The Alignment Experience

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    1. It will – believe it’s yours unconditionally and draw your happiness from that notion 🙂 Try it and let me know how it goes!


  1. It’s been a while since I’ve post a comment here but have always been an active follower to your blog Nina. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and insights on LOA. I discovered LOA because I wanted to attracted someone specific back in my life (he is not here yet and has blocked me off on whatsapp) but what I wanted to share are some of the things that have happened during my process of attracting him back.
    I have set many dates as to when he should come back to me but none of them manifested. The closes one that has happened was the most recent date I set back in May. What happened as the date approach was as I believe the universe trying to align things for me. I recalled asking for signs to see one of his friends. I saw him twice in two consecutive days. The first time I saw him I thought it was too much of a coincidence and he and I worked close by then I asked I want to see him again but somewhere else. Well I saw him the next day after work in the subway station (I’ve never bumped into him before let alone after work when everyone in my city end of day office hours are different).
    Another thing I’ve asked was to see a specific letter which was meaningful to me and from a source I’ve never seen before. Well I did see it and one of the strangest thing was a folder that I’ve named that letter at work (which has stuff about us in it) that I have deleted a while back suddenly popped back up out of nowhere and it was close to the date that I wanted him back. That folder remained on my computer and disappeared again shortly after my requested date.
    On the day that I wanted him back. Nothing happened but I did see (and not on purpose) synchronicity 111, 222, etc every time I looked at the clock.
    Another strange thing that happened not relating to the above but a visualization that I did was imagining us together with matching sunglasses – a very specific pair that I currently have which I would like him to have as well. Well weird thing is that shortly, after I’ve stopped and forgotten about the visualization, he posted somewhere a picture of himself with that very specific pair of sunglasses!!!
    I haven’t done anything lately as I feel like I should let go and live life though deep down I do want him but yet I should keep it open him or someone else.

    Question I have is have you ever worried that attracting someone back interferes with their course of life? Their fate? Or someone may be hurt or something bad may happened just so what we want (ie specific someone) our manifestation to come true.

    And what are you thoughts on pychics and tarot cards and horoscopes and Loa?


    1. Hi again! 🙂 Thank you for reading and reaching out. I must observe, from your comment, you’re focusing on “attracting” him back instead of “being” with him already. The Universe is trying to help you out which is why you’re seeing signs but you have to be open to having this relationship in your life already. When you set a date, you have to believe it’s yours and let it go while being happy with your life in the meantime. Also, worrying about what he is thinking and whether you’re interfering with his life shows you’re not aligned with him or with your desired relationship. If you keep looking for where and when it’ll manifest, that shows that you believe you don’t have it yet. Don’t think about what he’s thinking but instead, be happy that you’re already together, happy together and be confident that you can create magic for both of you and your relationship.
      You don’t feel entirely good about the relationship yet and in order to attract him back, you must feel good about it.
      I honestly never wanted to attract anyone back into my life. All my people were new but always specific people and at the same time, this doesn’t matter. It’s about picking a specific person and creating something new with them, regardless of who they are, where they are or your mutual history.
      Psychics can be good at reading your current energy so that you see what you are attracting right now. Then, if you don’t like it, you can change your thoughts, feelings and attract new things 🙂


      1. Thanks for your reply Nina! May I clarify what you mean by setting a date and believe that it’s yours and let go? Do you mean as in know that I will have him back by x date and just live my life happily and freely (and not think about him but if I do its all good thoughts)?
        Actually I feel good about us being together but not in the attraction part. But I think I sort of understand now.
        But regardless nowadays I’ve been feeling really good. I don’t know how to explain this feeling but it’s just filled with goodness. I know that he is not in my life and I want him but yet I’m still ok with my current state and happy and okay with him coming back (#1 priority) or someone else coming in my life. And when I think about him randomly it feels good. And it’s weird I have this feeling or expectation that he is coming back. Is this the letting go process?

        Lastly, I would like to thank you so much for writing these posts it’s helped me so much in every aspects of my life. It puts me in a more relaxed state and joy just basically pure good feelings. Not only does it make me feel better. I look better too!:) thank you Nina!

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      2. That’s exactly what I mean 🙂 You don’t even have to set the date if you don’t want to but if it makes you feel happier, do it.
        When you know your desire belongs to you already, you naturally relax. Know that your desire is yours despite outer appearances – we create everything from within.
        Your thoughts are positive right now so keep them that way. Thank you so much for your amazing words – I am thrilled that you started to feel even better about yourself 😀 That very energy produces happiness and attracts your desires to you. You know what to do and I look forward to your good news!


  2. Hi Nina,
    I love the concept of quantum leaps/quantum jumping.
    Do you have anymore personal stories regarding this? It is a very interesting concept which I don’t think many people really experience and it would be great to understand more (as much as can be as its a tricky topic I believe)


    1. Actually, I experience bits of it often.
      Once, I manifested seeing a specific person on a specific night. This was a night on the town and when I went into a specific bar simply because I felt like it, I felt this person’s presence in the room even though they weren’t there. I started to think that this was the place I would run into them. Suddenly, their friends started showing up one by one but only our mutual friends/acquaintances until the person followed. It was amazing.
      Another time, I manifested contact with a specific person and could suddenly smell their perfume. I was just at home but could feel this for a second or two. They messaged me a couple of hours later.
      Several times, I felt the heart energy of a specific person right before they contacted me for whatever reason. I guess that example is a bit different but still close.
      Once, I asked the Universe to feel my reality shifting. I felt physical sensations, tingles for example, or an earthquake-like sensation. I could suddenly see myself elsewhere and with other people even though I was in a completely different location in my “current reality.” It would always manifest.
      Sometimes, my visualizations are so clear that they equate a quantum jump because they manifest about 80% exactly as I visualized. I still try to figure out what kind of feelings those visualizations entail when they manifest so clearly – it’s a combination of openness, readiness and love for a specific desire but even more than love, the unstoppable feeling of it manifesting now and being irreversibly connected to it.
      When I feel specific events coming that repeat throughout a lifetime, the air outside always smells a specific way. Every time I moved countries, the air was fresh as if I were in the mountains. Every time I received a significant amount of money, it was cold outside and looked like it was about to start raining but it never did! Every time I am about to start a new relationship, the air outside smells like spring even if it’s snowing. That is how I know what is about to happen at that moment. When an event is about to happen with a specific person involved, I know what it is only sometimes but even when the event itself is hard to predict, I feel their presence and I feel that I am with them even if I am alone in the room.
      Every time I manifest a specific person and visualize something involving them, I feel their presence already.
      There are a few examples here as well:
      I know that some of these examples resemble those included in the article but I love them and I am open to such transitions.


  3. Hi Nina,

    Like I mentioned, I’ve been re-reading a lot of your old articles. This one struck a chord, with me but with regards to my negative manifestations. Every time, I’ve manifested this guy back, especially after seeing him after a long time…. I always get a bad feeling after. He either loses interest, and stops being caring etc. like this time, when we were saying good bye at the airport, I said, “hope to see you again soon ” he responded in a kind of dry tone “we’ll be in touch”. It made me feel off and then of course, that feeling grew into a worse feeling over the course of the next few days where he didn’t reach out at all. Yesterday, I reached out to wish him a happy Valentine’s Day, and ask how his family was and he responded, but they were short two word responses. Like ” u two” and “thank you”

    I started to feel a lot of anxiety because I feel like he’s taking steps back. I know that LOA says I will create what I believe, but what about intuition like what you talk about in this post? I feel that my anxiety is actually my intuition telling me that he’s doing it again. I know I’m not supposed to let myself get upset at these things, I just don’t understand how someone keeps going so hot and cold all the time. It really hurts me and makes it harder for me to imagine us together when he acts like this. I still love him, but I don’t like the way I feel sometimes after he does these things.

    I think a challenge in applying these techniques is that it doesn’t factor in the hurt and beliefs that happen over a lot of time. Like you mentioned once, you’ve never wanted to manifest a relationship with someone you have a bad history with. Maybe manifesting a specific person is easy when you have no history or past that your trying to correct. Because you have a fresh start to create with.

    How do you really go about forgiving and forgetting history with someone?


    1. To me, the answer to forgiveness is feeling good about yourself.
      I have also had annoying experiences with men because after a while, I would be bored in the relationship and with the man in question. This happened over and over in the past but I was always feeling great about myself, honest with myself and then, I saw how my energy caused those instances. Then, I had a choice to keep going or break up. However, had I not felt that good about myself, I would have thought those negative events and the relationship coming to the place of either continuing or ending was a big deal. Feeling good about yourself allows you to see which disagreements are valid and which are simply your hurt ego, making it easy for you to objectively evaluate your feelings. Then, you simply know where you had the right to be upset and where you just wanted him to act the way it makes you happy instead of letting him be himself.
      To be an amazing partner, you simply have to feel that you are amazing. There is no other way. Once you feel THAT good about yourself without him, you can be with him. Feeling that good about yourself also removes the neediness for him, his reactions and the relationship, allowing them to manifest. He cannot come in and fix your entire mood and life. You already have to feel great about yourself and not need him in order for him to manifest.
      Right now, you feel the need because you want him to apologize, make it right and make your relationship happen. However, you have to forgive yourself first. Being upset with him on some level means being upset with yourself because you allowed him to treat you that way. This is why it all starts with forgiving yourself. Who cares about the past?
      It is also easy to forgive when you know that we all do things for different reasons. You don’t know why he had made all the negative moves he did in the past but does it really matter? You can’t see him in a positive light if you keep reliving your past experiences with him.
      Since everything mirrors, I also believe that focusing on the negative in someone else means focusing on the negative in yourself. You see him behaving in a way you dislike meaning you see everything about yourself that you don’t like, in this case feeling that you don’t have the relationship yet and feeling that he doesn’t see you as someone he would choose. You have to start feeling good about yourself without his approval because otherwise, things can’t change.


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