The Phases of Loving Your Life

Loving my life has always been a rich source of self-confidence and motivation; a passion for living and effortless feelings of value are produced easily in a life filled with love for itself.

Feeling deserving, riches of the world yours to choose from, being happy for everything you have while knowing that even more is coming… Loving one’s life is the essence of abundance.

Think about it.

No matter what it seems like, you do have plenty in your life to be grateful for. You have plenty to love. These may be different things and different people to each and every one of you.

But what happens on the days when we don’t love our lives?

I experience moments of annoyance with my life, during which I remind myself that everything I have, I created myself and am therefore capable of changing it. I can create everything I want and the Universe showed me that many times over.

I can easily experience frustration when someone tries to “keep” me around. A temporary workplace trying to keep me, friends wanting me to stay close to them when I plan on moving away, exes who refuse to accept the end our relationship or any other situation cause gratitude for being loved together with frustration for trying to be held down… And they make me run like the wind, never looking back. In moments such as those, I feel suffocated, followed by an immense need to remove myself from these individuals or groups as soon as possible.

Once I remember that I have created everything myself, I forgive myself for being frustrated, calmly keep my distance from those I want to be distant from and go back to creating my dream life. Or, I allow for those I want to stay on good terms with to realize what I need instead of what they would want for or from me.

Then, I put that energy towards increasing my burning desire to make my dreams come true. I feel grateful for the motivation.

We can turn anything into something beneficial for ourselves.

What does loving your life mean in relation to the Law of Attraction being all about you instead of the person you are attracting into your reality?

Loving one’s life increases one’s confidence when attracting another.

I have brought specific people into my life on numerous occasions boosted by the conviction of showing them something they’d never seen before. Owning my uniqueness makes me feel good and therefore, boosts my creation. How do you identify yourself? What makes you feel good to think of yourself?

It isn’t that you have to possess specific superficial qualities in order to attract your dream relationship; you simply have to own the person you like to be without allowing anyone else’s opinion to affect your true preferences. Any traits and preferences can be backed with confidence and turn you into an attractive person. Daring to be who you wish to be gives you confidence and produces your happiness, the most magnetic of qualities.

If you feel incapable of achieving this, think about it this way – are you happy when depending on the opinions of others? Or, are you happier when you only cherish your own approval of your desired activities and preferences, immersing yourself into them without caring what anyone else thinks?

Many deem their lives “nothing special,” creating bland events and circumstances as a result. Some deem their jobs boring and others, their general interests, forgetting (or, not knowing) those are circumstances external to love and therefore, irrelevant for it. Nothing is related to love but the feeling of love itself, causing many to forget that money, social status, occupation, distance and other falsely perceived obstacles are irrelevant. The world’s insisting on making them relevant allows us to see whose heart is closed and whose is open.

If you are displeased with your life, change it for you; it is you that has to be happy living your own life. 

Published by Nina Grdic

Life coach, writer, lifelong traveler, music lover and confidence/positivity/Law of Attraction expert.

11 thoughts on “The Phases of Loving Your Life

  1. Hi, when you say that you feel suffocated when people are trying to keep you in their life… How does this relate to when for example im trying to keep the specific person in my life that has rejected me ? Even if I’m doing it with visualization? Wouldn’t I make them feel suffocated ?


    1. I meant directly and verbally. I am always straightforward about my desires and plans and whenever I plan to once again move to another country, as I’d done several times, some friends or coworkers talk to me as if they’d never heard of it, saying how they look forward to our continuous cooperation, how I should take a permanent job with them, how great it is that we live close to each other and we can continue to spend time together… And they are doing this because it’s what THEY want, not even considering MY happiness. When I decide to end a relationship and openly name the reasons why, the man in question often talks to me as if I’d never told him why or that I had become unhappy with him, only thinking about his side of the story that reflects his desire to stay together, thinking only of what makes him happy, ignoring the fact that I’d become unhappy with him.
      This kind of behavior doesn’t come out of love for a person but the need to own them. One becomes desperate to keep another around after attaching their own happiness to them – this is where problems happen. Those who are happy on their own, without needing anyone else in order to be happy, are attractive. You will get your relationship back once you’re able to be happy without it, once you stop needing it. When you truly feel good about this person and your relationship, you will allow for them to come to you. This is not only how attraction is perceived but also, the way energy moves. When you feel that you have someone in your life, you DO. When you’re doubting it and try to change their mind out of your insecurity, you’re aware of losing them and push them away.
      If you don’t believe that you are right to try and attract this person back, you don’t feel truly positive about your relationship yet. Once you are only happy about it and convinced in it, if you will, you will attract it with loving energy and confidence in it as well as in yourself – you will allow it to come to you instead of trying to verbally force it for all the wrong reasons.


      1. I understand what you mean about happiness within ourselves. In my situation, the guy I’ve been trying to manifest in my life has now moved to the east coast (I’m on the west). Before he accepted that job, there was an opportunity for him to get a job in the my area. I obviously was routing for the job here because it would be more conducive to us starting and being in a relationship. It was so close, but then he decided to take the job far away. Was it wrong for me to try and pray & manifest the job here? Obviously it didn’t happen but I would love for him to move back to this area. How can I hope for this a and try to make it happen without going against his happiness? Is that even possible?

        Thank you,


      2. It wasn’t – the fact that you tried to attract the West Coast job for him showed that you feared him leaving and that fear manifested. Always ask yourself what motivates you when you manifest and why you want what you want.
        You only need to live in confidence that your desire is yours already and love it. When we love our desire, we naturally let go of the “how” part. Once you are convinced that your desire is yours, you are just convinced that it’s all working out, happy about it and don’t care how it happens. Any negative thoughts you may have are only telling you that you feel as if you don’t have it. Those thoughts tend to be false but they lower your vibration. They are all about how things LOOK to you.
        When you worry about your physical distance, this also shows you don’t believe that you have it yet whereas distance is irrelevant to the Law of Attraction. You simply need to love your vision of your ideal relationship and believe it’s yours 🙂
        When you only give love to your desire, it comes to you faster and easier than you ever imagined 🙂 It is allowing yourself to love it that can be the trick, despite of all your fears and past disappointments. Your fears are only showing you some personal limiting beliefs you might have but you can love them all away by loving yourself. You can do this!


  2. So, to manifest us together in a relationship in the same city, I should just not think of the distance vs trying to manifest us in the same location?


    1. Exactly. Just see you two together in your perfect relationship and believe that this is yours already. Let go of everything else. Any situation can be changed.


  3. Hey Nina!

    Thanks again for another great post! I wanted to share that I think I finally am beginning to understand what awareness is… I can’t describe it in anyway that will do it justice but I will say that you do a great job getting pretty close to describing how I feel when you talk about love and gratitude and how I create my own life with my opinions on myself and others… See? I can’t really convey how I feel. But it’s pretty magical at times. Things just fall into place. My confidence is through the roof. I feel I can do anything. Well, most anything and I am working on changing my beliefs about those “mosts.”

    Random question (and if you have already touched on the subject before, or I’ve ready asked, please forgive me): how do you feel about psychics and their predictions? I know that no one can predict the future, and they just pick up on your energy, but I saw one last year that was pretty spot on when telling me how I felt about certain issues and people… I know you say we make our own future, but part of what he said was that my ex was toxic for me (at the time I was so hung up on my every thought and move around her) and she would end up with someone else, blah blah blah…

    I have since made the intention of a lovely life with her as my wife. I have been seriously addressing my wants vs. my needs when it comes to our relationship. Do I want this relationship because I truly desire it and the person I am in it? Or do I want it because I need to fulfill my ego or fill a void? I have realized that it is the former and I am no longer going to deny myself of my desire. No longer denying myself this has led to an awareness that won’t even allow little fears and doubts that have crippled me in the past. Because I haven’t been paying any attention to the blocks my mind tries to set up, new fears and doubts from the back of my mind have started to surface. One is this psychic thing. And that has led to this question I’ve asked you. I have a feeling I kow what you might say, but I also know that because I respect your opinion your responses always support me and nudge me in the right direction!



    1. Dear AJ,
      That sounds AMAZING! 🙂 I’m thrilled to hear it. When it comes to psychics, all I have to say is exactly what you did – they read one’s momentary energy and see what’s in the process of becoming in one’s life. With that, one’s subconscious can become less of a mystery to them, allowing them to get to know themselves or their current intentions even better.
      I love that you asked yourself all these important questions. You know exactly why they were important to address.
      Thank you for trusting my advice but I honestly feel you’re doing everything in a highly positive way, with your happiness in mind, and you have learned how to follow your heart which is the key to creating your dream life 🙂 You care about what YOU want for your life and that’s what I wanted to see! You understand why LoA is about you. I’m proud of you!


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