7 thoughts on “THOUGHT OF THE DAY”

  1. I absolutely love this!!!

    I do have a question.

    Ok, I’m in college and I have to take biology for the major I want and it’s required then later physics and I completely suck at both! Plus my teacher for biology can’t teach very well so students basically have to teach themselves. How do you propose I think from the end to have a great grade in science so that I can excel in school? I want to have all As in class, but biology and later physic will destroy that. Thanks for listening!

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  2. By the way, I never really understood the term “state of the wish fulfilled”. Is it another way of saying visualizing your fulfilled desire or does it have a different meaning?


    1. Hey Sav, I have a dual degree in biology and physics which is hilarious for those who knew me in high school. I also use the law of attraction for everything and have attracted great things. I suggest every night you envision receiving the A on your transcript. Experience the excitement and feel the joy. Say affirmations daily, like I am so pleased with my A in Biology. I’m glad it happened easily and effortlessly. Then after a few weeks of this let it go. Focus on studying and prepping. When you get nervous again say affirmations to calm you down, but be confident that you already have it. Just my advice.

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      1. I love your advice! Focusing on the goal and loving it will lead to loving the material – Sav will feel confidence, love and appreciation for these subjects since those As are already in the bag 😉


    2. State of the wish fulfilled means living from the place of having your desire in your life already – when you KNOW you have it, you feel how much your life has changed, you anticipate the reactions of others to this change in your life, you make other decisions having this desire might affect accordingly, you simply think as if you have it already.
      When you know that your desire is yours already, know it in your bones, you have already achieved this state. You will automatically start living as if. When you know that your perfect GPA in college is yours already, you will feel and act accordingly before you see it on paper because you’ll know it’s coming – you will be happy for achieving your goal, think about how amazing graduation will be because you’ll be receiving honors and how much having all of this on your CV will impress many who will be just dying to hire you 😀 You will KNOW it’s yours and will plan everything you want to do with it 😀


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