Are You Enough?

Do you find the person you desire brilliant, fascinating, inordinately interesting or exceptionally intelligent and therefore consider yourself unworthy of being in a relationship with them? Do you believe they could effortlessly love you just as you are or do you feel that you have to improve yourself in order to be with them?

If you were to find or do something that makes you feel brilliant therefore becoming perceived as such, would you feel worthy of being with the person you desire?

This particular issue occasionally appears with those who feel almost as much admiration as they do love for the person they desire.

Some resist manifesting the person they desire due to feeling unworthy of being in a relationship with them. Their specific person may be successful, self-confident, intelligent, fascinating or attractive to them on the level they deem themselves below, having possibly grown up differently, nurturing different personality traits or currently living a different lifestyle.

If you feel good about yourself, the one you desire will feel the same about you. Every problem you perceive as an obstacle to the relationship of your dreams is a reflection of you and you alone; the person you desire may not even agree with your limiting beliefs, hold those same beliefs or want what you think they want in another. Your limiting thoughts might be completely unrelated to the thoughts or desires of the one you want, only showing that you two are not aligned just yet and therefore, still apart instead of being together.

This is exactly why your negative thoughts are false – they come out of fear instead of a loving, relaxed place. When relaxed, we see things clearly.

In order to resolve the issue of self-degradation, one must feel worthy of their loved one already – you already know this. If you feel confused about specific steps to take, let’s go over a few ideas.

1. Every single individual on the planet is unique, irreplaceable and worthy of respect. 

You may feel that some are more special than others but it is their self-perception that makes them stand out. Those who believe they are simply not enough to be considered special fall into the background, thinking that others were just born lucky.

Until you make yourself believe you are special and worthy of all the happiness you deserve, your dream life will continue to wait for you but will not make its way to you. Loving and appreciating yourself for everything you are, knowing you can add anything you desire to your life, is going to lead you to your dream life effortlessly.

You must feel worthy in order to believe that you can provide something irreplaceable to the person of your dreams… And the good news is, you already are. Own that feeling!

2. Nobody’s perfect. 

Truth be told, I don’t exactly know what this phrase means – I either want someone or I don’t. If the one I have my eyes on happens to be lacking important qualities I look for in a man, I move on.

Does perfection consist of possessing all the qualities one wants in a partner or just the most important ones? Does it consist of possessing the character traits one needs as a man or a woman, whether they’re aware of it or not?

Does it mean possessing all of the qualities one is looking for, both important and less so? What happens if one’s taste changes?

As you can see, perfection is a relative term.

However, one can use the phrase of “Nobody’s perfect” to their advantage when it comes to clearing their energy.

If you feel that nobody’s perfect, not even the person you might be idealizing, you will be able to relax and stop looking at yourself as if you were below them. Everyone possesses likeable as well as unlikable traits, the impressive and the annoying.

It is the way one carries themselves in every context that is truly attractive. It is their energy, what they project and how they perceive themselves that makes them the one you desire.

Once you start feeling good about yourself (and your relationship with them), they will see you the same way.

Are you enough?

Yes. You are. Own that feeling! And, be grateful.


  1. Damn, im baffled.
    I knew I was standing in my own way of this, and that I have to love me the way I am. Not that I don’t, but for me it was always up to a limit? If that makes sense, more like “Somehow I can’t feel enough love”, but I believe this is the key. I do tell myself, e.g. if im working out “she will think I look so good when I got there” But this implies Im not there yet, so even if she will out of the blue unblock or write me, it will not work out, because im not on the same level yet. I did know that, but now you just shoved that right into my face. Thank you.
    Really I can only say thank you so much. Even just reading your posts, you are such a good writer!
    Actually I have been rereading your old posts, but not just reading but applying the little things in there, only step by step, still in the process of it, but after applying and feeling lots of love, someone who’s answer I expect for a long time, wrote me right after that, felt so happy. Also applied other things and they worked. I really feel so grateful to read the words you put/shove into my reality. Thank you πŸ™‚

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    1. You are most welcome! πŸ™‚ I am so thrilled to hear all of it and so proud of you! πŸ˜€ You are an immensely loving person and that’s inspiring xx


  2. Hi there,

    I have been working on a new relationship with my ex for a long time now and I feel so doubtful. I have spent the better half of a year trying to use the LOA to bring this relationship to me but nothing has happened. She won’t respond to my three texts since our falling out. I miss her terribly and I feel that I have just spent this past year falling in deeper and I am so afraid to let go. I am really sad today and I don’t know what to do. It’s tough. I would be really grateful for a little nudge that I can manifest the relationship I want into my life. What am I doing wrong? What can I do right? Can you imagine a day when I post on this blog that we are happily married? Maybe that would help me let the universe bring me what I want. I don’t know really what else to do, I am at a loss today.

    Thanks, AJ


    1. Dear AJ,
      I can absolutely imagine you telling me that you two are happily married someday because I know that anything is possible, especially with love and knowing that the Law of Attraction works. Let’s discuss those two things in relation to your desire.
      Right now, you are saying “I miss her terribly,” “She won’t respond” and “I am really sad.” In order to bring this relationship into your life, you must imagine and feel things as you desire them to be instead of how they are right now.
      In my experience, the quickest way to change this situation lies in allowing yourself to feel the love for your desire in your heart. This is the fastest way to shift your awareness. Right now, you are aware of not having what you want. You must feel and connect with the love in your heart for your ex and the new relationship you wish to create with her. When you believe that you have it, you will naturally let go and it will manifest. Relax into it and allow it to happen.
      I think that you were simply trying to use various techniques hoping to find one that works but those come second while your awareness comes first. You must change your deepest beliefs about your relationship into those of security in having it and feeling love for it. Then, you will ignore any resistance that might come up – you will simply fail to react to it, which is what we do when we are sure of achieving what we desire, regardless of anyone else’s opinion.
      Outer appearances are completely irrelevant to you – when you start sending love towards another person, you create loving feelings towards yourself inside them. I could tell you numerous stories of sending heart energy to another person and them telling me only days later that they couldn’t stop thinking about me. You receive what you give and for as long as you continue to send conflicting and upset feelings about your relationship (or a lack thereof) to the Universe, you will continue to receive the same.
      However, once you start looking at your new relationship with love and happiness, you will bring that into your life.
      We create what we believe is possible to create – besides love for one’s desire, their belief in its manifestation and sometimes even just the possibility of its reality in their world is necessary to create it.
      Remember the article on the silent mind I once showed you? This article basically spoke about awareness and the mind following it. Once your awareness contains love for your relationship an an absolute knowing that you have it already, regardless of outer appearances, knowing it in your heart, you will start bringing it into your reality. Practice ignoring your negative thoughts – they are false, self-produced and just like the positive ones, only created by what you allow into your awareness.
      The amazing thing about the Law of Attraction is that the less you do, the more you achieve. I would like for you to read this success story from a reader shared in the comments below this article:
      Pay attention to how she felt only days before she manifested her relationship – it is very inspiring πŸ™‚ There are articles containing heart energy on this blog which will also be of benefit to you.
      You can do this πŸ™‚ I believe in you.


      1. Thank you as always for listening and responding and guiding and sharing and everything else you do for me with this blog πŸ™‚

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      2. So happy to πŸ™‚ I believe in you and all your fellow readers because those who seek out answers or improvement through the articles or comments are already halfway there, as they clearly show that they want to be happy and are pursuing the said goals πŸ™‚


  3. First off Nina thank you so much for your blog- it has helped me in more ways than you know.

    I am usually one to not get attached to situations I deem complicated especially if it feels like hard work to me – I don’t see why I should work hard for someone to recognize my awesome … If everyone else sees it then so does he it’s inevitable.

    I won’t go into what our current situation is but all I will say is my own ambivalence : want him don’t want him depending on what he did that I decided was a good thing or a bad thing and if it meant he likes me or doesn’t like me is very much what I have manifested an ambivalent situation that started off easy peasy and then at the corner street of insecurity took a left turn into a hot and cold worthy of Katy perry lyrics – I digress that was before this is now.

    I tried to get this man out of my system so many times – no go – he sticks , I don’t know why or how or what … But in my researching I understand that it might boil down to one single thing : he wants me as much as I want him – and he’s an overthinking Scorpio so he probably battles with the yes no maybe as much as I do … Which means when I want to let him go – the attraction and care he feels for me stop me from doing so just as much as when you say : if you genuinely love and care for someone they feel it and respond to that.

    So… One of my challenges has been the fact that he’s crazy attractive … Now I’m no ugo myself but I have always been a bit weary about super attractive men because of all the attention they get … Which is funny because I’m a performer and get lots of attention myself … But somehow haven’t managed to project the confidence I feel about how loyal and focused on this man I am unto him being the same … Darn old programming … But I’m getting better – I have a nickname for my fear now and when it shows up I talk to it like I would a pet or a child – with even a slight of condescension… It works sometimes ) otherwise I EFT the hell out of that mofo …

    But the crux of my opportunity for growth is this : could it really be that simple ? Want it, imagine it and love it ? I mean – if so wouldn’t all relationships and people be living happily ever after ? I know there are women out there dreaming of this man I manifested for myself ( I have decided he’s my husband, he just needs to remember it ) … They’ve decided they want him too if it were that simple how does law define that I get him more than the others ? Granted I manifested him entirely ( I found a list i wrote eons ago – this is definitely my guy) but I really have to figure that last block : is it that easy really ? Why do I get him and they don’t ? And one thing that lurks in the back of my head is that darn ‘him or something better ‘ concept – I find myself scared sometimes that ‘ something better’ will show up that I’ll have to settle for ( in not interested in something else – this is the one I want … By god I can’t fully explain why because he’s given me a few reasons to walk away but he has given me more to stick around and the thing is I know his essence, I know his awesome and I know that once he’s passed whatever it is that is blocking him too … He will finaaaaalllyyyy make a move ( almost a year waiting on that / good lord about time … )

    When it happens I promise to send you an invite to our wedding πŸ™‚ in the meantime I look fforward to your wisdom πŸ™‚

    Thank you in advance


    1. Dear Lyly, thank you so much πŸ™‚ I look forward to that invitation! πŸ˜€ However, I see a few things here that have everything to do with how you feel.
      LoA is about YOU, not him. You create your relationship with your own feelings. If you believe you can have this relationship with him, not that you can have HIM, you will. The relationship with him is really what you want – it’s not him you want to “own” even though we say we “have the person.” The goal is to have the relationship in your reality and for you two to love each other.

      LoA really is that easy – this is why everyone receives what they believe they can have and what they don’t continues to elude them. You may see many women around him but they might not believe they can have him. They might approach him from the idea of “I wish I could have him” but I suggest you forget anyone else and focus on your relationship with him as you want it to be πŸ™‚ You may also see many people in your life who never manifest what they want because they attach feelings of desperation to their desire instead of focusing on their dream reality. If you “need” your desire, you will continue to need it as that need is your awareness. However, when you know it’s yours, it will be.
      Maybe you feel guilty over potentially harnessing THAT much power to make your dreams come true but the truth is, everyone has the ability to do so and it is your responsibility to create your own happiness. You are not in charge of creating the happiness of every single person on the planet and you have nothing to feel guilty about. This leads us into the contradiction you have expressed here – you don’t believe you should ever be in a potential-relationship-type situation if it’s hard, as it’s meant to be easy but then, you wonder if LoA really is that easy πŸ™‚ This tells me you already know that it IS easy but feel guilty about receiving what you want.

      Everything you have in life today, you received when you believed it was possible to have or that it was yours already but right now, I am not sure you believe this relationship makes you happy. It sounds like you feel that it makes you happy AND unhappy in an equal amount and that’s why nothing’s changing in your life (the relationship isn’t manifesting yet).
      Personally, whenever I see that someone isn’t sure about their partner’s ability to be faithful, this is only an expression of their own concern that they don’t like this potential partner enough (or love them enough). Remember that everything we feel is an expression of who we are, not an indicator of what someone else is capable of. Everyone is capable of being faithful but you aren’t sure you can give him enough feelings so that both of you would want to stay in this relationship. This just shows you’re not sure that you want him enough.

      I suggest that you don’t try and rush your relationship. When you say it’s been a year long wait, I see that you’re aware of time. You might be tired of waiting but believe me, I’ve had people who struggled for over a year and then changed their situation within days or weeks. You can change your feelings but you have to feel genuinely good about being in this relationship. You know it’s yours so you can now stop worrying about time πŸ™‚ You must use one of the basic rules of LoA here – if you believe something is easy, it will prove to be so πŸ™‚
      I also want to suggest something that you can use. As soon as you think about him and you start to feel bad, think about something else that makes you super happy in life. Maybe your work? Friends? Hobbies? Pets? Anything you love πŸ™‚ This way, more and more positive feelings will be attached to the relationship. From now on, I want you to also practice gratitude that the relationship is yours because then, you will start to believe that it is, fast! Give it a week and you’ll start to believe it. You can do this! πŸ™‚


  4. Oh … My word ! Nina you are really good at this ! I read your reply thinking to myself how the hell does she know this about me ?
    You’re right.. You’re absolutely right … This whole situation has been a source of tremendous happiness and serious torture … I always thought my worry abo the other women was because I was just insecure or some couch psychology basic like that …. Never in my wildest dream did I think that it could be because I’m not sure I want him enough … You know the worse part is I actually think that once committed he’s fiercely loyal and faithful, I believe that about him but I’m just more aware of the fact that for now he’s not committed which goes down to my not feeling as if I have the relationship.

    The shift you mention is super I intreresting and I have read it before ( yay Elizabeth Daniels ) focus on the relationship not him … When I do that I feel great and happy because I know how compatible we are and I’m very aware that our relationship would be absolutely amazing , I’m 100 % certain of that. But when I think of him, I don’t feel great all the time because I’m aware of his ability to hurt me emotionally as I’m so vulnerable when it comes to him – I really don’t enjoy the feeling of vulnerability.

    The guilt bit is interesting too. There might be a sense of guilt in the though that I could harness this power ( that really I’m completely clueless about still ). I’m a walking paradox. Good lord – being a libra is exhausting!!

    He disappeared again a couple of weeks ago, I have learnt not to let that phase me because he usually reappears eventually. But my bff asked me if I had heard from him yesterday and saying ‘ no’ ,made me so aware of the nonsensical aspect of things. Then my mind started venturing off and I have been thinking about this friend I met when I was with him once, who is gorgeous and over the top – they work for the same company and when my ego feels,Ike giving me a good beating it tortures me with the thought of how they could end up together because she stomach prettier than I am ( yes I have based my entire self esteem balance on the fact that some chick is pretty – didn’t say it would make sense 😁) this was all triggered by a simple question : did you hear from him ? No ? He’s not being a very good friend to you is he ?

    And so I had a dream of course where some random dude he doesn’t even know was calling him to ask him wtf and he admitted to be married to3 different women and another one he’d met here on a boat for a short period – and my bff and I were sitting agreeing about what a horrible man he was and how I’d wasted my time… Yadiyadiyada …

    The truth is he’s awesome .,, I mean really bias aside : he’s funny, sensitive, interesting, driven, passionate, considerate, humble, loyal to his friends and family – he really is an all around good guy…I know that consciously …my subconscious disagrees and has been actively trying to find ways to convince me to drop it ( which I did a few times, my writing on your forum proves how successful that was πŸ˜…)

    But in essence I’m aware of something else : reading your blog, eft and meditation have really helped me make peace with where I am and I was really vibing high, feeling peaceful. And even after this dream and yesterday’sconversation, though it did make me fall off a bit, I am happy to report I didn’t have an emotional meltdown as I usually would and I woke up thinking well, it’s not that serious in the end it’s just a dude. I don’t mind as much that it tKes time, it’s just that I’m a rational person and the world of rationality : a guy who takes you out on 5 dates in 7 months, used to message you every day and now only contacts you every few weeks and then disappears ( to be fair he’s a pilot so… He’s not actually here often but he still has a phone), doesn’t always do what he says when he said he will because and hasn’t made a move … In this time space continuum means he’s just not that into you. Maybe he thinks you’re cool, and enjoys your company …and he may have decided to move in the same building as me ( yes yes he did ) – but a dude who is into you shows that he’s into you – That’s the perception I’m struggling with – reality is kicking my derriΓ¨re and I can ignore it for a short amount of time but then it usually comes around and bites me.

    Maybe you’re right maybe I don’t want him enough, but then why is it so difficult to let go – walking away from it really shouldn’t be hard, that’s what I usually do I walk away from stuff especially when my patience levels have vaporized.

    Sorry for rambling, but I really feel possessed with this desire and almost wish I could exorcise it. The need has settled, now it feels like something I’m battling like a viral infection – I don’t get I relationships, I rarely ever like anyone – some men run after me and I don’t care – I don’t have great make figures in my history but I’m happy I could still evolve into a beautiful strong woman- this man is messing with my xi, with my status quo – with my comfort zone .., I know once I get to the other side of change it will be worth it but I won’t lie … I’m sure this is what labor pains feel like.. Totally just compare my relationship to a viral infection, a possession and labor pain – bottom line is I want to release/give birth to whatever this is … So you think just gratitude can help ?


    1. Thank you πŸ™‚
      Believe me, I have been manifesting relationships intentionally all my life and the way to do it was thinking about how much I love being this guy’s girlfriend, how much I love that he is my boyfriend, how much I love our relationship… It was always about feeling that I have a great boyfriend and am in a relationship with him, that’s why the relationship is your desire as well as bringing out amazing partner qualities in him. Those two things go together.
      If I didn’t want to be in a relationship with someone I liked or was even involved with, it was always because I didn’t want to be his GIRLFRIEND. I would feel that they would be an inadequate boyfriend and that the relationship would be complete crap, if you will. Relationships are about happiness! πŸ˜€
      Gratitude pulls focus to having a desire already and that is why I think it would solve all your problems. Manifesting relationships is easy and the only thing that ever takes work is removing your own blocks. However, if you love and feel grateful for your relationship, those blocks will go away one at a time or even faster. In a way, this is also letting go.
      It is important to decide what exactly you want the relationship to be IF that’s what matters to you. However, if you just want the relationship and only then will you see how it will go, you can also do that. It might be the fastest way to get it over with, so to speak. You’ll live the experience and then, you can decide if you want it or not. I think you mainly want to just dive in and see how it goes.
      Think about this – how do you feel now, having your desire, being his girlfriend? If only being his girlfriend and seeing HOW it goes once you get there is important, then just visualize being his girlfriend, everyone knowing about it and treating you in a specific way as a result, doing regular couple things that you believe you could do with him – visiting families, going out, going on dates, living together, anything you want. Use anything you believe you will have.
      Also, decide and believe he’s crazy about you and if you stick to it, you’ll see evidence of it soon. It doesn’t matter that he often leaves for work – physical distance is irrelevant when it comes to energy and manifestation πŸ™‚
      Being a strong and beautiful woman is easy – you just have to follow your heart and stick by your authentic self, which will give you integrity. You want what you want and never apologize for it πŸ™‚ Your dreams also exist to tell you what might be in your subconscious mind but they’re not a form of “manifestations” or anything like that and you don’t have to worry about that πŸ™‚ As you start to feel differently, the reactions of those around you will also change. People will suddenly reflect your view of being with him with their words. They might suddenly start to tell you that they think you’ll get back together or something similar but only after you truly feel differently about your relationship in your heart πŸ™‚


  5. Hehe you superstar ! You make it sound and feel so easy … Actually I decided I was going to marry the man – which is unusual for me but I figured a while ago: I used to think it was the universe or God that decided what relationship worked and didn’t work and who was meant to be yours and who wasn’t .. After Reading that it was really nothing like that I realized I could decide for myself and so because I’m bored with the dating life I decided he would be my husband … Which probably put a little additional pressure. But if I’m the one to create and manifest my life it doesn’t really matter who I choose right ?

    My goal in life right now is to reach your level of absolute faith. Relationships are my Achilles heel and it’s a lot of shifting I’m working with right now the main one being : of course something’s wrong / not working … That’s your pattern. The only difference is I used to feel like it was my cross to carry, turns out The cross was carrying me.

    I want to be his significant other, his girlfriend yes but at that deep level of connection you know : I want to be his sidekick, his equal, his cheerleader , his lover, his friend, his muse – I want to be there for him when he needs me and share life’s idiosyncrasies and beautiful twists and turns . I want to travel with him and learn new things with him, grow with him – he’s the first guy I met who had all the qualities that resonate with me. I dont mind the distance I welcome it because Honestly I’m too busy to have to focus time on someone 24/7 But I also want him to be crazy about me, and recognize the qualities in me that resonate with him – I see them so I find it hard to believe he doesn’t 😐 confuses the bejesus out of me when he’s distant, makes me want to slap him into sense and tell him to focus – he says he wants to find a life partner but it’s not easy and I’m like heeeeeeeeellll-effin’-lllooooooo??

    I guess I want us to be more consistent and us to have he relationship I know we have in the vortex dimension . I realize this means I need to stop wanting to throw him out of my system every week… That’s quite inconsistent a base for a solid consistent relationship. I don’t know that he’d be a good boyfriend though you’re right about that …but I’m judging him based on his inability to have created a solid relationship for himself which technically means the same for me right ?

    Alright I’ll try your way : feel how it feels to be his woman, love the relationship, love him, love us – be grateful for it .. Got it! When the thoughts hit the don’t go there button I disengage and think of puppies – check. Visualize how everyone knows about it, how I’m treated as a result and the coupley things we’ll be doing – roger ! Will report back with some updates when updates there are or just to say hi πŸ™‚ …

    Yes my birthday was end of September πŸ™‚ good call !! Thank you for the wishes …you’re really really good at this Nina , I am glad you’re using your talent to help us all out. Thank you very much – a lot of love for you all the way from the UAE πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you again πŸ™‚ You can also decide that this relationship is easy for the both of you and he will be a great bf if you believe you are a great gf πŸ™‚ Lots of love!


  6. Hi there πŸ™‚ how are you ??

    I’m back with a little question – while staying positive, detached of the outcome and all the things you do to focus on your desired result- HOW the HELL do you manage their behavior in between ? Sometimes they do stuff that get to you and it’s like okay – you can do this and I can still care about you, I know I want this experience with you – but at the same time ego gets a bit involved and say are you going to let this guy get away with starting a conversation and then going aloof ? And I’m thinking well as my boyfriend I know about him but I also remember how much more talkative he was when this was all brand new – so how do you manage that gap, especially when you have a tendency in general to walk away from stuff that does your head in … But then married to someone i wouldn’t be able to just walk when I’m annoyed but then at least I would know we’re in this together because he committed as much as I did …

    Would looooove your insight on this one !!!



    1. Hi! πŸ™‚ I’m great, thank you, writing and writing!
      You’re experiencing this kind of behavior from him right now because of how you see him. You see him as the person who talks to you in this way and that is your awareness of your relationship – you would like more but he is this partially aloof man.
      Once your awareness changes with your belief that you already have your dream-come-true relationship with him in which his behavior is completely loving and you persist with that belief regardless of any external circumstances because you know it’s going to happen and love it, his behavior will start to change.
      Also, forgive both yourself and him for your past communication – you were both doing the best you could and never meant to hurt the other.
      However, once you start to love yourself more, respect yourself even more, as soon as you change your perception of yourself and your relationship, so will his behavior πŸ™‚


  7. Hey best selling author ( can’t wait to get my hands on that book )

    You’re very right and I definitely hear you – every question I have brings me back to here : focus and love yourself so it can manifest.

    You know i have been talking to this man for a year and I have to say it’s confusing sometimes because we’re used to Men behaving a certain way when they like you that when they don’t we figure it’s because they don’t care for us like that.

    Our entire life we’re told that if the external signs aren’t there then it’s not there dixit books like why men marry bitches and he’s just not that into you . they all emphasize on the external signs and behaviors so it’s a huge paradigm shift to stat thinking In terms of relationship energy rather than behaviors , I see what you’re doing and I want things to be different so I will focus on myself … Almost causes a short circuit in the brain because it’s so contradictory to the existing program.

    That being said I’m at a point where I want to show myself that it works – I’m emotionally exhausted though because I have tried so hard all year and something’s gotta give. I’m getting better at just focusing on myself and things I want to do and obsessing less about him and ‘where’s my stuff ‘ but I still have tendencies of analyzing because things aren’t logical to me.

    Will follow your lead because right now I’m clueless , I just hope in the end all this is worth it and doesn’t bite me in the ass you know πŸ™‚

    X Lyly

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    1. I love that, thank you so much! πŸ˜€ It’s all coming together! πŸ˜€
      I am glad you said all this because something essential needs to be mentioned. You have to be SURE that your desire is yours, which is more than hoping. You have to KNOW that it’s yours and that you already are good enough to have deserved to live it just as you are. LoA starts from KNOWING. This knowing can be achieved with visualization and other techniques. Knowing goes hand in hand with feeling that you deserve it and therefore must receive it.
      When manifesting relationships, we may be tempted to imagine an “ideal self.” One might feel that a relationship they want, once obtained, will make them confident, always upbeat and cheerful, happier or anything else they imagine. However, nothing and nobody but yourself can change your awareness. You are still living with YOURSELF every day. You will still be up and down at times but will now have a partner by your side who is your best friend and whom you can share everything with. Your relationship is going to come into your reality and you are going to live it being the person that you are. This is why you already are good enough for your relationship. You don’t have to be super human to deserve it – you merely have to be the kind of person you are proud of being in order to feel that you deserve this relationship.
      That is why you can decide that it’s yours and know that it will be. It might seem like I mentioned all this out of nowhere but I think you know exactly what I mean.
      I have an example according to what you mentioned. I actually saw the movie He’s Just Not That Into You on TV last year. All the women in it end up succeeding in their relationships only after they own their feelings, start paying attention to themselves, start to value themselves, fulfill their own needs and feel good about themselves instead of putting up with relationships they don’t feel good in. Then, their relationships are suddenly fixed, they meet new people or move onto something better. One is happier only after she leaves her husband because she decides he makes her miserable. Another stops asking her man to consider marrying her and does her own thing instead, refusing to compromise her desires any longer. When she stops needing to get married, seeing how unhappy her sisters are in their marriages, her man comes back for her AND proposes! One lets go of the man she wanted who had insulted her, finally starts focusing on herself instead of him, starts doing what she wants and relaxes around men, drops the pressure and what do you know, he shows up at her door. Removing the need is key! However, the need is also removed once you are convinced that your relationship is yours, once you KNOW it, can relax about it and let it go. These things go together – when you KNOW instead of hoping, you stop needing. You have to feel that you have it already in order to receive it in life πŸ™‚ You can do this!


  8. Totally nailed it! I get exactly what you mean – everything just clicked in my head.
    Earlier today I sent you a 3 year long email that is basically answered in the reply you just gave me. I didn’t even think about that twist in the movie where the letting go is what triggers the resolution, I just assumed it was Hollywood doing Hollywood – until you said it… Of course it makes sense …
    Everything make sense , now I have to sit , re read, digest it for a while.

    Thank you Nina, you helped me more than you can imagine. πŸ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

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