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  1. Hey Nina,

    I had a setback today. And this is after a great streak of happiness, confidence, and all that good stuff. Yes, my ex responded to something last week. Turns out she then blocked me from Facebook. I am working through the why’s of where my feelings come from and trying not to put any emotion into my negative thoughts. My mind wants to run wild. It’s true I have been checking up on her because I’m not 100% over her. I haven’t truly let go, I guess. I have felt pockets of the freedom of attachment, but I wonder when I’ll really be able to let go. I have lifted myself up a lot in the past and I know I’ll continue to do so. But my reaction to this has been a little discouraging. It could be seen as her being completely out of my physical life. No way to see her on social media and now that she’s across the country, no way to see her. I still have my desire and I feel a little hopeless. I just feel a little beat up today. And confused. Thanks for listening. I’m continuing to work through this and it helps to post it here 🙂



    1. If I may, did you develop any specific expectations after her response? I’m asking because it has to do with your strongest beliefs about your relationship with her and your strongest, deepest beliefs basically compose your awareness.
      I’m glad you feel comfortable to share this, it helps in many ways.


      1. Hey,

        That’s a tough question to answer quickly so I have been trying to clear my head and really tune in to figure it out. At the time she responded, she immediately blocked me. I didn’t realize it then, but I guess I had already manifested that? So the fact that when she responded I felt no attachment to any outcome, just blessed and grateful that there is something to us all being connected. You say it’s about my strongest and deepest beliefs… I guess deep down I don’t feel it’s possible. I can say I trust the universe because that makes every moment special and enjoyable. But deep down I think she hates me and I think she wants nothing to do with me and I have probably felt that way for a long time. I can say that I keep affirming those beliefs when she never responded to me or avoided me or moved away. I kept telling myself I was going to focus on me and here and now, and when I do that it feels good. But I can’t find a balance between believing and detachment. I don’t know how to change those beliefs. Maybe I am not meant to do this. I’m so confused.

        Thanks for your interest in this, I really appreciate it.


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      2. When I say I keep affirming the negatives, I really mean that every time I see that nothing is happening/even getting worse, it just reinforces my situation and beliefs. Ugh.


      3. I thought as much. You were happy to be able to stay positive for a while but deep down, you were only trying to think “the right way” to see results. However, this thought process only shows that you are “trying to achieve” instead of “having” it already.
        However, you can achieve anything you desire – anyone can. You have the ability to do so. All you need to do is change how you feel about yourself and by that, I mean a profound change which is achieved by steadily practicing the attachment of positive emotion to your new, positive beliefs. This is a process you can begin to love because it leads to being the person you truly desire to be.
        When you face your beliefs which reflect your fears (which happens every time you share them on this blog, for example), it is time to try a new technique on your awareness, so to speak. You can tell the Universe, “I feel confused, upset and trapped and I don’t know how to get there. I want to feel confident, happy and know that manifesting is easy. Please put me in that state of mind.” Let go after you say it and know that you will get there. Relax. Then, step by step or maybe even faster, you will get there. Observe the steps and every aspect of your awareness will eventually reveal itself.
        Create the relationship of your dreams with her in your mind and while doing so, allow your resistance to it to reveal itself. One by one, face the issues, admit to yourself that you have them and how you feel about them. When you decide how you want to feel instead, you will actually start to feel differently. This is a very organic process once you get started and as your vibration continues to rise, you’ll be surprised at how good you feel. If seeing you two together in your mind feels weird, try again until it feels natural, good and/or exciting; try until it feels positive. If something is important enough to us, we persevere and we all know that this is true.
        Ask yourself if you truly want to live this relationship or do you just want to manifest getting it back so that you believe you can. If that’s the case, you can relax right away because you can manifest it. You can manifest anything. I know I’ve suggested to you to ask yourself what you truly want several times but I think that in this stage, it’s an important question to ask for several reasons.
        You also discovered you can achieve confidence and I suggest to practice self-appreciation. Start appreciating yourself and all the good things you do in your life. You contribute in many great ways and when you start to use them to appreciate yourself, you will start to feel even better about yourself 🙂
        All these things will allow you to start feeling differently. Remove time and worry from your life because only then will things move fast. You can create anything you want. Leave all the “how” aspects to the Universe – I know you already are, at least for most of them, but continue to do so.
        Just like you say that now, your strongest belief is that she wants to stay away from you, that strong belief can be anything you like. And you can change it within yourself.
        You can do this!


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