Your Reactions = Your Awareness

Your reactions to appearances and external stimuli effortlessly show where your awareness is and with that, where you feel your current place in life to be.

Sometimes, it isn’t that we attract entirely different events or see the signs we want from the start; often, it is all about which ones we relate to and react to.

Here’s an example.

You hear two songs on the radio. One is almost heartbreaking and another uplifting. The one you reacted to positively or negatively indicates how you feel about the relationship you currently have or want to have. Your complete relaxation could be a positive indicator of confidence in your perfect reality. The sadness you feel might say a lot about your current relationship and your perception of it.

See what I mean? That is what Law of Attraction is about. What did you react to and how?

How do you want to feel, on the other hand?

When you see a happy couple, do you feel sadness for not having love in your life? Do you fear that you might be alone forever? Or, do you agree with their happiness, feeling that they deserve it? Are you happy for them, following that sentiment with gratitude for your perfect relationship?

Do you find a happy couple easy to relate to?

Who are you? Because who you are is reflected in your beliefs, actions, interactions and reactions.

Do you relate to your friends’ relationships or their sad dating stories? Do you feel that there are any similarities between the lives of those around you and yours? Who do you feel connected to? Ask yourself and answer honestly because those answers will give you an insight into your own awareness.

It’s time to create your life as you want it.

If you feel disconnected to those around you or are you comfortable around them? Who would you like to be in a close proximity to and see every day? Do you feel that this possible?

Your feelings about seeing any type of signs related to your desire also serve as proof to your awareness.

Seeing the sings that remind you of your desire can serve as a confidence boost; however, looking for them proves you are not yet convinced that your desire is all yours. If you need to see signs, you are not sure that your desire is yours already. When you know it’s yours, you’re relaxed and/or excited.

You are sure.

You are convinced.

If you feel that you don’t have your desire already, ask yourself why. Why do you feel incapable of manifesting your dream life? Are you sure you want it after all? Do you beat yourself up for any negative thoughts that cross your mind?

No one feels confident or thrillingly happy every second and you don’t have to either. You can manifest your dream life just as you are – you are good enough, smart enough, attractive enough already. You are worthy. All you have to do is own your qualities.

Remind yourself that simply because you’ve decided so, manifesting your desire is a done deal.

Changing your awareness means accepting a new addition to your identity. Just as you now feel that some things are out of reach while others are more likely to appear in your life, you can allow yourself to feel that anything is within your reach.

Your desires are within your reach.

Those who wait for the external world to reflect their desires in order to feel that they have them emit a signal of not having them, needing them and feeling desperate for them. Don’t beat yourself up if you have ever felt this way – you can change your awareness this very second. You can!

You can feel your desire within your reach. You have to be convinced that living your desire is who you are, that this is already your reality and a part of your life.

If you don’t mean it, you can’t do it.

Published by Nina Grdic

Life coach, writer, lifelong traveler, music lover and confidence/positivity/Law of Attraction expert.

12 thoughts on “Your Reactions = Your Awareness

  1. Hi, First I just want to say that I love your blog and thank you for updating so often. The only suggestion would be to maybe change the background from being dark? It looks cool, but makes it a little harder on the eyes when you’re reading the amazing posts.

    Something you said here has really been passing through my mind a lot lately “Why do you feel incapable of manifesting your dream life? Are you sure you want it?”. I have been in a situation/cycle for the past 8 years with a man. We started dating casually when we met and although I wanted something more serious, he never really committed, until he broke it off fully. After that, I started reading about the law of attraction with regards to relationships, and attracted him back in my life multiple times. The only problem was that it was never to the level that I wanted (an actual committed and warm relationship) and in the middle he has also been dating someone else now on and off for many years as well. The last time I went to visit him, it started well, until the day before I was to leave when he told me that he just couldn’t be in a relationship with me. He said he had prayed over it many times, and it just wasn’t going to happen. Right now, he is dating the other girl, and although they live in seperate countries, they travel together every couple of months.

    I haven’t really spoken to him now since April, when I last saw him. But, I still really miss him. I’ve been having a hard time really feeling that I’m capable of manifesting him back now though. I think this last time, the words stung extra bad, and I felt defeated. I can’t even pray about it anymore, its like I’ve given up even though I still care for him. The sad part is that I still feel crushed anytime I hear about him and her, but I don’t have that feeling of confidence anymore. I questioned if this means that I don’t want it anymore, but I don’t think that’s it… I think hearing rejection over and over just finally got to me. is it possible to still manifest and what do you recommend for someone in my situation to do… when he has really hurt you and you have a hard time believing?

    Thank you,


    1. Hi! Firstly, thank you for your lovely compliments and your suggestion, I will see what I can do about the layout 🙂 When it comes to your situation, I want to start by saying that, without thinking about getting him back this very moment, you first have to restore your confidence, control of your awareness and happiness for your life. You have given too much power, if you will, to somebody else when in reality, we are talking about YOUR happiness which YOU alone feel and create. You may love this man but nobody deserves the power of influencing the happiness of another more than they themselves do. If you had a friend who allowed this in their life, who allowed someone else’s actions to basically control their confidence and happiness, would you feel that this is acceptable? Probably not.
      The fact that, together with feeling love, you feel some negativity about this man and your relationship, should serve as reminder that he is just a flawed person like anybody else and is by no means better than you. You may love him but be honest with yourself – have you been idealizing him a little? I’m not putting him down but you can’t put yourself down either. You are both real people equally worthy of love. However, you need to give love to yourself before you can give it to anyone else.
      Loving yourself and reminding yourself of every quality you have is essential for your confidence reboot. Do the things you love and pamper yourself because you deserve it. Do anything that makes you feel good. All these things will remind you of what a great person you are 🙂 Do the things that cause you to feel proud of yourself! Or, remind yourself of the reasons you already do.
      When you fill your life with love, love for yourself, for the wonderful things you do and for everything you have, you won’t miss him anymore or will miss him much less. Either way, you will feel like a new person and will have restored much of your confidence and self-worth. You can do this!


      1. Thank you Nina. I know what you mean about loving myself regardless, and trust me, I have been trying this for the past few months, but its been difficult. I miss him and care for him, but its not even about that or relying on him for my happiness. This time, it just feels like I’ve lost the ability to really feel great again. I feel ok, and outside of love, I do have many blessings, but I can’t feel that overwhelming sense of love of life anymore… which ironically when I’ve felt that way is when I’ve attracted him without even trying.

        I’ve tried not thinking about him and just focusing on myself, and did so for the first few months after I saw him in April, but now that I’m trying to manifest my dream life and really go from feeling “ok” to feeling amazing, I’m struggling. I don’t know what to do, and I feel frustrated with myself.


      2. Keep reminding yourself that you are valuable and of everything you already have. I bet you’ll start feeling better soon. If you keep reminding yourself, you’ll start to feel increasingly better each day.


      3. Thank you Nina. Do you have any recommendations for improving self-love? Any particular things I can do?


      4. My suggestions is to start by thinking of the kind of person you would love to be. The only important thing is that YOU love who you are because that’ll be all you need to feel good. Are you the person you would like to be or are there traits of yourself you wish to improve? Just remember that even if there are, you don’t have to be perfect – nobody is and you are good enough just as you are TODAY to live your dream life. Only think about what’s important to you and who YOU are happy being 🙂 If you know that you’d love yourself even more having additional or different specific traits, own them 🙂 Have fun with them but be aware that you never have to strive for perfection – just self-love and acceptance.
        If you feel that you don’t love yourself enough, think about why that is. Do you criticize yourself because you genuinely feel that you need to improve or has caring about the opinions of others prompted you to feel that way? I am asking all these questions because once you answer them to yourself, you can resolve these issues and move towards a positive self-perception.
        You might immediately realize that self-love is easy and drop all these issues in an instant. Honestly, I find self-love to be an easier quality to step into than many think, as it only involves what each individuals desires for themselves as opposed to trying to please anyone else. When you love yourself, others will, too. When you respect yourself, others will respect you. Many spend their time trying to gain respect from others instead of taking care of themselves, causing effortless respect in return. Focusing on the activities you love in life, spending time with the people you love and thinking about how much you contribute to the world with your work every day will also allow you to see how valuable you are. Focus on everything there is to appreciate about yourself now and even more will follow.


  2. What should one do when they feel low or doubtful in regards to their manifestation. For the longest time I have been happy and it didn’t matter when it happens and I was happy without him too. But then sometimes it just hits you that you can’t see the changes. Is it something that works for everyone or am I setting myself up for a tough time by being delusional?

    I second guess on some days if it’s going to happen for me, just because it’s been so long since I put my intention out there. I had completely let go without wondering when. But this week is first time in months that I wonder, what’s going on?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Drop the worry and calmly allow for your negative thoughts to pass. It’s OK if they come up but if you calmly let them pass and feel happiness for your desire even just for a few seconds, you won’t even notice any negative thoughts soon 🙂


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