The Meaning of Dreams (In Short)

I rarely think about this aspect of life but last night’s odd dreams I experienced prompted me to say a few words.

I know some who live by their dreams in many ways, taking them seriously and often as a compass. I never do – I merely allow my subconscious mind show me the thoughts I’m unaware of when having them. I rarely experience my dreams in detail but they tend to make themselves clear during the transitional periods of my life. Dreams are indicators of our where our subconscious minds are, allowing our limiting thoughts to surface and therefore, be resolved.

Dreaming is not a manifestation time – at most, it is the time during which signs can appear.

As a sign of an upcoming manifestation, one could ask for their dreams to reflect their desires. However, this still doesn’t mean that dreams decide in which direction a life will go – that is up to you and your state of awareness.

Dreams can be very useful in allowing limiting beliefs to appear and therefore, be resolved once we know where exactly the problem lies.

When dreams reflect one’s limiting beliefs, this is an indication that they’ve been given power with the help of one’s feelings. This is nothing to be alarmed about, as it is only a reminder to change one’s thoughts.

There are those who take their dreams too seriously – they tend to believe that everything seen during their sleep is to be taken as literal prophecy. This idea goes back to our dreams not being a deterministic reflection of our faith but alerting us to our undesirable thoughts instead. Thoughts can change any second, allowing less than desirable ones to leave and be replaced by the positive.

To be continued.


  1. Coincidently (or not :)) I have been thinking about my dreams of late. I especially was trying not to analyse the one I had last night because it was regarding my specific desire and was disturbing me all night. But I do realise that it was simply a repressed thought from my day yesterday, because I noticed an update showing me that the person has travelled far albeit for work and pleasure. I suppose it’s a natural thought to worry when the desire seems to be heading away rather than arriving/ receiving. This thought was repressed during my day and manifested as a dream last night.

    So, this post is exactly what I needed to reaffirm my thought that it meant nothing. Even though some believe a dream is a sign, I believe it can be purely a subconscious display.


    1. I know you know this and that you saw the update accidentally but just for a little extra motivation, don’t worry where the person is or what they are doing, just feel happy about your dream relationship with them 🙂 I say, be happy about this trip because they’ll only find a ton of reminders of you on it!


  2. Just to let you know for fun, the soundtrack to the movie Halloween was playing in my dream last night – that shows you they rarely have anything to do with one’s conscious desires 🙂


    1. Thanks Nina. 🙂
      I like that perspective.

      Lately I don’t even worry about getting my person. Partially because I have now left it to the universe and believe in it, but I also find that I don’t feel the need… That life goes on and I am happy nonetheless.

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  3. Ok.. So what do you make of this, funny thing happened. I just woke up and my dream towards the morning had rhinos in it. I wake up and see this msg on a group chat and it’s a poster of rhinos.


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