A Classic Success Story – Meeting a Specific Person

12 thoughts on “A Classic Success Story – Meeting a Specific Person”

  1. Nina, huge question. How do I manifest checks with the exact amount I want? Like how would I go to the end results in this situation? I printed out abundance checks a couple weeks ago, but I don’t feel it real. Help?


    1. You can choose to stick with the checks but don’t see them as “I have to receive a check with that amount.” Just be grateful for HAVING that money, with or without the check (you might receive cash or a bank transfer instead). When you relax around the specific idea of a check, you might even see it being real.
      Another way you could go is love spending that money in your mind. Plan how you’re going to spend it and love it 🙂 Be grateful that you can! I do that, plan the spending, treating my parents and friends, donating to charity…
      I have a thought of the day post about manifesting money, you’ll see it if you open the category. I wrote it recently, last month or so.


  2. so can I imagine seeing a lot of money in my account or still focus on having the money and being grateful? Like sometimes I imagine seeing five figures in my checking account and smiling knowing I’m wealthy and can afford whatever I want


  3. And I reread the thought of the day post. Was very helpful btw. I just want to get LOA absolutely correct so that manifesting what I want comes to me very easy. I want my vibration to be high and my desires come instantly. I don’t want to fake anything especially when I’m not aware of faking it. I just want people around me to always react “you’re the luckiest person I know!” Like I always let go when thinking about being back together with my ex by visualizing how I want our relationship to be and being grateful we are together. And also visualizing my friends telling me “congratulations to you two!” Or asking me “how does it feel to be back together?” I always believe we are meant to be because I honestly feel like I was meant to be in his life and I did pray to God for someone like him. I’m sorry if I’m a bit into my feelings.


    1. All good but the way to do it correctly is to genuinely be convinced that your desire is yours and being happy as well as grateful for it. Good feelings about your desire are the only thing necessary for doing LoA correctly… And those good feelings mean being convinced that you have it, feeling great about it, being happy and grateful for it 🙂


  4. Dear Nina,

    after visualizing vividly, and you reach a point, when the image cross your mind you feel thankful and just normal not like before in the first vision, it is feel just fine, calm and thankful not less thsn good, is it normal !! Or should the person keep feel strongly like before !! I have bought both of your books, and i loved them, so you said that sometimss your conscious mind is trying to convince you that ahhhhh you don’t want your desire anymore ! Because you don’t feel yuu need anymore (letting go) ! Would you explain both points please


    1. Hi! And thank you 😀 If you consciously believe that it has to manifest but feel calm instead of excited, that’s great. Persistently believing until you manifest is crucial! If you choose to believe but have lost the need to see proof because you know it’s happening even when you can’t see it, that’s great and don’t worry about the rest.


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