My Crucial Manifesting Factor

2 thoughts on “My Crucial Manifesting Factor”

  1. Hi Nina,

    I think this is the part of the loa that I find the most confusing and difficult to understand. I had mentioned that I’m bringing in a specific person who’s told me that he’s not in love with me and doesn’t think he will ever be. Obviously, there are some hurt/upset feelings over this with him. Even though I understand that in reality this person is actually responding to how I feel about myself, correct?

    So, I feel like I shouldn’t be upset and instead love unconditionally , but I get confused because it contradicts my belief that a woman should respect and love herself enough to not want to be with a man who doesn’t value her? So confusing!

    Your thoughts?


    1. This part only means you’re not sure that this particular person deserves you. You perceive his words and his current absence in your life in this way because you have a deep conviction that a man who values a woman would never speak to her in this way or be absent from her life. Then again, you want to maybe get back together with this person (you’re occasionally unsure because you’re a little offended by his behavior).
      Try and figure out if you want him back just because he said this and you want him to change his mind or because you truly want him. If you do, you’ll decide that the relationship is yours, forgive his words and manifest him back.
      I find that it isn’t the words that offend us but whether or not we think they might be true. The words we hear and our reactions to them correspond to our current sense of self-confidence. Think about whether or not you are currently feeling good about yourself and maybe that’s why you were offended by him. Did his words remind you that you just want to feel better about yourself and that YOU are the one who wants to respect you more?
      You already know you deserve everything. However, once you rebuild your confidence, you will have everything you need to manifest 🙂

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