want it and love this person? Your answer may help you overcome these blocks or even learn something new about yourself, which is always great and speeds up future manifestations 😀


  2. Love and happiness are exactly why i desire this person. He has all the qualities i have ever desired in a man/life partner, and the feeling is mututal. But the lack of contact since Jan makes it sometimes harder to stay strong in one’s belief. although i can’t even imagine anyone else who i’d wish to be with. He’s always there at the back of my mind even though I dont obsess about it. And when i see the signs related to him/my desire i almost reflexively say/think my gratitude affirmations towards him and our relationship.

    I want to manifest this as easily as it is to do material things. funny thing is that the material ones hardly matter, which is maybe why its easy?


    1. Yes, you might be slightly attached to this desire while never worrying about the material ones which is why they arrive fast. Try and think about why exactly you don’t believe you can have this relationship easily and you might solve your limiting beliefs 🙂


      1. It’s maybe because there has been no contact. Free will? And because we are both the kinds to stand by our decisions even though our hearts say otherwise. Those are my fears. But I also believe in meant to be, and feel that the fact that I am consistently desiring the same thing I can have it no other way. A prayer whether it be to God or Universe, should in time be answered, because it’s from the heart and I deserve my desire.


      2. Those are clearly your concerns but I say, instead of thinking about this distant “meant to be,” enjoy having this relationship now and be grateful for it. That will ensure your security in it and then, it’ll appear. You’re already doing that with your affirmations and gratitude but ignore the other thoughts and just do that 🙂 It’ll keep you happy and you’ll attract your relationship faster.


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