An Introduction to Keeping Relationships

One will keep their relationship in their life for as long as they love it – once we start attaching negative feelings to relationships or anything else we have, we will push them out of our realities.

I used to live my life by this principle before studying every Law of Attraction element I could learn about in depth; to me, it was natural to only “keep” the relationship I was in for as long as it felt good. I believe that some will relate to this principle while others might say they failed to realize that their relationship had stopped making them happy while they were still fighting for it.

Some simply don’t realize they have grown unhappy in their relationship. When we look at the values of society and everything we are taught as children, it is natural to think that the point of life is to commit and stay committed no matter what. Happiness seems to come second to many who preach their relationship values, using them mainly as means to an end – security, children and companionship.

You can have your dream relationship only if you love it. When you love it, you don’t need it. You have full security in it and your happiness ensures every manifestation inside it.

Some tried to tell me I should find a “suitable partner for a lasting relationship” yet none of these individuals ever wondered how I might view their relationships. Just to be clear, none were even close to what I wanted yet they were the first to offer unsolicited advice. (Why is that always the case…? I have ideas, which could turn into a whole new article.) On the other hand, those whose relationships were admirable to everyone never tried to give me advice. At most, they would say, “Keep enjoying yourself and following your heart – then, things will fall into place.”

These individuals were LoA adept whether or not they realized it. Their happy lives gave them profound wisdom.

Some think that the idea of eventually growing unhappy in their marriages yet staying in them is natural and necessary. “That’s how it goes,” they say, making me feel sorry for them. A glitch happens when they expect life to work this way, everyone settling for less than what they want, yet their relationships lasting. I hate to break it to them but at least some of their partners will wake up, realize they deserve happiness and improve their lives, even if it means leaving their current relationships. Those who truly desire to be happy will make it happen.

If one truly desires to be happy in their current or a new relationship, they will make it happen.

If you desire to be happier in your relationship but are clueless on where to start, start with yourself. Our relationships are either a reflection of our best selves or our deepest fears – once you become courageous enough to deal with all your fears, you will produce a life full of happiness. Going through life focused on your fears will produce more of them.

The feelings we emit create our awareness and manifest back to us.

Now… How does it feel to go through life (and your relationship) with positive convictions?

Once finding your inner happiness, you will be going through life with an unprecedented lightness. You will seemingly be made happy by everything you see, hear, smell, taste and touch, just like you should be. You will almost never worry, relying on your happiness, belief, even focus, in the moments the scales could tip in either direction.

I am always happy and often excited – this is what lightness means to me. You will recognize your lightness not only in your heart but also, in your personal expression. It can be similar or different to mine – only you know how you act when you feel truly happy and light and no matter what that is, everyone around you can sense your ease.

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