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  1. Hey Nina,

    What do think about this current scenario I have going on: I have been focusing on a relationship with my ex for over a year now. I’ve learned more about myself through my ups and downs, and my confidence and my fears and doubts. I’ve let it go to the universe while other times I’ve grabbed at it again in doubt. If I really want it, then it should happen as long as I trust and love, right? If it hasn’t happened yet, does that mean I really don’t want it? I am so confused. I know that I want it but my mind is playing tricks on me. To add to this all: in the last couple of weeks at work I have connected with a girl I work with. It’s undeniable that there is something special between us. She is not my type physically. I am not attracted to her appearance, but absolutely to her energy. There are many reasons I don’t want to pursue anything with her (I just got promoted and I’ll be her supervisor, she is in a relationship that she has been afraid to break off for the last few months although she knows it’s over and her boyfriend works with us… you can see why this isn’t the best scenario.) But I find myself thinking about her a lot and have so much fun when we are around each other. I guess I’m caught up because I have wanted this relationship with my ex for so long and I have really become so much of who I want to be with her. Now there is this other girl that I want to pursue “in the meantime.” But I feel like I am totally cheating on my ex in a way because I have been sending her and our relationship all this love. I’m committed to that relationship after all this time and positive energy I have been putting in it. I am not going to start anything with this girl due mainly to our work circumstances but I feel like I am cutting off chances for happiness either with my ex or with her. So confusing!

    This is the LOA bringing me a connection with someone which has reflected a change in my energy but it is confusing at the same time.

    Thanks again for your ear! You should start charging me 🙂 I’d gladly pay!



    1. Dear AJ,
      First of all, thank you 🙂 I really appreciate all the compliments. In fact, I feel honored for the trust and the gratitude I receive from you.
      I think you attracted the entire situation with this girl because you two are kind of in the same place right now. You’re both in a transitional period with your relationships while perceiving your new circumstances in which you get along perfectly as slightly complicated for several reasons.
      When it comes to your ex, you are still in the process of becoming the right man for her in your mind. However, I would suggest practicing believing that the relationship is yours already and feeling grateful that you have become the man you wanted to be. If you believe that you did it all and that the relationship is yours, it will be. I know that you wanted to work on yourself before getting back together with her but owning and loving the feeling of having your dream life already will put everything into place. I know that your negative thoughts are slowing you down but allowing them to pass without reacting to them and accepting that they are false and that you have your dream love regardless of them will make them go away; on the other hand, fighting them only makes them grow while you keep questioning yourself. Once you ask yourself why you would even entertain any thoughts that lower your vibration, you’ll see how false they are while your dream relationship will seem more real than ever.
      Be 100% that your relationship is yours now. Keep sending love to it and to your girl while feeling that you’re together. I know you’re ready for this! At the same time, you of course wouldn’t get involved with the girl from work, as you have a girlfriend, but maybe you just made a new friend?
      Making a decision is important because every energetic state produces more of the same, just like your indecision about your ex produced the situation with your colleague and even more indecision in your dating life.
      If you truly want your ex now, acting accordingly is going to add energy to your belief that you have the relationship already. Become the guy who has a girlfriend. Believe that you’re the man who makes her feel like the luckiest girl in the world! You deserve this.
      If you pursue the girl from work after all, your energy stands to become conflicted, as you might feel even more single than you do now because approaching another person as an “in the meantime” will keep your awareness in “the meantime.” The goal is to believe you have your dream relationship now, keeping yourself happy every day and it’ll come to you.
      If you ask yourself whether you still want your ex, consider if you’re just impatient, don’t believe in your manifestation abilities yet or have truly gotten over her? I think you do want her and I know you’re courageous and creative enough to produce the feeling of being with her now. Once you become absolutely certain that the relationship is yours now, you’ll let go naturally and it’ll manifest in your life 🙂 All these qs are important because a state of awareness such as impatience produces attachment to one’s desire which slows down its manifestation. If you had it, your impatience would be gone – see what I mean? You have to be aware of having it now to receive it 🙂
      You’ve come such a long way and I love that you achieved so many goals on your list already! Since we create everything according to the same principle, you can see how feeling that your desire is yours already can make you feel light. You must have manifested almost all of the desires on your list with that feeling 🙂 You can do the same for your relationship by knowing and letting go.
      You can do this!


      1. Hey Nina,

        I really appreciate the positive post! I have to laugh because I know I (purposely) never mentioned the fact that I am a woman, so I will have to be the right woman for my girl, haha 😉

        While I appreciate your post, I am looking at things a different way seeing that I have actually already admitted my feelings to my coworker and as I suspected she feels the same. I am entering this fling or however I choose to call it without judgment of myself, just knowing it was something I wanted and it felt so good. Sure there are some negative feelings that come up over this (am I wrong for getting involved with someone in a relationship, does this affect how I picture myself with my ex, etc.), but the connection and desire in the moment is so strong that I didn’t want to deny myself the joy of it. You have said before that a situation is only what we make of it, only defined as we define it, and we create through our feelings and beliefs. I have the choice to define this situation as short term. If I were to think that my true desires are impossible now that I have read your response after pursuing this girl, then that is how they would be. But I choose not to and I will continue to face my beliefs and change them as I deem necessary. I totally appreciate what you said and I am prepared to do what makes me happy. My confidence has climbed so high and I am the person I have always wanted to be: fearless, flirtatious, and living in the moment. Consider this as “practice” 🙂 This is just another page in my book and I know the ending because I am still living it. I love when life is so easy to LOVE. I hope you have a great day! And as always, I look forward to future posts 🙂


      2. That’s hilarious because there were others before you who accidentally failed to mention their gender but to do it on purpose is just as funny 🙂 However, this is a good time to remind everyone that gender is completely irrelevant when it comes to attracting relationships – how great is that?? 🙂
        Sounds great! You are happy with how things are in life today and that energy will attract even more amazing events than you realize at this moment.
        I love that life is so easy for you, just as it should be! 🙂 I wish that to everyone 🙂


  2. Addendum: I just want to share that I am able to gain clarity after overthinking my desire and how it might happen and I’m also able to allow negative thoughts to pass. Knowing deep down that I am the best person I can be at all times, no matter what chatter my mind is presenting to me… I am enough. I am plenty. The phrase “I am the most important person in my life” used to sound like an affirmation to me, but over the last 8 months of my transformation it has become my credo. The times where I effortlessly stop thinking about/worrying about the future and live in this moment, happy and grateful, are the most wonderful, magical times. I forget that I can always come back to this space where I find anything is possible. The more you work on it, the longer these moments of clarity are. I just wanted to share 🙂

    This blog has really been a blessing. The lessons I have been able to learn from reading this and those I have been able to teach myself are so valuable.

    I had to remind myself that I know what I want and that living in the moment and allowing myself to enjoy everything in front of me helps me develop all the qualities I have always wanted for myself. If I can manifest those qualities so well, I feel I can accomplish anything.

    One last thing I wanted to share (after taking over this post, haha – forgive me, Nina! You are too inspiring sometimes!): for months last year I wrote down a list every single day of everything that I was grateful for having now (which didn’t yet exist in my physical reality). I haven’t done it in months but looking back at it I have manifested almost every single one of them! My dream relationship with my girl is still on that list and I feel pretty confident I’ll be checking that off one day too!

    Have a great day, all! Peace and love!


  3. Hi Nina,

    I am new to your blog, and so far, have read a lot of interesting things. As per the comments above, I am working to get my ex back. I truly do feel that he and I are meant to get back together and that we have a future together. However, I still have feelings of resistance/negative thoughts. I am trying to “acknowledge” the negative thoughts and allow them to pass, but I am not sure the proper approach for this – I try to think of something positive that makes me feel good, but then the negative thought creeps in. I know I need to let go, but this is another problem area I have. I feel sometimes scared that letting go means I am giving him up, which I do not want.

    We have not spoken to each other in a month now, and I am very tempted to contact him. Is this interfering with the LOA? The last we spoke he expressed a lot of concerns about us not being together (he doesn’t think he will be happy without me), but in the end, he said that he needs space for now. Further, I feel he needs to work on himself for us to work, as he is going through some big changes. I do feel deeply that he will contact me, so I don’t want to get in the way, so to speak. Any advice?


    1. Hello! Welcome to our community 🙂
      The first useful reminder we’re going to discuss here is that LoA operates on many principles which are the opposite of what one has been taught throughout life. What others tell you should work is not what truly works and in part, you already know that, otherwise you probably wouldn’t have learned about LoA.
      Secondly, what you believe is what you’ll receive. If you know he’ll contact you, you can just be happy about it, relax about it and let it happen. What you KNOW, what you are aware of having equals what you receive.
      Thirdly, you’re not giving up – you’re letting go. The most amazing thing about LoA is, the more you love and the less you “do” while knowing that your desire is yours already, the faster and more beautifully it manifests in your life. Your belief system being limitless (as much as possible) will produce your confidence and your ability to trust the Universe.
      Most importantly, LoA is about you and not about him. How you see yourself equals what you experience. When you see yourself in a positive light, having your desire already, you are able to ignore your negative thoughts because your life contains what you want. See what I mean? 🙂 You must decide that your desire is yours regardless of any external circumstances and just redirect from your negative thoughts or calmly let them pass. Don’t resist them, otherwise they’ll grow. Ask yourself, “Why even entertain these negative thoughts that make me feel bad?” Try it; they’ll feel false immediately.
      LoA is a way of life and the techniques connected to it exist so that you develop the feeling of being the person who lives their dream life 🙂 When you create an entirely new relationship with him in your mind, love it and feel grateful for having it, it will be created anew. Make peace with the present circumstances and even feel grateful for everything you’ve learned from them because then, you will be able to create new and better ones without resistance. You have to feel good about the relationship you want to create and if you feel its absence in your life, you are giving negative thoughts to it, preventing it from coming into your life.
      Only think about how you want your life to be.
      Be ready for your life to change into an even more magical one 🙂


  4. Thanks for the reply, Nina. I did end up contacting him, as he is moving away and I wanted to discuss some things with him prior to him leaving. In the end, he told me he does not know why he is not with me, but that for now, he just does not feel it. I don’t feel I did the wrong thing in contacting him as I needed to do it for myself. I still truly feel that I will hear from him again, that he will contact me soon knowing that he made a mistake in losing me.

    I do have a few questions. I am trying to be positive about the situation, and not be “in control” of how or when things happen, but it is hard to not feel sad about what is happening currently. Even though I truly feel like we will be together again, how do I get to a happier place in the meantime? How do I “let go” of us not being together right now?

    You said that “the more you love and the less you “do” while knowing that your desire is yours already, the faster and more beautifully it manifests in your life” – I am not going to be initiating contact with him anymore, and I am focusing on what it will be like when he does contact me and how it will be when we are together. I journal and talk to myself in present tense of his feelings for me being of love and wanting to be in a relationship with me. Is this correct?

    I have manifested someone back in my life before, so I know that it is completely possible! I remind myself of this all the time, but still have some distractions that seem to be getting in the way.


    1. Dear LB,
      You will be able to stop worrying about you two being together if you focus on doing the things you love in life. Spend time with the people you love, enjoy the activities you love or anything similar. This positive energy will enable you to be happy in the now and will remove your need to change anything about your life. Then, more magic will come into it in every area of your life 🙂


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