Why Is It So Easy?

2 thoughts on “Why Is It So Easy?”

  1. Hey! That was an amazing post!

    I’ve been struggling for days with a situation. I had a fight with my very best friend. She said things that made me very upset… I said bad things to her too. But after all I said sorry and I was expecting the same from her. But she didn’t say anything. She said the opposite… She said I was the wrong one and that I had no idea how she was thinking of me now.
    Well, last Sunday we went to a wedding together but we could tell that we were not that good to each other. At the end of the party, I went to her place to help with something and I thought we were getting okay again. Monday I texted her and she didn’t answer, Tuesday the same, I texted her to tell about my job interview and she didn’t answer. Today I texted again to tell about my other interview and she just replied: “Good luck”. That was all.
    How do I use the loa to get back to the normal with my best friend?


    1. Thank you Sam!
      When it comes to your situation, feel gratitude for your amazing relationship with your best friend and trust that this is yours. Send her heart energy but never have specific expectations for each day – let it go completely and allow the Universe to manifest your desire. In the meantime, stay happy and trust that you have what you want 🙂
      You can do this!


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