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  1. Dear Nina,

    Thank you for accompanying me to go through the process of manifestation. I am grateful you spent a lot of time to reply me. Before I decide to give up, I would like to listen to your opinion.

    So, it’s ironic that I have this intention to give up just at the point my desired relationship “seems” starting to manifest. After he contacted me out of the blue last Fri., we have some interaction that really confused and also frustrated me. At the first, we had some very close and sweet interaction (including texts and phone call) which made me feel that he was ready to start a new relationship. He texted “good morning”, asked photos from me, and briefly mentioned he wanted to take it slow. But the next few days, he stopped the contact instead I texted him sometimes when I felt happy. Whenever I contacted him, our interactions were okay (maybe he thought I was funny cause he texted “hahahaha” or “lol” a lot), but I noticed when I showed a little more romance feeling to him, he always drew a boundary slightly. I have been through this kind of interaction when my other exes contacted me after the breakup before. The relationship seems flirty, but is only between on and off, hot and cold, distance and close, and is hard to direct to a fresh and normal dating process anymore.

    Now I am battling between the new reality which I created myself and the desired dream reality. I suppose to be happy cause we finally contact, but it’s also hard to only focus on my end result and trust LOA/the Universe without being awared of his reaction. I feel exhausted to read his mind. I wonder if he knows I am a good, smart, fun with good look woman who deserves to be cherished. I found it’s much easier to visualize our wedding, send him heart energy and try to manifest him back when we had no contact. Is it possible that I tell the Universe I want a new, smooth, honest, loving, happy, effortless relationship with a new man or my ex who respects and adores me a lot, and before it manifests as the way I desire, I will not contact to him anymore? Otherwise, I am really at the edge to give up.

    Thank you for reading my long post. With Love!



  2. I’m sorry if I’m involving in something between u and Nina here . It’s not my blog space after all but really wanted to share this .
    It’s just a personal experience of mine or something I noticed eventually as I became more and more capable of connecting my previous thoughts ,feelings ,inner conversations to specific events acouring in my life .
    I believe that all the things we put so much mind work ,focus and feeling to are manifesting soon or later ..not the moment it’s all going through our head but the very moment all that we focuses on so strongly is out of our mind . And it always feels like it came out of no where ,out of nothing yet it is a reality now .
    A person who doesn’t pay attention to their previous thought would consider it a complete surprise . It’s happening all the time ,without fail relation to love relationships ,work ,friendship ,life in general .
    Everything is there waiting to apear and the only thing that slows it down or blocks it is our resistance . Resistance being negativity ,impatience ,expecting things to fail . The moment we’re not attached to the outcome ,our focus is somewhere else ,we forget about ..I think out of so much attention and energy put into it ,whatever that is it enters our lives no matter what .
    I’ve experienced that with men ,money ,interactions with people ,jobs ,apartments . They were mostly good things but a few bad ones too and that’s ok . Every time it felt as if I predicted the future . I just wanna say that if we are after something good we should never give up but let it go and let it be .

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    1. I love your answer and don’t feel bad – our community is here to share 🙂 Thank you for taking the time to answer. I’m sure it’ll help xx


  3. “Things always seem to fall into place and work out ” ..that’s from an amazing , loving person in my life that knows nothing about universe ,law of attraction but always gets it right and doesn’t have a clue why 😘😉

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  4. Hey,

    I haven’t posted anything in a while… I really like your words Escape:) You’re totally right and it reminds me, how often we don’t realize the power our mind has and the energy we give to our thoughts and feelings.

    Fiona, I might be wrong but I think it really doesn’t matter what he thinks about you or your relationship. You know you’re a good, smart, fun and good looking woman – that’s all what counts! He is the one missing out, if there was ever a second he didn’t want to be with you. Just think of yourself as the big catch you are, and everything else will fall into place. Every time I doubt myself, I try to follow Nina’s tips and ask myself what is causing these blocks. If I don’t love myself unconditionally who else will? I know it’s hard, but don’t pay too much detail to what he texts or if he texts…just try to do something which makes you happy and think that everything will be okay, cause it will be:)

    For a very long time I wanted this specific person and now I am not even sure anymore or better I don’t care. I do love myself and the person I am and that is what counts. I don’t know, if that’s giving up? Or letting go? All I know is I deserve an amazing partner and if this is him great and if it is someone else/better…this is also great:D Always think you deserve the best (the job, partner, money) cause you do…all of us do:)

    And thank you Nina for the amazing uplifting posts, I love to read them. They are such a positive confidence boost 😀

    Amy xx

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  5. ..and we love analyse and over analyse when it comes to people we deal with ..we break down every conversation every text thinking that there’s a hidden meaning somewhere between the lines but the truth is the only meaning there is is what we take it as . If we look for a negative response no matter what the other person says we’d find one anyway ..and other way round . The good questions to ask is ask yourself why am I looking for that specific response ??
    Why do I expect that instead of what I want ? why am I leaning towards a negative reaction when I don’t have any actual proof of it except my own assumption ?
    So let’s say there 50/50 chances will go good or bad ..why not expect the good instead of bad or at least leave it off till its done ??

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    1. Hi!! This is about consciously making a decision, believing you can have it and when doubts creep in, ignoring them and believing in your decision simply because you made it. What you believe you can have, you will.
      You can let your negative thoughts pass without reaction to them or, you can simply interrupt them and feel gratitude for having your desire instead. This will reprogram your belief system.
      Let me show you my last article, from yesterday. In it, I describe a friend who had doubts but kept going due to relying on a very simple decision. Since any desire is created by the same LoA principles, you can apply the same to your situation (and feel free to write if you have more qs):


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