The Big Deal Factor

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  1. Hi Nina,
    Once again I love your blog! So inspiring and awesome 🙂
    Thank you for taking the time to write and share your experiences!
    I’m not sure if you remember but I’m manifesting my ex back.
    Basically I’ve been so needy, waiting to hear from her etc. all weekend she brushed me off said she needs to spend time with other people. Yesterday morning I messaged and said want to catch up for dinner and she just said no, I’m really busy this week maybe next…
    I went home from work and was feeling really down and sad.
    So I used EFT (which I had learnt through a very good practitioner)
    I finished feeling so blissful, with so much love in my heart. Everything made me happy and I had the most peaceful evening (and I just knew my girl was mine, this crazy deep knowing…)
    An hour into this feeling and I get a message from her about a BBQ our friend is trying to organsie. Then she keeps messaging me asking me to come to an event next Sunday. She sends my links to funny videos. It’s like she was a different person! And it’s all because my energy was so around me and I felt completely whole and at peace.
    Today I don’t have that needy feeling and I feel pretty good (not as amazing as yesterday though)
    How do I allow myself to experience that again, I’m sure you know the feeling I mean. It’s like I had some amazing shift and let go of lots of hurt and just felt so much love from my heart for everything and for my girl and not just needing and wanting as I had been.

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    1. Thank you so, so much…and, I LOVE THIS!!!!! 😀 You did amazingly well! I love EFT and recommend it so I’m pretty sure that if you keep doing it, any limiting beliefs you may have will clear.
      I completely know what you mean – I experienced someone I knew practically turning into an entirely different person once we took things to the next level and it was amazing 🙂 It happens when you evoke love in someone and feel so happy with them before you actually receive your desire. I also did it with heart energy.
      I say, to feel that love, think about everything about your ex as well as your relationship that you are grateful for, including this change in her after your EFT tapping and how happily she responds to the love you have for her. Be grateful for having your relationship now, as if you’ve already received it. I’m sure you’ll reach a blissful state but also, don’t be upset if it doesn’t repeat literally today – it will soon. However, I do strongly feel that you should do another EFT session, you can do it every day without a problem!


      1. Hey C,
        Well I’ve worked with a top quality practitioner for some childhood stuff so what I understood was…
        I feel whatever emotion I am having and I can also tell by my thoughts.
        Using yesterday as an example, I felt sad, my thoughts where along the lines of she doesn’t love me, we are never going to be together etc etc.
        (Some days it might be fear, or anger etc)
        So I tapped through the points sinking into the feeling of sadness and saying whatever came to mind. (There were tears too, and that is all part of releasing the negative emotion, if you’re angry for example say the words with that anger, tap and let it all out!)
        Once I felt better and my negative thoughts had ceased and I felt like I was forcing thoughts rather than letting them pour out I had a minute break and some water. Then I did what they call a positive round. This is installing the good beliefs. So I said, she does love me, we will be together, we are together and happy. It’s important not to force the words but let them flow. I tend to say things which just connect with me which in the end was…’you know she loves you, man up and believe it!’ especially in the positive round because saying that stuff is how I am and makes me happy and laugh too.
        I do that for a few rounds until I feel light and ready to go again.
        Any questions and I’m happy to answer 🙂 I’m just speaking from my experience with EFT (which changed my life completely in other areas)

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      2. Dear K, this sounds amazing – I have never done a positive round with EFT! On the rare occasions I used it, I would tap to get rid of the negative. However, you really emphasized a highly important aspect here – imagining what you want without forcing or resistance. I love your answer here 🙂


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