7 thoughts on “THOUGHT OF THE DAY”

  1. Hi, Nina!

    I’m still amazed how I think about something and a post of you just pops on my face! today I was thinking about how to manage lack and that’s what this post is about. Amazing!

    This is what almost killed me in the first months after my ex girlfriend broke up with me. I kept checking her profile, her photos, her status, everything, like a psycho. I saw a lot of things that made me truly sad (photos of her with another guy and stuff like that). I finally managed to stop this for real. I don’t check anything about her anymore and that’s really helping me to get on track of my manifestation process.

    But I confess that there’s something bothering me: Sometimes I can’t avoid the thought of her with a new boyfriend. Sometimes I notice my fear of seeing this happening at any moment. That fear is making me anxious, even not seeing or knowing anything about her anymore. Could you give me some words on this, please?

    Thank you! πŸ™‚


    1. Since you have already recognized the nature of this particular fear, it is important to remove it by replacing it with a new belief. I suggest an affirmation that you are her partner and that the two of you are together. Every time that fear comes up, say the affirmation and soon, you will believe that you can have this.


      1. Nina, EVERYTHING you post is very relevant to me! Thank you!

        Btw, I was writing my answer to you and noticed a song played by a band in a concert near my house right now. They were singing a refrain tha says “That girl is mine!” hahahahhahahahhah – A question: if you were me, would you take it as a sign? πŸ™‚

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  2. Hi Nina πŸ™‚

    I have been practicing positive visualisations and I am actually shaking of the resistance slowly but surely I.e. the fears and doubt and I firmly believe that I have the capability to simply wish this guy back into my life, however, I am a tad bit concerned about the fact that he told me that before breaking up with me last year he asked for advice from a lot of his friends and family and they all advised him to leave me so when visualising and meditating how do I go about changing their perspective of me the way I’m also trying to change his and visualise him back into my life because I feel like he always relies on other people’s approval and advice a lot this just might be another reason why he is refraining from reaching out. How do I impact everyone in his circle positively and manage to stay positive myself as well while using the loa. I really want to do a good job at this. Please advise Nina!!!

    Thank you πŸ™‚


    1. All of this goes back to the belief of not having what you want. Whether it was their words or any other fear you might have, you are aware of not being with him and fearing that you can’t manifesting him back, at least in part. You have to just keep believing until that belief takes over your awareness. Put your trust in the Universe and don’t worry about the people in your lives. Your belief will decide on your life, not theirs.


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