Clearing Space = Clearing Energy (In Short)

When agreeing to help my parents clean up prior to repainting their guest bedroom (they enjoy doing this kind of thing themselves, especially my artistic mother), I dug up my memories from the time merely prior to my life becoming what I always dreamed of.

I reevaluated all my major life manifestations, from those which turned out to be what I truly wanted for myself to the ones that weren’t.

I ultimately kept everything that makes me feel like an individual who lives her dream life and who has only ever wanted her dream life; the rest, I tossed out or gave away. As soon as I eliminated the trash and happily gave away a beautiful, custom-made closet I’d gotten at age fifteen to someone who absolutely adored it, I felt like an entirely new person.

Desired change is amazing.

To some, clearing space is the easiest way towards clearing their momentary energy while this practice could actually offer lasting results with a little focus. Perceiving oneself differently results in attracting different things while changing one’s surroundings can cause a change in one’s awareness; if you should decorate your living or working space to reflect the feeling of your wish fulfilled, you would add considerable energy to your manifestation.

I’ve recently taken to creating an office for myself – another perfect way of changing (or improving) one’s awareness. After clearing out the designated desk, I am now choosing its potential accessories – flowers, low-key figurines and candles, as I already own all the necessary office supplies. I want this office to be the perfect working space for/of my dream career.

I found something offering a clear insight into the person I was and therefore, everything I was attracting.

I attended three high schools in three different countries, on two continents. In my second, we were once asked to write out adjectives describing our classmates. The next day, each of us received the paper with our name on it and the adjectives describing us, all written anonymously by our classmates. Mine read serious, positive, uplifting personality, great smile, confident, overly independent, too serious, unreasonable, unique, great singing voice, exhausting, kind personality, well-read and intelligent.

That was me at seventeen years old through the perspective of more than thirty peers.

I decided to help out with my parents’ project and chose a bleached almond shade for the walls (actually, I had merely suggested it and my mother loved it). This room is truly going to look amazing.

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