The Lack of Inspiration Factor

I consider helping others create their happiness my purpose in life. For as long as I can remember, I have naturally understood the essence of creation, human behavior and feelings while enjoying myself immensely when revealing those things to other people. Helping someone else feel good about themselves while giving them the ultimate answer to what to do, to what works, has always been endlessly rewarding. However, I sometimes forget that I occasionally need to breathe a little, too.

I recently told my mother that I was feeling uninspired around the idea of doing any work besides writing. She said, “You’re allowed to feel this way. Things will get better soon.”

This conversation was proof that one can stop chasing their perfect awareness and develop techniques that will prompt them back into their happy awareness instead.

Even if you think that your ideal reality means you will always have everything figured out, you only will if you manifest being the person who has it all figured out. 

However, the awareness of having everything figured out also has to happen now, not once you have all your desires.

I prefer the occasional moments of not having it all figured out, as they are the ultimate learning moments…and learning about life, creation and feelings makes me happy!

I wanted to feel inspired again so I did the only thing I could – I let it go. Last night, I let the idea go, knowing that inspiration would strike back. I wondered what could bring it back. This morning, it started to come back all on its own. I’m not rushing it. There are a million things to do in life until this one comes back to me fully.

It is my firm belief that one holds onto their desire when they fear receiving it. When truly wanting to live one’s desire, letting go is much easier.

If you feel that receiving your desire today makes you feel afraid, you are showing slight resistance to living it. Do you feel nervous around having your desire? This feeling varies among different individuals but the real question is, do you feel that your desire is yours already while the nervousness will pass? Or, is that nervous feeling preventing you from being able to see yourself living your desire?

Another reason for holding onto a desire too tightly manifests in one’s anxiousness to bring their desire to life as fast as possible. Trying for fast only leads to more trying for fast.

At some point, you might have been thinking, “What do I do until it comes into my life? How do I entertain myself when I am so eager to start living this desire?”

You’re partly right about this one but simply have to find the things you enjoy right now. Also, love that you’re so passionate about your desire and be grateful for it.

Do you ever wonder why, as soon as you expect manifestations to be long and difficult, they refuse to appear in your reality?

Because manifestations are meant to be easy and come directly to you!


  1. Hi Nina,
    I hope you don’t mind my questions 🙂
    Things have been great this last week after my big shift.
    Been super happy with life, my love has messaged me heaps (happened as soon as I shifted) and we have seen each other. I know we will be together at some stage, I deeply believe that and I feel like I am on the right path to manifest everything that I dream off!
    We are currently just friends which I am feeling more comfortable in (before my shift I was still anxious where as now I will initiate convo etc and everything goes well) she is moving into a new place next year but makes it clear she is going to get another flat mate for the other room.
    As I want to be that flat mate is it best to focus my visualizations etc on the moving in or focus on building the relationship? If I focus on the moving in will everything else shift to create the relationship too?
    It’s been funny because since my shift I haven’t needed to search for answers because I know it’s all happening. I still re read some of your posts because it makes me happy but I’m no longer needing to search for answers to see if this works, I’m just living my life!
    Thanks Nina! You’re awesome!! Xx

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    1. You are welcome to comment and ask qs, I’m very happy to help 😀 And thank you for the compliments!
      If it were me, I would focus on living together as a couple in that apartment now without necessarily thinking you have to move in before you become a couple. Why not have it all now?
      However, if you actually want to first be roommates then get back together later, then you could visualize her asking you, you two bringing all your stuff into the apartment, having friends over, grocery shopping together, paying bills, talking late… Any roommate activities.
      Which do you prefer?


      1. 🙂
        Well she doesn’t move in till next February as she’s away for all of Jan.
        I’d love both of course together haha 🙂
        Should I just imagine us living together now? Visualize this and then imagine coming home to her etc etc?


      2. Yes – I would say, just love living together in that apartment 😀 Love it and be sure that this is yours because you have decided so! Keep feeling wonderful and doing EFT since it worked so wonderfully for you 😀 It really does work so fast! Are you ready for all this manifesting success? 😉


  2. Hi Nina,

    Your new hair style looks good on you!

    Ok, I’ve ever asked you the questions about the visualization of my wedding scenario before. Hope you don’t mind if I ask a little further about the methods.

    I read many articles emphasized that ones should lower their brain frequency to the 7.83Hz level (Alpha State), cause at this tone, their thoughts easily mesh with the minds of others at a subliminal level. So back to my visualization methods, if you still remember I create my own playlist which content soft and romantic Piano and POP songs. First I have deep breath and feel calm (but I don’t think it’s a so-called Alpha state), then I start to feel the love from the Universe and people who love me. When I feel myself radiate with love and pick light, I send heart energy to him and speak something positive to him. While there’s a big pink energy ball surround me, I visualize the wedding ceremony, dinner party and how my specific man and I dance together. All the guests are happily blessing us. During the last song, I visualize how we live a beautiful daily life together in our ideal home.

    So basically I feel happy, loving, sometimes touched or exciting during the visualization, but I am sure that I am NOT in the Alpha State especially the music I listen to are not meditation music at all. I think maybe underneath my question is that if the purpose of the LOA visualization is to raise our vibration or reprogram our subconscious mind? I can’t find the answer by myself and I certainly wish my visualization is effective. Now my way is to visualize the original one and add one more section later of the day by tapping myself into the Alpha state.

    Really wish to hear your opinion. Should I change my methods? Thank you!

    Btw, I am letting thing flow between me and him. I will update to you once the manifestation appear more and more. 🙂



    1. Dear Fiona, thank you so much 😀
      The point you made makes a lot of sense but I have never gone so deep into exploring frequencies. However, from what I have observed about thoughts and the LoA process, it all makes sense – the Alpha state is at a lower frequency because that is where our minds offer no resistance to our thoughts. And our awareness is consisted of our deepest beliefs.
      Basically, the point of all this is to place having your desire into your core beliefs.
      However, I do that with heart energy, as it is the most powerful of all the energies. Heart energy emits love which attracts your desires to you rapidly. It also breaks your resistance and you become absolutely certain that your desires are yours already. I suggest that you send heart energy to him and your desire, it’s faster and much easier.


      1. Dear Nina, thank you for your opinion!

        Maybe because my manifestation is still bumpy. Recently somehow my thought lead me to wonder “how if he is seeing someone? or is he seeing someone?” The interesting thing is that even when we were in the no-contact period, I never doubted it. I didn’t asked him this question after he contacted me. However, this new thought kind of bothers me and makes me hard to tap into an ideal visualization as I used to have before.

        I wonder base on the theory of LOA, how should people do when their specific person might be or is actually seeing someone?


      2. You simply shouldn’t care. When you see yourself with someone, their current situation is completely irrelevant. It barely even feels real while your relationship with them already does. I manifested a relationship with a man who was already seeing someone three times in my life and every time, it was about US and MY feelings.
        It is never about their relationship but always about you. When your person of choice is single, it’s not about how they feel but about how YOU feel and what YOU believe you can have.
        You are only imagining that he’s seeing someone because you don’t believe in your manifestation fully just yet. You also had some negative thoughts recently which then made you have even more negative thoughts such as these. Our brains go to what they find most likely to happen in response to our awareness – we attract what we believe we can have, what we are. When you believe your relationship is real and yours, you will forget all about these negative thoughts.


  3. Hi Nina,

    I am new to the LoA and am wondering if it will work in my situation.

    My boyfriend and I unofficially and unceremoniously “broke up” a few months ago. He was dealing with a lot of stuff (still kinda is) and I got needy. I think it pushed him away. I backed off but he only wanted to be friends. I stupidly agreed because I still love him. We still hangout (no sex), but he gives me mixed signals. Sometimes, it feels like he wants me back as his girlfriend but is afraid to take that step. I talk and date other men, but my heart is not in it.

    I am in pain and cry most days now because my heart is broken and I long for him to want me again. I know I am only hurting myself by sticking around. I am sure I need to go absolute no contact but the thought of never seeing or speaking to him again makes me even more sad than I already am.

    I am trying to be more positive but I am impatient by nature and still feel sadness over the change in our relationship.

    Thank you for your time and wonderful blog.


    1. Dear Bea, thank you 🙂 Welcome to our community!
      Whether or not you are “sticking around” and being friends, your awareness will change your situation. However, once you start to believe, he might be the one calling you and asking you to spend time together.
      Impatience will have to be removed from your mind but that can happen naturally once you convince yourself that your desire belongs to you already. Your belief needs to be worked on, as you know, and that can happen. You only have to realize that everything in life is created from within and so was your relationship, every time and in every form that had ever occurred. Now, you only have to realize that it can be changed once your perception of it changes.
      Instead of feeling sad about the lack of the relationship, visualization can help you feel like you HAVE it in your life already. Try and visualize being with him in the relationship you want to have and see how you feel. Instead of feeling that he doesn’t want you as his girlfriend, try and imagine being with him in the relationship you want.


  4. Nina,

    Thank you for the warm welcome and quick reply.

    I agree with everything you told me I should be doing. Do you think I should stop our friendship and completely let go of him in order to bring him back? I want him to WANT to come back. I haven’t heard from him since I saw him on Thanksgiving. I am trying to hold off contacting him because I would like for him to initiate.

    I am trying to visualize him contacting me but I feel like I am trying too hard out of desperation. I am so confused.


    1. I believe that allowing a few days off in this stage is always a good idea because those days always offer you a new insight.
      I suggest that you focus on heart energy which will solve all your dilemmas. Expanding your heart energy and sending it to him and your ideal relationship is what I would suggest.


  5. Nina,

    Your positive words are inspiring and I wish I could feel hopeful. An acquaintance just told me I am wasting my time. I am foolish for trying to hold on to him and I should give up and move on. It is hard, nearly impossible, for me to think positive thoughts after hearing this. Her stinging words cut me to the bone and are making me rethink everything.

    How does one become happy and positive when they feel so low and like the world is against them?


    1. I’m so sorry to hear but only YOUR beliefs matter. Don’t be sad – what we believe is mirrored back to us and this person only confirmed what you already believed to be true. If you practice heart energy, visualize and maybe repeat some affirmations, you will start to believe your relationship is yours. You have to reject the ideas you dislike and believe. Think about you two being together because only you decide what’s possible to have 🙂


  6. Hi Nina,

    Have you ever manifested a person that you had little contact with and lived clear across the country? If so, what did you focus on? I focus on heart energy and the end result but I haven’t gotten contact from him lately?


    1. I manifested a person that lived in a different country several times. Once, I focused on us living together. It didn’t matter WHEN this would come true but that particular visualization made me happy because to me, it reflected the kind of couple I wanted us to be. There were other factors to it as well but this was one of them.
      However, you have to ENJOY what you focus on. You have to love visualizing, sending heart energy and you will love it once you feel that your relationship is exactly as you wanted it to be.
      If you’re noticing his absence, you weren’t sure that it’s working. You have to be sure that this is yours, be grateful that it’s worked, that yoir heart energy is touching him and drawing him to you 🙂 You have to know that this is yours while doing the techniques.


  7. Three times!! And you always attract them successfully in such condition?! 🙂

    Thank you for your instruction and warm words! And it’s great to know your successful experiences.


    1. Yes 🙂 However, just like all their relationships, ours eventually ran its course and we never went back. That shows you it’s all about what is between two people, or not.
      If I wanted to stay with any of them, I would have. Some people want to stay in their relationships but put negative thoughts into them which can cause a break-up. For all those reasons, the conviction that your relationship is yours is necessary.
      Let’s say you’re with someone and your feelings have faded. You feel a lack of love for them. Then, you meet someone else whom you feel great love for, causing them to respond with the same for you, while being able to see yourself with them fully. You know what will happen next 🙂 And unless your current partner decides that he loves you and that he can and will evoke more love in you than ever while giving you the same, you will take off with the new guy you met. You will be with the one you can see yourself with and out of the two of them, the one who believes he CAN be with you will be.


      1. Oh oh…. I am sorry I am confused about the last sentence. As you said it’s all about us and our feeling, so why “the one who believe he CAN be with me will be”? It sounds like it’s also a matter of his will and his belief. Then how if my specific man doesn’t believe he can be with me?! Would it also cause our relationship bumpy?


      2. I meant, out of all these people involved, the one who believes they CAN have the relationship will have the relationship. So no matter what anyone else says, YOU should always believe you can have what you want. Then, you will always be the one who receives what she wants and the man you want will choose to be with you.


      3. If you believe you have it and that he wants to be with you, that is what you will receive.

        If you don’t, you won’t.

        Whatever you believe, others mirror 🙂


    1. Yes – when you believe, reality catches on 🙂 When you send love to your specific person, they send love back. When you believe in your relationship with them and love it, they will agree. If you look back on your past relationships, you will see how your feelings created them.
      It sounds complicated at first but it had to be mentioned because that’s how you familiarise yourself with the process a little.


    2. All your past relationships worked while you believed they could. If you didn’t, they didn’t.
      With the relationship you want today, you have to believe it to receive it, just like anything else 🙂


    1. Basically, yes. You put yourself into their thoughts with the love you send to them.
      Every time I truly loved someone and considered being with them possible, it came true. You only need to feel that being with this person truly can make you happy 🙂 If you know that it could, you can already see yourself with them.
      Now, do you believe your specific person is indeed capable of making you happy?


    1. Great 😀 Then, you can fully believe that this is yours. Allow yourself to believe! 🙂 You receive what you ask for so if you asked to be in this relationship, believe that you are going to receive it and put positive thoughts into it.


  8. In my last relationship with my soecfc person I loved him and I thought I did believe but I did have a lot of negative feelings, self doubt and a huge lack of self live. Actually the more I think about it- I didn’t trust belief he loved me because I was so under confident I lost myself

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  9. I am feeling discouraged. We have never gone this long without talking. 6 days. I don’t know how to believe I can have a relationship with him when he doesn’t even reach out ro me/. Normally, I would have reached out by now but I want to feel he wants me.


    1. Hi Bea! I practiced heart energy according to this article. I honestly think it’s the perfect explanation:
      Also, this one:
      It explains sending heart energy, which is what you want to master. I have my own tips on how to get in touch with it to help uncover your limiting beliefs, as I write about both Law of Attraction and self-confidence on my blog 🙂
      You will feel that he wants you once you decide so, just like anything else. What you believe you can have, you receive. When you truly start to believe that he wants you, you won’t care who contacts whom first. Do you see what I mean?


  10. I just want to ask. Does the person they are with believe they can be with them more than us? Aka those of us trying to attract back our ex?


    1. I don’t think that “more” exists here. You are either with your chosen person or you aren’t. They are either with their chosen person or they aren’t.
      If the person you want is with someone else and you see that, your awareness is that they are with someone else. That person’s awareness is that the two of them are together. However, when your awareness becomes one of being with your chosen person, and you feel that way through every obstacle, if any come up, and are sure your relationship is a done deal, you will naturally stop thinking about the person they are currently with because you will only be able to see them with YOU.
      If you feel that your chosen person is with someone else, you are not with them. However, when you believe profoundly that they are with you, they will be.
      You only have to worry about your own feelings.
      Every time I manifested a person who was with someone else, I could see myself with them, I wanted them, I knew they would make an amazing boyfriend (for the time I wanted them) and I wanted to be with them. I knew it was all happening. That was all I needed.


      1. Hi Nina, thank you for responding so quickly. I don’t think my specific person is with anyone now but it does cross my mind sometimes. I wanted more clarification on what was said earlier. I completely understand now. Things are a lot clearer. It is like you have to block out absolutely everything accost what you want and all I should be aware about is me and my man and my feelings.
        I was doing so well, I was so happy and positive and then I had a fight with a friend. I real felt it was comming and happening until my vibration came crashing down. I know things come quickly when I’m happy and positive but can’t help but wonder how long will it take?


      2. As long as it takes you to know that it’s yours and be able to let it go. When you know it’s yours, you will naturally let it go and be happy about it. You will reach the knowing once you stick to your decision of manifesting this relationship.


  11. I know I’m over complicating things. Thank you for breaking this down for me. I was just so happy and positive and then came crashing down because of the argument I had with my friend.

    I can do this I know the relationship is mine and I will continue to feel good and I will stick to my decision. I do feel it is close if I can just overcome this bump and get back to my happy positive stats!


    1. I’m happy to help. I’m glad you’re feeling positive. Every time negative thoughts come, just think about being happy with your specific person instead 🙂


  12. Sometimes I’m angry at them or think why haven’t they realised how amazing I am? I think I might just relax and listen to music and think of them when I’m feeling happy and positive!


      1. Thanks for all your help and for believing in me and my manifesting abilities. I’m sure it won’t be long until I’m writing my success story here!

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