Questions to Your Specific Relationship

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Have you ever focused on a specific person so much that you felt them looking for you, too?

This is a common experience with a relationship manifestation, whether or not you are aware of it. When holding specific feelings for another, loving them as well as the said feelings, you are going to evoke the same in them.

When any of us realizes we like someone new, there is little thinking as to why. Things either seem to have perfectly aligned or taken us completely by surprise – either way, we know what we want when we want it without much thought put towards why we want it.

Whenever I was fascinated with a man, he was with me, too. Whenever I rendered him insufficient, he didn’t feel entirely comfortable with me either, regardless of the specific reasons. There is no room for ego when it comes to energy flow – what we give equals everything we receive.

If this concept reads confusing to you, let me explain. Feeling that someone is perfect yet being desperate to be with them means you are aware that a relationship with them is missing from your life. However, if you feel that another is perfect for you and are genuinely happy about it, excited for the current phase of your life without them to end and a new one with them to begin, happily making space for them in your home or taking any other action you relate to your relationship, you are aware that this relationship is the right life path for you.

Are you ready to abandon the current phase of your life without your specific person and be their partner from now on? Are you ready to include them into various aspects of your life?

Several times, I knew that the relationship with someone I had chosen to be with was happening unstoppably but since I had failed to feel 100% comfortable with it every time, I would leave all these relationships fast. I knew I had them but I also knew I didn’t want to keep them. Do you see the difference?

What are some of the reasons one might feel negatively about their specific person?

Do you truly believe you can make your specific person happy? If experiencing feelings of guilt, ask yourself why. Do you believe your person can make you happy but aren’t sure if you can provide the same to them?

Do you have any history left to forgive?

What we focus on is what we continue to receive. The way in which we view another will perpetuate until our point of view is transformed.

When you know that a specific relationship is yours, you are able to let it go effortlessly in order to manifest and feel nothing but happiness.

Published by Nina Grdic

Life coach, writer, lifelong traveler, music lover and confidence/positivity/Law of Attraction expert.

4 thoughts on “Questions to Your Specific Relationship

  1. We truly are all one 😉 Always perfect on time haha
    I want to put two things into this, which might be interested for all the other people here seeking advice to “reconsile” with someone”

    1. What I personally experienced, is that once I decide something and let go, it will come to me. However if I keep thinking about it and think about other possibilities (and also I feel much stronger about this, even though this is actually BS, since we all can chose how we want to feel about something), the other possibilities come true. And they all become objectified in our reality. So yes we should be careful about what we think, or rather if we revise and when. But then we can always chose our own end and once you put manifesting and revising into your right direction it will all come to you. Im not quite the master of this yet myself, but everyday Im getting better. Its just a stupid habit. (just like thinking positive all the time is impossible… we are the limits we put on ourselves.)

    2. This is hard to explain for me now. When I started “manifesting” this amazing dream relationship with my dream wife :D, my mind and also the way I reacted said “shit im never gonna get her back, its so hopeless, what should I do, how should I do it, it’s impossible”. Well, I always believed I am a superhero an everything is possible. And lately those moments do come back, especially when she blocked me and now I literally move 9000 km away, but my heart is dominated saying “you know what you saw, you fucking grateful for that wonderful relationship, you know why you want her and why she makes you happy, so just relax and know she and you are exactly what is” and in that moment I relax and I know, once those moments of “damn its still not objectified, what to do” disappear (and they will because gratefulness, happiness and love is so much stronger!), this amazing relationship will be objectified. I don’t think I got it from this blog, but that quote should do it: “I have assumed I am the one I want to be. I am still assuming I am, and I will continue to assume I am until that which I have assumed is objectively realized.”

    I know this all sounds pretty easy and you probably heard that a thousand times already, but understanding that with that “oh yeah this is actually pretty easy, now I understand” that’s what we need to experience or rather feel. 🙂
    If you want more details, I am glad to help.
    Isn’t it kinda cool we have this kind of community here!?

    I’m sorry if my writing is always a bit messed up… 😀
    Next time I should put it into lyrics, that’s my area ;D

    Much love to everyone! You can do it!

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  2. Hi . Your posts were a great read I feel they solve and answer a lot of questions .
    A got a few questions in relation to my specific person manifestation .it’s not like I feel stuck or uncertain but I definitely got inpatient inpatient that I expect miracles to happen right now ,inpatient enough to wonder how to make it happen or speed it up .im looking for ways to contact him.i contact him for no other reason but just to see if something has changed .
    I visualise us being together and the way I want us to be and does feel good but it’s almost as if I’m doing it to get it done ,like I’m pushing it and force it .
    How much visualisation is enough ? Every day ? Now and them ?when we it crosses our mind itself ?
    I go about my day feeling like we are a couple again but he’s just away at the moment ,I plan weekends together and dinners in my head .i comes very normal to me at this point as if the thought of him is always on my mind .
    Is that the way it should be ?
    At the same time I sense that i wanna just relax about him and focus on other things but at the same time I m like what if I haven’t done enough to manifest it ?? Is my work here fully done ?? I decided I want it ,I feel it’s mine ,belongs to me . Can I just let it go and forget about it because it’s done ?

    I hope it’s not too much to ask ..imagine that ur me ..want ur ex boyfriend to come back and u want relationship to work out perfectly this time .you and him are friendly but live separate lives . It’s been him decision to part ways a week ago ,he doesn’t want it but u do that is it .
    How would u do it ?
    Step by step ..😊


    1. I definitely advise to drop the impatience because by sinking into it, you are perpetuating the feeling of not having your relationship yet. Instead, you want to feel like you have the relationship now – feel relaxed, certain, confident and fulfilled, visualize when it comes to you naturally and be happy that you’re together. That is excellent creation energy. Also, indulge in other things in life that make you happy, whatever they may be. Treat yourself, pamper yourself and remind yourself of how much you have in your life. Appreciate everything and everyone in your life. Do the things that make you feel good – mine range from pampering myself and my family and friends to donating to charity. Think about what you genuinely love, what makes you feel good and what makes you feel grateful for your life.
      I would ignore what he said and stop focusing on the fact that there are two separate lives involved. That would only perpetuate the separation. Instead, create the ideal life with him in your mind and be happy that you are together, living it right now. Feel grateful for it 🙂
      Those are the only steps involved. You already know you got him back in the past and you know you can do it again. However, this time you’ll allow him to feel what a happy and a loving person you are.
      So, two main ideas – you’re a couple and you are a wonderful person worthy of her dreams. Feel it. I know you can do it!


      1. Thanks for replying 😊.
        I do have a lot of success with law of attraction in other areas in my life but somehow stuggle with the things I consider most important ,well probably that is why I struggle 😉
        It’s nice to get a little support from someone who understant.
        Thank you .

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