6 thoughts on “THOUGHT OF THE DAY”

  1. Hey Nina,

    I love your recent posts, they are very encouraging 😀 But what would you do, if you felt you can’t ignore the current reality? It’s so hard to stay positive all the time and feel that our desire is on the way. And there are times I feel I still have some resentment I can’t let go of towards my special person.


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    1. Dear Amy, thank you so much 🙂 I think that today’s article might help you. When it comes to being focused on your former resentment, find the answers to it and realize why things went the way they did. Forgive both yourself and your specific person. Accept that we attract everything that happens to us and that now, you are an even more amazing person who deserves the best in life. If you are interested, I recommend meditation or EFT tapping.
      I believe that holding onto resentment from the past only means that you don’t believe you can have your dream-come-true relationship just yet. However, if you let your negative thoughts pass without giving ANY emotion to them, you’ll soon start to feel that your dream relationship is yours simply because you’ll suddenly be sending nothing but positive energy to it.
      You don’t have to think about your desire all the time and when negative thoughts arrive, remember that you asked for your dream-come-true relationship and therefore, you must receive it. If you want, try out my suggestion in the article of manifesting something you deem easy to obtain and apply the same tactic to your relationship. Try and let your negative thoughts pass without reacting to them and soon, they’ll disappear. If you try meditation or EFT, this will be a big help.
      You can do this 🙂


  2. Thank you once again for this great advice, I will try EFT 😀 Do you use the videos by Brad Yates? When you do tapping, do you concentrate on resolving resistance or something else?
    I read your new post, the garage door metaphor is an amazing example. It makes me think that sometimes we assume the law of attraction is hard when it is much simpler, fun and easy 🙂

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    1. I’ve heard of Brad Yates but I’ve never used his videos. I’ve used Dawson Church and Shalini Yamdagni – she has some LoA-specific topics to tap for, her videos are on YouTube.
      You’re right 🙂 It is simple, fun and easy! That garage door thing truly makes me feel as if I have it and, it also produces spontaneous, emotion-filled visualizations from such a relaxed place 😀


  3. I tried to follow your advice and recently I feel so much good energy and happiness towards me and my desire. My self-confidence definitely got a boost. What I still wonder is, how I can work on the following. Sometimes I still doubt it works and it’s hard to ignore external circumstances and people.

    When someone asks me if I am single, I would say yes. Or if I want a new job, I am still working in my old one while doing so. I tried EFT and I enjoy it, but I still feel I need to answer these questions to resolve blocks.

    I really can not thank you enough for this amazing blog and your help. It really lightens up my day and mood to read your posts and positive advice 😀


    1. Dear Amy,

      Thank you so, so much 🙂 I am thrilled that you see it this way!

      This is what I do- I answer with “Yes, very soon.” Most importantly, I know that it’s true. When I give so much positive emotion to my desire, I know it’s coming. Sometimes, I say, “Yes, it’s happening now so it’ll be completed very soon and I’ll tell you when it’s official.” When I believe, when I KNOW, I never hesitate to say it in this way and I let it go because I know it’s mine. Now, ask yourself, do you believe it, know it and would you feel comfortable saying it this way? If the answer’s yes, you know you have it 🙂 If not, you’ll get there soon. You know you can do it! 🙂


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