When the Mind Wanders…

4 thoughts on “When the Mind Wanders…”

  1. Hello!

    So… I am experiencing some things I never thought possible, but deep down always believed they could happen. Does that make sense? Like I have always known that there was more to life than going through the motions waiting for good things to happen, but I really had to work through my fears and doubts. In the process of trying to recover from a breakup, I learned about energy and how important living in the moment is. But as much positive thought as I was putting into getting my ex back, I never really believed it could happen. I would allow myself to think every once in a while that maybe I didn’t really want that. Then I would fight that by saying if I can have a desire, I can achieve it. I wanted us to connect on a level like never before and when I let go and allowed myself to be happy and enjoy life, little things started to fall into place around other aspects of my life. But the thought of my ex became work.

    You wrote about one’s desires: “If you think about all the things you want to do before receiving it, what you should do in order to finally have it or what you need to improve, you’re perpetuating the absence of it from your life.” I haven’t been able to stop doing those very things and the effort I was putting into that was and can be taxing.

    Now this is my present circumstance. I told you about my coworker and my feelings about her. I feel so blessed for this very moment and our connection. It is a connection on a level I have never felt before and she says it is mutual. And I created this. I can only thank the universe for where I am right now because it is almost the “impossible.” I don’t know where this is going, but I am going to keep doing what I have been doing and stay grateful, positive, and loving.

    It’s strange because for the first time I have been able to really let go of my ex. What does that say about my desire? I don’t know, but I like the road right now and I am not really looking at the street signs for direction. What a crazy thing life is. Energy is real and it is amazing.

    I again can’t thank you enough for all your uplifting posts and responses. It has been a nice guidebook that I pull out quite often 🙂

    Hope you all have a great day!

    Peace and love, AJ

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    1. Thank you so much for your amazing words 🙂 I am impressed at how much love you feel for your life.
      If you can let go of your desire for your ex, that’s amazing because in order for your relationship to come into your life, you need to anyway. However, this also signifies that you stopped sort of depending on your ex’s feelings as the proof of your own worth. You know that it only matters what YOU think of yourself and surrounding yourself with people who appreciate you contributes to that.
      Feel courageous about letting go of your ex entirely. Trust me, letting go is amazing. I once felt strongly for this guy and then was unsure for a few days so I moved onto another, completely letting this one go. He went after me immediately, a practically changed man.
      One of the principles of LoA which people strongly resist is that doing less brings greater results. The faster you can let go of your desire, the faster you will receive it. Just knowing it’s yours allows you to have to do nothing in order to get it (unless you want to improve yourself first, like you did, but the work done was primarily for YOU). Now, since you have manifested a happier life, you can let go of this desire completely – use this new, uplifting energy to your benefit 🙂
      Lots of love!


      1. Nina,

        Wouldn’t you know that a mere 12 hours after I posted the above comment and truly felt I had let go, my ex sent me a “thumbs up” in response to the last attempt I made at reaching out. First communication from her in almost 10 months… Small communication, not what I would have originally wanted, but 100% proof that we are all connected. And I’m just still ok floating along. This is all very real! I can’t help but laugh! Hahaha!

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      2. Honestly, I knew I was gonna hear something like that from you 😀 As soon as you said you let go and were happy, it was meant to happen. I love it!


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