The Raise in Vibration Extras

A raise in vibration causes us to pick up extra money, desirable circumstances, opportunities and people on the road to our desires. Once arrived (to the feeling of the wish fulfilled), the sheer enjoyment of having your desire in your life can attract even more of the same or other very favorable perks.

Have you ever felt like you had no one in your life at all but at different times, you had several suitors at once? Or, just when you found someone who made you happy, everyone else was lining up to do the same? This is a classic case. Once finding another, that one person you’d been harboring feelings for suddenly seems to want to be your dream come true.

That happens because…

Happiness brings out our value. The feelings of happiness cause us to act and feel like a person of value, rendering the same image of ourselves in another’s eyes.

As a woman, I have observed many times over that men are attracted to women of value. When value is within a woman unconditionally, it doesn’t matter who she used to be or what she did in life. All that matters lies in who she is right now. With the Law of Attraction, all that matters is how you feel right now – all we have to work with is this very moment.

Since manifesting entails enjoying the feeling of the wish fulfilled before your desire appears, others are sometimes hooked along the way before you physically arrive to your specific person. Then, you have a choice to either continue to energetically pursue your end goal or decide that another person you’ve “picked up” along the way is your new choice, you true heart’s desire.

Has this ever happened to you?

Once faced with the choice, it is only positive if it truly comes from the heart. If you wake up one day and realize that the person you thought you wanted isn’t the one and never will be enough for you, you have made a decision from the heart. They will realize how you feel but that’s OK – this is life. On the other hand, if you opt for another because you think you could never have your specific person of choice, this is a decision made out of negativity or sadness and you risk attracting more of the same into other areas of your life. You have already settled and that decision in your subconscious will ensure even more settling in the future, unless you love or truly begin to appreciate what you have. However, if you know that this isn’t what you want, no amount of affirmations will convince you otherwise.

Have you ever settled for less simply because they were an easier choice? Compromised what you truly desired because you felt undeserving of it, fearing you would lose it soon after obtaining it…?

On the other hand, have you ever truly found better?

There is another way of receiving even more you asked for – receiving even more magic than you asked for in the specific desire you have manifested. When this happens, one feels deeply blessed.

Believe that you can have everything you wanted, and more.

You must be aware of how you feel right now. Thinking you’ll be happy “Once I get there” shows you still don’t believe you are there. If your sense of value is high, your actions will reflect it. You will be motivated to give a lot. You will be happy every day. You will refuse to feel any negativity towards your specific person/relationship, knowing you are receiving the life of your dreams with them because that is the only possibility.

Then, you will get everything you want and more.


  1. This really speaks to me.

    It happens all the time! And it happens in 3s. Three people show interest at a time. When I was with my specific someone, just like you said there were many who showed interest.

    I am sure about my desire because even though I have met people who might seem better than my bf and are really attractive or even a package with every quality, I always feel that I wouldn’t trade my guy for any one else.

    Today after a long time I was feeling good about my desire. Maybe I was generally in a high vibrational space. So I took that opportunity to think of my desired relationship with my someone, being with him and our life together and was grateful for it. Because I know lately it hasn’t been great for me. The ‘believe’ bit got a bit difficult, and I’ve probably commented before about that on your recent posts.

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