Take the Responsibility and Raise Your Vibration!

When evaluating our negative thoughts, their origins and current form, we may be tempted to blame our pasts, parents, exes or misfortunes for all our limiting beliefs.

The truth is, everything one allows into one’s belief system creates their reality. One’s past, parents, exes or misfortunes were merely the vehicles offering specific beliefs which are one’s choice to accept or reject.

Taking responsibility for your limiting beliefs which attracted your experiences is a great way to raise your vibration. No matter what it takes, you may choose to hold onto the negative feelings or break free from them. If you genuinely want to and know that you can, you will emerge on the other side a more positive individual than you ever knew you could be.

Just to be clear, I am not saying you have asked for your specific negative experiences to manifest in your life. I am not saying you deserved them. I know that fear can be paralyzing and I don’t blame you for being unable to escape it at certain times in your life. I am merely saying that where you are today is the only thing that matters right now. From here, you can create any kind of life you want. If you genuinely want to be happy, you can and will achieve your bliss. If you genuinely desire to overcome your troubles, you can.

I’ve experienced breakups, unemployment, living in a place I hated profoundly and insecurities. Once admitting that I’ve attracted these things into my life with my temporarily negative attitude, I was already on my way to fixing them.

Once I admitted to myself that I felt guilty about not genuinely wanting to be with a boyfriend, having second thoughts, that I picked fights with him because I wanted out and made mistakes (having not loved him enough), I could make peace with a break-up and move on.

Once I became grateful for being unemployed, having all the time in the world to spend with my friends, family and dogs, go to the gym and travel for pleasure as much as I wanted to, I would find employment according to my exact specifications. During this time, I always knew that the job was mine already, already on its way to me. I just knew. That was all I needed.

Once I became determined to find the good aspects of living in a specific place which I practically hated, I got the opportunity to move. I decided to make friends, tutor students, learn to play drums and join a choir. I was also Suddenly, I got to miss school for a while and during this absence, I found out my family was to move away. I was beyond grateful.

Any and every insecurity I’d ever experienced ended when I decided it would – that was how much I wanted to be confident and happy. I knew who I wanted to be and filled this idea with pure passion. This is why having the clearest possible idea of what you truly desire is vital to your success – knowing what you want and how you want to feel can only be experienced without resistance once it resonates with your heart.

Does this sound familiar?

Taking responsibility for your past comes down to making peace with it and leaving it behind instead of bringing it back into your reality. It comes down to being unburdened by it or simply taking all of its positive aspects into your present – nothing else. The “taking responsibility” part comes down to one decision and much positive recognition to follow.

Do you feel that a negative experience from your past is preventing you from being yourself?

If a negative experience you once went through was simply too painful to attach gratitude to, finding only one positive outcome it had will already raise your vibration. Maybe your negative experience made you stronger. Maybe it raised your awareness of specific issues in the world and motivated you to help others. Ultimately, will you break free from the prison of this negative experience and claim your happiness? Because you deserve it.

If you think you can’t, consider the benefits your present situation of being stuck brings.

None. You already knew this. Now, imagine how amazing you would feel if you overcame your negative experience – don’t you think you deserve that much happiness?

Recognizing one positive outcome that came out of your negative experience is enough. It might even be enough for you to entirely make peace with the said experience.

Once you’ve made peace with your past and taken responsibility for your thoughts, fears and actions, you can put all the passion in the world into your desire.

That is how I often create.

Everything I received rapidly, I’d put endless passion into. If I couldn’t see the way something would happen, I would decide that a miracle would occur. I rely on my decisions, trust the Universe and in turn, I have experienced more miracles in life than I could almost believe. I intentionally manifested a move to another continent at age fourteen. Every relationship I’ve ever been in was manifested intentionally, with a specific or a generic person at a specific time. I received double the fees I had asked for my work. Leaving the creation part up to the Universe feels right to me, which is not to say that I never took any specific steps towards a specific desire.

When you know it’s yours, you know what to do.

However, you won’t believe it could be yours until you’ve rid yourself of limiting beliefs. Taking the responsibility for them will allow you to receive your desires. There is no reason to hold onto those limiting beliefs – you already know that, too.


  1. Hi Nina,

    Whats’ your perspective about fate, destiny, fortune teller and so-called “spiritual master?”

    Because of my curiosity, few days ago I went on a one day religion (Tibetan Buddhism) trip with my cousin, his wife and their teenage daughter who had temporary psychological issue. They are very devoted followers of a spiritual master. So whenever they need help or consultation about their life or children, they go to the master who has the so-called prevision ability.

    On that day I had a chance to talk to the master alone about 20 minutes. My cousin said that was a very rare opportunity, cause usually a first time visitor as me won’t be able to talk to the master for so long, especially it’s privately. So they considered me was very lucky to get the chance. So I asked questions about my health, working carreer and relationship to the master. When the conversation was brought to my relationship, the master said “You can beg me! I’ll help you.” and “Don’t you know you can beg me?” To be honest, I was quite shocked and felt weird by his words. Guess I never excepted master would ever ask people to beg them. Then he wanted me to show him my specific man’s photo, name and birth date. However, he said that he couldn’t help the relationship with my specific man and there’s no chance between two of us after he saw the photo, cause that’s my destiny and it can’t be changed. (Then why did he say he can help at first? I wonder.) The more the master spoke about me and my future, the more illogical I noticed.

    Many LoA websites mention that we might run into a roadblock. Each time one appears it’s the Universe asking us if this is what we really want. Yes I did feel a little down after talking to the master, but soon there’s a voice reminding me that what I just confronted was a big roadblock. So I reaffirmed to the Universe I do indeed want to manifest the relationship with my specific person before I slept.

    To your pervious reply. You asked me to ask myself, “Am I in the relationship?” How if sometimes I don’t feel that strong. Is that okay? What is better way to do?

    Thank you! 🙂 and Looking forward to reading if there will be the topic about Belief.


    1. That sounds very uncomfortable but I hope you know there is nothing to worry about. Your destiny is what YOU are and who you decide to be, not what anyone else says. It isn’t what anyone else says as much as your reaction to it that matters. You were upset because you don’t quite believe that your relationship is yours yet and here was someone else who told you the same.
      As soon as you start to believe you got your relationship, your reality will start to reflect it. As long as you pay attention to your negative thoughts, you are giving energy to both having and not having the relationship. When negative thoughts arise yet you know the relationship is yours, you will ignore them. Soon after, you won’t even notice them 🙂
      Lots of love!


  2. Thank you for strengthening my believe to the Universe!

    Sorry that I think I am not sure if I truly understand. How does it happen that I’ll give energy to both having and not having the relationship, as long as I pay attention to my negative thought? And when negative thoughts arise, is it possible I can know the relationship is mine at the same time?

    Also, it’s not that difficult for me to know the relationship is mine, but asking myself “Am I in the relationship?” is another story to me. I know I am sort of stuck to strongly know that I’ve already IN the relationship, cause I suppose to feel very happy. And maybe because of that, I also can’t completely let go. Really hope to know your aspect.


    1. It means that when negative thoughts arise and you get upset, you are giving energy to not having your relationship and at the same time, when you feel happy about your relationship, you give energy to having it. You have to consistently give only happy energy to the desire of your relationship in order to receive it.
      Being upset means sending negative energy and you want to send only positive energy to your desire. This means knowing the relationship is yours and ignoring your negative thoughts. Everyone has them and you don’t need to react to them at all. When they appear, let them pass without giving ANY kind of energy to them. Decide that the relationship is yours and stick to that decision, feeling gratitude and happiness for it, KNOWING it is yours and ignoring any contradicting ideas. This is what keeping focus on your desire means.
      You have to trust that the Universe is bringing your desire to you and be happy about it 🙂
      Know that the relationship is yours and be happy about it. Feel gratitude. Love it! Be happy now as if you’ve already received your relationship. Do the things you love. When you’re happy, you attract rapidly so do what makes you happy in life. When you’re capable of being happy now, before receiving the relationship but knowing it is yours, you will naturally let go and receive it soon after 🙂


      1. Dear Nina, Thank you for resolving my problems. It’s really helpful! And I’m sorry that I always have new questions.

        I recently read two articles from the blog,
        Basically they emphasis a concept that people should not have an extra-ordinary visualization in order to manifest without resistance. They also discourage people to try to stay in the state of exhilaration all the time.

        These two concepts are quite different from what I learned about LoA. Especially when I keep making myself happy and raising my vibrational frequency, the article seems to support another point of view. That really confuses me, Also, as you’ve known, the wedding with my specific person is always my favorite visualization. So What’s your opinion about the fantasy based and reality based visualization in the article?


      2. Dear Fiona,
        Both these articles are very good so thank you for showing them to me 🙂 Honestly, they actually say many of the same things about LoA except they explain in further detail how the manifestation of your ideal reality feels.
        The Ordinary article is correct because it tells you that you don’t have to be exhilarated all the time and it is true that your desire feels natural to have (or as they put it, ordinary) before it manifests because you get used to having it in your life as you’ve created it in your mind. This is why I advise visualization or any other technique, to support the feeling of having it in your life and being happy about it.
        When we talk about being happy about your desire, this doesn’t mean crazy excited all the time. Allowing yourself to be excited doesn’t mean doing it 24/7 but being happy for having your desire in your life. Even when you feel calm about your desire, you are still happy to have it. When it starts to feel natural, “ordinary,” it simply means seeing yourself living it easily and that should make you feel good – isn’t having it what you wanted? 😀
        If you don’t feel good about having it even when it feels ordinary, maybe you don’t want to LIVE it but only EXPERIENCE getting it instead of keeping it. That’s where much of the excitement lies.
        The Grounded article talks about unconditional acceptance, in my opinion. Take a look at how your manifestation could affect your life and if you don’t like some of those ideas, you can manifest better circumstances. However, the article also suggests that bringing your desire into some of the realities of life you’re used to makes it feel REAL – only some of your life circumstances will change with the arrival of your desire but not all. If you feel that on some days, you won’t find your romantic partner as attractive as on some others and you’re OK with that, you’re allowing your desire to easily exist. This is a good way of allowing yourself to feel confident and to remove resistance from your desired manifestation. You don’t have to try and make it perfect 🙂 This article also says that one is much happier imagining their desired reality when they don’t try to orchestrate EVERY detail of it because it’s a lot of extra work, like thinking that you have to be attracted to your partner equally every second and always have to agree on everything.
        I advise others to feel unconditional happiness for their desire because having should make you feel grateful for it even on a slow day. Imagine vividly because that can also make us happy and close to our desire but only do it for as long as it’s fun – I’ve advised that to others many times, too. This provides detachment from your desire, allowing it to manifest, just like the ideas described in these articles.
        My over-the-top visualizations are also not PERFECT visualizations. They’re just visualizations in which one skips a few steps, like when you imagine your wedding. The point of those visualizations is to make you happy, like yours does you 🙂


  3. Dear Nina,

    What do you do when you love/loved someone very much. Although you know that your thoughts and lack of self love caused the issues you both had, it hurts in every way to try to feel as if. The relationship list I’ve created is a reminder that I don’t have it, and remembering my specific person and wondering what they are doing now, cause pain and anxiety. I even swear that I felt a very weird physical pain in my chest the other night. It felt like both sides of my chest cramped up… Very similar to the pain you feel in heartbreak, but in a cramping way. Although I try to change my thoughts I still feel sad and anxious most of the time.


    1. Dear C,
      I think you answered your own question in the second sentence you wrote.
      Your thoughts and lack of self-love are what’s really hurting you which is why you keep wanting to be loved by your specific person instead of loving who you are 🙂
      Once you start to love YOU, you will stop needing his love and it will appear in your life. For as long as we NEED our desires, especially when they’re something we should provide to ourselves (like love); we continue to need them.
      It is tempting to want to be loved by someone else when we actually need to love ourselves but you can achieve this love within you. You have a life beyond this relationship and you should love it. Love YOU! Working on your self-confidence will solve your problems and raise your vibration 🙂


      1. Happy to 🙂
        That part is basically about using LoA to bring out your ideal self and feeling confident about who you are will do that.
        I suggest doing as many new things as possible, everything you wanted to do but never dared to because it is in those moments that we realize life isn’t scary at all.
        Also, pamper yourself 🙂 This might sound funny but those who feel good about themselves are even more motivated to give to others and they feel that they DESERVE anything and everything they love. Dress the way that makes you feel good. Get a massage, a manicure or your hair done – it’ll make you HAPPY and allow you to see that you deserve so many good things in life. Go to your favorite restaurant. Join a gym. Those who love themselves take care of themselves in one way or another but they believe to be deserving of what they want. Allowing yourself to feel deserving of what you want increases your confidence.
        Personally, I happily spend money on myself, my family and friends, and I donate to charity. I am grateful for everything I receive and everything I give. All these things are excellent ways of becoming aware of your worth.
        Manifest something else besides your relationship. Some extra cash, a trip somewhere, new clothes, gifts…? Have fun with it! You deserve it 😀
        I remember a particular time in my life when my confidence increased significantly – I’d decided who I wanted to be and stuck to it. I never made apologies or excuses for it and neither should you. I write down everything I want to be – “I am…” – and read it with strong intention to absorb it. Reminders of being who I’ve decided to be come to me in moments and I take all the action which the Universe nudges me towards. You have to be let go and trust.
        Giving back also makes me feel good – I do volunteer work when I can and always feel amazing having helped out.
        Truth is, we all do something to contribute every single day. You help others or cheer them up more than you realize. Simply appreciating yourself for it will bring you even more to love about yourself!


      2. Thank you for the additional tips Nina. I have a question regarding something I’ve read in Neville Goddard’s books. My question is with regards to a method he describes. He has a story of a woman who had been banished from visiting her son and grandson by her daugher-in-law (they had some sort of a falling out). For two years she would send gifts to her grandson but she would never receive any sort of a response, so she really felt that there was no chance of reconciliation. Following Neville’s advice, she wrote and memorized a letter in her head from her son and family basically saying that they missed her and that they hoped she would come visit soon. She went over this letter in her head for over a week, and lo and behold she received a letter from them pretty much saying the exact same thing.

        In my situation, I was on and off in a non-committed relationship until 6 months ago when the guy said that he really wasn’t interested in seeing me in that way anymore. He said that he would love to be my friend, but just couldn’t fall in love with me, that he had been trying and praying about it, but it would never happen.

        As I’ve mentioned before, this last conversation really hurt me and made me question myself and lose faith that it would ever happen, even though I still wish and desire it.

        My question is that I’ve been working on loving myself more, my self-confidence, feeling as if, etc, but I have a lot of resistance and lack of belief now.
        I think a part of me, needs him to eventually write me and tell me that he misses me and regrets what he said. What are your thoughts? Should I focus and meditate on receiving a text or message like that?


      3. I love Neville Goddard and that story! 🙂 You could do the same as this woman had done but I suggest that you do so if you genuinely believe that this is possible to receive, if not more possible than any other way.
        You could receive a letter/email/text like that from him OR you could still receive something even better 😀 He could still even show up at your door or you could receive a letter, either way. That letter is simly a way of receiving contact and the way she focused on it was making it real in her mind, her happiness from their effort to reach out feeling real. The letter is merely a prop for achieving that feeling. It’s all about your desire feeling real, not about it having to manifest through a letter, specifically. It is more important to you that you get the RELATIONSHIP.
        The woman in this story wanted to talk and reconcile and she did. She saw the act of reconciliation as her end goal. She wanted to hear from them. Is your goal the apology, the act of getting back together or living your ideal relationship? If you opt for the letter, do it like she did. Absorb it until the feeling of him having said what you wanted to hear feels real. That letter is a technique of rehearsing a single event marking the manifestation of your desire until having your desire feels real, which is when you receive it, and it is an effective way.


  4. Thank you so so much, Nina. You explained very clearly. You’re the best! 🙂

    I am working on staying on a permanently high vibration and letting the negative feeling pass without giving any energy to them.


    1. Thank you so much 🙂 I really appreciate it! When your desire truly makes you feel good and you do what makes YOU feel good, enjoying your life, you will be on a high vibration 🙂 You already saw how much you’ve manifested in other areas of your life just by feeling good!


  5. Hi Nina,

    Here I am again! Do you remember you’ve ever suggested me about my behavior on looking at my specific man’s Facebook or some of the websites that could relate to him? I must confess that I once tried to listen to your advise, but now, it has been becoming my daily routine or you can say an “addiction”!! (Yes, I am shocked myself too. 😦 )

    I was that kind of people who refused to use Facebook. (I more believe in Blog.) I was never curious about others’ life, cause living in present to experience the real world for myself is my life philosophy. Therefore, why do people give “like” on Facebook and what does it bring to our life are something I doubt and need to understand. And now, whenever I find he gives “like” to his female friends, I don’t feel good in many ways. It especially makes me not in the mood to visualize. I am so aware of this addiction is starting to poison my mind. If I let it being in life, I don’t know when enough is enough. But this is the only way I feel I still connect to him, held on something, and keep me updating about his life. If I stop looking at his FB, I feel absolutely disconnected with him.

    I know I should quit it and it’s only a matter of my won determination. Perhaps I still wish to hear your point of view or if is there any way to help me to get away from these? Thank you~


    1. I think you’re trying to control the manifestation process instead of focusing on your relationship. This never works because trying to control the process only reaffirms the lack of your relationship.
      You’re nurturing this “addiction” because it’s safer that way. You want your relationship but at the same time, you might be a little afraid of receiving it therefore feeling unworthy of it makes you search for and research who and what he might be interested in instead.
      I am telling you this because, when it comes to these feverish behaviors, the root of the problem ends them. Admitting to yourself what the reason for this behavior is will make it go away but you have to face it 🙂 Do that, as it gives you the opportunity to become the kind of person you simply love being 🙂
      What I described the problem as might only be a part of it but in some way, you do fear not receiving your relationship. However, this will be fixed very soon 🙂


  6. Dear Nina,

    I’ve been thinking what you said to me and what else reasons could cause my behavior? And there’re so many reasons I acknowledge myself.

    Thank you for point out my subconscious mind that I am afraid to receive my desire. Since I haven’t talked to him for 6 months, I must admit that “time” has also become one of my challenges (cause there are many things can be happened or changed during this time period) and I am a little losing positive power the past few days.

    I hope soon I will understand why facing the roots of my problems will end my behavior.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. If you focus on doing what makes you happy in life, day-to-day things or anything else, those answers will come to you. It’ll be like you manifested them 🙂 Kinda like manifesting anything else xx


  7. Hi Nina!

    I recently broke up with my boyfriend, but i dont want him back, I just want to move on. How can i do that with Loa?
    I want to be happy again, to move on, dont want to grieve anymore, and i want to be friends with him without any romantic feeling. And if he has a girlfriend, i want to be happy for them.


    1. Imagine your life as you want it to be and think about the person you want to be. How does it feel to live your life happily, meet new friends and men, be successful in school or at work, look great and enjoy any activities you want? Think about how much you love your freedom and how free you feel just being happy with everything you have 😀 If you want to manifest a new relationship, imagine that. If you want to think about running into your ex and his date or gf, or just him and having a nice chat then move on while genuinely feeling happy for all of you because your life now is better than ever and that was best for both of you, I think this is something you could very much enjoy. Focusing on your FREEDOM here is key 😀 Freedom feels great and being happy just because you’re you, living your life, is great 😀 xx


    1. Hello, I’m sorry to have been away for so long! I was finishing up the book 🙂
      You manifest a generic person with any factors you want – if you prefer imagining what you want him to look like, do that 🙂 If you want to think about how the person makes you feel, enjoy those feelings 😀 What do you like to think about?


  8. Well, my ex boyfriend treated me really well, like a princess, he cared about me so much, and i dont want him back, but I want this kind of relationship again, with a real gentleman who treats me like my ex boyfriend did. 🙂


    1. Sounds great and you can manifest a friendship that looks and feels like that, with a man who is protective of you and cares about you 🙂


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