6 thoughts on “THOUGHT OF THE DAY”

  1. I have a question to ask. It may sound super crazy, but it doesn’t hurt to ask. If I possibly wanted a higher grade than I have now, could I manifest it? Ex: I made an 80% on a test, but wish to receive a 93% instead. Could I believe that I have the grade I want by looking online and seeing I have that 93% grade from that test and being thankful for it? Like go to the end?

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    1. You can! And, I love your question 🙂
      If you want, you can definitely use gratitude and visualization of the grade on your test, thinking from your end goal. Know that this grade is your because you’ve decided so 🙂
      You could also look at it this way – “Is there something more in this material than I currently see but could really like?” Allowing yourself to like/love/be happy about the subject of your studies would also allow you to learn more about it, easily 🙂


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