Why The Universe Doesn’t Decide For Us

I narrowed it down to two things.

1. We make choices. If the Universe decided what we could have or not, we would not be free to choose. What would be the point of choosing?

This idea raises the question of where one’s choice begins and ends.

There are several areas which many would like to be set in stone and meant to be. This often refers to marriages – many (not all, of course) who marry want to believe it is supposed to be forever regardless of the quality, if you will. They marry for security instead of love, thinking that no matter how loveless they allow the relationship to get, their spouse should never leave them. However, it is much easier to criticize the one we’re with instead of accepting that two partners are equally responsible for the quality of their relationship.

Marriage is intended to feed on mutual love instead of existing as some kind of a safety net. People choose to marry and when they do, they still don’t own each other and never will. Marriage is a choice. When a marriage breaks, it happens by as much of a choice as entering it once did. We are free to choose where and with whom we want to be.

If the Universe decided for us, none of these life factors would be present. You truly are free to choose and create whatever you want.

2. If Universe decided for us, there would be limits and we wouldn’t know of choices. If one could truly create some things but not others, the Universe would be deciding on one’s destiny; however, it tells each and every one of us that we can choose it ourselves. There are no limits to creation, as anything we decide we can create and any energy we choose to produce can manifest.

If the Universe decided on who, what and where, there would be no such things as career change, ups and downs, perceived success and failure according to one’s awareness, divorce, break-ups or any change of heart. We would feel no change or consequences as the Universe wants to give us what makes us happy quickly and perfectly – we would all just be in a pre-decided place yet we’re not. We make choices, we change our minds, we fall in and out of love and we choose those that are special to us. If our choices become unsatisfactory over time, we may change them. We admire some individuals but not others even though we can choose to respect absolutely anyone. We choose careers but sometimes change our minds and go in a different direction. If the Universe decided on what we could have, there would be no choices or changes.

You might be thinking, “Shouldn’t there be some things that are meant to be? How much confidence do I need to have to keep what I want in my life? How much love do I need to feel for something in order to bring it about?”

You might be thinking how difficult it is to feel confident about your desires in a negative world.

However, if you don’t feel good about the relationship you want to manifest, why should the person you want to be with? If you avoid looking for ways to be happy in life, what do you expect to receive? Especially since we get what we give.

Energy works in a simple way, if you ask me.


  1. Hey Nina! I just want to let you know I feel my desires are on the way! I just feel it! I won’t be where I am for too long and I’m very excited! I would ask you for this one thing, as a manifestion tool, will you as well visualize seeing me post my testimonial to you and everyone who sees it saying “I’m here to say it all came true and I’m actually living in my desires now!”? I read that Neville Goddard did the same thing for someone and their desire became reality. It would mean a lot! But I just know that they’re on the way to me. And I’m grateful for you already believing in me and seeing that I will be posting that testimonial soon! Thank you so much for all you have done! ❤️

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    1. I love it! I already visualized your post of your testimonial several times since last night and I love that, too 🙂 I’m happy to help 😀


  2. Can you do that for me too Nina? If you could visualize that I’ve told you that everything worked and I’ve manifested my relationship with my specific person, and that I’m happier than I could have ever imagined… and that we are spending the holidays together this year?

    I would appreciate more than you could ever imagine.

    Thank you,

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    1. Happy to. Also, when I had a spontaneous visualization of your blog comment saying you did it, you had written that you were able to just let go and found amazing enjoyment in focusing on your life, just living it happily and feeling great about yourself. And then, your relationship happened.


  3. Hi .its been a while ..a lot of things happened . The guy I wanted was in and out of my life ..it’s like a never ending story .After our last big fight I deliberately pushed him away but I couldn’t help knowing he’ll be back and was ,well is ..I’m fully aware it’s my doing and that’s is mind blowing because taking under the consideration how dramatic things ended up between us it would’ve have been possible to even imagine to most people .
    The beginning always goes smoothly till my mind drifts away in a direction of paranoia and negativity ..funny enough I’m fully aware of it and if I put myself in his shoes I wouldn’t wanna deal with all the questions and weird needy texts ..I figured in the back of head I can’t fully absorb the fact that it can go just fine .
    It was pattern I fallowed every time ..I manifested him back(like 4times now !!😳) and couldn’t keep this manifestation ..what is stopping me ?
    Yesterday we got to the same familiar stage when I’m want clarity where this is going ,what are his intentions ..expecting bad outcome ..we met twice even a cold logic told me to tame myself but couldn’t and he’s wasn’t impressed ..didn’t like the ultimatums and all the drama ..so what I got in the end was his point of view “just to clarify” ..he’s doesn’t know where this is going ,he’s too busy ,he doesn’t wanna start a relationship with anyone right now ,it’s my deduction to take it or leave it ..
    Surprisingly I’m not too conserned about it ..I consider honesty a good thing and whatever happens it’s not over .
    What would u suggest ??
    How do I handle it so I’m messing things up and get the outcome that is meant to be ? How am I getting out of my own way ??
    I know u always respond so I appreciate help with that little issue .😊


    1. I’m sure Nina will have an amazing response for you, but I also wanted to chime in here because I have the same situation. I manifest my guy back… but not fully the way I want it, and then he disappears again. I think I might be at 6 times now 🙂 I’m listening to the book “Spirit Junkie” and in the second to last chapter she talks about this, and it made me realize “wow, so this is super common”. She talks about how your ego and fears will freak out the minute your accomplishments are outside of the realm of what they consider reasonable or too good to be true. After that happens, your ego breaks the spiritual flow that got you where you are in the first place, bringing in thoughts of “Something is bound to go wrong.” A big part of the problem is that we don’t accept our greatness and thus feel we are not worthy to have all that we want.

      What she did was pray or meditate (which Nina recommends a lot too) and to remember that life is love and that the Universe wants us to be happy. If you make your priority being committed to spirit, and saying no to your ego, everything will flow better. Our egos have beliefs, such as pain has its purpose, and that suffering is necessary. They will always pop up, but by connecting to love and spirit, you can push it down each time it does.

      It made me feel better to know that I’m not the only one that has this problem, and that there are people that have been able to overcome their fears. I hope we both do too 🙂

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      1. That’s a very interesting point C.thanks for reply .
        I thought of my situation all day today ..not that I’m too concerned,I’m sure he’ll come around ,I just need to lay low and tame that little emotional terrorist inside me 😈.. It made laugh how I act like little girl with a box of matches ..knowing it’s wrong to light one but do it anyway one after another expecting to set the fire and get punished ..now when I think about I always wanted passion and stong emotions and that’s what I’m getting .
        I know it’s time to grow up and get it done .im fascinated with fears and dramas our mind creates ..I realise it’s a product of our imagination and nothing more ..I always wonder how even if it was 50/50 our minds still want go in a direction of negativity . Mastering ruling ur own mind is the greatest achievement .
        I believe that’s shat is all about .
        I’m not an energy radiating ,meditecion type of person ..i love getting to meditative state not to clear my mind but to feel it with thought and feelings of things I want ..I’m ruler and fighter ,tend to manage my state of mind well ..except this one little relationship thing i get inpatient about ..this the time I like to hear opinion of a more sensitive ,gentle and kind type of person like Nina .
        Isn’t it great that we are all so different and unique ??😉☺️


      2. Thank you and I agree with you – things are absolutely beautiful! However, I would suggest you to choose something that truly fills your heart with love. Thinking that you should be in this relationship because it’s time to grow up is also not the answer. Focus on the fact that this love and wanting this relationship is something your heart desires and feel love for it 🙂 I believe you’re more of a mind energy type but you’re also very honest about your emotions, you are brave to FEEL and focusing on what you love aligns your heart and your mind 🙂


      3. Dear C, thank you 🙂 The book is absolutely right – it’s a very typical brain pattern, if you will. However, it can be solved by choosing an alternative you genuinely love and want to live. Also, it can be changed with heart energy. Heart’s magnetic field is much stronger than the mind’s and it has the power to change your thinking patterns as well as your habits. The usefulness of heart energy is immense.
        The only thing left to do is to choose a reality you really love and want to live and then, fill it with heart energy. This is why I always suggest doing things you love because they will create a powerful outburst of heart energy in you 🙂 Meditation will clear your energy and let you focus on the lightness instead of your fears. Thank you for your comment here!


    2. Hello again! I think that everything you’re saying makes sense, especially since you’re conscious of your mind and manifesting patterns so they keep repeating and also, you are sort of OK with them because by now, they’re so familiar to you that you’re used to them happening.
      If you want things to improve, these habits have to be replaced with new habits which would mean thinking that everything was OK and that you’re in a fully functioning relationship.
      Maybe you’re resisting being in that relationship out of a fear of boredom or maybe, you are hesitant to make things OK with him because you’re actually not sure he would make you happy.
      When you picture a real relationship with him, are you happy? How do you feel? You’re used to ups and downs with him now but how do you think you’d feel if things were basically just smooth sailing?


      1. Thank you replaying ..
        Saying “it’s time to grow up “I mean it’s time to get those patterns of thinking sorted ,because it’s not something I’m not conscious of .
        Just the way u said “pattern ” striked me the most ..I made me realise what a great importance they played in my life and how they became my awareness when in fact they are just habits ..nothing more than old habits that made me expect the same autcome over and over .it really is true .
        When I was younger I used to be a little angry and I had a HABBIT of holding on to any anger ,used to say I never forget and never forgive .
        My way of solving that issue was figuring out how to take away importance of that negative feelings ..so every time I’d get negative emotions towards anyone or anything I’d give it 10 min for an out of control rage 😝 and then I’d remember Buddhas saying ” holding onto an anger is like drinking the poison and expect the other person to die “..all this got me to a stage where I anger almost completely absent in my life .
        Thanks for making those patterns of thinking just patterns ..what u said will remain in my mind every time a negative thought in this area will cross my mind .
        Thanks for that .you really helped here .😊

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