The Garage Door Metaphor

While closing my garage door today, I once again thought of an idea I’d recently had. Since LoA works on the exact same principle regardless of one’s desire, I advise (you) conscious manifestation practitioners to look back on anything you have successfully manifested and apply the same principle to your current desires.

I manifest any desire the same way I manifest successfully closing my garage door.

When pressing the button, I know that my garage door is closed. I know that since I asked and decided so, it is so. When suddenly in fear of accidentally pressing my remote (located on my key chain) and opening the door, I remember that I already decided the door was closed and let go instantly.

Even when experiencing fear, I switch to a positive, secure mindset and I let it go.

Every time I experience any (false, as they always are) fear connected to my desire, I remember that the garage door is closed.

When the thought of my car resting safely in my garage enters my mind, I feel gratitude and express it.

Now, how can this specific creation method be applied to other desires you may have?

When thoughts of living your dreams enter your mind, entertain them. Love them! Love them even if just for a few seconds. When spontaneously envisioning how something might happen makes you happy and light, go with it.

Unfortunately, most tend to see the worst, the feared or the undesirable when it comes to manifesting love.

Love is an illusion. Love hurts. Love is scary. Love will break your heart. These are the phrases one tends to hear in life, making it difficult to entertain a belief that love can indeed be everything it’s cracked up to be. In truth, is there a real reason it couldn’t?

There isn’t. Every assumption or fear you may have related to the concept of love can be replaced with a more positive one. After all, if love is so horrible, why keep hoping for it despite all your negative thoughts? And, we all do.

Negative thoughts connected to the idea of one’s desired relationship might be a normal idea to many… But you deserve better than that. If your relationship history was undesirable, remember that now, you are living a different life. Decide that now, you are living the life of your dreams while the past stays in the past. Now, you have created a new relationship and in truth, we create as soon as we ask for something. After all, if you want it enough, you will decide it’s yours because you deserve it (and nothing less).

When it comes to relationships, your fear is either your comfort zone or, you are determined to beat it. How do you beat it? By focusing on positive thoughts. Your goal is not to fight negative thoughts but to develop an effortless ability to focus on the positive ones.

I recommend all of this as a new manifesting tactic. Think of something you successfully manifested in the past regardless of your fear that something could go wrong. In a very short time, you will know that your desire is yours.

Once you’ve truly had it with your negative thoughts, you will make the most powerfully determined decision that you are creating your new life now. Then, you will live it.

Published by Nina Grdic

Life coach, writer, lifelong traveler, music lover and confidence/positivity/Law of Attraction expert.

21 thoughts on “The Garage Door Metaphor

  1. Hi Nina,

    Thank you for the new post. I will practice the new tactic you recommended! Here I’ve got one condition to ask for your advise.

    As you suggested me to work on my conviction in the relationship with gratitude as if I’ve received it already, sometimes I just miss him very much. Maybe it contained positive and negative feeling, such as love, happiness, excitement, and a little worry and sadness. I just know “I miss him” as we are in the relationship, but for some reasons, we just don’t contact to each other temporarily. What do you suggest when my heart and my mind both miss the specific man in this way?

    Thank you again!


    1. I suggest thinking beyond this reality entirely. If you think as if you’re together AND that you miss him, you will create more of the same. You only have to focus on what you want to create, which is you two together and very close, and without entertaining the current reality at all.
      Since you liked the method in this article, I suggest you rely on the fact that you asked for your relationship and therefore must receive it, trusting the Universe on it. Every time you think to yourself that the relationship is yours, you will feel having it, even for a few seconds.
      I think that in a few days, you will feel happy and fulfilled, which will produce spontaneous visualizations of your ideal relationship 🙂


  2. Thank you, Nina! I am still a little confused. When I know I have the relationship already and I’ve surrendered to the Universe, I feel exciting and naturally miss the specific person. But if missing him sometimes brings me complicated feeling which is not 100% happiness as if I visualize our wedding, I will create more of the same. Is that why you suggest me to think beyond the reality entirely? Cause missing him reveals the reality, which is I am still not with him yet? I’m sorry it’s quite contradictory and difficult for me. 😦


    1. I see what you’re saying but when I say “see your ideal reality,” I mean your ideal relationship with him and that entails you two together.
      And yes, if you feel like you’re together but you don’t talk right now, that will not bring you happiness – I know you want a relationship in which you spend a great deal of time together. On the other hand, picturing your wedding makes you happy because that’s a reflection of your desired relationship – together, in love, happy and married. That’s what makes you happy and what you want to focus on 🙂 When you focus on that, your life will transform to match it, as we create what we believe is possible 🙂


      1. Dear Nina,

        I always feel lucky to have you as a mentor and a life coach. As you’ve suggested me, after completing the techniques of LoA and letting go, all I need to do is to believe in the Universe, love and know my desired reality is mine already and send heart energy to my ideal relationship also my specific person. When coming into this stage, “Believe” becomes the most crucial work to me. So thank you that I found one of your articles “Obstacles or Desires – Which Do You Choose?”, because I’m the one as you described. I’ve found many answers from this article, but please forgive me that I still wish to hear your advise more. 😉

        Since I’ve applied LoA, there’re many miracles happening in my life. For examples, surprisingly got a great free trip in Europe which gave me a chance to take action to send him a postcard, received compliment from some strangers out of the blue in one day when I lost confidence, and other miracles. Those may not directly manifest my desired relationship, but I felt those were signs and arranged by the Universe. My issue is, even though I’m really grateful, why do I still feel that I need more strength to BELIEVE “my desired relationship is my already”?

        You suggested me not to entertain my current reality, to miss him. When I walked on the street or saw some couples happily holding the hands, I envisioned him to visit me and we walk together in my city, or becoming those couples. When those happened, sometimes I felt good but sometimes not. What do you consider my situation? Did I entertain my current reality or have visualization? What’s your advice?

        One more thing is that I thought I’ve let go after sending him the postcard, but recently there’s a voice in my MIND (not sure if is in my heart). I keep wondering if I should take more actions as texting him. So I went back to read one of your replies about taking action but still can’t make decision. Should I also surrender to the Universe and do nothing further about actions?

        Sorry for raising so many questions. Thank you!! 🙂


      2. I’m happy to answer and thank you for all the compliments 🙂
        I think that you’re starting to believe the relationship is yours. Sometimes you believe it, other times you don’t. You don’t feel like you’re sure yet but keep up the happiness and your conviction will grow.
        Because you’re not entirely sure yet, you sometimes feel good when you see couples on the street and other times, you feel bad. When you feel good about your relationship unconditionally, regardless of what you see, and always feel good when you see a couple, it’ll be an indicator that you’ve arrived, so to speak 🙂
        When you KNOW you want to take action simply because it makes you happy, whether or not that particular action might bring your desire to you, you will simply take it. When we deeply want to do something, we never care about approval – we do it because we want to and it makes us happy. If you’re unsure about an action, don’t take it because that would mean you’re probably considering it for the wrong reasons and also, being unsure of taking an action is another sign of your slight uncertainty. When you know it, 100%, you will know what to do.
        I suggest that you feel gratitude to the Universe for bringing your relationship to you in a magical way; when you believe this to be true, you will trust and let go completely 🙂 You will trust that you know what to do, or not.


  3. Hi Nina,

    I was talking to my mom yesterday, and it helped to me to put my feelings together a little bit. I had a situation/cycle with a guy that I truly cared about and wanted to spend my life with. It went on and off for about 8 years, with him not really committing to me (ever) and then he started dating someone else for a few years now.

    My difficulty in applying the techniques that you and other LOA coaches recommend is this. I was rejected so many times, that I find it hard to believe anymore. I’ve debated if this means that maybe I don’t want this guy anymore, but unfortunately, I can’t even do it using a generic person. I know I want a committed relationship that is happy, warm, respectful, and that makes us happier than we’ve ever felt before, and I truly believe that I still would like to be with this guy. When I remember things about our relationship I smile and I still think of him whenever I see a romantic movie or anything that inspires me.

    I can stop thinking about the negative things in the relationship and stop focus on worrying about the things he said, the other girl etc.

    My challenge is really feeling that we are together and that I have my dream life, and feeling as if:

    I know my question is a common one, and that its been asked before, but I just feel that the one area a lot of us struggle with is feeling like we are already there, without our brains going “uh, no you’re not” Often times, when I try to feel like I already have my life, it is what actually reminds me of the past and that I was rejected.

    I can feel ok most of the time, and although I do fight feelings of depression sometimes, I think I’m doing ok. My problem is that I disconnected from my “dream life” some time ago, and can’t connect back.

    Thank you,


    1. Dear C,
      I understand what you’re saying. I believe that the particular issue you’re facing has to do with your self-confidence first. You don’t believe you can live your dream life and in one way or another, you don’t feel worthy of it.
      Your lack of focus on your dream life has to do with the things only you can change.
      I want you to think about the following – how do you feel about yourself? Are you satisfied with your life? Do you like your job and if not, do you believe you can have your dream job? Do you appreciate your wonderful personality and your looks or do you focus on the elements of the two which you dislike? Are you grateful for the people in your life? Do you respect yourself and do your friends and coworkers respect you?
      Is there anything about yourself you wish to change? If so, how can you do it? What would make you appreciate yourself more?
      You have to feel worthy of your dream life. You will achieve that goal once you begin to feel amazing about yourself in your present circumstances.
      Your negative thoughts may bring you down but they won’t anymore once you start to use them for a positive cause. When they arrive, ask yourself why you feel the way you do. What are these thoughts making you feel about yourself? Worrying about the other girl in your specific person’s life might mean you don’t feel good enough for him – why is that so? What do you think you’re missing?
      Once you start to feel good about yourself, which is the key issue here, you will be able to see yourself living your dream life again, and probably easier than ever.
      I advise people on the questions of self-confidence so feel free to continue writing if you have more questions. Self confidence and belief are crucial to your manifesting success.
      When you tried meditation and EFT, how long did you continuously do one of them for? EFT is recommended for daily practice for at least a month.


  4. Thank you so much Nina. I think what you’re doing here is amazing, and I’m amazed and so appreciative of how much help you offer.

    As to the question of EFT, I tried for a few days, and didn’t really feel any difference. I know that even though you are supposed to continue doing it for a while to sustain the good feeling, you’re supposed to feel some temporary relief right away, and I didn’t really feel that?

    I think you’re right on about the self confidence issue. Although I’m fairly confident in some areas, I know that there are definitely areas where I lack right now.

    I think in most of areas of my life, I would say I feel “ok” right now, but not great.

    For example, I have a good job, moderate pay, but I know I could do better, and I know that I often feel bored and not really excited to be here, but at the same time grateful to have a job that allows me to pay rent, etc.

    In a lot of areas though, I feel that my lack of self confidence has come as a consequence of the things that have happened to me, and not the other way around. I used to feel better about my personality and looks, but now that I’m in my late 30’s and was left for a much younger woman, I do question myself. I was always younger than my specific person by 8 years, so I didn’t really think he would be with someone 20 years younger than he is. Didn’t see that as a possibility as all, and the reason I didn’t feel good enough, was because he never committed to me.

    If I was good enough, wouldn’t he commit to me because he would be afraid that I could get away? After getting confirmation over and over that he didn’t want to commit to me, that was when I started worrying that he might meet someone else. He was always taking vacations on his own with his friends, and not necessarily making plans with me on weekends, etc. It always seemed like I was the last choice… if he didn’t meet anyone else, or didn’t have plans with friends, then he would hit me up to see what I was up to.

    Of course, a lot of people would recommend that I give up on him, and meet someone who would give me the respect and adoration I deserve. But, if the LOA says that you attract what you believe about yourself, and the way people treat you is a reflection of what you see, isn’t everything that happened really my responsibility?

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    1. Thank you so much for your wonderful words 🙂 I am so happy to help because creation guiding and building confidence in others is my calling. I truly care and want to see happy, confident individuals in the world 🙂

      Everything that happened to you happened because of how you already perceived yourself. You questioned yourself when he wasn’t committed to you which would eventually lead to that non-commitment remaining, especially when he started another relationship. Your belief of a lack of commitment from him continued to be reaffirmed in your life.

      I once coached someone (I got her approval for sharing this story) who wanted to attract a specific man but believed she wasn’t interesting, quick, attractive or cool enough for him. Eventually, she’d stopped needing to be with him and then, manifested the relationship but still felt insufficient, fearing she would lose him. She would become suspicious if they didn’t see each other every day. She was panicking if he conversed with another girl she deemed more attractive or fun. Her belief of never being enough continued to be reinforced in her relationship and as a result, the two of them began to face problems. They broke up, she came to me for help once again, they got back together but in the meantime, her confidence had increased significantly. She’d realized her relationship was nothing but the reflection of her fears when it should have been a reflection of her positive feelings.

      You “will be good enough” once you start to know, literally know, that you are – without the need for his or anyone else’s opinion on the subject. The truth is, you already are good enough but need to start believing it 🙂 You are too used to things being OK in your life instead of amazing, which is why you had accepted a non-committed relationship with him that was less than you wanted. Had you felt better about yourself, you would have assumed and expected that you two would be a couple because that is your true heart’s desire.

      There is no reason to feel bad about yourself due to your age. If we followed the standards which some of the world attempts to impose, every woman older than 25 would feel bad about herself and we know that would be ridiculous. Femininity has nothing to do with age and age has nothing to do with having an amazing personality. You already know this 🙂

      I want you to focus on everything you love about yourself. What are the reasons you value yourself? Admirable personality traits, capabilities, accomplishments, skills, physical attributes… Anything you love! Write them down. Feel grateful for them, for yourself 🙂 Think of everything you’ve ever been proud to have accomplished. I want you to appreciate yourself more than ever!

      Now, more on him.

      What happened in the past is completely irrelevant because you can create a new situation right now. However, for that to happen, you must truly feel different. Once you start seeing yourself in the most amazing light (instead of just OK), you will attract everything you want. If you also want a better job, you can attract it. If you want more wealth, you can do the same. Knowing that you deserve it and can manifest it already takes confidence and you can obtain it.
      I would also suggest that you write down what your ideal relationship would be like, with him or anyone. How are you being treated? How are you treating him? How do you feel? Do you live together? You can attract everything you believe you can so take a look at what you believe in. You can change every belief to a better one 🙂 Take a few days to complete this list. It is important to know exactly what you want in a relationship before you can create a happy one.

      One last point, maybe you could try guided meditations. There are audios available online. Or, if you want a body and mind rejuvenation, I suggest joining a yoga class. It could be beneficial in many ways.


  5. Thank you Nina.

    Do you have any audio/guided meditations you would recommend?

    I also have a question regarding the acceptance of a non-committed relationship.

    As I move forward in this, do you think its better for me to wait until he fully commits to me, to hang out with him again? Or does being grateful for what we have, even if its not exactly what I want, eventually bring me what I want? Does it matter?


    1. I suggest you try this one. I’ve used it a few times.

      It’s quite powerful and only 12 minutes.

      Don’t overthink those steps. Only focus on the end result and love it because if you do, everything else will align effortlessly. Only love that you’re in a committed relationship with him and you’ll know what to do. So will he – when you’re 100% convinced, you have nothing to receive but that conviction. On the other hand, if you think about this process as if you’re going to suffer from it and still not know if he’ll commit, you’re focusing on both having and not having your dream come true life and therefore, can’t receive it.
      Decide today that the Universe will bring you this relationship in the most amazing way and let it go. When any thoughts of “how” enter your mind, ignore them. Only focus on your ideal reality.
      On the other hand, you’re right about being grateful for all the good things but try this – be grateful for them AND grateful that your dream relationship is yours already. On the other hand, why shouldn’t you be? Gratitude for any of the good times will bring you more good times 🙂


      1. Thank you Nina. I will definitely give this a try. And I really enjoy when you share experiences of when people finally have success. It helps offer encouragement

        with much gratitude,

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  6. Thank you Nina. Guess I will let the Universe show me what to do along the way. So next time when I see some couples happily together, will you encourage me still to be brave to envision me and him together? How if sometimes the envision reminds my current reality which makes me a little sad?

    In Elizabeth’s book, I found some content which confuses me. In the very last chapter, she said “No matter what is happening, don’t be impressed with outer appearance. When you start focuing on the world around you, your energy can come crashing down when you think that thing aren’t working… when you really could just be a minute away from manifestation. If you allow your vibrational energy to drop, that minute away from manifestation can turn into weeks or months, even years.” Doesn’t it seem scary!? Hahaha….I really need your opinion, cause according to her, I wonder if I need to start over the all steps of the techniques again whenever I feel down or doubt?

    And what will it be like to let go but still acts as if the life is as I visualized and imagined being in a relationship with him? Thank you for your time… 🙂


    1. Only be happy when you see a happy couple 🙂 As soon as you start to get a little sad, remind yourself that the relationship is yours already and you’ll be happy 🙂
      She means this – if you allow yourself and your mood to completely crash, it might take forever to pick up again, leaving you sad for a long time and disabling you from easily refocusing from your current reality to your desired one. It doesn’t mean that you set yourself back years when you get sad but you will have slowed down your manifestation at least a little until you stay on a permanently high vibration.
      Let me give you an example.
      I was once undecided about a man. Every time we would come close to something happening, I would pull away, still unsure. Nothing happened between us except for our continuous friendship. Then, one day, the pressure was off because he had gone on holiday; I figured, there’s plenty of time until he’s back and I can decide. As soon as I said that, I knew I wanted him and because we were friends, we continued to talk every single day. What also made me sure in the meantime was the happiness he felt going to this holiday, as he was going to see his sisters and old friends. I was even more attracted to him when I saw how thrilled he was. Less than two weeks into his holiday, I was on a consistently high vibration and we were talking all the time. Then, I told him I wanted more. He said he’d wanted more all along and suddenly, we became more. We considered ourselves in a relationship before he returned!
      See what I mean?
      As soon as I was in a consistently good mood about him, things happened but when you go up and down, you postpone things a little. You can be in a consistently good mood 🙂 Every fast success story I’ve ever had from a reader/student/anyone I was coaching entailed their continuously positive feelings. You have to LIVE positivity in order to manifest fast, in all areas of your life 🙂
      I know you can do this – look at everything you’ve manifested so far! 😀


  7. Thank you for sharing your experience! And yes, I must admit that there’re still some time I went up and down, but as long as my mood doesn’t completely crash down, I won’t need to go over all the steps of the techniques. Am I right?

    I love the feeling when I visualized and send heart energy. My problem is how to letting go and still act as if my ideal life is as I imagined being in a great relationship with him at the same time. What will it feel like when you do both successfully at the same time?

    There’re also times that I couldn’t help to have the emotional needs to discuss about my specific person and the relationship with him with my good friends. Like attracts like. I know our language (words) are powerful to make impact of what we attract. Somehow I think I should stop discuss with my friends anymore. What’s your perspective?

    Last question about your article “Are You On A Higher Frequency Than Your Ex?” According to the content, if I stay on a permanently high vibration, I wonder since I haven’t talked to my specific person for 6 months and have no idea what is his vibrational frequency now, can sending him heart energy also help to match our vibrational frequency?

    Thank you for being patient! Your opinions are valuable to me….. 😉


    1. The techniques exist to create the feeling of having your relationship in your life already. Only focus on that. Listen to your body and mind. Ask yourself, “Am I in this relationship?” See how you feel. Keep using the techniques as long as you have fun with them (they should never feel like work) and enjoy the feeling of knowing that the relationship is yours. When you know it, you will be grateful for it as well as for your current life.
      Don’t focus on the steps, just on your dream-come-true scenario. Focusing on the steps means you’re trying to get it while you wanna feel that you GOT it 🙂
      When you talk to your friends, how about you tell them how happy you’d be if you got back together? You don’t have to tell them you’re manifesting; you can just talk about what you would love to happen and be happy about it. If you feel the need to talk to your friends, turn it to the positive 🙂
      And yes, if you send him heart energy, as well as to your relationship, you will align 🙂 Just focus on being happy in your life now and on you two together.


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