My Crucial Manifesting Factor

Yesterday, I discussed one’s resolve being a crucial factor in the process of attracting one’s dream life. This is certainly true in my case.

One of my closest friends once said to me, “If you don’t have a burning desire to do something or be with someone, it seems to encounter problems. You’re bored after only being amused with it short-term. You sometimes even want a reason to leave.”

I completely agree.

It all rests in my resolve to live my desire. This resolve is always boosted by love and gratitude for the said desire.

On rare occasions, my resolve had come as a result of being sick of questioning and experiencing some negative thoughts. I would observe and entertain these negative thoughts, sometimes even using them to reevaluate my desire. I would say,

“If my desire is strong enough, these questions can’t hurt it but can even help.”

You receive what you ask for and this type of energy, one that offers no resistance even to the thoughts of resistance, can only strengthen one’s resolve.

Do you desire your desire strongly, with all your heart?

Has your resolve been damaged by your own negative thoughts, a lack of faith in your manifesting abilities and the refusal to believe? If this happened to you, don’t worry, as everything can be fixed once your point of view has changed. As soon as you redirect your attention and your feelings to positive, to the ideas you love instead of those you fear, so will your reality.

Listen to what your heart says about your desires – it’ll strengthen your resolve. Any feeling of happiness around your desire comes from your heart. The human heart produces strong energy. Focus on the happiness (the idea of) your desire gives you, love it and even more will be produced. Look back on your life – you gained everything you have today because you felt positively about it. Everything that left your life did so once you started feeling negatively about it in one way or another.

Does your resolve respond to your self-respect? If you feel that being with another would mean disrespecting yourself, your resolve may falter. The person you had your eye on might turn out to be the opposite of what you thought before you manifested them; they might be weak or unremarkable, all showing through your time together. Their best might never be enough for you. If you feel that settling for a specific job would mean you’ve said yes to the second best, this may produce a manifesting block; however, if you feel this way, you are unsure of the potential for your happiness.

My resolve must encompass:

  • True love for my desire. Is my desire truly the place I want to wake up every morning?
  • Patience around the concepts of time and possible negative thoughts. When patience is present, things happen rapidly. The idea of having one’s desire in their life is instantly (or, soon) believable. Ultimately, we all know – don’t we feel silly when we attach impatience or some negative meaning to our desires due to a lack of signs or a borderline paranoid idea? We know that nothing has anything to do with our desires except for the desires in question.
  • Gratitude for having my desire in my life already. If one isn’t automatically experiencing the feelings of gratitude, they aren’t directing enough positive feeling towards living their desire. However, any frustration, negativity or fear around one’s desire can be removed.
  • The ability to picture living my desire. If this is the life I want, at least for a little while, I will manifest it.
  • True excitement for my desire. If I enjoy almost childlike excitement while thinking of my desire, I will experience rapid manifestation. However, this is not a prerequisite – any kind of happiness and positive feelings are. Looking back, I believe I haven’t experienced this type of excitement over every single desire but for some, it was definitely present. I enjoy it greatly and love to feel this way.


  1. Hi Nina,

    I think this is the part of the loa that I find the most confusing and difficult to understand. I had mentioned that I’m bringing in a specific person who’s told me that he’s not in love with me and doesn’t think he will ever be. Obviously, there are some hurt/upset feelings over this with him. Even though I understand that in reality this person is actually responding to how I feel about myself, correct?

    So, I feel like I shouldn’t be upset and instead love unconditionally , but I get confused because it contradicts my belief that a woman should respect and love herself enough to not want to be with a man who doesn’t value her? So confusing!

    Your thoughts?


    1. This part only means you’re not sure that this particular person deserves you. You perceive his words and his current absence in your life in this way because you have a deep conviction that a man who values a woman would never speak to her in this way or be absent from her life. Then again, you want to maybe get back together with this person (you’re occasionally unsure because you’re a little offended by his behavior).
      Try and figure out if you want him back just because he said this and you want him to change his mind or because you truly want him. If you do, you’ll decide that the relationship is yours, forgive his words and manifest him back.
      I find that it isn’t the words that offend us but whether or not we think they might be true. The words we hear and our reactions to them correspond to our current sense of self-confidence. Think about whether or not you are currently feeling good about yourself and maybe that’s why you were offended by him. Did his words remind you that you just want to feel better about yourself and that YOU are the one who wants to respect you more?
      You already know you deserve everything. However, once you rebuild your confidence, you will have everything you need to manifest 🙂

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