The Meaning of Dreams (In Short)

8 thoughts on “The Meaning of Dreams (In Short)”

  1. Coincidently (or not :)) I have been thinking about my dreams of late. I especially was trying not to analyse the one I had last night because it was regarding my specific desire and was disturbing me all night. But I do realise that it was simply a repressed thought from my day yesterday, because I noticed an update showing me that the person has travelled far albeit for work and pleasure. I suppose it’s a natural thought to worry when the desire seems to be heading away rather than arriving/ receiving. This thought was repressed during my day and manifested as a dream last night.

    So, this post is exactly what I needed to reaffirm my thought that it meant nothing. Even though some believe a dream is a sign, I believe it can be purely a subconscious display.


    1. I know you know this and that you saw the update accidentally but just for a little extra motivation, don’t worry where the person is or what they are doing, just feel happy about your dream relationship with them 🙂 I say, be happy about this trip because they’ll only find a ton of reminders of you on it!


  2. Just to let you know for fun, the soundtrack to the movie Halloween was playing in my dream last night – that shows you they rarely have anything to do with one’s conscious desires 🙂


    1. Thanks Nina. 🙂
      I like that perspective.

      Lately I don’t even worry about getting my person. Partially because I have now left it to the universe and believe in it, but I also find that I don’t feel the need… That life goes on and I am happy nonetheless.

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  3. Ok.. So what do you make of this, funny thing happened. I just woke up and my dream towards the morning had rhinos in it. I wake up and see this msg on a group chat and it’s a poster of rhinos.


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