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  1. Hi Nina,

    I love your blog, and I’m so grateful to have stumbled across is recently. It was regarding the topic of manifesting a specific person. And so many say it’s not possible. And yet it seems people are able to do it all the time.
    If I may share my story. And I will try to keep it as brief as possible.

    I met a man in 2013 through mutual friends who does construction work. We had just purchased a home to remodel and needed help. The next year I contacted him and he agreed to help us on the project. He’s a couple of years older than me, married with children. I too am married. We’re in our late 30’s.

    I remembered on first getting to know him something was different about him. And I could tell he was smitten with me. But I blew it off and didn’t entertain any thoughts beyond knowing of as impending work relationship. But when the project started I noticed his interest in me, then started his persistance to impress me, talk with me, stay after his work was over to talk with me. Then the intense eye contact, followed by electricity I’ve never felt with anyone before. And after several months I found myself slowly falling for him. There are so many little “moments” between us during this time that I can’t explain them all. Although none of them physical. We both are from the same religious faith, and infidelity and divorce are basically taboo. I’ve only ever shaken his hand twice, who knew a hand shake could be so beautiful?

    The project lasted 6 months, and there were moments like him overhearing a conversation I was having with my husband on the phone, telling him ” I love you” and I could hear a deep sigh from the work space this guy was working in down the hall. I tested it out a minute later and repeated I love you to my husband and a second time, a heavy sigh came from him. Obviously he didn’t think I could hear him. And that’s when I really knew he cared deeply for me.

    I was sad when the project was over now almost a year ago. But he off and on texted or stayed in contact. And we see each other at religious events throughout the year. The most recent was a 3 day event last month. I asked the universe for signs to show me that he cares about me still, maybe loves me. And the signs came. At least 4 or 5 over the 3 days. So after meeting each other 2 years ago, there is still some kind of connection.

    I go through the guilt of hurting my current spouse, whom I love but don’t have this “soul mate” connection with. I don’t want to be a home wrecker. I feel badly that I’ve allowed myself to fall for a man who is unavailable. But when I try to follow my intuition, I can feel the relationship and love between us. I can feel his love for me. And I love this man more than I’ve ever loved another human being before. I’ve been married twice now, and have an 18 year old child. And yet still this love for this man is unmatched to any other I’ve ever experienced. And so I can’t let go. I’ve tried to let go, like “cut the ethereal cord” and after a few days of that something inside of me fights hard against it. So I try just to follow my instinct.

    I would very much like to manifest a divorce from my husband. And I feel terrible because he loves me, and he’s a decent person. But I don’t feel for him what I should. And I would love to manifest this beautiful human being who has somehow managed to bring out the best in me when we’ve been around each other. He’s lightened my life and soul in ways I’ve been waiting my whole life to experience and feel. It’s been the most beautiful gift anyone has ever given to me.

    I would be ever so grateful if you could advise me on how I could manifest this dream that 95% of the time feels more right than anything else I’ve ever wanted. I struggle with how to manifest the divorce. How to visualize, feel and see it without being too specific. How to get over the guilt and let this thing somehow happen if it’s something he wants too? I try not to see myself as a bad selfish person. But that’s tough considering the circumstances. And at the same time I feel like if this connection is what it feels like, shouldn’t we be able to have the chance to be together?

    Thank you Nina for your time, for your generosity in sharing your experiences and thoughts with the world. With those of us who struggle and have hope because of people like you.

    Lots of love……

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    1. Dear J,

      Thank you for your kind words and your honesty. It already tells me you’re a stronger person than you know; otherwise, you wouldn’t have looked for ways to follow your heart. You want for everyone involved to be happier and have even more love in their life.

      Removing your guilt around this issue will be much easier when we go over the following points. I respect your religious nature but the point of religion lies in giving and receiving love, just like LoA tells us to do. At the same time, scientists have talked about creation and manifestation through the projection of energy so you see what I mean when I say we’re all talking about the same thing. Everyone with a religious or scientific background I’d ever discussed this with agreed. Let’s be truthful – especially since reality is fluid and can always change, there are no guarantees that a marriage will last forever, as its survival depends on how two people in it feel. If you change your mind and want to make a clean break which is fair on everyone involved, it’s OK because if your marriage had been right, you would have wanted to stay in it. The responsibility for happiness is on both parties involved and a situation in which one person was perfect and another one ruined everything doesn’t exist. If it falls apart, it wasn’t right and both people are responsible for it. Everyone I left put neediness, jealousy, discomfort and fear of not making me happy into our relationship instead of continuing to contribute love. Everyone that left me didn’t feel I was it because I didn’t love them, care nearly enough or want to give them what they needed. So what? I learned something every time and whether or not they did is on them. The point is that it would have been unfair to stay together in all those cases. Whenever it went wrong, I simply had to leave because I can never stay miserable. I applaud you for being honest instead of allowing things to go sour. Those who open themselves up to finding their soul mate, like you did, end up doing so – just like you have. Wanting to spend the rest of your life with someone should come out of love and nothing else, especially instead of “I COULD be my life with this person because we’re compatible, of the same age, live in the same city, we’ve already been together for years (regardless of the reason), my parents approve and it all makes sense.” That’s nothing but conformism and it is how average relationships start and usually die a slow and painful death. Is that truly the way anyone wants to live? This type of conformism also comes with an idea that love doesn’t last forever, marriage eventually turns into friendship and the love of your dreams doesn’t exist.

      Having said that, be prepared to let go of your husband whenever the topic comes up. If you know he’s not the one, you know that you shouldn’t be together with or without the man you fell in love with. Be prepared to be with the one you love but also, to say goodbye to your current marriage. I don’t think this will be a problem because you want out but you’ll feel better once you accept that it would be unfair to stay with the person who isn’t the one for you – unfair to yourself and to him. If you know that this is the right thing to do, you’ll happily focus on the end result. However, for as long as you feel guilt or shame, that means you’re putting negative feelings into both your marriage and your love, which makes manifestation difficult. Forgive yourself for everything, your negative thoughts and everything else. Face your fears and accept that you deserve to see your dreams to come true even while having these thoughts – then, they will disappear.

      Now, know that your desired reality is yours. If you believe it, you will create an even better life for yourself, your current husband and the man you love, as all of you will end up with the right person. Your happiness is your responsibility. You have found the man you love and want to be with him – it’s out of love and that’s what matters. Just continue to stand by your choices and soon, you will only accept happiness and the life you want. Know that the relationship is yours regardless of the current circumstances and your life will rearrange to match it. In your mind and heart, you must create and feel love for your new reality, in which you are with your soul mate, in order to receive it. Feel love and gratitude for your life being exactly as you dreamed it would be. If you allow love to lead you, everything will fall into place. Your divorce will manifest as calmly as possible. You will be respectful to your husband and child while following your heart and you will be honest with them but feel good about it, as your words and feelings will be sincere. I know you see the question of divorce as a big deal but instead of dwelling on it at all, focus on your love for your dream reality. If you’re convinced that it is yours, you have nothing to worry about. You have all the time you need for this to happen and as long as you don’t worry about it, everything is bound to happen faster than you think.

      Sometimes, I feel that evoking the love inside us is enough to manifest anything clear and fast.

      Instead of worrying about your husband, be grateful that he can now find his soul mate, too. Be grateful for your marriage and all the good times you had. Appreciate everything you’ve shared during your marriage. Always wish him all the love in the world.

      Lots of love to you!


      1. Dear Nina,

        From my heart, thank you so much for your long and detailed response. It’s exactly the advice I needed to hear. For sure the guilt and shame is the biggest hurtle for me. I know when I’m in alignment it all feels like a 100% guarantee that it will happen and it feels so right. But as I’ve recently learned, negative feelings are only there to show me what I’m resisting, and therefore needs to be addressed. What you mentioned really hit the nail on the head.

        Thank you for your knowledge and wisdom. I now need to really embrace forgiving myself and allow myself to “enjoy” my future spouse. I know the guilt is getting in the way. But I also know the universe can make things happen in ways I would have never thought of. I just need to find the “feeling” place and embrace that. I know there are a few different sensations within my solar plexus that are showing me the resistance. It needs to be cleared. I will make notes of everything you said and start applying the advice. Everything you said was right on.

        Your personal experiences are so encouraging. If you ever wanted to become an LOA coach, especially in the relationship department I’m quite confident you would be fully booked with clients. I would sign up myself!

        I’m so grateful for you and your blog. The universe brought this information to me when I was ready to hear it. I came across your site while googling another topic, while when I googled “manifest a specific person” your site was no where to be found. Go figure.

        Lots and lots of love,

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  2. hey Nina! i have a question. can i visualized from the end of seeing myself and his mom or his family having great bonding time? like actual feel it real like hearing their voices, feeling them give me a hug, etc. family is important to me and i want to be in great relations with his as well. also i visualize us going on dates and i feel grateful as if it really happened and I’m looking back as if it’s a memory. am i on the right track? and i have a exact amount of money i would like to manifest, what do you suggest i do so that i can feel it real and live from the end so that it may manifest into my life? thanks 🙂


    1. You are on the right track – just know that this is yours 🙂 For a specific amount of money, I suggest practicing feelings of freedom, relief and gratitude for having it, just like any other desire, visualizing seeing the amount in your bank account and spending it. You could use the remembering for receiving and spending it.
      See your specific amount of money as something that is natural to have and spend 🙂 If you practice seeing it in your bank account or cash and be happy about it, you’ll achieve the feeling of having it. Some also use checks they fill out themselves for the specific amount of money they want. Choose the technique(s) you like and have fun with the process!
      If you want, start imagining what it’s like to receive money effortlessly. Feel the ways in which your life has changed now that you’re living according to this idea 🙂 You can do this!


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