The Beauty of Negativity’s Weakness

A point can be reached when any and every negative thought feels and therefore, is nothing but false and paranoid.

Once reaching this point, one realizes exactly why living in fear is not living at all.

After reaching this point, a myriad of signs come my way, perpetuating the feeling of having my desire already as well as increasing it.

The other night, I caught a meteor shower. I saw four falling stars. I hear significant songs everywhere I go. I see (or hear) my chosen sign. The rest of the time, I feel amazing.

Negative thoughts can be related to physical discomfort. I’ve been known to have them when severely sleep deprived and as rarely as that happens, I know their exact cause. Everyone experiences negative thoughts but the trick is to be stronger than them. Fighting these thoughts is the most effective way of giving them even more power – ignoring them while loving your positive thoughts and desires causes them to become inconspicuous shortly.

Many of you who have achieved a much more positive awareness already know what I mean.

Today, I read an article dealing with embracing one’s pain and negative feelings instead of fighting them (and thereby, amplifying them). This article reminded me of my own contention that resisting resistance is what resistance truly means; there is no need for one’s thoughts to be absolutely perfect in order to manifest one’s desires but instead, giving energy to one’s desirable thoughts is more than enough. This allows for one to be and effortlessly create with Law of Attraction instead of falling into the comfort zone of life staying exactly the same.

You must want and love your change. This year, I wanted mine slowly at first, which went against my core beliefs.

In the spring, I ended my last romantic involvement and shared the story with all of you. When I initially attracted him in January (only days after asking for him), I felt myself getting ready for love and (almost) literally asked for a transitional guy to enjoy beforehand. During our time, I was becoming ready for love but simply couldn’t love him. Then, I realized – how could I have loved him if he and our relationship weren’t created that way in my mind? I asked myself if I wanted to love him and the answer was no. I simply had no desire to create love with him.

He was only the second generic man I had manifested in my life. Six years ago, I wanted to fall in love and thought about the specific qualities I wanted this man to have. I met him soon but after the relationship had run its course in my mind which caused me to leave, I wanted only short-term relationships for a very long time. My preferred practice lies in choosing specific people and manifesting relationships with them; a much bigger rush and an increased ability to appreciate the person exactly for who they are come to me as a result of falling for the individuality of a specific man.

When it comes to negative thoughts in or about relationships, they can cause frustration easily. As upsetting as it can be to produce negative thoughts around someone you love, you must remember that if you produced them so easily, you can also eliminate them. Once you face them and stop “trying” to remove them, they’ll fade on their own. However, it is important to know that no matter what, your dream relationship is yours. This conviction will lead to improvement on its own, even if it takes a few days to achieve. (I’m saying “days” because I want all of you to achieve your dreams shortly.) You will make positive choices. You will realize why happiness for your desire is possible right now – moreover, why it is the only logical choice. You will have become courageous and endlessly loving towards yourself as well as dream relationship. You will love your specific person more than ever. Even more.

I truly believe that negative thoughts come as a result of fearing change. Depending on your place in life or your current beliefs, the feelings of inadequacy may plague your mind. However, today is the day to create yourself happy.

I know you can do this. I love you all.


  1. This is a great post and I am jealous of your ability to create what you want in such a short amount of time. I’m not afraid to admit my jealously!

    I just found out that my ex is moving (possibly cross country). I reached out to her again, the 3rd or 4th time since our falling out. I haven’t gotten a reply yet from any of my attempts over these last 9 months.

    I am doing exactly what this post is suggesting and embracing my negative feelings, allowing them to pass. Or at least I am trying. I can still picture us together, in a relationship better than ever, and feel great when I am in that space. But my habits come back and I sometimes start to think of the “how.” It’s not even that I am micromanaging us reuniting, but I can’t get any type of grip on how I’ll be able to effortlessly achieve my desire if say we even started talking again. I’m not comfortable with the idea of being able to get back together “as I have created.” I am trying to express my feelings here… Is it just supposed to happen when I least suspect it? Does that mean that I will have forgotten all about my desire and then boom, there it is? Do you know what I am trying to say? Is it possible that I can actually watch things fall into place while knowing that there is an outcome that I have been personally manifesting?

    This is some sort of block that I have been trying to work through. Thanks for listening 🙂



    1. Dear AJ, thank you for the compliment but believe me, you can do the same! Anyone can! If creation is taking a bit longer but your desire is so important to you that you KNOW you’ll keep going until you achieve your goal, you will indeed.
      I want to ask you something – when reaching out to her, do you do it because you miss her? If you take action because you miss her or for any other reason which reflects the lack of your relationship in your life, the missing of it will continue. When you message her, do you fear her not answering? Are you doing this to try and accomplish your goal of getting back together? Your answers to these questions matter because they will offer a clear reflection of your energy.
      It seems to me that you can’t imagine “how” you might get back together either way but this only means that you don’t believe in you two “being” together yet. When you continue to visualize your dream-come-true relationship with her and feel love for it, you will soon simply know that it is meant to happen. Never beat yourself up over negative thoughts, as everyone has them. Face them and admit to yourself why you are having them. Then, accept yourself fully. Ask yourself why you’re uncomfortable with the idea of being in your dream relationship with her. Do you feel deserving of it?
      I would suggest that you go with the positive and loving thoughts when they appear and for the rest of the time, do what makes you happy in life. Dedicate time to yourself and reward yourself because that’ll remind you of how important you are. Forgive yourself for the past. All this will make you believe that things are working out the way you desire and allow you to appreciate yourself fully.


  2. Hey AJ,

    Let me tell you something, I just moved back two months ago to the famous country known for cars, football and sausage 😉 And she is living in the country known as a province of China 😀 I know for me its just been like 4 months or something, but yeah. I am blocked on facebook, even if i get unblocked, we will still be unfriended. I can only expect miracles to happen, can’t I? And keep sending love and feel good about that. I really dunno how the universe will figure that out for me, but I keep telling myself “I trust the universe”.
    The only thing that keeps coming back to me is some recently released super perfectly fitting songs about ‘getting back together’ I should cover, at least somehow my heart tells me to go for that. How she is gonna see that, I dunno, but I am not worrying to much about that. Somehow my friend told me “What if you get her back with those songs and become more well-known as a musician at the same time?” And I also visualized before about us living our dream life, BUT (and here I want to refer to Nina’s post where she was dreaming about going to college in the US, but that wasn’t going to happen until she was actually of that age) even though I dunno what amazing thing happens tomorrow, somehow I see us, when I am living that dream of being a musician in a certain country. As there is always a divine timing, maybe it is not now. I just trust myself and the universe, keep sending good vibes and know things will happen as I want it to be, whenever that will be.

    Sorry if this is all a bit messed up, hope you understand what I mean. Trust that the good vibes reach her. I recently visualized my friends telling me how good I suddenly look and how different I am, while going to a party where I meet all my friends again after over 1 1/2 year not seeing them, due to living in another country. And only one person late in the evening told me that in my face, so I was a little bit disappointed. However some days later, the same friend told me that she and another person talked about me and where so impressed and overwhelmed with my good vibes, and another friend sitting next to me who was also there just agreed to that. You never know what’s happening behind your back, just know that you will get exactly what you ask for 🙂

    Just my input. Good vibes coming towards ya 😀

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    1. You’ve made several excellent points. You’re loving and enjoying your life, staying positive and becoming even more positive while knowing that things are happening. I’m sure that once you remove the timing issue entirely, only focus on the thoughts that make you feel good and continue to send love to your dream relationship, it’ll happen even faster 🙂


      1. RS and Nina,

        Thank you both for taking time to reach out! I am feeling the love and I’m grateful for your support 🙂

        Continuing to experience the abundance,

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  3. Hey Nina,

    Tonight I had this dream again. I cannot remember what I did but I do remember that I was rejected again. Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about making lists about what my future girl should be like and stuff, but then I am like “Wait, you are not in alignment with your desire”. And sometimes I think “Nah i’m cool alone”, but then I see her face or remember something and suddenly I have all these feelings again. Even asking “what does my heart feel” gives me a rather warm, secure feeling about her. Also I think everytime I consciously send energy, somewhere a picture on fb of her pops up from one of her friends I have as a friend on fb as well (but of course I cannot see her name, because I am still blocked, and I realized that even if she unblocks me, facebook automatically unfriends you) Also her birth city which I put as one of my signs, still keeps popping up everywhere, I read it, I hear it in a song, today I heard it in the radio and it’s not even a city of this country lol
    But yeah any other advices for those dreams?
    Also you wrote me I should let go of “time”. I am very aware that time is an illusion, but also I am wondering if i can still do something for that issue?

    I also read a post today saying that changing your mindset and negative thoughts can’t be done in one day, but needs time. Is that the universe telling me something?


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  4. Hey Nina,

    I’ve read this right away, but I wanted to take my time to respond.
    Today was the right time, also because I dreamt first that I did a project alone, but then I somehow had the same scene, she was there, and I was like ‘wait you have to go with me’ and then we suddenly did this together and acted all close and beautifully together and did this project together. There were even some familiar and unfamiliar faces there, but I cannot remember exactly who.
    Anyways, I’m still switching in between two phases “I love her, this relationship is mine, it feels so beautiful”, I can really instantly have a warm tingly feeling, to “i am so deperate, i dunno what to do, i cannot reach her, i miss her so much”.
    It totally matches with the blog post.
    I’m like playing ping pong with this desire.
    I am getting back to the basics these days.
    Telling myself “I have the ability to manifest everything I want”, “I am unlimited”
    Yet, I cannot a 100% believe that she will ever come back to me, even though I know deep in my heart that she is the only one I want to be in a relationship with. It leaves me emotionally charged up.
    There is like this big chaos in me and I dunno where to start.
    The thing is, I should trust what I can’t see and that there is a way. But this is exactly how this break-up got worse, because I didn’t believe in things I can’t see.
    Nina, I dunno what to do. Help me? 😦



    1. Dear R,
      Don’t worry about thinking it’s the same. The certainty in love and the uncertainty due to fear or dissatisfaction are two completely different energies but as long as you focus on both, you’ll stay where you are. You must focus on the new to experience it and you can do it.
      Try visualizing and you’ll feel that this relationship is yours because your mind will accept your visualization as reality if it’s backed by feelings of happiness, excitement, anything positive 🙂 LoA is a way of life and you are capable of living these positive feelings. Decide today that your negative thoughts are powerless and irrelevant and next time they appear, replace them with the positive. Try loving every step of the process and you’ll receive everything you desire even easier.


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