Motivation, Determination and Knowing

When it comes to manifesting, your focus and confidence have to override all of the current circumstances, “reality” as you perceive it and all your negative thoughts. In other words, your determination and belief that you can create what you want, that your desire is yours already, have to be stronger than anything else. You just have to believe you can create your dreams simply because you have decided so and it is going to happen.

This state is naturally achieved once you deeply know you want to live or just experience your desire.

Weeks ago, I wrote about my resolve in creating ( That’s how I do it!

I manifested a move from Europe to USA at age fourteen. My parents’ friends thought my conviction that I was going to live in the States was “cute.” My school friends held less disbelief but didn’t hold too much belief in the idea either. However, nothing was going to rattle my belief – when it comes to LoA, it is you and only you, the only person whose feelings count when creating your reality. Other people can influence your feelings if you let them but they can never decide for you. I knew it was all happening without needing anyone’s approval.

Then, my father was sent to the States for work. My whole family moved, to the shock of many. However, it wasn’t shocking to me at all – this was exactly what I’d manifested. I had only focused on being there, living there, loving it.

When your focus on your decision to live your desire fails to be rattled by anything or anyone, you will have walked a very short path to your dream-come-true reality.

Over the past three weeks, I have received several gifts of organic and luxurious cosmetics. I received a Givenchy gift box of perfume, shower gel and body lotion. I was gifted a beauty treatment at Lush for a group of up to six people. Prior to receiving these gifts, I remembered how easily I attract beauty treatments and my favorite cosmetics. Gifts are also one of the ways in which I attract money, as many times I end up being gifted what I would ordinarily buy for myself.

You would imagine I feel pretty light and confident about manifesting gifts such as these, right? Well, I have definitely felt just as light about manifesting “bigger” things – moving countries, travel, university acceptance, money, renting apartments and most of my former relationships.

If you feel your desired manifestation to be “a big deal,” you will face a draining manifestation period of convincing yourself it is possible to have. However, if you accept that everything in life is created based on the same principle, you can start to believe your ideal relationship can be created just as easily. Relationships and love are beautiful experiences so why pass up the opportunity to gift yourself and someone you love with one?

Whenever I felt “heavy” about anything I wanted to manifest, it would move slowly. In truth, these occasions were rare and always involved the things and people I didn’t truly want (anymore). I didn’t want them because I didn’t believe that these jobs, friends or men could truly make me happy. I felt happy manifesting short-term linkage to them but not permanent. I only truly wanted to experience them.

I find relationships to be one of the most emotionally consuming, fear-inducing yet wonderful desires one could manifest. However, what if you could feel as light about manifesting relationships as you would manifesting beauty products I mentioned?

Your history with relationships or the specific person you are manifesting might decide your initial excitement or fears related to your current relationship desire. However, if your thoughts related to your desire are dissatisfying, you can work through them!

Is your potential desired relationship manifestation exhausting you? If so, you either don’t believe it could manifest or don’t like your specific person enough to feel good about them – this part depends on your personality and belief system, as well as your knowledge of yourself.

If you feel that the only potential partners who ever fall for you are those you don’t like that much, you don’t believe you could manifest the specific person and relationship you truly desire. If you keep thinking about the negative aspects of your past with them instead of the positive, you hold many negative feelings not just for the relationship but the person in question as well. Even when you briefly think about possibly being happy with this specific person, you don’t believe it could last. You don’t believe that this relationship is right but you want it to be.

It’s OK to feel whatever it is you’re feeling. It’s OK to be tired and frustrated. Once we reach the answers we need, we can calm down.

Now, you might be used to believing only after seeing external proof in life.

I believe this particular issue plagues many relationship manifestations – when not entirely believing yourself to be capable of manifesting your desired relationship, your energy can be practically lethargic, tiring and slow. You are drained and exhausted from trying to feel good. You keep changing your “manifestation technique,” hoping it’ll bring you what you want. However, it isn’t hope but profound knowing that manifests your desire.

An increase in motivation is all you need to achieve – it’ll make you feel great, raise your vibration and allow you to believe that your relationship is yours! An unconditional focus on your goal combined with motivation will make you see that your desire is in the bag!

Now, I am not saying you will be exhilarated every time you think about your desire but suddenly, you will be focused on it and be happy that it’s yours. Your determination, once truly achieved, will have let you know that your desire is yours already. Every time you think of your desire, you’ll be happy it’s yours!

Motivation equals positive energy. Motivation comes effortlessly once you clearly decide what you want your desire to be. What is it that makes you happy? In what way would living your desire make you happy?

When creating a love relationship, I only need my own belief that it’s mine. Even if I shared my belief with anyone else and they disagreed, I wouldn’t care because I know what I can create.

Motivation increases positive emotion. Allowing you to move towards your goal without the need to do any work, without impatience, letting you focus on life in the meantime while valuing your happiness and nothing less, motivation allows you to orchestrate your reality without the need for anyone’s approval.


  1. Hey Nina,

    I am definitely motivated 🙂
    But I really need to work on my beliefs ):

    Maybe you remember that I told you I have those dreams about her rejecting me… I still have those, about from one time I dreamt about her accepting me maybe a month ago, in recent ones, she rejected me over and over again xx

    Do have any other solution for this?

    Would be nice to wake up and feel awesome (about this desire) 🙂
    I observed it happens more often, but not all the time, when I had a quite busy day and I’m just too tired to visualize or meditate at night.

    I always keep reading your recent posts and also comments, even though I don’t comment as much lately.
    Looking forward to your book 🙂



    1. I love to hear that you are motivated! It’s fantastic! 😀 Thank you so much for your good thoughts about the book, I am working on it to finish everything up as soon as I can while making it as easy to understand and valuable, if you will, as I want it to be 🙂
      I remember your dreams. By now, you are used to them and they keep reappearing. However, I believe they will disappear once you face them.
      Think about the dreams and how they make you feel. Then, ask yourself as many questions as you can think of around them, including the following:
      “Why do I fear something that I have fabricated? Why do I keep giving all this negativity to myself? Is it possible I’ve imagined this a little too much? Is there a real reason I should not receive my desire; after all, I have received so much in life so why not this, too?”
      Let the situation in your dream play out in your mind. As you see her rejecting you in the dream and let the situation play out in your mind, let it flow and let it happen. Just observe it. After a minute or two, you will start to feel that it’s false, empty, made up and just nothing. When you face your fears and let them play out, they literally feel like nothing as you remember that your reality is already great, the Universe is good and wants to give us good things.
      This is a little energy clearing/calming technique I’ve devised lately.
      Then, decide that you love your desire and stick with that belief. Whenever your negative thoughts come up, replace them with that belief 🙂
      You can do this right now, in your lunch break or tonight, whenever you want! It’ll take five minutes at most. Try it and let me know 🙂


  2. I will try it out in the next hours and let you know!
    Thanks a lot. Regarding your latest post. I did feel REALLY close to that desire, but then she blocked me, since then I didn’t get back to that vibration, however today somehow I feel good things are happening soon. For this desire and for another one. I dunno how I know, I just know.

    Regarding the other one, I want to tell you about this, since I also felt kind of blocked.
    So I have this friend, I regard her as very talented in singing and she is actually a quite extroverted person. I’ve made music in a band with her in high school, and after that we occasionally met up for street music. I think in 2013 we planned to do a song, we wrote together, however we never finished that one.
    She is also the only person wo I can talk about LOA and my (above) desire with that girl. When I got back to my home country, we started writing on a song again, even filmed stuff for that already, but then suddenly she got quite about everything and didnt even respond to me. So I faced this last month by telling her “You know, I find you really talented and I would love to finish at least this one project, otherwise I can just replace you” cant remember the exact wordings, maybe a bit nicer 😀
    This really worked, and we started working on this music project intensly until we faced a time problem due to us not being in the same place, however we made a schedule so we can finish it. So one day before that day was up, where she was supposed to send me something, she wrote me “tomorrow you will get something creative from me”. She even invited me to her birthday! Well, that was 2 weeks ago, and I haven’t heard from her. Also asked her “hey what’s up weren’t you supposed to send me something”. I just can’t predict this and it keeps pushing my own projects.
    So I made a decision, to give her part to someone else. That person I asked immidiatly wanted to take it, and I felt that was a good decision. Funnily the same day, a producer on my soundcloud wrote me that he likes my stuff and so I asked him for a collaboration and he said yes.
    I was dreaming of that the whole time and it came by letting go of that one person?
    Well long story, but I’m on the way 🙂

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    1. You clearly felt better about working with someone else instead. When you decided to let her go and stopped worrying about her, it all came together.
      This is a great lesson to learn, as it shows that knowing what we want is often the key to manifestation. When negative feelings come up in relation to a specific desire, we may start to question our passion for it. This time, it was all very clear for you – you know what kind of collaboration and in which circumstances made you happy. Well done!


  3. Yes I did, in fact, I got much more now. I guess “you always receive more than you asked for”. I am very happy about both new partners as I also was showered with how talented I am and how good my voice sounds. This just feels good. It’s probably the same for you, when someone says “I love your posts, you’re really talented in writing”, which you are, not just saying that for the heck of it 😀

    Another funny thing happened today. Many people would be pissed of probably, because “My mom/dad keeps nagging about me”. Well some months ago, I felt a bit uncomfortable wearing jogging pants on the street on my way to gym, because here the stereotype of a person wearing jogging pants means you are lower class. However actually after a while I just thought how stupid this was. Today my dad told me his concern about me wearing THESE pants. The first thing that came to my mind: “Well, I created that”. So i felt pretty at ease, also knowing I can create stuff (which I previously doubted very much, but after a session of me getting closer to resolve this, well, i guess the universe showed me today 🙂

    Back to my first post, I tried it out, it felt… rather numb? In a good way. I felt nothing towards that actually.
    No dream yesterday, at least I cant consciously remember. I will envision now again every night, how beautiful she looks when she smiles at me and that she loves me very much. I actually have a voice recording of her saying that. Should I loop that and play it while visualizing?

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    1. Sure! Use the voice recording as a tool in visualization and also, you will fall into spontaneous visualization whenever you think of it! 😀 Keep having fun with your visualizations. All this sounds very reasonable, you are getting to know your power and even yourself – manifestation allows us to get to know ourselves greatly 😀
      I’m glad you tried out my suggestion because that was the point – once you face a fear or an annoyance, you see that it’s nothing, empty energy 😀 You will overcome it fully in no time! Listening to yourself is the best way to overcome it and now you are also seeing that you can do it easily. The lack of dreams proves that you are clearing your own energy.
      And thank you so much!


  4. Tonight I dreamt of her again. The dream itself was a bit messy though. I lived on my own first, she came over very often, we lived at some noisy storms. I think she also tried to save me from something? And then we moved together but in a lot smaller place (my worry was that I can’t record because I can’t put up my Mic? Haha)
    But I think then the scene changed and we freed ourself and turned into celebrities. Where we showed off our love, but then I somehow flirted with some other celebrity, someone I know, but can’t remember who it was.
    I mean is this a step further?

    I also met an old friend, I told him we are not together anymore, but he felt that I still love her and also said “go and get her”
    He also gave me some contacts for a ballet teacher, since I am training for a musical, but I don’t have any ballet experience. The funny thing is, my girl used to dance ballet and she posted on her ig, the same day, that she went back to ballet class after 8 years of break.
    Is that a good sign?


    1. I think these are signs and so do you – your dream and your encounter show that things are moving, just like you consciously think. See if you can maybe feel that you have it instead of feeling that things are “moving.” Imagine having it, your goal accomplished, and see how it feels.


  5. So I’m still inbetween having it and not having it?
    I know it’s easy to say “feel it and have it” and it probably is easy. I just don’t get there. Or keep being there. There are times where I’m questioning myself that it works, mostly I remind myself it worked before, however I just can’t believe she will hopp on my vibes and out of nowhere contacts me?


    1. That’s what it sounds like. You know you could but something’s stopping you. She will though, if you raise your vibration, it happens every day. It’s happened to me plenty of times 🙂
      Ask yourself what you fear about actually being with her. Do you fear losing her so you think it’s safer not to manifest the relationship at all?


  6. Yeah I do fear losing her, which is quiet contradicting, since I don’t “have” her in any way.
    But I just can’t get this off me. I tried to not concentrate on this issue, but I can’t ignore my heart’s desire.
    It’s just like a huge mountain I can’t get over, especially since I’ve been trying to even just look over that mountain for months.


    1. What if you just tried listening to your heart’s desire, without trying to do more? LoA is abt having instead of doing. You just have to feel good which is why I advise just realizing that negative thoughts are false and ignoring them or facing them to realize they’re empty and then, ignoring them.


    2. Try and focusing more on knowing that you love her but when relationship thoughts come up, think of something else. Try and feel that love without needing anything from her. Give it a few days.


  7. My heart says I really love her. It feels always good admitting that to myself. And I do want that dream relationship, but thinking of that starts chaos in my head.


    1. Try and feel good whenever you think about how much you love her but also take a look at what kind of a relationship you want to have with her. Do you feel good being in this type of relationship? Maybe you want it to be different. What does the relationship you truly want look like, with her or anyone? See if it could be fine tuned in your mind.


  8. Actually the only thing I wanted different was our communication. I am the one who likes to find a solution immediately while she always likes to be alone first and think for herself. I have been a bit pushy with some things, but I already realized that it was just me not being able to deal with myself, as they were all reflections of my inner struggle. But apart from that we were pretty crazy about each other, and I really loved that. I do want to spend the rest of my life with her 🙂
    May you be able to visualize for me as well, as you did for the other people?
    I do still feel like something good is about to happen. You weren’t the first person telling me to just trust myself with this and keep going and feeling good.


    1. I have 🙂 It feels so real to read it, I only had to visualize it once!
      You can visualize and feel the kind of communication you would like from now on.
      It is going to happen and you can trust yourself! Rely on the support you have from all of us.


  9. Thank you Nina, really appreciate it.
    I will try it out tonight 🙂
    You saying “rely on the support you have from all of us.”, I realized most of your readers are in a similar position. If the others are reading this, I do visualize for y’all!
    It feels good, I have once visualized my Taiwanese friend telling me he goes to Germany, because he wants to work there, and the next time we met, he got a job offer where he’ll be transfered to work in German branch 🙂

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    1. Hi RS,
      I am thankful you are sharing your experience with LOA here and I am sure you will be together with your love soon.😊I too am working on it and want to marry the love of my life. He broke up with me a year n half back, however, I know that we are ment to be together forever as he is where I feel am home. Hope to hear about your success soon.
      Reading your post I realise it is easy to manifest for others as we let it go, and do not bring in negative thoughts about it. I have done that for many. Detachment and positive thoughts are the key. Let it go and forget about it and get busy with your duly routine.😊

      Loads of love and blessings.

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