Getting Started with Heart Energy

It’s been a while since I discussed the difference between the mind and heart energies in depth. My learning process of the two continued nonetheless, leading me to several ideas on showing others how to connect with their own heart’s energy field.

I once read that the energies of heart and mind were two completely different energies – this idea rang true to me immediately.

To get started with heart energy, listen to your body’s reactions. Listen to which ideas you love.

When manifesting something new in life, one’s mind will answer with resistance. When this happens, ask yourself, “What is my heart saying?” Your heart will automatically remind you of the ideas you love and the reality you would simply love to live, the one you are creating. Listen to the ideas coming from the area around your heart and its energy field.

Recently, I wrote that resisting resistance is the essence of resistance itself. Listening to the limited ideas of the mind which only attempts to protect us from harm is blocking our heart’s desires from coming into our realities.

I created all my former relationships with heart energy, and then allowed them to dissolve with the mind. When I’d realize that my heart was failing to connect with a specific person after a certain period of having a relationship, I always allowed this acknowledgment to lead me towards a breakup in the fastest way possible. Usually, this way was contained in an utter mental switch on my end, causing the need to run like the wind and reconnect with my freedom as soon as possible, effectively taking the initiative to end the relationship myself.

I would produce heart energy for as long as it was effortless. Then, I would allow my mind energy to end my relationship.

Today, my heart and mind are aligned. My heart leads while my mind follows. Today, I work through any resistance with heart energy, even when it isn’t effortless. If I truly desire something and love it, I feel that it is worth experiencing. I send heart energy to it until it becomes effortless. In my experience, this process is always short.

Heart energy truly opens us up to higher frequencies and enables us to let go of our desires naturally in order for them to manifest. Filling up your desires with heart energy literally means fully experiencing the sensation of being exactly where you wish to be, love flowing through you. It means going from thinking about your desires to living them and being endlessly happy about it. This feeling can be produced on command by purposefully sending heart energy to your desires.

If you’re willing to try it, I encourage an exercise. When thinking about your desire and experiencing resistance towards it from your mind, suggesting why you should stay away from the said desire, ask yourself, “What does my heart say?”

Then, listen. Your heart will reflect what you want. You will start to feel love for your desire. After that, say, “Thank you that I get to live my dream.” With that, you will feel the Universe giving you your desire instead of trying to manifest it yourself. You will stop wondering what you are doing wrong and when your desire will manifest. You will feel like you have it already.


  1. Hi Nina, thank you for another great post. You should write a book on the LOA. Does heart energy feel light and almost like a feeling of excitement around the heart area? Also do we trust that sensation rather than allowing the mind to take over?
    Thank you

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    1. Dear Marina,
      Thank you so much. I am planning to write a book and I think the time for it will come very soon 🙂 Heart energy feels the way you described indeed and it can also produce the same kind of lightness/almost tingles throughout your body once it starts to expand beyond the heart area. Once we feel it, we can direct it towards our desires and other people.
      Trust that sensation and your desires because even if you change your mind later and decide that your desire isn’t what you want after all, the way to conclude that is through expanding heart energy and achieving the feeling of having your desire. When a mind attempts to introduce reasons as to why you shouldn’t go for what you want, they are usually false because our minds try to protect us. However, by expanding heart energy, you will achieve a greater state of consciousness, allowing you to connect with everything you are and what you want.
      Direct your heart energy towards the people and the desires you want to see manifested in your life – you will know that what you want is yours and IF you change your mind about anyone or anything, you will also know that. Heart energy allows us to experience everything we want.

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  2. Hi Nina,
    I’m hoping you can help me with explaining heart energy & the sensations of it. I’ve read all the information I can on it & have so many different energies running through my body I think I’ve confused myself.
    Some articles say fill your heart with fire & light from below & expand it out & I can do that no problems but that feels like a different kind of love like light & airy floating rather than the emotional feeling kind of love from deep within your heart. I can feel that type too expand through my body but that doesn’t seem to fill my heart up & expand much. It’s more the feeling of really loving something going from my heart through my body.
    I hope this makes some kind of sense & any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thankyou sooo much!


    1. I understand what you mean but try to see it this way – when you think about something and KNOW you love it, even love it with all your heart, and the thought of living it makes you feel warmth around your heart, emotion and automatic gratitude, you are sending heart energy. You are also allowing heart energy to fill up your entire being.
      Then, send it towards your ideal reality or the person you are manifesting and KNOW that it is touching them. If you decide that it is, it will. Soon, your heart will be and stay open. You will be able to feel its energy, feel the best you ever have about yourself and direct it anywhere you desire. Every negative thought you might have will be false and you’ll know it. It happened to me – one day, it was as if my heart opened up, as if it was liberated.


  3. Thankyou so much for your help. That makes sense. I think I’m probably also trying too hard instead of just allowing. I think it’s the Virgo in me. Haha!
    I really appreciate the time you take to answer all our questions. It means a lot.
    Thankyou again!

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  4. Hi Nina,

    First, I’d like to thank you for all of the incredible advice and love you have shown me and all of your blog readers. I enjoy coming here everyday and reading the questions from other readers as well as your responses.

    So, I’ve been trying to take a little break from visualizing, etc. over the past couple of weeks, because it was a little hard with all of the holiday parties, etc. Plus, I had been having a hard time doing these things anyway.

    Here is my issue: I don’t know if you would call it depression, because I don’t have an overwhelming feeling of sadness or anything like that, but for the past couple of months, I find it hard to get excited about anything or connect to heart energy. I feel like my desires and dreams fell far away from me a long time ago, especially anything having to do with the romance area of my life. I loved/love a special person in my life, through which the situations and circumstances with him really made me question myself. I know that you would probably say that the relationship actually reflected back to me what I thought of myself… but I feel that if anything the things I think about myself have gotten worse. Now, I’m feeling much older, and less attractive than ever, and its really hard to believe that I’ll be able to attract someone I love anytime.

    I also haven’t been excited about anyone in a long time either. I know that I still care for and love my special person, but I feel stuck in my place of life right now. I try what you’ve recommended, saying the opposite to myself (I am loved, I am adored, I am happy), but I just don’t feel it, and it seems to make the problems feel much stronger.

    What can I do, and what do you recommend to someone when they are not excited about anything anymore? Dont’ feel a desire anymore, don’t feel romantic love?

    Thank you,


    1. Thank you SO much, that is so sweet of you!
      I honestly believe the entire problem lies in feeling poorly about yourself and your life which is why you cannot picture anyone else in it. However, I am sure there are at least a few things you like or even love about yourself and your life. If you just focused on them (which will be successful because it’s based on your true feelings right now), you will discover more and more things you love about yourself, your life and soon, someone else you would love to see in it. Let it all go and focus on what you love now – you will believe your feelings, so to speak.
      LoA is always about YOU and your feelings about yourself. You need to rebuild your confidence based on what you have and then, even more will appear 🙂 Believe me!
      You can do this xxxx


  5. Hi Nina,
    Just doing some reading on your blog as it always inspires me!
    An update of where I am. I dropped my love at the airport today for her big trip (3 weeks) we spent the last 2 days together and we were very cuddly, close and had a blast (no kissing or intimacy though which is a block I need to work on). She was also getting jealous about me going out for drinks the other week when she was also away, she kept bringing it up and saying I bet you’re going to be catching lots of Ubers and going out when I’m gone. (She said jealously is how she knows she cares) We also stayed up last night till the early hours as she didn’t want to sleep (She also did this in the past on Sunday nights as it was out last night together for the week, and this is the first time she has done this in years!!)
    She ended up messaging me until she needed to switch her phone off on the plane. I’m so determined and I believe that her trip away will be good for us. By the end of 3 weeks we will be back together and solid and I will be moving into her place. I’ve never wanted this more, the last 2 days were amazing and I want more and more of this goodness. I can’t wait to pick her up in 24 days and I am looking forward to our relationship evolving.
    I will keep sending her love, heart energy and just be happy! Will keep visualising and be grateful for everything that is happening!

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    1. Beautiful! 😀 I’m so happy to hear that! I am also thrilled that you once again saw how fast things can change once your thoughts and feelings change 😀 And, thank you for calling the blog inspiring!


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