Love Your Manifestation!

When you love the manifestation period preceding your desire, you receive it fast; you’re probably aware of this already.

Let me explain.

Every single time you manifested something without the need to rush it, it came to you fast. Sometimes, this desire appeared in your life instantly.

This can happen with desires one perceives as “small” or “likely to have.” However, those perceived as “life changing” cause resistance, fear, uncertainty and doubt many use to give up on them. If unfamiliar with creation principles, unaware of LoA or not used to consciously creating, one might automatically shut down the flow of positive energy upon the appearance of those thoughts. One might feel all sorts of doubt and anxiety lowering their vibration.

When attaching profoundly positive feelings to your desire, no matter how big or small you’ve perceived it to be, that desire becomes a natural course of events in your mind. You know it’s coming. You know it’s yours already.


I used to create intricate manifestation stories in certain areas of my life instead of allowing them to come to life easily because I perceived that easy path as boring. When manifesting my past relationships, I wanted to make all the first moves and then, enjoy what I created. Many wish they didn’t have to make an effort with relationships and I thrived on “making it happen.” I would create work where there wasn’t any because a great story of a relationship coming to life had to be present.

In addition, I thrived on showing others they could make anything happen and being assertive about everything I desired was the way to go. I was comfortable with taking action and over time, I realized the following.

Projecting the right energy was an action in itself. In truth, one doesn’t have to do anything in order to receive their desire – some do nothing and receive and others do everything without seeing change.

Manifesting money has always gone interestingly in my life. I continuously receive double the expected for any amount when shopping, as the items I desire seem to be on sale most of the time. I have often received gifts and beauty treatments. I have unexpectedly found money in the past. I went on all-expenses-paid trips. When envisioning my last professional fee, I received double the amount.

I also enjoy giving, donating and treating my loved ones greatly. I love to pay for dinner, concert tickets, groceries, drinks, gas (when someone else is driving) or cab rides, donating money to charities and give gifts. I donate clothes on a regular basis, all in fantastic condition. Others also enjoy treating me to dinner, drinks or entertainment. Positive feelings are attached to money in my world.

There was a time in my life when I was unsure if budgeting could bring me positive results but wanted to try it anyway. It was one of the least fruitful decisions I’d ever made. Budgeting created momentary money limitations in my mind, which would lead to generally having less, not more. I needed to change those beliefs once again but learned several valuable lessons along the way.

When manifesting work engagements, I quickly discovered my likes and dislikes. Before deciding on what I truly wanted to do, I tried out a variety of jobs. I was interested in life and wanted as many different experiences as I was willing to dedicate my time to. Twice in my life, I gave sending out my CV to apply for jobs a try and hated it with passion each time (even when it would lead to employment).

My preferred method rested in the expectation that others would seek me out for professional engagements and, they did. I would decide what I wanted to do, as detailed as I could, and know it was mine.

I believe it was so due to a simple creation principle – that which perpetuates the lack of our desire makes us miserable and creates more of the same.

To me, sending out my CV only made me feel like I was searching for a job instead of having it. I felt this practice lowering my personal standards. I am much happier asking for my perfect gig and letting it go, inevitably leading to manifestation. This hasn’t changed but my relationship manifestations have.

Your intention is what matters. To some, CV sending perpetuates the feeling of looking for a job. To others, it is a highly positive practice that will lead to their ideal job. You may either alter your perception or your practice in order to change your awareness.

An additional factor involved in this idea was my knowing I would return to writing as soon as I was ready.

Over time, I discovered the appeal of relationships, observed my old mistakes without emotion and reassessed my true desires.

There was a time I held mostly negative views of relationships but learned it was so because I wasn’t entirely basing them on pure love. However, I would also always preset their expiration date (instead of allowing them to take their natural course, whatever that might have been). Holding negative views on relationships was fueled by my belief that I was meeting and dating men who could simply never be enough for me. I started to wonder about what I was missing and therefore wanted.

Relationships can be pure bliss, with energy clear, loving feelings prevailing and problems easily solved. When problems appear, many see them as the end of the world, lowering their vibration and causing more problems. When good times come, one may either be grateful for their abundance and lasting bliss or expect them to fade any minute because “good things don’t last.” Either way, their awareness will determine the continuation or the halt of bliss in their lives.

When manifesting relationships today, I ask for my desire and automatically know it’s mine. I visualize everything I want the relationship to be. I visualize everything I want us to be and live. I live it before we do together – I feel what it’s like to have it. There is usually one visualization I repeat more than others – spontaneously created, emotion-filled, a favorite. This particular visualization reflects everything I want to be, the adoration I feel for my man and the relationship I want to live. Sometimes, I only have to do it once before the relationship appears.

The reason for manifesting a specific relationship should rest in nothing but love for the person you want to be with. Some relationships, I manifested because I saw the man I had my eye on as an amazing person who would be an exceptional boyfriend. Others, I manifested when simply wanting the experience of being with a specific man.

I am tempted to add the following passage to every single post I ever write from now on.

KNOWING that your desire is yours brings inner peace and removes the need for signs. Knowing your desire is yours already boosts the feeling of love for your manifestation period. If you discover that having your desire doesn’t make you feel good, this is an entirely separate issue from the feeling of not having it in your life; you must feel good about having your desire in your life. 

If you don’t KNOW it’s YOURS, no amount of signs is going to help.

How can you know?

Because your desire belongs to you the moment you ask for it. The Universe creates the very moment we ask. Then, allowing your desire to come into your reality is the only thing left.

Does having every desire in your life make you feel good? It didn’t always make me feel good, especially with relationships. Seeing myself with several specific men was only tempting in theory while in reality, I had to admit to myself that I didn’t truly want them. Wanting to care about someone didn’t mean I automatically would.

As one of my close friends once said, “I know you tried to want that relationship but if you don’t, you don’t.” Obviously, the “trying” to want it only leads to more trying and unless I was willing to alter my beliefs, the time had come to move on.

When manifesting anything, one would go wrong seeing it as following the steps and manifesting their desire. Are you aware of having your desire or currently manifesting it? From moment one, be aware that your desire is yours already and follow the steps without overthinking them. Observe your thoughts emotionlessly. Don’t think about the steps as you’re making them and how correct they are while looking out for your desire to appear at the same time. That is not having; it is manifesting which will lead to more manifesting.

From the moment of asking for your desire, assume that it is yours without waiting for it to appear. Complete manifestation steps as you feel that your desire is yours already while also feeling gratitude for having it in your life. This knowing will make your manifestation period a happy one, not to mention the necessity of knowing that your desire is yours before being able to receive it.

Getting what I give has never been a problem. Would you like to do the same?

Make doing what makes you happy your priority. Those who do receive everything they want from the Universe, as if they never had to seek it out. When doing what makes you happy becomes your only action taken in life, you need for nothing and see everything you want practically handed to you. 


  1. Hi Nina,

    I’m not sure if have read anything exactly about this in your blog, if there is a post or a comment on this, I’m sorry if I ask again.
    How exactly do you ask for your desire?
    Will you just say it to yourself? Are you asking the universe “I want this in my life”? Or are you going into a meditative state?
    Everyone talks about asking, but there are many ways to do that.

    Thank you for your answer and have a nice day!


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    1. You can ask in any way you want 🙂 I always do it the same way – once I have decided what I want, I say, “Dear Universe, I want to guest lecture at this-and-that university, travel there/weigh x kgs/own that phone/meet this person (just some examples). Thank you for manifesting my desire!”
      From that moment on, I assume the feeling of having my desire and feel gratitude for it.
      I say “dear Universe” because those specific words fill me with love and gratitude for everything I have already asked and received in my life as well as allowing me to know I will continue to receive all my desires 🙂 Sometimes, I even say “dearest Universe.” 😀
      Have a wonderful day yourself! 🙂


  2. Hi Nina,
    You’ve so graciously helped me before & as my friends aren’t into LOA I was wondering if you could offer some advice to my situation. I’m currently manifesting a loving relationship with a man I’m in love with who lives in a different country. I stayed with him for 10 days in July after talking to each other for a year & since then our communication has gone from almost everyday to becoming almost non-existent.
    I know he got spooked about his feelings & has distanced himself because of this after just getting out of a stressful marriage. He told me recently he’s started dating a little bit & it feels just about right for where he is at. And it didn’t really bother me because I know how amazing I am & he is & how wonderful we are together. He did ask me if I was seeing anyone in a non-direct way the other day.
    I know he’s the man for me & can feel our love & my life with him in my heart. I know it. I’m loving our relationship & sending him loving energy. It’s like I can feel his arms around me. I’ve been doing this for 3 months now & I feel like I’m sort of stuck at this point & doing this all by myself & think I should be seeing something happening? I don’t want to message him & am giving him the space to work things out for himself. I also feel the happiest about myself & my life than I ever have.
    What’s your advice for me? Just keep loving us? It’s just become a little disheartening going from 10 days of wonderful to practically nothing & I’m starting to get a little tired. I suppose I read stories of it happening so quickly for people & it’s becoming a little frustrating.
    I appreciate any help & advice you can give to me.
    Thankyou so much.
    Polly xo

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    1. Dear Polly,
      I’m very happy to help 🙂 I see that you believe you got this desire but sort of wondering why you feel that way while no external proof is appearing. I would advise that instead of even paying ANY attention to your conversations, you only enjoy your desire but immerse yourself in it completely so that you are sure you got it without needing any external proof. You’ll suddenly be so happy that you got it and won’t need him to say anything at all and then, he will. Also, another part of this is to focus on doing everything you love in life – you don’t love wondering why things aren’t happening so your focus should be taken off that 🙂 Physical proximity is irrelevant for the two of you, you already know that, as people feel each other’s energy on a level higher than this basic one.
      Be sure that you two are a couple and don’t worry about anything else. Be happy and when you talk to him, don’t expect anything THAT moment. That would be trying to micromanage your desire, manifesting steps instead of the relationship. Just put all your love in your relationship and when you talk to him, just enjoy it but don’t wonder WHEN it’ll all happen 🙂
      When you put all the love you can feel into having your desire, your ideal relationship in this case, you naturally let go of thinking about any potential ways of manifestation. Love your relationship as you want it, feel gratitude for it as if you have received it, do what you love in life and everything else will align. ONLY focus on your dream-come-true life and that way, you’ll be able to enjoy your current reality without effort 🙂 You can do this!


  3. Thankyou so much for your quick response & your wonderful advice. That helps immensely.
    I don’t know how you manifest so quickly.
    I suppose for me I just feel like I should be doing something now.
    I’ll take that all on board & take my focus off the how & when without needing external proof (a little difficult at times because it feels like you’re not getting anywhere & maybe a little loopy after so long) & more on everything I love now.
    Thanks again for your support! I really appreciate it.
    Polly x

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    1. I see what you mean. Doing what you already love in life is an amazing action to take, it is always the right action to take. Boredom causes feverishness of the mind and that is why doing what we love keeps our heads clear. Sometimes, you’ll love being alone and doing nothing for a few hours – this is obviously different than boredom and is a positive choice to make.
      Doing what we love in life is also the way to manifest our desires because it emits the signal of being happy, which attracts even more happiness into our lives.
      I know all of this makes sense to you, especially when you look back on how you manifested everything else you already have in life.
      Thank you for your wonderful words 🙂
      Lots of love!


  4. Hi Nina! I recently felt a bit down because I just want to be back in the relationship with him now. Btw, only recently when I felt down, I didn’t assumed my desire manifested. I do believe that we are together and I visualize us the way I want us to live and feel about each other, but I would’ve thought he would’ve came back already. It’s been over a month. Idk what I’m doing wrong. I get all kinds of feedback from life that shows that we are meant to be and believe me when I say I get super excited and think “I’m glad to have him back and he is glad to have me back.” I read over one of your older articles and you said (I’m paraphrasing) “when it comes to wanting an ex or specific person, I tell myself that there’s no doubt that he wants me” and I did that too! I tell myself “he is thinking abt how much he loves being in this relationship with me right now and I get super excited. Another thing is, remember I told you I wanted to manifest a large sum of money because I want to move into my own apartment, buy the car I really want? Well that’s been in my heart for over a month too and I don’t see anything. I believe with all my heart it’s here. Am I doing something wrong? Or am I lacking anything? I’m always in a great mood. I guess what I’m trying to say I would’ve thought I would have all I wanted by now. Please help me because I want to be able to manifest quick like yourself! Thanks a bunch


    1. Hey Sav 🙂 I would say you do look out for when your desire might manifest which makes me think you believe it’ll be yours someday but look for it now.
      Saying you just want it to appear like you did at the start of this comment shows you feel it missing strongly. I think your awareness is intertwined with moments of happiness and full letting go as well as moments of realizing nothing has manifested yet.
      I would like you to observe how you feel when thinking about you two being together. Back together, together, anything, as long as it’s your desired relationship. Do you feel good having this relationship in your life? In the past, every time, I would choose people I felt good being with right now. The Universe wants to give you what you want now. In order to bring them into the now, visualize and dare to immerse yourself into your desired reality. If I need a little extra help, I visualize more and it usually comes to me on its own when I am open to it. I can even do it with my eyes open while doing something else. When you visualize a little more, you stop feeling the need for your desire to manifest.
      You might also consider choosing a single visualization to repeat for each of your desires because that way, it starts to feel real, fast. Repeat that one and dive into spontaneous ones when they come to you.
      Some visualizations feel real immediately and others after a few attempts.
      Even in the moments of negativity, you have to remind yourself that the relationship is yours already. When negative thoughts come, let them pass. Don’t react to them. When you know your desire is yours, you know that negative thoughts are false.
      Fill your days with activities and thoughts you love. Do what makes you happy. There is plenty to be found in anything you could possibly think of doing.
      Your resolve that your desire belongs to you must be strong and you may never even consider you are doing something wrong! Don’t think about how specifically you are doing things because that shows you’re “trying to manifest” instead of knowing your desire belongs to you already and letting go. Right now, you know you’ll get it someday but attempt to bring it into your reality faster. Letting it go is the only thing that brings it to you fast. However, you naturally let go when you think about HAVING your desire instead of thinking about “getting back together” or how you will receive it.
      You must be happy bringing that relationship into your reality, even preparing for it. Manifesting fast requires deeply KNOWING your desire is yours and thinking how it’s changed your life, what you want to rearrange in order to accommodate it etc. Maybe you want to make room for your desire in your apartment. You want to manifest a new apartment so you’ll think about leaving some room in the closet for your specific person, a drawer, or a bed big enough for two. If you are travelling, you might keep your suitcase nearby. If you are manifesting a new job, what makes you happy about it? For me, it is choosing my outfits for meetings, lectures, readings or any other professional engagements – that’s just one example.
      When you think about your apartment, car and money, don’t think about those manifestations necessarily depending on each other. You might receive the apartment before the money and the car before any of those things. Having the apartment, the car and the money all at the same time while also having your relationship is what you might want to imagine. Step into the awareness of having all those things.
      When you live your life and just think happily about having your IDEAL reality, you find happiness in your current one and never rush anything because you know it’s yours. Then, it arrives, fast! When I manifest, I simply know my desire is mine and think about having it because it makes me SO happy, which also makes my current reality even happier! Suddenly, opportunities open up. I am completely relaxed. It all feels real and I know it is because all of us can create anything we want.
      Your ideal reality has to feel real to you. You have to feel good about it. Once you start practicing visualization more and feel what it would be like to have your ideal reality now, you will have it. When you know it’s yours, you stop rushing it into your current reality.
      Try this. Ask yourself, “What would it be like to live it now?” Then, let a spontaneous visualization come to you. I bet it’ll feel very real. Afterwards, you’ll feel that it truly is yours.
      When I feel that I have my desire in the way you’d paraphrased in this comment, I only consider the option of having it which is why I feel this way. I know I impress others, especially those I want to impress. I only consider that option. When you decide that from now on, you are impressing, intriguing and evoking wonderful feelings in anyone you want, you will 🙂


  5. I should add this as well. In my dreams last night, his dad told me “you two will be back together so keep doin what you’re doing!” Is that a great motivation because when I woke up, that made me smile really hard and I went back to sleep believing I was sleeping next to him. I hope this is some great help or a sign basically saying “he really is on his way back to you!”


  6. Hi Nina,

    So, I’ve really been trying to feel love for what I want to manifest and trying to feel better. I’ve been exhausted in general but still trying. The other night I felt some sadness about being alone, and I just asked/begged God for help. I told Him that I needed something to happen good with my guy within 48 hours. I decided at that moment to say thank you and really believe it would happen. The next morning I woke up and was feeling like I’m coming down with a cold. I was listening to inspirational tapes and trying to keep positive regardless even though I still had some sadness.

    I was focused on work that day when I got a text from him. Wow. Wow. Wow. I couldn’t believe it when I saw his name on my phone. I looked at his message and it was friendly, just said that he thought of me with care, and that he wished me many blessings. Obviously, I would have hoped it said something more like that he missed me, and that he made a mistake letting me go, but it still was a lot because I hadn’t heard from him in months. We spoke for a bit via text, but he didn’t answer my last text. I kept thinking he would but he never did.

    My question is this. I obviously got something right at that moment (and I’ve had this type of progress in the past). I manifested contact from him within 12 hours when I hadn’t heard from him in months. What do I need to do really get what I want which is for him to love me so much that he can’t risk the chance of losing me. That we see each other very soon, and that we be in a warm, committed relationship. That he be my date for a friends wedding at the end of the year and that we be together? I’ve made it this far before, I need to understand how to get the whole picture because I’m ready for it.
    thank you,

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    1. What I see here is that your desire was so strong for SOMETHING to happen and if you could do the same for your ultimate goal, you two being together, you could create it in the same way.
      However, to believe it’s possible, you have to feel good about yourself. Be happy about your life, appreciate yourself, be grateful for everything you already have. Then, you’ll believe you can have this relationship just as you want it to be. When negative thoughts appear, let them pass. Don’t have any specific expectations in the moments you talk to prevent your vibration from dropping if he doesn’t ask you back that very moment. Let it happen and trust it’ll happen.
      He will feel that you are unique and worth keeping when YOU feel that way about yourself. You have to really focus on everything you love about yourself and appreciate it in order to believe that you’re wonderful.
      Desire boosted by resolve makes us motivated, happy and secure. You knew you’d get a sign and, you did. You can do exactly the same for your relationship. Right now, you might not see it possible because you’re exhausted from focusing on the relationship but you have to feel light, happy and confident in it 🙂 You can do this!


      1. Thank you Nina for your response. This is an area where I’m a little bit confused, because I read in many places that about desire being important, but at the same time I also read in Neville’s books, that when its going to appear, you lose all desire, because you already have it? How do you focus on both desire, plus the feeling of not wanting it because you already do, at the same time?

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      2. In this case, desire means feeling passion and gratitude for your ideal reality, for living it, for knowing it is yours already. When you feel passionate about living it, you remove all the need for it because you feel that you have it already. Then, it appears.


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