A Profound Elimination of Resistance

The time has come to discuss the idea of negative thoughts, resistance, inner blocks, limited beliefs and fears – in short, anything that feels like an energy block.

I truly believe that blocks and resistance MUST BE ALLOWED TO APPEAR AND PASS. Resisting these sensations makes them stick in your mind, up to the point of attaching emotion to them, attracting unpleasant events and circumstances into your life as a result.

That makes me think it’s only our reaction to resistance we need to overcome; maybe that reactions is resistance in itself.

From my experience with negative thoughts, they are unreal, irrational and practically borderline paranoid. The ones I experienced never, ever manifested in their imagined form – they merely perpetuated a specific feeling in my mind until I decided to check their accuracy in life, causing trouble over nothing as a result. My negative thoughts served as a warning that I hadn’t spent enough time getting clear on what I genuinely wanted.

When dedicated to resisting and being upset over negative thoughts, my energy attracted other unpleasant events into my life which were completely unrelated and unnecessary. The point of negative thoughts is NOT to warn you about something or someone plotting against you – they exist to give you a chance to resolve any negative feelings you hold about yourself. Once I realized this, I welcomed any form of resistance as a chance to get to know myself better as well as clear my energy in the process of becoming the person I’ve always wanted to be. The refusal to react to these thoughts emotionally took brief practice but as we all know, practice leads to mastery.

Resistance can work for you, giving you a chance to feel deep gratitude over your life transforming already (as you feel it happening). A technique to use can be switching to feeling gratitude that your life has changed and that you now have your desired reality whenever resistance appears.

Another trick I learned from The Secret – proclaim to the Universe that your positive thoughts are powerful while your negative thoughts are weak. Then, only focus on the positive thoughts. I liked this technique because it’s a one-time action and once completed, easy to remember if one ever becomes swept away by their negative thoughts.

There are various ways of dealing with blocks I had used in the past. When manifesting a relationship I didn’t feel 100% about, I would find an aspect of it I loved to focus on. This aspect may have been my being the woman who dated a younger man, a woman who proved she could manifest anything she wanted, a woman who found love with one of her closest male friends… As the Law of Attraction is all about you, the way my relationship made me feel was the key to my success. At the time I was amused by being the woman who had suddenly begun to date a younger man, breaking conventions and showing even modern day individuals in their mid-20s and early 30s (many of whom still nurtured aged values) that it was possible to enjoy life fearlessly, I became that woman.

A great technique for overcoming resistance – love change instead of fearing it.

Change is beautiful and it can take any form you desire. Without change, you cannot go from your old to your new life – at least a little change is going to occur. All these steps will lead you to the main event:

The greatest form of breaking resistance is simply opening your heart.

Love is the most powerful force in the Universe. There are various forms of expressing love but the intention behind them is the same. Personally, I use heart energy to open my heart to the newness I am manifesting. To some, mind energy is the way to manifest but I am a heart energy type.

A significant block I had to overcome in life was setting aside fantasies I had been harboring since childhood in order to make room for my current desires. While manifesting a new reality, I would occasionally experience a reflex attempting to return me to the plans burned deep into my memory; I had to remind myself that I could always return to them if need be.

My self-confidence is my core value, if you will. I know that I can have anything I want. The awareness of always having what you want brings endless benefits when it comes to using the Law of Attraction – it is what I personally rely on when it comes to manifesting.

One of the most important factors of overcoming blocks was admitting that I only needed my own support. That’s the only thing that makes me happy. We can’t rely on anyone’s support – not even our parents’ or loved ones. At any time, an action you take could make your loved one change their minds about supporting you unconditionally, leaving you frustrated and feeling alone. They might not agree with every single step you make, even though they love you; even when they disagree with you, you have to trust yourself. Your parents love you but some parents won’t admit that they want at least some part in your decision making. They might think they know what makes you happy or know better than you do. Parenthood has all the most loving intentions but when it comes to the aspect of support it should provide, it can be a confusing practice.

When needing your support alone, everyone else is suddenly eager to give it to you. Believing in yourself is magnetic to all desirable circumstances and manifestations.

Resistance is inevitable but the ways of dealing with it are optional. View it as an opportunity to get to know yourself. Know that it cannot hold any power over you unless you choose so – we add meaning and therefore, energy, to anything we choose.

That’s what life is and what creation means – everything is of the same magnitude while we merely choose what we wish to experience.


  1. Hi .i just discovered your blog yesterday. I’ve been using law of attraction for a while now and was able to attract some if the things I wanted like my appartment ,new friends ,pay raise and my ex boyfriend ..I got him back twice and I’m getting him back now ..it’s actually my biggest desire and after reading your last article ,which is nothing I didn’t realise before ,I finally feel free ..free from all those things that prevented me from having the relationship I wanted .in recent year we got back together a few times .every time I struggled with negativity overcoming me .it was always about me .
    First time round it was my sense of guilt for being a bad person and also blaming him for giving up on me ,the second time I was fighting the fear of loosing him to somebody else ,the third time I convinced myself in not good ,strong ,pretty ,smart enough ,that he hates being around me and I’m that we’re not equals ..and he tried change my mind but in my head he didn’t want it .overtime he became a mirror reflection of of those issues i had inside me …he ended things again and this time I feel so much relief about it all .i felt like it needed to be done to clean up all the mess I created and get a fresh start,it wasn’t for him bit for me . I wanted him back and I attracted him back every time . I’m getting good at it ,better every time and what makes it different this time is that I let the past stay in the past .i realised all the bed memories were hunting me only because I kept them alive .
    I know who I am again . Like I got myself back ,the woman I used to be . I feel pawerful . My confidence came back and see soo many amazing things about myself ..how could he now want somebody like me .?? ..
    So I’m doing it right this time ..no more fear,no more doubts ,no more questions and analising past .i love him ,I feel loves by him ,I love the magnificent relationship I’m manifesting and it feels fulfilling and amazing ,safe and certain .i know he’s mine and I know that everything else is irrelevant because it’s done .
    My question here is .. Did I experience all those relationship issues to get me to this stage where my mind is finally free ? Did u ever experience this sort of transmission in relation to Man U love ?
    I know he’ll be back ,can I have him back faster ?
    Btw .love ur blog .i wish u could post even more .xx

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    1. Dear Joanna, welcome 🙂 I am so happy you found the blog and reached out. I love your honesty and I know what it’s like to work on myself, too.
      You may have experienced all these issues to overcome them indeed. Unless we deal with our fears or doubts, all of which come from ourselves instead of other people, they will keep appearing.
      You can have him back even faster – relax completely and simply feel gratitude for being with him 🙂 Create your relationship with him in your mind. A part of you is still thinking “he’ll be back” but if you think thoughts related to “he has come back, we are together now,” know that this relationship is yours and be happy about it, he could be back even faster.
      Thank you for your great compliment 🙂 I am actually thinking of ways I could post more often, even just reporting short events during the day, all of which were my manifestations. They could all be good lessons 😀

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      1. Hi .
        This isn’t a about my relationship or my boyfriend ,well that’s in my mind done ,sometimes I get this warm sensation going through my body thinking how lucky I am ,how we are to be together ,its completely satisfying as if I’m living it already ,I kinda am .
        This one is about another successful manifestation that just happened yesterday . I do get better at it every time .
        I had a friend that disappeared from my life a few months back ..he was about to leave to another country but as I expected due to certain things I knew would lead to it he was just gone with a goodbye ,just disapeared ,cut all contacts also with me and was gone for months ..
        I didn’t try to look for him as choose not to till about a month ago ..
        I started visualising seeing him accidentally on the street ,I wanted to see him and looked every time I was out and about .I knew I’d see him eventually .
        As life goes on busy I kinda stopped thinking about it and past weeks everyone would mention his name ,ask questions about him,somebody would see someone looking similar to him ,that moment I knew it’s happening I said to everyone ,we have circle of friends ,I said he’s about to show up ,we’ll see him very soon .
        He rang yesterday . He thought I saw him on the street ,apparently I walking straight towards him ,looking straight at him .i didn’t see him ..but doesn’t matter how it happens ,I manifested him .
        I did ask what makes him come back and turned out that about a month ago he was told that if he wants get his hol he has to do it in a next three ,four weeks or it won’t happen any time soon .
        Now isn’t the universe amazing 🙂

        Sometimes I think that as soon as I forget about what I asked for I naturally get it and only realise it after I already have it .
        Can u think too much about ur desire ? Not negative thoughts just too much in general or it’s fine think about all the time and feeling it and loving the feeling ??
        Is that obsessive ??


      2. Hi! 🙂 What you’re describing is not obssessive – it just feels good to let go plus it’s something you have to do in order to receive your desire. That’s why things happen as soon as you start forgetting about them.

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      3. Thank you for your replay .
        I appreciate u took time to do so .
        It a great feeling when u can share ur thoughts with somebody that understand ..a lot of people don’t I’m not here to change their mind ,I just let them be .xx


    2. Hi Joanna,

      Thank you for sharing that you manifested your ex thrice. …wow….that is a lot of motivation for me. As that is what I am working on now…ours is an amazing relationship of being best buddies and lovers…I am sure it’s a very easy task.!


  2. This is an interesting way of perceiving resistance. It is comforting to know that resistance doesn’t at the end of the day cance out ones desire, just perhaps delay.

    Thank you.

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    1. My pleasure 🙂 And, you’re right. The Universe wants to give us everything we desire now therefore by dealing with resistance, we allow ourselves to receive our desires.


  3. I would also love to learn more about heart energy and using it for a better life, manifestations. Can heart energy be somehow connected to affirmations as well for when you can’t find the time to meditate? Adaptations of heart energy and love, perhaps? If that makes sense. 🙂


    1. Every time you feel love, you definitely send it out but when sending it to someone or something directly, you attract it or them to you fast. You can send out heart energy without having to meditate – after you try it a few times, you will be able to send it out at a moment’s notice.
      This great LoA blog is where I learned the most about heart energy – before it, I only found one source that dealt with it – and the following two articles sum it up perfectly. The first explains how it’s done and the second outlines a practice which you can see is possible to do at any time:


    1. I manifested seeing a specific person on a specific night and things like that but for relationships with people, I avoid setting dates – I just know it’s happening fast and it always does! Like you always know your ex will be back 🙂 The Universe is amazing indeed 😀 You can manifest emergency cash, for example, and other emergency things, but there’s no emergency for relationships.


  4. ..and I got one more question ..I’m wondering how us manifesting a specific person feels like to that specific person ?? Are they getting sings ? Is it their thoughts ?is something or other people bring us on their mind ?
    I think it’s an interesting question ..I never got to find an answer to that one .


    1. It’s a great question. What happens is, we put ourselves into their thoughts and intentions, if you will. This is why sending loving thoughts and energy to your specific person works so well but in order to do that, we have to truly care about them and our relationship with them 🙂 Then, that energy touches them and in different ways, they begin to respond to our intentions with the same ideas. It’s impossible to attract someone we feel negatively about.


  5. Hi…I came across your blog today and have been reading it the entire day. I am trying to manifest my ex back and marry him. We are a wonderful couple and everyone was shocked at his decision of parting with me. He also says that he cannot get anyone vetted than me but due to age difference and his family he cannot marry. I consider it to be the lamest excuse though! He is an amazing person and we love each other… would love your help on veins more positive and in the manifestation process. .

    Love and thanks


    1. Hi 🙂 Thank you so much! It sounds to me like you’re torn between the positive feelings for him and the stupidity you described around his excuse. I would imagine what life is like after getting back together. What if you could feel grateful for this amazing man you have who came back, having removed all your problems. Create an entirely new relationship that you feel GREAT about 🙂 It’s essential to feel good about it so imagine what you WANT to live. Now, you two are living this new relationship which makes the both of you happy. Try to imagine how that feels – you might not be able to now but keep trying until you do xx


  6. Hey, I’m a teen and I was wondering on how to manifest a crush who is in an relationship? I’ve never talked to someone who manifested a specific person, but could you give me pointers? They are a freshman and I’m a senior and we know each other and get a long well (we have the same interests, likes and we think alike as well). When I first met them, I wanted to be with them but due to my negativity on being perfect for them and that I wouldn’t be able to date them, I must’ve manifested them to be in an relationship with a person long distance. I want to with them, but I don’t know where to start (many LOAs websites are for adults and I’m trying to do act as if, but I don’t have an example for this) could you give me tips if possible? Thank you for your blog



    1. Hello Juan, and welcome! 😀
      LoA is about focusing on what you want to manifest, not what is happening right now. I know that it might have been difficult to not focus on the current reality in the past but today, decide that what you want is what you will receive.
      I suggest an affirmation that will remove your worries by tackling the exact area of struggle you had focused on in the past. “Thank you that we are perfect for each other” is what you can say and you will automatically be able to picture you together. Create your ideal relationship with the use of visualization, one you enjoy and feel comfortable in, and be grateful for it as if it’s yours already. Completely ignore the current reality because what we see in our minds and what we see possible for ourselves is what ends up happening in life. Everything comes from within.
      Feel love for your person, yourself and your relationship as you want it to be. Decide and know that it is yours. Ignore any negative thoughts you may have from now on and only focus on your belief that your relationship is yours already.
      Know exactly what kind of relationship you want to have with this person and feel good about it. If you feel good about any visualization of the relationship you want to have, you will manifest it fast. Just keep your focus on seeing what you want, as if you had it already, and feeling good about it.
      Effortless creation comes down to love and belief. I always tell myself that I believe the Universe will produce a miracle because that leads to feeling even more love.
      If you continuously worry about an aspect of this relationship as you visualize it, be honest with yourself about what is bothering you. You said that you found websites which target adults and mentioned your age difference at the beginning of the comment you wrote so maybe you struggle with the issue of age. What we express can say a lot about the way we feel. But don’t worry about this part – there is no difference in manifesting relationships whether you’re a teen or adult – you are to just focus on what you want, be grateful for it, know that it is yours and be as comfortable with it as you can.
      If I have decided to manifest something, I KNOW that it’s mine because I have asked for it therefore I must receive it. When you just know, no current reality or even opposing comments from other people can derail my belief. People have been taught to rely on their current realities but from now on, you can rely on your belief and trust the Universe.
      Think about how exactly you see the relationship you want to have. What do you want it to be like, to entail, and do you feel comfortable with that now? Are you happy when you think about the two of you being together?
      If you have any more questions, I’ll be happy to answer them 🙂


      1. Thank you very much. I noticed that you never mentioned anyone else but either you or me, showing that what is important is whoever is manifesting than the current reality. I’ve been worried that what I’m doing was being selfish, so I think that also hindered my manifestation. Also, it’s hard for me, to tell you the truth, to not over think things and I get stressed easily (I tend to get panic attacks to high stress when I can’t control something important to me or the current reality) so I’m doing g my best to stay positive now and to work out my stress. Thank you for getting back to me, it’s helped and I’m going to do exactly what you said. And if I have any questions, I’ll definitely ask you 🙂

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      2. Another thing. I was doing what you said in a post about asking yourself what your heart wants and I did so, but I realized that I don’t exactly feel anything, it’s weird, I know I’ve wanted this person, but now I just don’t feel anything. I naturally have less empathy than others and it’s
        Actually hard for me to connect to my heart (I’m learning how) but I’m wondering if this is natural. I’ve read that this may be a sumtptom of letting go of my desire? Or is this something else? I know I want this, but am I starting to let go or am I still not letting go of reality and accepting that we may never be together due to knowing she loved someone else currently? I’m still looking into this, but I wanted to know if you’ve ever encountered his when or if you’ve ever been in the same situation as I am thank you for answering my questions 🙂


      3. I suggest that you say to yourself that you two will be together, that it will happen and let it go. You have a good idea about how to use that lack of emotion – say to yourself that it’s a done deal and then live your life and think about other things. The lack of emotion will allow you to do that.


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